Can You Be My Friend?

Here’s another quick video to watch…

Like I said in this clip, I’m want to implement a few techniques I’ve learned about creating massive traffic from Facebook.  Specifically I’m looking to see how you can use a “Fan Page” to create a loyal group of readers.

I plan on tinkering with Facebook and report back here with what I’ve found.  But first I need YOUR help.  To create a Fan Page, I need at least 50 friends.  Sadly I only have about thirty. (I know…it’s kind of sad)

So could you please click the button and add me as your friend 🙂

Click this link to add me as a friend
Once I start the ball rolling with Facebook, I’ll be sure to let you know how you can use this site to improve the web traffic coming to your online business and/or blog.
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13 thoughts on “Can You Be My Friend?”

  1. I’ve been on Facebook for quite a bit and want to add you (as well as learn how to improve my site via Facebook, hehe), but I get this message:

    “You are sending friends requests that may be considered abusive.

    Facebook is for connecting and sharing with your real life friends. If you are sending friend requests to people you don’t know, you may be disabled.”

    I got that after clicking the button in this post. Don’t know if you got my request or not, but that message kinda makes you think.

    • I got the same message Steve. You might want to just add a link instead of the button? I’ve never seen that happen before. Just a thought.
      .-= Gurl´s last blog ..Announcing 200th Post Give Away Winners =-.

      • Sorry guys… I don’t know what happened. Definitely kind of killed the purpose of this post…but the important thing is I’m getting a little bit of practice with using video posts.

        Thanks for taking the time to respond!

    • Thanks Ralph! Still trying to figure out Facebook out… use it in my personal life, but don’t know the *right* way to do it for a business, without being too spammy.

  2. you gotta be brave to do this showing your face …great job….good for you and of course you are my friend. must be nice to be in paris…
    .-= PurpleB´s last blog ..Plan 101 =-.

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