Build My Rank Review – How to Get Backlinks that Google LOVES

Build My Rank Review Update: Build My Rank has shut down because many of the sites in its blog network have been de-indexed by Google.  So I no longer recommend this tool.  You can get more details in this blog post

As we’ve all learned, backlinks are a key factor for how Google ranks a page in their search results.

Put simply, the more quality backlinks you have the higher your site will rank.  (Okay… that was a major simplification.)

Basically there are two choices when it comes to backlinks:

  1. You can hope people will link to a site because they like the content
  2. You can use tools to [semi] automate the process of getting backlinks.

Frankly, I have always thought that most backlinking tools are complete junk, because they usually are.  Some will get your site penalized by the all mighty Google.  Others create lots of “junk content” throughout the Internet which does nothing for your site.

In the last month, I’ve tested about a dozen backlinking tools for my niche affiliate income series.

And the only one I endorse is Build My Rank {yup, that’s my affiliate link.}

So let’s talk about Build My Rank (BMR) and learn how it gets backlinks that actually improve your search engine listings:

What is Build My Rank?

In a nutshell, BMR is a network of over 2500 websites.  With this tool, you can create an unlimited amount of permanent links on these sites that all point back to your web property.  Done correctly, can help you get a lot of quality backlinks in a short amount of time.

The way Build My Rank works is you write a 150-word post for every backlink you want.  Each post is original, so there are no Google duplicate content penalties that will later be attached (more on the standards they maintain and why this is important in a bit).

The article you submit is then randomly distributed on their network of sites.  The best part is this link is (usually) fully indexed and points back to your site within 24 hours.

Even better – These posts provide “Do-Follow” links from pages with solid Google Page Rank (PR).  (Page Rank is one of the ways Google measures the quality of a site)

Unfortunately you have no control over where your articles are posted.  Instead they’re randomly spread across BMR’s vast network of sites.

For instance, here is the Page Rank (PR) distribution for all my backlinks:

Build My Rank Google Page Rank DistributionObviously the majority of the links are from PR 1 to PR 3 pages.  But you’ll occasionally get a PR 4… even a PR 5 link.

So it really pays to create LOTS of articles with BMR! 

How to Use Build My Rank

Sidebar: Unfortunately the problem with doing a Build My Rank review is you can’t give specific URLs.  To riff off a popular movie line:

“The first rule of Build My Rank is you don’t talk about Build My Rank.” 

The reason is I want to avoid giving Google any reason to lay the smack down on my sites. 

So I can’t provide specific examples of how this tool works.  I can only talk in general terms.  Sorry 🙁

Anyway, I see two primary ways to use Build My Rank:

#1. Get Backlinks for Niche Sites

Niche sites are a great to build passive income.  This is especially true if you have a collection of these websites.

For instance, I just created a niche site last month.  And some of the keywords I’ve targeted get over 400 clicks…per DAY:

Build My Rank Search Engine TrafficFor over three weeks, I’ve used BMR to backlink to this site.  The result? I’m already ranked high for some major keywords:

Build My Rank Search ResultsOkay, I’ve only achieved decent rankings (spots 1 to 3) for a few keyword phrases.  But these results are impressive considering this site is only a month-old.

#2. Get Backlinks for Authority Sites

You can also use Build My Rank for an authority site like a blog.  With this tool you’re not creating 1000’s of backlinks in a single day.  Instead you can drip feed a few links on a daily basis to your main site.

For example I wrote a post targeting a keyword phrase with 112 daily clicks:

Build My Rank SEOT for my BlogLast week this article was ranked at #22 in Google.  Then I wrote 10 BMR articles (one ended up on a PR 4 site.)  Now this post has a #2 ranking:

Build My Rank ResultsPretty awesome, right?

Advantages of Build My Rank

There are a few benefits to using Build My Rank:

#1 – You Get Fast Indexing for Your Backlinks

Most “backlinks” from other products/services don’t get indexed by Google.  Sure you might have hundreds of links pointing at your site.  But they won’t count unless Google indexes these pages.

On the other hand, every BMR link is fully indexed.  Often this is done within the first 24 hours from when the article is published.

That means you can quickly improve search engine rankings – Especially if you’re cranking out lots of articles.

#2 – BMR Gets Backlinks for your Backlinks

Like I said, Build My Rank has a network of 2500+ websites.  What’s cool is they continue to create backlinks to each of these properties.

That means the value of each backlink increases over time.  Whenever you publish a post the team at BMR creates an average of 50 social bookmarks and links to this page:

Build My Rank - Get BacklinksThis provides powerful “link juice” to to your target page.

#3 – BMR Has Quality Standards

Initially I hated BMR.  Why?   I was annoyed at having to write MORE content.  I guess I wanted some sort of article spinner that would actually work for the long term.  That means with Build My Rank I had to come up with 150-word articles for every backlink post.  Talk about time consuming!

Now I’ve changed my opinion.  I like how they don’t allow spun content.  And I’m really happy that BMR is extremely strict when it comes to grammar, content, and spelling.  That means my articles are on domains with only quality content.

As we’ve learned, Google has cracked down on sites with spun (or thin) content .  So this makes Build My Rank very strict with the content they accept.  If they’re 100% compliant with Google then that means more love for your backlinks.

Do 150 words tend to be “thin” content?:  Sure, there is no way around that.  In 150 word you will be hard pressed to really be too informative.  But in every other way these links are good ones.   BMR will kick out and ban those they find passing spun content.  They are rigorous with spelling and grammer checks.  The pages your articles end up on are not full of ads or other links.  For just the backlinking purposes  it is like doing a series of guest posts that are 150 words long.  (Of course, there are no “built in audience” advantages you get from a guest post.  But we are also talking a LOT less work than a guest post)

#4 – BMR will “Drip Feed” Posts

Another critical aspect of the Google Algorithm is it pays close attention to link velocity.  Put simply – Your site will get penalized if it gets too many backlinks all at once.

That’s why I like how Build My Rank often “Drip Feeds” my blog posts.

Example: Let’s say you’ve created twenty articles pointing to a webpage.   BMR doesn’t publish them all at once.  Instead they schedule them over a span of a few days.

This makes your link building efforts seem more natural!


The Disadvantage of Build My Rank

There is one HUGE disadvantage to using Build My Rank:

You have to create 150 word articles for each backlink!

This can be a very time-consuming, boring process.  Trust me…writing short article after short article is a royal pain in the ass.  It’s the kind of activity that even beer won’t fix.

Okay you’re not creating Pulitzer award winning content.  But each post should make sense, provide good content, and be 100% free from spelling/grammar mistakes.  That means it takes about five minutes to write each article; or twelve per hour.

One solution is to hire someone to write Build My Rank articles.  This is a great idea if you have a little money to invest in your business.

For instance, here are two Fiverr gigs I recently hired to create BMR articles:

Both did a great job and they completed the task within a day!  So I recommend their services if you want to outsource this process.

Really it comes down to one thing…

Which is more important to you?   

Time OR money.

Right now, I don’t mind writing these articles myself.  I can easily crank out a dozen in an hour while watching a Giants football game.  Moving forward though, I *might* hire a full-time writer to do this mind-numbing task.

My Final Thoughts on Build My Rank

Build My Rank is a great tool.  But it’s like any other tool – Your success depends on how it’s used.

It’s an excellent way to get backlinks if:

  1. You can write lots of short articles OR
  2. You can hire someone to write this content

Personally I think Build My Rank is one of the best ways to get backlinks.

Right now, they’re offering a trial membership where you get 10 free links for trying out their service.  So I recommend you check it out and see if it works for you!

Take Action. Get Results.

122 thoughts on “Build My Rank Review – How to Get Backlinks that Google LOVES”

  1. I totally agree with you. I’ve tested BMR for months and received many great results. I have my own writers to write BMR articles at very low price (~ $0.8 per article). I’m considering to make a service on writing BMR posts. Are you interested?

      • Are you guys serious right now? I can’t get anyone to write any article for less then 10 USD per 500 words… I must be confused to what your talking about.

        • Brian,

          These are just the 150 word articles. I have tried out 4 different guys so far (two linked in post, one did a really bad job, and one after i wrote this)

          For these posts it is very specific to look for “BMR posts” There are BMR writers on Elance and Odesk, though I haven’t tried to hire those guys out yet.

          The fiverr gigs are easiest, and 5/5$ seems pretty standard. But the guy who just completed some for me did 6/$5 (so .80 a piece). Since Fiverr cuts about a dollar off the writers pay, I am sure .80 per article is fair. (You can knock out a 150 word post in no time. (I am sure this reply is more than 150 words….lol)

    • Actually I am glad you asked about UAW. Because I have used it on and off for well over a year.

      I have found that UAW can be effective, at least at first. But in the long run I often start to question the value.

      First off the “3” article spin. If all you do is switch out large blocks of text, after a few spins it will create duplicate content, to spite what they say. I have run some of the articles i have done through copyscape months later and seen that it does come up as duplicate in large blocks.

      Of course you can spintext all three articles, and then also have the submission add it mixing and send out to all the partners.

      Sure, that can work too. But you end up with spun content all about. It may pass copyscape, but I still wonder if Google can see the pattern.

      Then there are the sites they link to. Many of them will delete your articles. You may get a link for a while, and then it gets deleted from some. Still not a huge issue, because of volume of sites. But the sites themselves are often chocked full of adds, adsense and links galore. The “low quality” type sites Panda nails.

      Now all this said and done, I have tried UAW and had some effect. But it seems to fade with time, and sometimes even the initial effect seems questionable.

      Like I said, I waiver on it’s value. I have bought subscriptions and canceled now three times. I think it has some value in pure volume of links, but it seems to be offset by the low quality.

      BMR on the other hand doesn’t have nearly the volume of links that UAW has. But I have seen more movement on the test articles/sites I have linked to than I ever received from a significantly higher volume tries with UAW.

      While I wouldn’t say UAW is crap or it doesn’t work, I have BEEN far more impressed with BMR so far than I ever was UAW.

      It also seems more in touch with the google “quality” push. While 150 word articles may be thin, they are 100% original and unique and come from webpages that are not chocked full of ads, spam and duplicate content.

      As for price. Well it is a little pricy, but a little bit less than UAW. the “base” program is $59 a mo. They price by the amount of domains you want to link to and the $59 option links to 5 domains. (I have already upgraded mine to 20 domains@ $99)

      Anyhow, why not check it out and get your 10 free links. Try them to one article (dripped over a few days) and see how it raises your rank. There is no proof like trying for yourself.

  2. 150 words is not much. If you take the paragraph starting with “Do 150 words tend to be “thin” content” as an example, it already contains 120 words.
    But sometimes it probably will be difficult to put quality into these short articles.

    At 59$/m for promoting up to 5 domains this is not a bargain, but when yoyu get results like you stated in the above post, probably an investment worth its money.
    Will try out the free trial.

    • For sure. The content is thin in 150 words. Not really a way around that. But it is original and the sites seem to be very clean (except for the obvious fact that all posts are 150+ words).

      But like you said 150 words is easy. I write that for a lot of COMMENTS on this blog and off.

      The proof is in the pudding, though. The “idea” behind it convinced me. But I have been convinced by theories and ideas before and not gotten any results. I have really gotten results with this one so far. It has done something most programs fail to do. Impress me.

  3. BMR works really good. I’ve used it to rank #1 for a few keywords. The only problem was that the keywords didn’t get a lot of search traffic (keyword research mistake on my part). I have been lucky the past few weeks because some of my articles was landing on PR5 sites and 1 PR6 site. I actually do BMR writing + submission for others though cause I enjoy writing small articles.

    • Lucky you. I still haven’t gotten a base PR6 one yet. 😉

      Using others like you is a great way to augment backlinks for those who want to outsource. I have done some of both, writing a ton of them myself and trying some outsourcing too.

      That actually reminds me of something I forgot to mention. (Which I KNOW you know I am more talking to others here)

      BMR seems to be built from the ground up as an outsourcing tool. Once you give an outsourcer a “writer” login they can handle the rest. It can be completely hands off after scheduling tasks.

      Of course writing these is simple but no reason you couldn’t write your own AND outsource to save some time. It all depends on how you want to use it.

  4. Hey Steve.
    Would it be correct if I would say that BMR creates a few high quality links while UAW creates more low quality links?
    If so, it would be best to use both at the same time.

    • I think that would be fair to say. I am actually testing out using both. (My 3rd shot at using UAW) I have only put a handful of UAW articles in so far. (so as not to mess up the BMR test run). But my idea is to use UAW to link to the articles/posts that link to the main domain articles and posts.

      To be honest I am still leery of using UAW to post directly to any site that matters because of the quality of the output. But I could be way over cautious here.

      I really couldn’t say thumbs up to both, since I have mixed feelings about UAW. But perhaps….

  5. I could use it to build up niche sites, but I’d have to see if it saves me time and money in the long run. I could always outsource the 150 words.

  6. thanks Scott this is the first time that I have ever heard of BMR before. I already signed up for their 15 day free trial to get my feet wet and see what happens.

    I plan on writing the 150 word articles using Dragon naturally speaking because it makes life a whole easier Or am I just lazy LOL

    • Robert,
      Just a word of caution. Perhaps it’s me but when I use DNS I end up with a fair piece of grammatical errors and substituted words. Just make sure you reread what you write.

      Of course it could seem to be me, my DNS never seems as accurate as many others seem to be. Maybe I am not keeping up on it the right way.

      They really do reject if they don’t like what you wrote.

      • Sometimes it does make a few mistakes but what you have to do is speak slowly and Use “Read text to improve accuracy” option a few times.

        Thanks for the advice

        • DNS works pretty well after it has been “trained” to understand your voice. It can get fussy with punctuation but, gee whiz, compared to typing, it saves me a lot of time. My biggest mistake is not turning it on! BTW- Beer does fix DNS. At least I think it does – probly should check.

          • Well, I gave Dragon NaturallySpeaking another run through, in fact I’m using it now. Let’s see if it stays a little cleaner. BTW, I’m sure beer fixes just about everything. 🙂

  7. Just 150 words to make it work??

    Hmm I have written at least 50 blog comments (rough estimate) that are WAY longer than that, so definitely not a problem here.

    Steve, you had me rolling with this: “writing short article after short article is a royal pain in the ass. It’s the kind of activity that even beer won’t fix.” LMAO!! THat’s gotta be tough then!! Haha

    Definitely an amazing service but a bit pricey for me (at least for now).

    Enjoyed reading your review Steve, will look into BMR at a bit further time though. 😉


    • Sergio,

      I am the same way! I have written comments (on blog and off) that have actually reached 700 words. So writing a series of 150 word posts is not really a challenge at all.

      In fact, I have gone the outsourcing route for a few, (partially as a test) but I think I will just buckle down and all my own from now on. It is a bit on the pricy side, so wait until you are ready, but definitely something that has impressed me so far.

  8. I am with UAW, ezarticlelink and am always buying new link building warrior products… every one worked well…UNTIL…. the last panda update. Now they don’t seem to work at all well. Maybe BMR is better because of the quality .. but for how long? What new evils will Google do next?

    • Like I said in the long reply a few comments up. I personally have mixed feelings and results from UAW. I only have a few weeks of experience with BMR, but so far it seems like far better results than anything else I have tried. and the quality is better…which is pretty huge, because Google can be nasty when they think you are not providing that good content.

  9. I don’t agree that large numbers of links have much affect on ranking. Higher ranked backlinks do add value when they are added in context.

    I have a “webpage backlink review” blog that ranks in my SE area at number 3 in a Google SE list of 258,000,000 and that was achieved with quality content and careful SEO.

    I will admit to adding comments (and my domain) into the same category higher ranking websites where ever possible to help gain rankings. Also to adding “on page” links to other authority websites

    I have found this to be quite affective.

    I also adding on-page links to my product and niche landing pages cross linking the blogs and niches as a method of gaining authority and ranking for the product niche pages. Quite often Google will then rank product pages close to the blog in its ranking and this helps because now I have two pages within the same category page one ranking.

    I find that this doesn’t take a lot of work and is free.

    • Mark,

      I have to agree to disagree with you somewhat on this.

      First off, there is a lot that I agree with of course. I think having the quality content on your site is a must regardless of whether you use backlinking or not.

      But I do think that these systems can be quite effective. Now on this site I have pretty much played things the way you talk about. I don’t take any really special backlinking methods. Just commenting and the rare article marketing here and there. It is almost totally organic. and hey, that works great for an authority site.

      Now you talk about interlinking blogs/products/niches across the multiple (at least vaguely relevant I assume) domains. Sure this could really help. Particularly if they are keyword relevant.

      But many people do not have other places to link from. I agree that volume isn’t everything. Absolutely. That is part of the reason I like this over say…UAW.

      Anyhow, not saying this is the only method or the only way to make backlinking work. Not by a long shot. It is just the first -system- I have tried that I have seen realistic positive results fast.

      But you do make a point, there are still a lot of ways that people can still get great results free too. I never discount anything. 🙂

  10. Hey Steve,

    I’m with you, I don’t stand behind a lot of products but when I do I certainly don’t mind shouting how great it is to my readers. This little tool sounds like a real gem for niche sites. Write a 150 word post for every backlink you want, ouch! I’m not even sure I can pull that off. I enjoy writing but that’s a lot! I applaud you for all your efforts and hard work it goes into getting your sites ranked.

    I think Tung has the best idea. Pay less than a dollar for someone to write them for you since these articles are so short anyway. Sounds like you guys will have a good thing going with this.

    Appreciate the review and how this all works. Very interesting indeed.


    • Adrienne,

      Yeah, the system works very well with outsourcers too. I have had about 20 of these posts done (by those two listed in the article and one who did a crap job so won’t get a mention) as well as writing about 60 myself.

      A 150 words comes really quickly. 15 an hour should be an easy mark. (For instance your comment… 132 words. Just about have an article there. 😉

      But it is repetitious work…no doubt!

  11. Hi Steve,

    My questions is, how it works with different languages?. If my articles are in spanish because I want those backlinks to point to a spanish website, wouldn´t it be weird, from google point of view, to get published those spanish articles in english language sites?.


    • Great question

      I wasn’t sure of the answer so I searched a little. I thought maybe they did support other languages. But alas, that is not the case. I agree. I don’t think it would look good or have relevancy coming from another language you probably could figure out a way to get a few articles to work, but I think it loses everything that makes it good by lacking relevancy.

      Of course this is a great opportunity for someone to make a “spanish” version of the same idea. Construir Mi Rango. You just need the capital to buy 2500+ decent PR websites, have someone create a software and hire article editors, advertise…. etc. etc.

      Why does it always take money to make money? LOL

      Anyhow, the exact quote is: “Build My Rank works only with articles and websites in the English language”

      So that says it all, sorry it can’t help you.

      • LOL Construir mi Rango sounds funny. “Construye mi Ranking” would be more appropriate.
        Just a piece of advice: don’t spend money creating the Spanish version because you don’t really need a tool like this to rank a site in that language.

        • Hi Cristina, why do you think this tool won´t work for the spanish market?. There are 400 million people speaking spanish and growing daily those with access to the internet. Don´t you think there is a huge potential there?

          • No, I don’t think it has potential in the Spanish market. Despite the fact that the Spanish-speaking market could be as big as the English-speaking one, the truth is it doesn’t happen.

            Competition is not so wild in the Spanish market (revenue and profit are not so good either) and ranking a site doesn’t require such a big backlinking effort. I wouldn’t pay so much money for a tool like BMR to rank a Spanish site. The cost would be too high for the potential profit.

  12. Thanks for your reply. It´s a pitty….
    Spanish version, it sounds good to me, or maybe it´s even better to create a chinese version 🙂

  13. Steve, is BMR the only secret weapon you use for your niche site, or there is something else 😀

    Just kidding, I will wait till you tell us. Your review is great. I’ve heard about BMR many times before, but haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I just want to ask. Are those PR really the PR of the pages your short articles sitting on. Or they’re the PR of the main sites? I mean, your article might be distributed to a PR3 website, but the page it sits on has a PR0 for example. Hope I’m not confusing you here.

    • Duy,

      I am trying other things and I will probably talk about them later. While I have had some results from other means, most of them have been “lukewarm” Nothing Besides BMR that has really made me”take notice”

      The PR is of the domain not the page. Really PR is a small piece of it. The more important part is that there or no ads or extraneous links on the page, and they give that 25-50 social bookmarkes to each post building a little bit of initial link juice. Of course you could do that yourself too. But probably takes just as long as writing 150 words…lol.

      I get you with the PR. you are right it it is the domain not the page. but with the higher PR base domain, there is some extra PR passed down. So it matters….I just don’t think it is one of the most important pieces of it…just another “factor”.

      • Thanks for your elaboration Steve 🙂

        As I always want to upgrade my SEO campaign with a private blog network, BMR sounds like a great deal to me. 150 words per link might be a problem at first, but I don’t think it will trouble me for long.

        All the best man!

        • Duy,

          It really is a pretty kick ass network. Specifically if you make use of it. I am actually debating putting a lot of other things on hold next week and writing about 500 of those 150 worders to trickle out over the next month. They really do come fast when you concentrate

    • It is very easy to outsource. You can add any “writer” to you account and they can even do the submissions and fix them if there are any rejections. Very simple.

      The 5 domain just means they limit (for the base account 5 sites) So If I linked this site and Squidoo that would be two, but I could do as many links as I wanted to my 450 plus articles here. And however many links I wanted to squidoo. ON Squidoo for example I have a couple of accounts. But I could any article on any one of them (or anyone else’s article if I felt inclined that way).

      I think it is a way to separate “power users” from normal users. Few average people are going to be linking to more than 5 domains

  14. Hi Steve,

    This sounds like an awesome service. I’ve almost never focused on creating backlinks, because I’ve found it to be very time consuming or the software or services I’ve looked at has been total crap (most of them are automated). Now BMR seems to be different.

    What I’m wondering is two things. 1. When you write one 150 words article, will this be “all over the network” and can this have any negative effect, because of duplicate content? 2. If you outsource the articles, will they appear as if you’ve written them in the network? The reason I’m asking is that I want everything I write to be of high quality, so if I have to add my name, I want to write it myself.

    Thanks a lot for this awesome review.

    • Jens,

      Yeah. Backlinking is time consuming. No way around that, unless you outsource it (which costs $$) All the “set it and forget it” methods are BS. IMO if you want good backlinking, someone somewhere needs to be writing something original…even if it is only 150 words.

      To answer your questions:

      They are not all over the network. You get 1 link from 1 article. (unless you write 300 words and put in 2 links or 450 words and put in 3 links). Then they do the social media stuff to THAT article. Since your link is basically the only non internal link on the entire page, you get the link juice from the article and whatever the social media efforts gives you.

      It seems to be quite effective, because I often notice a couple places movement upward in SERP results just from 2-3 articles after a few days

      I spot checked a few articles, as far as I can tell I didn’t see any that had bylines at all. They are all posted by “admin” for the site they are on, regardless of whether you write them or your outsourcer.

      Outsourcers though can be given their own “account” underneath yours. You can restrict what they write to this way if you want. It also keeps stats for them independently. So it they have a higher percentage or initial rejections it is obvious and you just stop hiring them.

      I do agree with your “quality” thing. 150 words is thin already. I try to throw in maybe one good “hint” at whatever I am talking about; but some of the outsourcers do use doublespeak, and while it is intelligible, they say nothing while getting their 150 words out. Nothing I would want my name associated with, either, but it is anonymous.

      • Thanks a lot Steve. I have been looking at the site, and I would have been even more interested if they had an option for 1 domain, because at the moment (because I’m occupied with so many other things) I only have one domain.

  15. Hi Steve,

    I dipped my toes into affiliate marketing already and learning more in my free time. I was not aware of BMR. It is a shame you cannot mention one of your sites as I would love to check out the back-end to see how it works since I am sceptical about many of these things.


    • I could mention the sites. I am just paranoid. I don’t want to say I use is on XYZ site in case someone from Google does roll in and decide to penalize XYZ site. It is unlikely, and I probably could, but the risk isn’t worth it to me. I know you can do search and find where others have mentions specific sites. I keep all my sites/articles on Market Samurai and have been pretty impressed with the results (some of them shown here even if the specifics blurred)

  16. This is the second time I’ve heard about BMR. I’m not a huge fan of paying a monthly subscription and I don’t think my income warrants it just yet but you’ve got me thinking. Since the beginning of my internet marketing “career” I’ve had a pretty good size skepticism for any automated tools.

    I’m curious though – you mentioned they bought those websites? I was wondering how they’d get the site owners to agree to put these links on there but I guess it makes sense that they would buy the sites themselves instead. I wonder if at some point they would get so oversaturated… though I guess if I was the owner I’d just buy more sites at that point.

    Well, you’ve given me a lot of food for thought. I might just try out that trial to see what happens.

    • Bethany,

      I understand where you are coming from. It is a bit costly for a monthly subscription. It is a good business practice to pay for things like that with reinvested profits.

      I know exactly what you mean about the myriad products offering the sun and the moon. There are a lot that are BS out there. NO doubt.

      What I would say is find an article or post of yours that is on the verge of being profitable. (maybe 15-20 in Google SERP results) Do the 10 free links, vary anchor text a little bit and see where it ranks a week or two later. If it doesn’t knock you into the top 10, don’t get it.
      Sure oversaturation is a concern. But they have thought of that. First off their network is over 2500 blogs/websites deep. They say they add between 100-200 a month, and have some undisclosed way they sometimes “retire” blogs if they become oversaturated.

      Good luck. If you do try the trial, I would be curious to see how your results went.

      • That’s a good idea… actually I was thinking about that. My computer took a crash last week and I won’t have it back till next Friday so I’m in a holding pattern (I miss Market Samurai so much…) but I know there’s a couple where I’m on page 2 or 3 of the SERPs.

        I think I might just do that. Once I get back up & running, that is. I’ll definitely let you know how it goes… because truly I know I have a couple keywords where I’m on page 2-3 and if I could make it to page 1 or even above the fold on page 1 it would in itself pay for the subscription. So I’ll see which one is the best candidate and go from there.

        And like the poster said above, 150 words is NO BIG DEAL. seriously, I also have made blog comments longer than that. Like this one. I am a wordy one 🙂

          • Okay Steve I went for it… got my computer back today 🙂 So here’s my question – if I am only going to use the 10 links, how many would you say I should use my “target” keyword? I know I should mix it up a bit but I’m newish to SEO and I want to make sure I get the most bang for that particular keyword without screwing up and having Google de-rank the site (if that would even happen for 10 identical text links).

            • Bethany,

              Glad to hear you got your computer back up and running, I know those things are nightmares.

              Anyhow, I don’t think you need to worry TOO much with only ten articles. But just to be on the safe side I would say string the input of the 10 out over a few days time.

              Then maybe do 5 exact match for your keywords, 4 partial matches and wone wildcard
              so if you were targeting “Ukulele deals”
              do something like
              (5) Ukulele deals
              (2) Best Ukulele deals
              (1) Great Ukulele deals
              (1) Ukulele deals and offers
              and something like
              Deals on interesting Instruments (the wildcard)

              I wouldn’t worry about this too much, bu that type of spread should help. Good luck!

              • Holy cow. Just… holy cow. I’m not even done yet posting all the articles, but seriously. I need to scrape up some moula so I can do this for more keywords… if movement happens this fast, I might stand a chance at having a pretty nice December/Christmas shopping season. I’ll update again with the numbers when I’m done.

                • Rock on Bethany,

                  I know the feeling. Of course I have been spending a lot of family time during the past few days, but one of the main reasons I have done little with this site in the past 5-6 days is that I have been trying to furiously rank “holiday” products to make some money while the iron is hot! I just wish I had started using this in the summer, then I would be ranking everywhere. 🙂

                  • Okay Steve here’s what I did.

                    I focused on one particular keyword that I was result# 40 for. The competition in the top 10 wasn’t too stiff so I figured I’d be able to go up a couple pages at least.

                    What’s really funny is after I went and got someone to write and queued my 10 articles up, it dropped to #129 the very next day before anything was published.

                    I’m not sure if that was just because it had been dancing around (since I had no access to Market Samurai for the 3 weeks before that day) but everything had already been in place, a bunch of articles already written, so I figured at the very least I’d see how it could make me jump.

                    Two days after the first article was published, I was at spot#42. I was there for another two days and then jumped to position 12! The very next day I was at position 10, where I’ve been for the last three days consistently.

                    Not only that, but a closely related keyword went from #21 to #2 and it has proved so far to be a great source of traffic – not quite as high in volume but I get a really high click-through rate because it is very targeted.

                    I know I should probably stop now and let it settle to see where I finally end up, since there were actually several more articles (my last 3) that got published yesterday but when I made that last comment on here a few days ago I decided to take the plunge just based on what I’ve seen.

                    I’m not sure if I can consistently keep it up, it all depends on what this does to my income. I don’t have enough spare time to write enough articles to make it worthwhile but I’ve hired a couple freelancers to write for me at $.50/article (on odesk), but even at that low price I still need to spend (what is to me) a chunk in order to make it worthwhile. I’m not actually making enough to cover the cost of BMR + writers yet although I’m pretty close.

                    But, I weighed my options and seeing as how quickly the results came in and that it is now December 1st, I didn’t want to miss out on potential earnings from Christmas shoppers so I hired a writer for two of my sites and we’ll see where that takes me. If I see some amazing results, I’ll keep it up, otherwise I might just cancel for a few more months until I am earning enough to cover the cost of BMR plus writers.

                    • BEthany,

                      First of all .50 per article. That is awesome. specifically if the writing is good enough that they rarely get rejected. I have an elance project for 100 BMR jobs now, some of the bid are around that (one even lower) but I can’t judge the quality. Just from playing with fiverr, I have noticed there is a difference in quality even in these 150 word posts.

                      But running it through the Christmas season and then seeing if it makes fiscal sense…makes sense. YOu are going to make more from ranking well during the next week than you would for any month for the rest of the year. Closer to Xmas (perhaps even in a few days) you might as well stop worrying about christmas stuff and try to rank for any products you have that are”spring” related and get a jump on that.

                      You should try to write some of your own BMR’s too (and augment with outsourcing.)

                      They are quick to write. I try to knock out 1-2 whenever I have a couple spare minutes. Or even watching TV (you can get 1 done every commercial break)

                      Anyhow, it is great to hear it is working for you. Getting those posts into the top ten is a big deal. It makes a large difference for your bottom line.

                      Thanks for letting me know it was workin’ for ya! I look forward to hearing more down the road

                    • Yeah I’m not sure, it’s gonna take me a little while probably to find a good writer. Had to let one go today, he kept using spun and copied content and had one article approved out of the 30+ he submitted, though my other writer is doing a great job. I’m definitely writing a few of my own here and there, as I can, but my personal life is so hectic (getting ready for my baby to be born on Friday) that I know I won’t be able to keep anything up.

                      I just look at what I can write as gravy but I can agree that they ARE super easy to write, especially if you are passionate about the products you are promoting.

                      In any case I think I’m going to take the remainder of my budget and hire several writers to do just like 20 articles or so and see if I can find another good writer. I’d pay more, but it’s hard to know what you are getting. The writer that I just let go today had really good writing in his portfolio, so I was expecting something different than what I got. Once I’m back on my feet again I am thinking that I’ll just write my own articles for a few months since I am starting off with a slow drip anyway, and then hopefully I’ll have the increased income to show for it. That way maybe I can keep the BMR subscription just not pay anybody to write for me.

                      The only thing that’s tough is that it’s hard for me to judge if any increase in traffic/income is due to increased SERP rankings or if it’s just because of Christmas shopping season. This is my first holiday season, just started making $$ with marketing this last spring, so it’s kind of touch & go for me.

                      Oh and the really nice thing is my products are evergreen types, though I expect them to do particularly well in the summertime.

  17. Hi Steve, in all honestly it actually looks like a great service. Do you think it’s something I can use to build awareness of the Blog Engage community? Perhaps it’s even something I can use to try and rank higher for my RSS Services? I just spent 190 USD on Google Adwords this week and I don’t even have one sale to show for it. It makes me wonder if it’s even worth the investment.

    • Hmmm I don’t see why you couldn’t use it on BE. There is an approval process for domains (you get up to 5 domains for the basic level) The only thing wonder about if they would view you as a “competitor”

      I think the critical thing would be where your organic type “hooks” rank on organic search results for your money keywords. I have seen some of my keywords go from 200ish to 40ish so far…and even more importantly from 20ish to into the top ten.

      Off the top of my head I would think you could rank articles like : syndicate content, Blog Promotion, Blog Marketing fairly well using it. For instance I just checked the article you linked for the term “syndicate content” . (#788) I bet with the 10 free 150 word links, you could break #100. Probably still no massive traffic yet, but it would be one heck of a lot closer.

      Of course all this hinges on BE being accepted. Certainly might be worth investing an hour of your time and trying the free trial.

      You actually got me interested in whether it would work for BE or not. I would be interested to hear if you check it out.

      Good luck!


      • Alright I’ll take your advice and header over now to see if it’s cool to use blog engage with their services. Who knows maybe I’ll get lucky and be able to rank a little higher for some of my target keywords.

  18. Hi Steve,

    How many backlinks must we create to move our SEO ranking for the targeted keyword? I know this sounds tough to answer as every keyword has their own unique features and competition. But can you give terms in general?


    • Jimmy,
      There really is no set number, and the competition you face is just a part of the equation. Relavancy of the link, page rank and authority of the site the link comes from matters. Then there is the factor of whether Google attaches a negative penalty. And of course the actual anchor text you use matters. A whole lot of things.

      Many of these are on a logarithmic scale too. So a valuable link may not be twice as valuable, but 100 times. There is not even close to a way to say 1 link raises you 10 places.

      The most important thing is to write good content and make sure YOUR house is in order. Then network/comment/guest post for some links. Only then is it time to worry about “other” links. I am not going to go into a huge analysis here, but if you desire to move to a position for a keyword it is important to know what the top ten guys rank for. Look at THEIR links and see what they have going. Do they have a lot of high PR links coming from what looks to be reputable and relavent sites. Or is it more an ad hoc collection of links.

      Obviously this takes work, you can’t do it on every post. My strat is to just write good stuff. Throw a few links at posts that I would like to rank. Then when they hve time to “settle” find the ones that are within reach of #1 (maybe Google ranking 50 or better) and then work to backlink those til they rank highly.

      I have had articles where I added one backlink and it went up from 300 position to 150, and other where it took 2-3 to move it a few spots. Even trying general terms I can’t really answer that. (this was a “general” attempt.)

      • Ok got it Steve. I will just write good content and focus on this. My only activities daily is really just about posting and commenting mainly. I know this does not suffice, but its the best I can afford given my time constraints.

        By the way, is this software on Build my rank worth it? I am seriously considering.

        • Jimmy,

          for sure time constraints are a definite limiting factor. You can only do what you have time to do.

          As for Build My rank, on one hand I have been very impressed with how it is helped to raise articles and Google results pages. But is it worth it… A lot of that depends on how much you use it. It is not an amateur fact if you do five links a month. You should be ready to do at least five or six a day. $59 a month is not cheap. If you use the service enough I think it is definitely worthwhile in helping raise those articles in Google results pages. But if you’re not going to be able to use it enough it might be better to save your money and focus on content. It really depends upon your situation. So far I love it and starting to see some really good results from it, but I have also done (and/or outsourced) about 250 links using the service in the month that I have been using it.

  19. Hmm this sounds very interesting Scott!
    At the moment I am paying $220 a month for backlinking to one site, and I am not satisfied at all. But the service just started out this month so I give them some time to get their stuff in order.
    But paying $59 + outsourcing the articles on elance, sounds much better to me.

    I will definitely remember this service. If the other thing doesn’t satisfy I’ll come back and use your affiliate link. Thanks for showing this to us Scott!

    • Yeah, your 220$ service may end up being fine, but if it falls thorough you should definitely check this out with outsourcing. Even with outsourcing you can add your own too. They are so simple to write, I mix both outsourcing and doing my own.

  20. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for the great review on BMR. I’m looking some information last week about BMR and I’ve read good comments from others about BMR too. Now, your results again prove to me that BMR is awesome! I will give it a go!

    I understand that you have tried UAW, have you tried out Article Ranks or SEO Link Vine, etc…Keen to hear your thoughts.


    • Ming,

      Yeah, I had heard about it for a bit too! I have been really impressed with how well it really has worked so far. there are so many things out there hyped to death, but when you use them the results are….not super impressive. Sure you get links, sure your site may move up. but not much and not in an impressive fashion. Of course my use of this hasn’t been “ages” …but so far it has impressed me with its ability to really translate from a few posts really equaling a decent rise in serp results. At the end of the day that is really what matters getting those posts to Google top 10.

  21. Steve

    Do you ever use this for this site?

    I don’t do ANY backlinking whatsoever for Da Spoon…but my offline business website could really use this service. Do you know if the links disappear if you stop subscribing?

    Good post – love the way you’re always testing stuff!


    • Paul,

      Just in case someone like the Big G. is watching I do not want to say in print if I have tried it out here.

      But If I had, I probably would have only tested it out on a few single posts so far and seen a pretty nice corresponding rise those posts rankings for the specific keywords.

      As far as I know, and from what I have read, your links are permanent unless you do something to break their TOS. So even using it for 10 free can help you get some permanent bump on perhaps 1-2 posts.

  22. I would probably try this Build My Rank tool. We’ll see how effective this one works in generating a significant amount of traffic to my site. Crossing my fingers on this one!

  23. I have joined up…so now just need to get it working…So is this how it works?….

    each article will only go out to one other source so you only get one backlink per each article? And many articles is best to make for each keyword?

    I have 5 sites each with 5-8 pages or posts and between 2-6 keywords for each post. (those keywords are all variations or LSI words for one main target keyword). I have already loaded these links into BMR and am ready to post…

    So if you can follow what I just wrote..what do you think would be the best way or method to utilize BMR most efficiently? I mean how many articles for each variation of the keyword and how often… ? How do you do it?

    • Lets see

      1. it is one source per article, but 1 link per 150 words. Now you always get the most “link juice” from the first link on a page. So most people would rather do three 150 word posts rather than one 450 word post with three links. But you can do the latter, they just have to be in the same domain. Personally I aim for 150, but if it looks like I am pushing 250+ to complete my thought, I just go for a second link.

      2. You don’t have to load in the keywords in advance. It just makes it a little easier, I think. I actually have loaded none, and just do each as I reach it. But I would think it would make it easier to ensure you have those slight variations to have it preloaded.

      3. For efficiency I would say how many to each post depends upon the pages. Since your domains are a little thinner with only 5-8 keywords for post I would say maybe try to cap it at (roughly) 400 total links per total domain and 100 per post (tops). Of course that is a WHOLE LOT of links.

      The one thing I like to do is keep it a little random but also think about link velocity. (the speed at which you build links) Doing 5 links in a day to a page should not raise any alarms. But doing 5 then 5 then 5 then never linking again might.

      So personally I like to start slow like 1,1,1,3,0,1,1,2,1,1,0,0,1,0,1 (where each number is links for each consecutive day) for my amount of links in a day for a page. (I hope that is clear?) A more random looking and lower link velocity.

      But I am also a little bit paranoid. Generally just try to be random. Don’t use the exact same anchor text. Occasionally vary it wildly. Don’t go through the presets 1,2,3 mix it up and even double it up sometimes.

      None of these are “rules” btw. I am sure you will find your own best ways of doing it; these are just the steps I have been using.

  24. Sounds like a really good service. I’ve used something similar in the past and it works really well for dripping out your articles and creating viable backlinks.

    • Rich, Yeah I don’t think this is the only one. I know LInkvana works on a similar idea (at far greater cost) These types of linking work really well in the face of google panda, because even if the content is a bit “thin” it is 100% unique and at least for the length…quality. It does matter.

  25. Hey Steve,

    I have been thinking about BMR for a while now and your review almost made my mind.

    The only thing is that their prices are a little steep, but I guess for the log run its worth it. If you do know of any especial deals or discount by any chance, I would appreciate if you share it. Thanks..

    • Satrap,

      Unfortunately I don’t know of any discounts. It certainly is pricey, and I can understand why people stay away from it for this reason, but so far at least I’m finding this to be an absolutely great resource. The obvious important point is that for $59 a month you have to make sure you’re really utilizing it to its full effect to get your money’s worth (I have written/outsourced about 300 of these links so far…so I am seeing great results)

      • Hey Steve,

        So, I signed up for the free trial to see how it goes. I know they are kind of protective of their network sites, but how do you actually find out where your artcile has been published?…

        Do you juts simply do a Google search with the title or…?

        Thanks in advance.

        • It is Linkvana that won’t show you where it published. These guys will. Off to the right their is a little binocular looking graphic. Click on that then the “Published” says yes and it takes you to the Google results page. From there you can click on it, look at it, and I would assume to more back-links to it if you so desire. Being the paranoid person I am I have even searched to make sure these results really show up, and I am tracking a few to make sure they stay up. But they really seem to do a pretty good job of doing all that for you.

          • Oh I see. I did do that, but I guess since they weren’t indexed yet, I didn’t get any results on Google. So, I thoughts maybe that’s something totally different.

            I just checked and found one of the articles that was indexed.

            I am glad that they do let you see it. I don’t understand LinkVana’s deal. I mean, you would think if people are paying for the service, they could at least provide easy access to where their posts are being published.

            Any way, Thanks for the help Steve. I really appreciate it.

  26. Thanks for that break down Steve, that is mighty helpful and probably not just for me.

    By the way, is Linkvana one the ones you have tried? That seems pretty good too, or is it not that great? I know it is even more expensive than BMR but I’ve heard pretty good stuff about it.

    • Actually I haven’t tried Linkvana. I have looked it over. It seems to me (from the outside looking in) Linkvana works on much the same principles. They’re a little less clear on exactly how much content and how the content is written, and they have a larger network of blogs but the cost is also nearly three times as much. I am sure it works, but not sure if it works three times as well as this. The way I see it with the 90 something dollars I saved with using the system, I could get 90 outsourced BMR posts from Fiverr, and be a good way towards having the work I need done with this system completed for the month.

  27. Steve, aloha. Thanks for the review and for the recommendations on the fiverr folks. Though I have not yet outsourced any articles, I see a need for it looming on the horizon.

    In thinking about wirting 150 word posts, if you wrote each post around one of your keywords, explaining it, that would be an easy way to get started.

    As always, Steve, I appreciate the great resources you share with us. Best wishes for a terrific week. Until next time, aloha. Janet

    • Janet,

      that is it exactly. Each post is wholely centered around the keywords, and these articles come fast too. A lot of comments I leave have more than 150 words. ;). I don’t know if I would want to ever outsource regular articles on Fiverr. Just the idea that gives me the shakes. But they are great for these little quickie posts on Build My rank

  28. While I’m not quite at the stage of subscribing to a network yet, I have read some convincing things about UAW. Now you’ve got me rethinking it. Someone mentioned using UAW and BMR together. How is that working out, hedging quality and quantity?

    Are there other backlinking tools or techniques you would recommend?

    • Kirsty,

      I think I mentioned I am trying both in comments already. (not sure if it was here or elsewhere)

      I have mixed feelings on UAW. The content seems much more spammy and frankly I have not seen the quick effect I get with UAW. Massive amounts of links may bring some “rank” but also risk eventual penalties.

      now I’m not saying the UAW is bad. I’m just saying I haven’t had the same quick positive effect with it but I have gotten from BMR, and furthermore I can see a reason why over using the system could cause trouble down the road.

      What I’m experimenting with now for UAW (and may work…not sure yet) is using it to link to the sites that link to my site. In other words on the site I really want to rank will never point these links at that site, point them at web 2.0 and affiliate marketing articles to increase their value. At least this way if “panda” comes along and gives them a negative search engine penalty it really doesn’t matter. I just want the link juice not the articles to rank.

      Again, I haven’t use this enough to really say UAW is great or horrible, just so you know my fears and hopes for using it.

      As for other backlinking tools and techniques, I have long been a quality first guy. I find a lot of tools are always as good as they sound. BMR and Market Samurai (for keyword research) so far the only two that I really get behind 110%.

      I have been trying some Fiverr jobs and a few other tools but I don’t feel comfortable even giving them hesitant recommendation at this point. I think I will do a niche site update at some point in the near future and give a better explanation on some of these.

  29. Hi Steve, I am very new to the internet industry. I just recently started my own business and I am learning about SEO, backlinks, and quality content. Please let me clarify what you are saying… So what you are trying to say is try to get people to write articles about my business and each one of those article should have keywords that I want to attack? Also, find someone to post it on their blog and and link my site to it? I am pretty confused, please explain more into detail. Thank you so much! I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Whew, not sure where to begin. I will assume you know in general why backlinks are valuable, that (in a rough sense) more valuable backlinks ( quantity and quality matter) are major factor (and only one factor) in rising your article in Google search results.

      Now BMR is a system. They own a huge set of blogs. You pay them and they randomly post the article you have written to one of their blogs with a link back to your site.

      Since the there is some QA on these posts there’s a good chance these links show remain relatively valuable over time. You CAN have others write them for you for more money. But that is not a requirement.

      Since you are just starting out, though, I actually wouldn’t recommend using BMR right away. Get a feel for things first. Build up your quality content. Comment a lot on peoples blogs (with links back to your site), perhaps at Parenting type sites since you are selling jumping houses for kids.

      Since your site is about selling those jumping houses. Set a blog section of your site and just talk about that in articles.

      Write articles on
      The safety features.
      Little known facts.
      Different types of the houses
      Even some industry type articles

      All of these articles will raise your authority around these keywords/topics themselves. Make sure you link these when commenting on other sites.

      Eventually these (and your main pages) will be the ones you will want to link with writing free articles on sites like (that is called article marketing) OR Guestposting on related niche sites OR finally paying for a service like BMR where you can write short articles and get links.

      It is all a bit confusing at first, so that is why I recommend focusing on content at first before spending money you might waste.

      Hopefully I explained this well…this is actually quite a huge topic to cover, particularly since I am not sure how much you do and do not know.

      BTW, later today (as I write this) I am having a guest post here that explains some of the dos and don’ts of back-linking pretty darn well…so check that out too.

      • Hey Steve,
        Great help man, there is a link on the bottom is that what you mean my having extra link back to my site when commenting? After reading this reply, I posted a blog on my website and linking it here. Please let me know If I am doing it right. Great help Steve appreciated. If I am doing it right, I should be commenting on parenting blogs? Also, is im using “Jump House Rentals” as keyword on the name section. If I commented on 10 different blogs using the same keyword on the name section. Would google think that is the same content? Should I always switch keywords on the name section on each blog? Hope to here from you soon!

  30. I would just like to say to everyone, that I have just joined BMR but I have been with UAW for the past 2 months and have not seen any movement with my targeted kewords in the serps…UNTIL every single keyword that i targeted with UAW is in the top 3 serps…so UAW definitely works… I was going to cancel it and just go with BMR but now I am going to use them both!

    • I almost wonder if it is BMR articles you see that have caused the movement. I have gotten some results damn quickly (like 1-2 days). Which is shocking after you wait weeks or months with other systems.

      I am still on the fence with UAW. I will say I have seen it work “somewhat”. But I am also concerned about long term with UAW. It just seems to me the the “automatic” spin that have basically keeps the content mostly duplicate, and if you use another tool to do a real spin…you still have heaps of spun content.

      And even if your content is PERFECT the neighborhoods they go into are riddled with articles that are not.

      Not saying it is junk, mind you, I am just not convinced that it is great long term, with google panda discounting entire sites. (It might rank you today and penalize you tomorrow for those links)

      For now I am on the fence. I am using UAW too…but with extreme caution.

  31. I’ve used BMR for a long time now and can confirm it does the job.

    Be careful though, do not rely solely on BMR and do not build your business around just this tool. Yes it has a great effect right now, but will it always?

    Google could become savvy to the network, Google could determine 150 blog posts too short to pass much link power, Google could strip out article marketing from the algo… any of these could Google bomb your site. It’s happened before and it will happen again.

    Make sure your ready for it.

    • Alice,

      Yes, I would agree, BMR is great but it is also important to mix in other methods.

      While I think this is one of the safer methods, specifically if you try to make your links look natural, there certainly is an issue of having all the links come from short articles.

      I think it could be difficult for google to “nail” that group without doing more harm to their algo than good…but you never know. Like you sadi it is best to hedge your bets (really on everything)

  32. Don’t forget you do not have to just write 150 word posts in BMR you can still have a 500 word article if you are worried about google not liking small ones.

    Another thing I noticed with BMR is that the articles end up on pages that are not relevant to your content. I checked a few of mine and where they ended up and the pages were blogs about something irrelevant to my post and the content was random posts from BMR all about different things…that cant be good in the long run.

    • For sure you could… and it is 1 link per 150 words. So a 500 word article can have links to 3 articles.

      The content can be from blogs that aren’t relevant. And sometimes grossly irrelevant from the title. (content is, well… everything). I actually would have thought this would affect initial ranking. (just making links less valauble) but this doesn’t seem to be the case, because I have found a couple of these links do the job pretty well in nudging articles up.

      But like I said above, this works for now, I hope it will keep working as well as it does, but it is certainly wise to mix in other link building efforts and use this in a way to keep it looking natural as possible.

  33. This seems a great tool but we know that google is very clever to know who is using tools and taking advantage of back linking.
    Better use it in moderation.

    • Like anything, use good things in moderation. Anyone who uses it to pump out 10 links a day using exactly the same anchor text going to the same exact page is going to ask for trouble. If you mix it up and use other linking methods as well it will be a far more natural to Google’s eyes should pass a muster since it comes from different IP addresses and class A B and C IP’s, from both blogs and websites, and locations all around the world.

      Unless someone really abuses the system it should be fairly hard to track

  34. I heard the term BMR before, but to be honest, from your post I gathered the basic idea how it works. In brief, I must confess that it’s a great opportunity to have quality backlinks within the shortest time as you mentioned this link is (usually) fully indexed and points back to your site within 24 hours.

  35. The thing that I liked about BMR is that it’s simple and easy to learn yet you get strong results. But I also agree that writing articles can be plain boooooring! BMR is increasing in popularity and more people are trying it. This awesome review is pretty useful and a very great source of information.

    • Thanks John,

      Yeah, I love this service and write quite a few posts myself, but I HAVE to augment it with freelancers ever so often. It does get old coming up with these posts after a while. But the effectiveness has continued to impress, with what is basically just a couple hours of writing I have gottenjumps in ranking I have not seen with more complicated linking schemes. Goes to show once again the power of unique content, even in the “small” form.

  36. Absolutely a great service Steve. But you are right, use it in moderation along with other backlink methods. I have used BMR with some really good success on some of my niche websites.

  37. Do you think if I spun an article really really really well, I could just use variations of it for each submission? … I mean like spin the words, spin the paragraphs and have tons of variations…?? Think I’d get away with that?

    • You might get away with it, but I wouldn’t. Even with spinning, there are some sort of a finite amount of possibilities. I am sure you could slip a few by if you really tried, but I just wouldn’t do it.

      They cancel you if they find out, and it really is not that hard to write these 150 word posts.

      This of it this way, even if you spun a great document and put 50 copies of it….you likely would not want to put more than that, because no matter how original some footprint will show with enough of them. Now a really perfectly spun document takes some time. Say 2-3 hours??? Maybe since it is only 150-200 words you can do it in 1.5 HOurs.

      The thing is I can do 20 BMR posts in an hour, so 30 posts rather than 50. Just not worth the risk, imo.

  38. Steve,

    You have laid out some great points and I too have been seeing unbelievable results.

    I am trying out one of your fiverr suggestions as I’m looking at ways to avoid paying the $2.50 hit by using BMR’s own outsourced writers.

    One comment I could make after purchasing more than 100+ BMR outsourced articles is that some of the posts that are internally approving are of worse quality than those I’ve had rejected in my own personally uploaded folder.

    Go figure, hey?

  39. Considering the recent Google Panda update, the most effective way to use tools like this is to write at least 400 word post instead of just 150. Another thing is to build your links slowly.

    But I have a misgiving that Google will soon catch up with this trick. Do you think so?

  40. Hello,

    I have written a review of BMR (not so much a review as an amalgamation of different people’s thoughts, which I like better btw) based on the inputs by you as well as other bloggers. I have added the appropriate attribution/credits at the end. I hope it is okay! I did not take permission from you so thought to post here and let you know! Thanks for taking time to write this review; I truly appreciate it! 😉

  41. I have used BMR since November, and I love it. Apparently there has been some new changes with Google and BMR has shut down now. Do you know if BMR will be back and running soon? Are there any other sites that you recommend that are similar to BMR?

  42. Hi Steve,

    Nice information in right manner and quick example, clears my all queries swiftly.

    I just wish to have an info that what plugin has been used for pinterest as any image hover is showing pinterest pop-up.

    Please share………

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