Affiliate Marketers: How to Bypass an Opt In Page

Make money online with Videos

Video Player ImageIt’s been awhile since I’ve created a video.  So here’s one that’s specifically designed to help increase your affiliate commissions.

An annoying thing about being an affiliate marketer is being forced to send traffic to opt-in page.  In my opinion, this often decreases the money you can make from a product.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. You’ve worked hard to presell the product not the opt-in page.
  2. You’ve already sent people to the opt-in page
  3. You know the product owner will steal your commissions by promoting other affiliate offers in their follow-up sequence (Yes…some do that!)
  4. You know the opt-in page doesn’t convert.

It really doesn’t matter why you want to avoid an opt-in page.  Sometimes it makes business sense to send prospects directly to the sales page.

The good news is you can easily do this with a free tool I found at the Fast Blog Finder site.

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45 Tips to Make MORE Money with Affiliate Marketing

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Make Money with Affiliate MarketingI’m often asked the question: “How do I make more money with affiliate marketing?”

This is hard one to answer.  That’s because there are a number of ways to increase affiliate income.

Some you can do in a few minutes.  Others require an extra level of time and dedication.

Today we’ll cover forty-five of these ideas…

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How to Turn $1091.95 into Lifelong Passive Income

Passive Income - Information ProductsWell… my first Internet Lifestyle product is finally finished.  It’s been a long six months putting this course together.

The end result is I now have something that can produce lifelong passive income.

With that in mind, I want to break down the “financials” of info product creation.  Specifically I’ll give a real world example of what it’s like to invest in an eBook course.   (Maybe this post will give you that extra *nudge* to create your own.)

Audio Version of Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t – $590

Upsells are a great way to create additional product revenue.  The trick is to add extras without filling a sales page with high pressure one-time-offers.

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ANNOUNCING: Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t

Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**tWell it’s finally here!

I’ve been writing and editing for six (very long) months.

Now I’m pleased to formally announce my first Internet Lifestyle course:

Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t

Okay…this post isn’t designed to ‘sell’ you on this product.

Instead I’ll answer a question I’ve received a few times: “How much will it cost?”

Right now, this course is being offered at a price that’s pretty low considering what’s included.

I’m only doing this for one week.    This isn’t some sort of scarcity tactic.  Come back on Tuesday the 12th and you’ll see I’ve raised the price by at least 30%.

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How to Earn Full-Time Internet Income… Even if you Have a Full-Time Job

I want to talk about something that’s always annoyed me.  In fact, sometimes it really pisses me off.

Working from Home- Full-Time IncomeWhenever I meet someone and talk about my Internet business, I often get the “It must be nice to work at home and lounge around” comment.  Recently I even had a person say that there is NO way I could replicate my success if I was forced to work a full-time job and earn an income from the internet at the same time.

Holy sh*t, this comment angered me!

I actually had someone tell me that a successful online business is NOT possible for anyone who works full-time.

So today I’m going to throw down the gauntlet!

This post contains the secrets to making a full-time income from the internet even if you have that regular 9 to 5 job.  As I wrote it, I imagined what it would be like if I only had ten to twenty hours a week to focus on my Internet business.  The result is I’ve included only the absolute critical steps to your success.  I’ve eliminated all the crap and left you with the bare essentials for creating a full-time income.

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Picking Your Ponies: How to Choose Your Affiliate Marketing Programs

Picking your Ponies in Affilate Marketing
As someone that’s been an affiliate marketer for a few years now, I can tell you that the number of people trying their hand at affiliate marketing has literally skyrocketed. A lot of people are out of work and a lot of others have gotten fed up with working their tails off, answering to someone else and collecting a meager paycheck that doesn’t even cover all the bills. They’re turning to affiliate marketing in hopes of starting a new career.

It’s important to realize that calling yourself an affiliate marketer doesn’t necessarily mean you’re successful at it. Hollywood and New York are full of “actors” and “musicians” that are actually waiters and bus boys, if you get my drift. Even so, if you’re willing to take the time to learn what you’re doing and you’re willing to work hard, it really is possible to become a successful affiliate marketer.

My $3,911.32 Affiliate Income Day: 8 Lessons YOU Can Learn

At first, it was a pretty typical weekend.  I spent all of Saturday skiing and took a day off from “work”…never turning on my computer.  Then on Sunday I woke up and drove over to my friend’s house for a few hours of Texas Hold Em.

While my buddies got the table ready, I remembered the email promotion I sent that morning to my affiliate marketing list.  So I decided to quickly log into my account and see how it did.

My Best Affiliate Marketing Day...EverWhen I saw the results, I thought somebody in Clickbank made a HUGE mistake.  My earnings were at $1,300…more than I’ve ever made in a single day….and this was at 12 in the afternoon.

Seriously, I felt one of those people who check their ATM balance and discover the bank has accidentally deposited $55,000 into their account.  For a few seconds I thought I was on a bad episode of Punk’d.

But all this money really did come from a promotion I did for a new product.  It wasn’t a trick.  I was actually making a lot of money from an email that took me five minutes to write.

It kept getting better throughout the day.  Every half hour I would check my iPhone and see how much I earned…giggling like a little schoolgirl every time I looked at Clickbank.  By the end of the day, I earned a total of $3,911.32!

Okay, I didn’t tell this story to brag.  And I’m not trying to *sell* you on any particular program or website.  All I want you to do is watch this video where I detail eight lessons I learned from my best day as an affiliate marketer.

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6 Laws Every Blogger Should Know About Affiliate Marketing

Making money from affiliate marketing is a challenge for many beginning bloggers.  In theory, it sounds easy – All you do is talk about a product and place a few banner ads on your site.

Unfortunately the reality is a little different.  If you’ve blogged for any period of time then you know it’s downright hard to make money with affiliate marketing.

The good news is there are six laws to follow for increasing your affiliate earnings:

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How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money with Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money on the Internet.

Unfortunately there’s a lot of misinformation about how it works.

I’ve been an affiliate marketer for 4 years now and I’m always amazed by the sheer volume of crap that supposedly teaches this business model.

{To learn more, you should check out my course – Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t}

I feel affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you can distill everything down into a simple step-by-step blueprint…which is what we’re going to do today. In this post I’m going to list the exact steps I’ve personally used to earn a six-figure income with affiliate marketing. 

(For more information read this article that defines affiliate marketing.)

Before we move on to the step-by-step guide let’s talk about an important concept…

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#1 Secret to Promoting an Affiliate Product

There’s been a lot written about how to promote an affiliate marketing product.  Some people tell you to presell it.  Others recommend marketing the product like it’s your own.  And a few say you should discuss both the good and bad points about what you’re trying to sell.

In my opinion, all of this is good advice.  However, there’s one secret to promoting an affiliate product that stands out above the rest.  It’s a concept I call “The Gene Factor.”

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