How to Build an Affiliate Autoresponder Sequence without “Burning” a List

What’s the secret to earning a full-time affiliate income with email marketing?

It starts with the perfect email autoresponder sequence.

With an autoresponder, you get to contact subscribers multiple times about an affiliate offer.   The best part is it’s a “set it and forget it” solution.  All you have to is to create a sequence one time and it’ll make money for years to come.

Now, an autoresponder sequence shouldn’t be used to bombard a list with offer after offer.  Instead it’s important to strike that healthy balance between providing value and promoting a product.

What’s funny is many affiliate marketers understand the importance of email but they struggle with how to create an autoresponder sequence.  They have questions like:

  • How to balance multiple affiliate offers
  • What type of emails to send
  • How many messages should be included in a sequence
  • When to send a sales email and when to deliver content

Affiliate Email Autoresponder SequenceThis post is going answer all these questions!

By the time you’ve finished this article, you’ll know how to build a successful affiliate autoresponder sequence.

Apply this NOW and you’ll be making a steady affiliate income by the weekend.

So let’s get to it!

The Quickest Path to Email Autoresponder FAILURE

I’d like to start with a story:

Imagine this.  You’ve gained 20 pounds in the last few months.  Summer is approaching and you desperately want to shed these winter pounds.  This is especially true because you’re going on a cruise in May and want to look your best.

What do you do?

If you’re like most people you hop online and look for tips to lose weight fast.  Fortunately you find a report titled:  15 Steps to the Perfect Beach Body in 4 Weeks

You feel like you’ve hit the jackpot.  This report promises the exact result you want.  So you dive in and finish this eBook in an hour.  The information is okay.  It has a few useful tips, but doesn’t really provide an actual solution.


Your inbox is suddenly flooded with email from the creator of this free report.   You get messages that sound like this:

  • Buy this product about getting six-pack abs…
  • Want to gain muscle mass?  Check this out…
  • Getting Older?  Try this solution for looking 20 years younger…
  • Grab this proven system for working out at home and losing weight…

We’ve all had this happen to us.  You join a list hoping it’ll help solve a specific problem.  But you end up on a list where you get bombarded with one sales pitch after the other.

What usually happens is you get sick of this marketer within a week and hit the unsubscribe button.

Ultimately nobody wins.  You still have those 20 pounds to lose.  And the list owner didn’t make an affiliate commission.

This story illustrates what happens when you burn out a list.   This is the end result of aggressive marketing tactics that don’t provide value to the reader.  It might make quick money but it’s a horrible long-term strategy.

What’s the solution?

Build an autoresponder sequence that blends aggressiveness with a whole lot of quality content!

You’re still marketing to a list.  But you’re doing it in a way that’s focused on helping subscribers.  In fact, 80% of your emails will provide valuable content – With the remainder recommending affiliate products.

So let’s learn how to do this…

The Foundations of an Autoresponder Campaign

A responsive autoresponder campaign is built on a solid foundation.  This means you need to do three things before sending a single email:

#1- Select the Right Affiliate Products

This post isn’t about affiliate product selection.  So I’ll keep this brief.

To start, I recommend finding 5 to 7 affiliate products to promote.  Each should solve a specific problem in your market.  Just take a look at the biggest obstacles people have and find products that overcome them.

To illustrate let’s use the fitness example from before.  If you were marketing in this niche you’d want to find products that help people learn:

  • How to get six pack abs
  • What equipment to use in your home
  • Specific exercises that help build muscle
  • What types of foods are best to eat
  • How to drop 10 pounds for the summer
  • How to develop a lifelong fitness regimen

These are just a few examples of the fitness niche.  If you spent a day doing research you’d probably find dozens of problems that people have in your niche.  Simply find a product that solves each problem and you’ll have the first building block of your autoresponder sequence.

#2- Track Each Email

I can’t over emphasize the importance of tracking every single email.

First off you need to track the open and click-thru rates of your emails.  This is something that’s handled with an email marketing program like Aweber.  This program gives a nice statistical breakdown of how each message performs.

Next you’ll want to insert a tracking ID for the affiliate links in your email.  Again this information helps you measure the performance of each message.

Creating a tracking ID can be easily done through most affiliate programs.  As an example, in Clickbank you can insert a tracking ID in every link.  This is identifier will be automatically included in the analytics section of your affiliate account.

Here’s how to set it up in Clickbank:

Clickbank Tracking ID

And here’s what your raw affiliate link will look like:

Clickbank Affiliate Link - Cloaked

Tracking each affiliate link is super important.  It’s the only way to know what’s actually working with your marketing.

#3- Create an Autoresponder Publishing Schedule

Developing a publishing schedule is the final building block of a solid autoresponder sequence.  This tool is the ultimate way to manage the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

A publishing schedule doesn’t have to be complex.  Simply open up a spreadsheet and include a column for each of the following:

  • The title of the autoresponder
  • The interval number (days since the last message)
  • What product is promoted
  • The type of email
  • The affiliate tracking ID
  • Any notes you have about this email

Don’t worry if you’re confused by some of this information.  All will be revealed by the end of this post!

To illustrate what a publishing schedule looks like, here’s a mock-up using the fitness example from before:

Autoresponder Sequence Publishing Schedule

This is a very low-tech approach to an autoresponder sequence.  But it’s still extremely effective.  It allows you to manage email without having to open multiple files and/or websites.

Autoresponder vs. Broadcast Messages

With email marketing you’re given two basic choices:

1) Set up an autoresponder sequence

2) Send broadcast messages

Let’s go over each:

What’s an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is simply email that’s sent to a subscriber in a timed sequence.

Think of those automatic messages you get when a person is “out of the office” or on vacation. The moment you send an email to this person you get back a pre-written response.

An autoresponder is a more elaborate version of this email.

The moment a person subscribes he/she receives a series of pre-written messages based on a sequence that you’ve already set up.

As an example, this is what happens when someone subscribes:

  • On day 1 email #1 is sent
  • On day 4 email #2 is sent
  • On day 7 email #3 is sent

The beauty of an autoresponder sequence is you only have to set it up ONE time.  Then these emails work on autopilot as you get to enjoy the rest of your life.

The moment a prospect joins your email list, he or she will automatically receives this sequence – WITHOUT you doing a thing.

What’s a Broadcast Message?

A broadcast message is an email that’s sent to prospects – Regardless of when they joined.  In theory, a person who just subscribed receives the same message as someone who’s been on your list for years.

Sending a broadcast message is useful for those times when you deliver date specific information.  Like a link to new blog post or a promotion for a new product that’s just hit the market.

Another great thing about a broadcast message is you can target a certain group of people on your list.

Instead of sending an email to everyone, you can target people based on a set criteria:

  • Date joined
  • Traffic source
  • Location
  • Activity

Ultimately broadcast messages are the best way to stay current with your list and make sure you’re sending up to date information to each subscriber.

Should I Use Autoresponders OR Broadcast Messages?

Now that you understand the difference between the two, let’s answer a simple question:

“What should I use with my email list?”


Put subscribers through an autoresponder sequence.  And then add them to the list of people you contact via broadcast messages.

How to Set Up an Autoresponder Sequence

Now let’s talk about how to set up an autoresponder sequence.

My advice is to pick 5 (or more) products to promote.  Each will tightly focus on a different problem/topic in your niche.

Also, make sure each product doesn’t directly compete with one another.  So if one product talks about “how to develop six-pack abs” then you shouldn’t include another six-pack abs product.  This will only piss off people because you’re giving conflicting information.

Finally there should be 2 to 4 days between each message.  Test this on your own and see what works best with your market.  Some will respond to a high volume of email, while others won’t like getting a lot of email.

Use an Autoresponder Mini-Launch Sequence

Product launches are now common practice. We’ve all been on a list where there’s a huge build-up to a new course that’s about to hit the market.

There’s a science to a product launch sequence.

By stringing together a series of emails, focusing on a single product, you build excitement and anticipation.  Done correctly, this sequence will make want to buy before you’ve even seen the sales page.

The reason marketers use product launches is because they WORK!  With a blend of content and salesmanship, this technique eliminates all objections that people have about a particular course.

The good news?

You can take the fundamentals of a product launch and apply to your autoresponder sequence.

What you do here is string together email messages that talk about Product A.  This repeated exposure will show the value of this course and give a subtle push to make subscribers buy it.  Then once a sequence is completed for Product A, you’ll move on to a sequence for Product B.

This is what I call an Autoresponder Mini-Launch Sequence.

To start I recommend using 3 to 5 emails for each product.  This is that sweet spot between aggressive promotion and giving quality information to a list.

5 Types of Autoresponder Messages

My autoresponder sequence has five types of email.  These will follow a set pattern that builds on the content of the previous messages:

1)      Personality Email: With this email you relate a topic to an event/experience in your life.  It doesn’t require a lot of content.  The important thing is you tell a story about a problem and casually point out that the reader might have a similar experience.

At the end (or the P.S.) briefly mention a product that’s related to this message.  Don’t be pushy.  Just introduce it and provide a simple link.  That’s it.

2)      Value Email:  This is the workhorse of your autoresponder sequence.  With this message you give away a great piece of content that partially helps subscribers with a problem.  This could be a lengthy email, a PDF, audio, webinar or video.

As an example, I could easily take this blog post and turn it into a value email.


With the value email you want to talk about the same product you mentioned in the last message.  The only difference is you’re now providing a few examples of how it helped you solve a problem.

Again…don’t be pushy.  Talk about how it’s helped you.  But make sure that the reader is primarily getting GREAT content.

3)      Product Email:  With this email you’ll change tempo.  You’ve already introduced this product.  Now you’ll allow the product creator to demonstrate his/her knowledge.

Most affiliate programs have articles/videos/free reports which give additional value while “preselling” the product.  Simply include a link to this content.  Many subscribers will make an affiliate purchase simply because they get a demonstration of what’s being offered.

4)      Sales Email: Here’s where you seal the deal.  The last three messages introduced the product while also picking up a few affiliate commissions.  With this email you’ll make an aggressive push to buy the product.


The style of this email really depends on your preference.  You can be super aggressive.  Or you can send a laid-back message that simply describes how the product has helped you.  The key here is to only include links to the page where subscribers can make a purchasing decision.  Think MWR.

5)      Follow-Up Email: This message is completely optional.  If you’re getting a lot of sales from a particular product, then you might want to send a “last-chance” reminder.

To be honest, some folks need an extra step to take action.  Sending a follow-up email is a great way to get people buy a product before they miss out.

The Importance of a “Bridge Email”

At this point you have a series of 3-5 emails that promote a product.

What’s next?

At the end of each sequence you should add what I call a bridge email.  This is a content-filled email that adds value without pushing an affiliate product.  It’s a way to demonstrate value to subscribers and showing that your email list is about helping people – Not just making money.

So at the end of every sequence, send an email that subscribers will find useful.

Finally after the bridge email you’ll start back up with another autoresponder sequence (3 to 5 emails) that promotes a second product.

Rinse and repeat till you’ve covered at least five different products.

A Diagram of the Autoresponder Sequence

I kinda flew through describing the autoresponder sequence.  So here’s a diagram that illustrates this concept:

Diagram of an Autoresponder Sequence

As you can see, this sequence seamlessly flows into one another.

Product A: Personality –> Value –> Product –> Sales –> Follow-Up –> Bridge

Product B: Personality –> Value –> Product –> Sales –> Follow-Up –> Bridge

Product C: Personality –> Value –> Product –> Sales –> Follow-Up –> Bridge

Repeat till you’ve covered every product in your affiliate catalog.

The great thing about this sequence is it provides a lot of value while also promoting a product.  You’ll make money but it won’t burn out your list.  You could do this a bunch of times and still help subscribers – Even if they don’t buy anything.

How to Create Content for an Autoresponder Sequence

Okay…You might be wondering how to come up with so much content for your autoresponder sequence.

Fortunately it’s not that hard!  Probably you already have a bunch of content that can be reused as an autoresponder.

To start I recommend reading my post about 10 ways to recycle your web content.

In addition you can get content (and ideas) from the following:

  • Blog posts and articles you’ve previously  created
  • Audio/Video versions of your written content
  • Questions readers have asked
  • Questions you wish readers would ask
  • PDF collections of articles around one theme
  • How a recent trend/event relates to your niche
  • An interview with an expert
  • A personal story and how it relates to a topic
  • An elaboration of something you mentioned in your lead magnet.
  • How a popular idea/concept is completely wrong
  • A technique that’s personally helped your success

This list could go on and on.

The important thing is to blend content with great marketing.  Basically you’re giving away top-level content while earning a sizeable affiliate income.

Tracking and Tweaking Your Autoresponder Sequence

This is the final but most important step in this process.

Remember how every email has its own tracking code?  Well, periodically track the results and measure the performance of each email.

Once every month (or two) record the following:

  • The open rates
  • The click thru rates
  • How much each email earned.

You can put this information on a new spreadsheet or simply add a few columns to your autoresponder publishing schedule.

The POINT of this task is to measure the performance of a certain message or product.  Obviously a sales email will do better than a personality email.  But you want to monitor the overall success of a particular mini-launch sequence.

Ultimately your goal is to tweak each sequence and put the best performers at the beginning of your autoresponder series.  That way the winners are getting the maximum amount of exposure from your list subscribers.  This is a great way to dramatically increase your affiliate earnings.

Did you LIKE this Post?

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a massive value post like this.

And I have a reason for it…

This article is a sneak-preview of what’s included in my forthcoming course: Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t

I figure the best way to demonstrate the value of my course is to give you a small excerpt.

So hopefully you learned a little bit about affiliate email marketing from this article.  I’d like to hear your thoughts on this subject.  Anything that YOU add will help me improve the product I’m about to release.

Please comment below and let me know what you think…

Take Action. Get Results.

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  1. Steve,

    This is an incredible post. There’s so much stuff here that I’ll have to go over it again and break it into chunks. I’m slightly overwhelmed but excited moreso.

    Hope things are going well for you!

    • Thanks Moon! I must say I spent a fair piece of time working on this post, trying to make it complete and useful as possible. Hopefully you (and others) do get some really valuable information from it.

      Things are going well here. Putting the finishing touches on my new eBook. It is a big one, chocked full of what I feel is a lot of good actionable info.

      I hope everything is also going well with you? How have you been?

  2. Hi Steve:

    This is a topic of interest to me. But this is more like an ebook and not t a blog post.
    How many words it has? I bet more than two thousand. So I am going to print it,
    as I do not hear about this topic too often. I want to read every word of it.
    Thanks for the info

    Fran A

    • Fran,
      I actually didn’t check the word count…I think more than 2K actually.

      I hope there is a lot of good info here, since I really do believe that building and then “tending” an email list is one of the most important facets of affiliate marketing.

      It is all about getting the list and then taking the steps above to both “keep” the list and refine it and your own autoresponder sequence over time through things like metrics and split testing

  3. Scott, do I like this post? You’re killing me, who wouldn’t ?! 🙂

    You packed so many gold nuggets , my head is spinning around with new ideas and angles.

    Honestly, I knew 90% of the stuff you’ve written about, but the 10% (I particularly like the diagram and content ideas for follow-up) is pure gold. Something I’m up for testing…

    You could easily charge for this information if you put it into a video tutorial or something 🙂

    Looking forward for your next advanced posts!

    • Codrut,

      thanks Man! Glad you liked it! I try to incorporate enough information that a person who’s never done e-mail marketing at all could still get quality information from it will hopefully also having a few tips that are new to more experienced user. So 90% known 10% good new tips sounds pretty good to me, that was kinda what I was aiming for.

      This is all a small piece of the e-book I’ve been working on for the past couple months, which is something I will be charging for, so yes… I do think it is good information was charging for. Certainly I hope that it would at least be an incredible resource for somebody starting out. With hopefully enough really good tips to make it worthwhile for more experienced user also.

    • i’ll have to agree with you Codrut. I will dissect i again of course as I have never used this but it was great information overload but useful

      therefore, Steve, Autoresponder great value and where?

  4. Email marketing is one area I see a lot of people failing big time. Thanks for sharing these tips on how to do it right.
    One thing that I realized early on is that you train your list to respond to links. If you only link to affiliate products, you begin training your list to ignore links. instead, I link to a lot of useful blog posts (not just my own) and really try to help people through the emails. This gets people opening up the emails, and checking out the links that I share. then when I do recommend a product, they are used to clicking on the links and I get a higher click through rate.

    • James,

      you’re right. A lot of it is about train your list response to clicking your links. The best way to do this is by giving a ton of free information. it is all about building a rapport.

      You’re going have some people leave your list regardless but done right a person would probably be happy staying on your list for years.

      • That is true. I have seen people freak out over one or two people unsubscribing. No big deal, if they unsubscribe, they probably wont ever buy anything from me anyway.

        although I get some nasty emails from time to time about the promotions I do, I get more emails that are thanking me for all the help they got, and actually asking why I don’t promote more often.

        • Good point as long as the + comments exceed the – comments chances are you are doing the right thing.

          There are always going to be people who forgot why they got on you list (because you gave them valuable free stuff) and just complain because you caught them on a bad day or they didn’t like one message.

          Those complaints have to be “water off a ducks ass” as long as you know you are providing valuable content

  5. Excellent preview of the course Steve! This is one of those blog posts I read, then set aside time later to go through and study with a pen and pad handy.

    The only challenge for readers is that because this info is free, they may not appreciate the insight and hard-won knowledge packed in this post. I’m glad you’ll be selling this info soon, I’m definitely looking forward to your course!

    Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks Devin,

      I appreciate the sentiments. you do bring up a good concern. Like you said in the comments earlier, most of the people I can appreciate the information already know 90% of it, the people that can use 100% of it probably don’t only different for this method from the “push a button, make millions” except that this one seems harder.

      I guess I can do is put to good information out there help to help people do listen. 🙂

  6. This is a splendid way to bring your new product to the forefront of people’s minds. This post is so value packed that that anyone can get a great flavour of your product. It already sows the seeds of ‘I want to read more of these great ideas’.

    Enjoy the journey.


    • Thanks Mandy!

      I must say I am excited to get the product done and out to people. I am proud of what I have written and the fact that I have approached the affiliate marketing niche with an “above-board” manner when too many of the “revolutionary” products out there are rehashed crap.

      Thanks for your wonderful and encouraging comment

  7. Steve, buddy, this is the post that I’ve been waiting for. THANK YOU.

    Right now, I have about 1,300 on my list for one of my blogs. In Jan. I spent all month writing about 60 emails that are a part of an autoresponder series. It’s taken a while but these have begun to finally roll out correctly to the previous subscribers and the new people.

    Result? My Clickbank earnings have been climbing up like crazy. Not to boast but as of today, I’m at just over $600 for the last 3 weeks 😀

    I’m going to dig through this post like crazy when I have an entire afternoon because this is definitely going to be the thing that makes the list crazy as shit valuable.

    • Awesome man! Great to hear your CB earnings are climbing. That’s the way to go, just wait until your list gets up to 50,000. Knowing you quality content will never be the issue so all you have to do is work on the numbers, split test and tweak your series to make them the best possible.

      (I still spend at least a day a month in setting up split tests for my other niche. Constantly refining the message.)

      The “list” really is the powerhouse…. With emphasis being put on content again by Google both of the old tropes, “content is king” and “the money is in the list” seem more true to me than ever.

  8. Steve, aloha. WOW! Even though you are extremely experienced in this area, I can’t even begin to imagine how long it must have taken you to put this post together. Let me begin by thanking you for so generously giving of your time and knowledge; both are very much appreciated.

    Your description of the different types of e-mails and then the bridge was a hue help to me in understanding how to do the launch. For ease of reference, I have printed this down and will be studying it thoroughly.

    Best wishes for a terrific week. Aloha. Janet

    • Aloha Janet!

      I am glad you got some good information out of this. I really think that getting a good email list and an autoresponder sequence is one of the most important things you can do.

      It does take giving away a lot of free info, but you can repurpose old posts that people may not have read/remember or PLR articles (if they are quality). Once you get it set up it is (sort of) set it and forget it. (split tests and refining are important)

  9. I find the best autoresponders give something away for free. It’s the first email you usually send to a subscriber, so giving away something definitely puts a great first impression. Remember, you have loads of time to sell something to him/her. Why rush it? Start the relationship off well

    • For sure! Most of it should be free. up to 90%. You are not trying to force 1-2 products down their throats and have them leave. I think the best way is to build a mutually profitable relationship.

      You give a ton of free stuff and links and sells to only quality products. They get a ton of free information and if they buy… quality products. You hopefully recieve multiple sales spaced out over years.

  10. Nice job Steve; I really like this post.

    If this is an indication of the quality of your course, then it looks like it will be quite good. Specifically here, I like that you show how you could simplify the process by taking some of the thinking out of content creation. This is something that I did recently and it really helps. Of course, there are about 3 people signed up to that list, but as soon as I get more people signed up, its going to be great. 😉

    Have a great day!

    • The effects of lists are marginal with small lists. I certainly know it can be disheartening. Keep it up though, like they say the mightiest of oaks begins as the smallest of acorns…

      I am glad you liked the preview of the content. I really am trying to make it a resource that will be “top notch” for people starting out… yet hopefully will still contain enough high level stuff that even people who know what they are doing will find some interesting tricks.

  11. Hi Steve.

    Man, this post is packed with valuable information. I think developing a consistent publishing schedule is a must, once you’ve found the sweet spot. Too often is a turn-off and too seldom, your emails get little attention.

    This is a post to PDF and keep nearby to follow-up on.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this one together. Really great stuff!

    • Glad you liked it Jimi, and you are right. It is all about finding that sweet post. SOme niches more frequency might be called for. Others less. 2-4 days seems to be right for me, but others may find out differently.\

      once a list builds the best way to figure things out is with split testing and analyzing the results. The difference between a ‘good” list and “great” one are doing all those little things that refine it to work the best for YOUR niche.

  12. Hi Steve,

    Wow! Another epic post!. This is absolutely brilliant and something I can implement now.

    I love your step by step instructions. You make everything so easy to duplicate.

    I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience so freely with us. Bring on your new course. I can’t wait!

  13. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for the amazing article!

    You really out did yourself with this one!
    I can’t wait till I really get into affiliate marketing after I get my traffic where I want it to be. This will most surely be a post I refer back too, because there is already much I learned from reading this once. Someof it flew over my head, but if I keep reading it then I will get more of it.


    God bless,
    William Veasley

    • Thanks William, if you are planning on getting into AM it is never to early to start building a list. The fine details will come with time, but the numbers no matter what you do will likely grow slowly so it is a LONG term plan before it begins to generate significant money…but given that time…it does.

      Glad you liked it and i hope that you continue to get some good info from this for now and into the future. (when you reread 🙂 )

    • Don’t put off starting just because you don’t have a lot of traffic yet.
      I started mine when I had about 20 visitors a day to my blog. it is something that you build over time. Best investment that I ever made in my business.

      • I agree, though I see the other side. 19.99 for aweber can be steep for some people if they only get 4-5 sign ups a month. If you “push hard” you can get a lot more than that and certinaly make it worth it, but they have to be doing more than half-assing it.

        the sooner the better for a list though is a great motto…

        I cannot overestimate the importance

  14. Thanks Scott!
    I am right now setting up my own autoresponder. This really helped and gave me some ideas for my affiliate sales pitching.

    I will be using a lot more content emails, but I will be using your 4 steps to launching instead of just pitching at once.

    • Going for more content is great. I mix in a few purely content broadcasts into my “autoresponder” series too. More content never hurt for sure…more sales on the other hand could.

      The exact plan and makeup can vary (though I have tested this one bit for myself), the important thing is that there is a plan and that you refine it over time with split testing and tweaking as you go.

      G;ad you liked it Daniel and thanks for the great comment! Good luck on your AR series.

  15. Fantastic post Steve. Thanks especially for the graphic of the email sequence – that helps a ton. You’ve convinced me to switch my email autoresponders to every 3 days – they have all been updated.

    Now I’m looking forward even more to your upcoming course.

    • Thanks Robert! Glad you liked it. From talking to you I hope you do not know “too much” of what I am going to teach in the course already. I know you are a knowledgeable guy and becoming more so every day. Hopefully I will still have a few things to ‘learn ya’ when the book comes out.

  16. Holy Moly Steve,

    Not only is this a long post but it really says something it’s not fluff, I didn’t quite took all in yet, but is definitely a post to be referenced when talking about auto responders.

    And if you cover all the aspects of affiliate marketing in this way, you ebook will sure be to great to pass Steve!

    • Thanks Alex,
      I have another post like this on autoresponders (sort of) for next monday too. All of the different types of split test you can do to tweak and refine. (which is what I am doing this week in my main niche) 🙂

  17. Hi Steve,

    Since being introduced to your blog I must admit it’s one of very few that totally blow me away for great free content. I am still very much so a learner when it comes to list building and autoresponder sequences so for me this has been a brilliant post…

    I look forward to the release of your eBook which I’m sure will be a great seller.

    Robert 🙂

    • Robert,

      Glad you liked it. I can really think of no thing better for an affilate marketer than a strong list. Until the past week + I really haven’t done ANYTHING in my main niche outside of fiddling with my autoresponder sequence and I have been making a living off of my list. There are a lot of nuances to a list as it grows, but it is SOOOO worth it long term.

      I am glad you liked the post and hopefully you are working on your listbuilding as i write 🙂

      I hope the eBook will be a great seller for the selfish part of myself 😉 , but I actually really do hope it will be a very useful tool for people also.

      Thanks for the kind post! Have a great day!

      • Steve,

        Do you have an affiliate program in place, I’d like to promote
        what you create, I just know they will be worthy promotions?

        I’m in the process of reading your FREE stuff at the moment
        and i’m learning tons of great stuff.

        A rebrandable Steve Scott eBook wouldn’t go a miss either. 😉


        • Robert,

          Yes I will certainly be starting an affiliate program. I may have some sort of rebrandable lead magnet. I will definitely have some sort of an affiliate package to go along with it, and will have it on Clickbank. Likely at a 75% commission. I will let you know before I go live with it. Still a few weeks away, I have to finish up the edits, send it out for graphics and work on whatever affiliate stuff I add.

          Glad you are reading the freebies and getting good info, I tried to pack some good stuff in there too! 🙂

  18. This is an awesome post. I think you have mentioned the sequence to release content before, so I’ve started building my own list with that sequence in mind. This post lays it out clearly for me though and will be something I can reference (and share) in the future.

    Can’t wait for your book!

  19. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for this Whopper post! I’ll have to come back and read this again slowly, got a half marathon coming up in a few days so I’m preoccupied but y the look of things you’ve delivered top quality as always! I’m slowly working on my killer lead magnet so once it’s done this advice will come in handy once I start building my list.

    I’m looking forward to your No BS book!

    Thanks again! 🙂

    • Gabi,

      Good luck in your 1/2! “I’m slowly working on my killer lead magnet” That is what I like to hear. Work hard to promote it once you get it up…(article marking, video marketing, social networking,prominant placement) build that list up…then come back! that is the way to go!

      On a side note…I really should start getting back into running more. I have only been doing a few miles on the treadmill at the gym and avoiding running this winter. Might be getting close to a good time to start again.

  20. Steve:

    This is probably the most complete how to I have read to date. I have not yet began a list building campaign, but I can tell I will be back here to get the exact blueprint.

    Thanks man,

    • Zach,

      Glad you like it. Once you get to the point where you have a nice lead magnet and can generate enough traffic to make an autoresponder worth it I really encourage starting one (and of course using the info!) One of the bet things I did a few years back was start to build my list. It starts slowly, but it is surely worth it in the long run!

  21. Wow wow and wow Steve!

    I have signed up to your list as well so I can get an insider look at how you do it LOL.
    This post is too epic to take in in one sitting, so have bookmarked and will come back when I start to focus on building out some lists other than the BuRP one I am currently investing all my time in.

    Thanks for this post Steve, seriously epic!

    • Thanks Alex, Glad you liked it. Following YOUR list I see you are already doing some of it. Since you have a AR series that is pretty personable. 🙂

  22. Hi Steve,

    I would like to commend you for a very informative article. Cheers! This posts will likely be of more importance to my business online. The emails I received needs a whole lot of designation process and with the help of this, autoresponder set-up, It will be easier now. Many thanks to you. I would love to visit again and update you of the result.

  23. Hi, Steve,

    What a wonderful piece of information!

    I’m planning my first opt-in list these days and this post is like heaven-fallen.

    Thanks, Steve. I think I’m gonna follow your advices step-by-step.


  24. Excellent post, Steve! You pinpointed all the correct information that is needed in building a list.

    I enjoyed reading this, as I have been side tracked for the past few weeks and need to get back into the “swing” of things and this just proved that what I have been doing is correct –


  25. Hi Steve

    I’d bookmarked this page from last month and finally got around to not just reading it but starting to implement it. Thanks for putting it together.


    • Carl,

      Glad you used it! In fact even more glad, because you learned “on time learning”, which is one of the things i say you should be doing in today’s post….so good on you! Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  26. I’m SOLD. Just send me the link to your product and I’ll get it. I’ve been at this for the summer non-stop forsaking time with my family, stumbling around with silly things. OMG this post is like a script sent from heaven into my lap and makes me envision the millions I’ll make with the capitol i can raise using this method.. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

  27. Hey Steve!

    I’m thinking of starting with email marketing and I was looking for some more details on the topic….I came across your post, wow! It’s almost as comprehensive as an ebook, lol! I briefly scanned it and bookmarked it to read it slowly and really let the information sink, later. Thanks!

    • Thanks Alison,

      I am glad you liked it! EMail marketing is very important (IMO) there are a lot of little “tricks” to learn that can make it better. Hopefully this will do the trick for you. I have a few more articles on email marketing when you are done. (check under “start here”) Hopefully this will all help you out!

      Good Luck!

  28. great stuff steve definetly helping me out big time.

    just curious do you perfer the email sequence you just listed above or the one you wrote back in november “6 affiliate marketing emails that make you money”

    just a little confused between the difference of the 2


  29. Hi Steve:

    This is good overview information. I’ve been studying affiliate marketing for a little while now in preparation for starting, but one question has me puzzled. People might click on a link in an AR email to check out the vendor’s product but how does the autoresponder system know when a particular person has actually gone ahead and bought it? I’m hesitant to set up an AR campaign that keeps sending out emails promoting a specific product to someone who already bought it early in the campaign.

    • Well, this is a tricky answer. There is really no way to tell if someone may have bought it by “other” means. But what you can do is send out messages with links you have sent out ONLY to people who have not “opened” previous messages. (there is an aweber filter for that) That way you are not hitting the same people more than once with an offer.

      My opinion in general is that if you offer a lot of great content not really designed to sell and mix in the occasional and rare marketing message people will forgive you (most of the time) for that rare marketing message (on good products) that they have seen before.

      Hope that helps a little


  30. Thanks for the great post Steve. I like your idea of the 3-5 emails per product and then having a bridging email in between.

    I’m going to follow you technique and see what sort of impact is has on building my list. Will definitely check out the rest of your blog too!

  31. Hey Steve!

    I’ve been doing a LOT of research today to improve my email sequences and saw your name/picture come up in the search results next to this page. Had to click to read your thoughts on the subject.

    I really like your mini launch sequence + bridge concept. Thanks for the ideas! I’ll be working them into my strategies.

  32. This was like a succinct seminar which will undoubtedly be useful should I ever release myself from analysis paralysis and actually implement an opt-in and autoresponder sequence on my blog. Thanks.


  33. Hey Steve, I had to come and compliment you on how much I just learned from you post, setting up my first autoresponder has been delayed for sometime because I just didn’t know where to start and don’t consider myself a good writer. I didn’t just like your post, I loved it and that something I seldom say. Something that has helped me get started was pre-made autoresponders (PLR) which serves as a guideline for my email messages, I just edit them, add my own flavor and I think they come out pretty decent. Thanks again for this very helpful post!

    • Mozie — Glad to see you’re building an autoresponder sequence. They definitely help promote your books and products. Like how you didn’t use the PLR out of the box and instead tweaked it a bit.

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