Time Management Strategies: Is Multitasking Worth It?

Time Management Strategies

We’ve all become so accustomed to doing two or three things at once that it’s not unusual to see a person sitting in a coffee shop with a laptop open in front of them, a muffin in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other … all while they’re talking into the cell phone that’s propped between their chin and their shoulder.

Now that’s some serious multitasking!

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15 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Do Work

It’s not for everyone, but I love being self-employed. Not only can I make my own schedule and work from nearly anywhere in the world, I have total control over how my business is run. Sounds great—and it is—but a common problem that faces the self-employed has to do with motivation.

In order to be successful at work, school, or any other aspect of your life, you need to know the best ways to motivate yourself to do work.

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How To Manage Your “Work” Time During Long-Term Travel

It’s been two weeks since I’ve landed in Europe and begun my half-year journey. And already I’ve learned a number of things about myself. Specifically, I’ve discovered that it IS possible to blend a moderate amount of work while fully enjoying a rich travel experience.

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7 Tips For Increasing Your Productivity

Productivity is a crucial element to getting work done in the most efficient manner. Whenever tackling a project you want to make sure you’re focusing on the important things and not getting sidetracked by the minutiae.

As we’ve discussed, to enjoy life a little more you’ll need to find a way to earn a passive income stream.

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