Affiliate Marketers: How to Bypass an Opt In Page

Video Player ImageIt’s been awhile since I’ve created a video.  So here’s one that’s specifically designed to help increase your affiliate commissions.

An annoying thing about being an affiliate marketer is being forced to send traffic to opt-in page.  In my opinion, this often decreases the money you can make from a product.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. You’ve worked hard to presell the product not the opt-in page.
  2. You’ve already sent people to the opt-in page
  3. You know the product owner will steal your commissions by promoting other affiliate offers in their follow-up sequence (Yes…some do that!)
  4. You know the opt-in page doesn’t convert.

It really doesn’t matter why you want to avoid an opt-in page.  Sometimes it makes business sense to send prospects directly to the sales page.

The good news is you can easily do this with a free tool I found at the Fast Blog Finder site.

And in the video; I show how to use it.  (Sorry about the loud audio quality.  My mic is acting funky.  I’m getting a better one within the next week.)

Found this video useful?  Have any comments?  Please respond below…

SIDEBAR:…Oh yeah, almost forgot.  If you’re an affiliate marketer and have a blog; then a trick to generate traffic is through blog commenting.  You can improve your success by including using the commentluve plugin. 

Okay, most people already know this.

What you might not know is you get a LOT more traffic by using the new version.  That’s why I recommend checking out Jane’s review of the Commentluv premium pluginThis is something I’m thinking about installing myself!

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15 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketers: How to Bypass an Opt In Page”

  1. Steve,

    this video is very interesting. The tool seems very easy to use… and free (which is important because there are some premium plugins in the market to do exactly the same).
    However, I cloak my links using my own “manual system”. It’s very easy and you don’t need to be very tech savvy.
    All you need is to create an index file (it’s a .txt) and upload it to your site to redirect the links.

    The result is similar to this tool you have explained. The difference is that with the manual redirect you control 100% all your affiliate links because you don’t need to use an external tool.

    (If anybody is interested I can explain step by step the process and give you the code you have to write in the index file. I don’t do it here because it’s too long for a comment :D)

    • Cristina,

      You have a good system that’s awesome. The important thing is that the job gets done and none of those ugly and stealable links are getting used. But this also does more than just link cloaking you could still cloak your link and have it sent to a boring and dull opt-in page of the product owner. If you have done a better job preselling than the opt-in page does, you can lose people so this can send you directly to the sales page. Not always needed, but helpful when this is something you want.

    • Glad you like it Darren!

      I think most product owners WANT their affiliates to do well. (so they keep promoting for them). But that is not always the case. Some peoples greed knows no bounds and it is good to at least know the way to jump their opt in page for when they might be trying other sales techniqiues (or when the opt-in page is weak or superfluous)

  2. Hi Steve, that’s a pretty clever trick. I recently dropped an affiliate program because they were using a pop-behind right on the sales page of a different product that they were an affiliate of. You have to wonder if they’re thinking things though because I’m sure they lose a lot of business from people not willing to play their games. Like you said, you go though all that trouble sending qualified traffic to their page and they are standing there with an entirely different product and perfectly willing to rob you of the sale. It’s just shameful.

    BTW, I installed Commentluv premium on my blog yesterday and I absolutely love it. I believe you just experienced it a little bit ago when you commented there. Another great feature is the additional choices you gain on other blogs. For example, I’m leaving a link to my newsletter page rather than a blog post with this comment. That’s pretty powerful stuff.

    • Thanks Brian! Glad you liked the trick. 🙂

      It is a shame when some people are so greedy they burn the people that are trying to work with them to make money (and likely lose sales)

      But knowing these ways to jump their opt-in page can get past a garbage opt in. I don’t use it (too) often, since I think most marketers try to do a fine job on their opt-in page, but it IS a nice trick to have when needed.

      I have already decided that commentluv premium is the thing for me, for sure. I have read too many good things about it and I have been a longtime user of the basic commentluv, so it is just a matter of time before I get the premium on here too.

  3. Hi Steve:

    Though I have not done affiliate marketing for a long time, I enjoyed reading your article. It is a great piece of information for affiliate marketing and an awesome strategy. I like it a lot and feel motivated. Post is well formatted too.

    Video as usual adding lots to its importance.

    Coming to read your post is alwasy adding something new to markting insight.


    Fran A

  4. great Steve, this is an amazing tool. I just saw cloaker like this, usually I only use the software ‘cloacker buzz’ to protect my affiliate link. when I see it, the same function with the software that I use, it’s just a tool that you make this much easier and enjoyable – I admire you steve.

    • Thanks velli,

      9/10 a simple cloaker is more than sufficient. It is nice to know how to do this for the really bad opt-in page that final 1/10th of the time.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Have a wonderful day!


  5. Thanks for sharing Steve. I have been using fast blog finder for sometime now and I never knew it can be that useful. I am still a newbie for Affiliate marketing and I found your article very useful of course with the video it’s even more helpful for me. I hope to learn more from your future articles.

  6. i just started affiliate marketing in my blog . but i think Google ad sense is better then affiliate marketing. i’m working hard to promote affiliate link but there is no use. i think i need some more experience.

  7. Thanks Steve

    That’s a very practical solution. I’ve been trying to work out how to do this for a long time.

    Very much appreciated.

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