Freelance Contractors – An Internet Marketer’s Best Friend

Grow an Internet Business

Grow an Internet BusinessI’m a firm believer in the power of outsourcing.  Simply put, don’t try to do everything yourself.  Instead, stick to what YOU do best and hire someone else to handle your ‘weak areas.’

In today’s guest post, Bruce Stevens shows how to hire a freelance contractor.  This article will help you tackle the painful process of finding the right person for your Internet business.

When your Internet business is on ‘auto pilot’ and everything is running smoothly you are perhaps comfortable going it alone.

However, when you want to see accelerated and sustainable growth you are going to need a staff of workers to support you.

It can be quite costly, and not really practical to keep staff on the payroll all the time, just to help with sudden growth.

But there is a viable alternative which is cost effective, and ideal for  almost anyone involved in all facets of Internet Marketing; hiring freelance contractors.

Two examples of an Internet Marketer’s growth acceleration would be;

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Internet Success: What do YOU Want to Learn?

I have to admit something.  In the last few months, I’ve experienced a mild case of Writer’s Block.  Sure there have been numerous content ideas for this blog.  But none have been on par with the massive value posts I used to publish every Monday.

Internet Business SuccessI want to get back to creating lengthy, ‘how-to’ articles.  The problem is I don’t know what people want.   So I need your help…

Please answer this question:

“What would help increase YOUR success on the Internet?”

This should be a specific strategy you’d like to learn.  Or an obstacle that’s holding you back.  Just think about the one thing that prevents you from getting to the next level.  Then post it in the comment section below.

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Become a “No BS” Affiliate Marketer

No BS Affiliate Marketer

No BS Affiliate MarketerMany of you have stopped by with you great reviews of my new product, “Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t.

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who has taken a chance with this product.  I am happy to say all the reviews have been great so far.  You all make me feel awesome!

Now let me quickly stray to the bad side.

I know what all my regular readers are too polite to say to me in comments:

Enough of this S**t, Steve.  We get it!  You have a product out.

Now, enough with the promotionLet’s get back to your regular posts.

I feel you!  I really do.  I know I have been very promotional recently.  It will stop.

The Bad News: I have one more thing to bring up.

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The Clock is Ticking…

Happy Saturday!

Today is going to be an uber-short post.

This week I finally released Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t product.  As part of this launch, I’m offering a deep discount to all blog readers and email subscribers.

On Monday the 11th (at 12:00 PM – Eastern Standard), I’ll increase this price by at least 30%.

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Google I Love You! (Google I Hate You)

Google Pagerank Update

Google Pagerank UpdateLet me be the first to welcome our new Google overlords and masters.

Let’s face it, Google is everywhere.  Google is into everything.  Soon enough they shall create Google America, Google Australia and Google England (etc.).

The (not so) secret Google plan to dominate the world is beginning to come to fruition.  Is it time to just bow to the inevitable?

There are three aspects of the Google plan to dominate the world I would like to discuss.  The Google PageRank Update, The Google +1 Button and the Google + (plus) social network.

Let’s start with the general love/hate relationship I have with the Big G.

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How to Become a Better Salesperson

How to Become a Better SalespersonAdarsh details an important fact in this guest post.  If you want to succeed online, you need to know how to sell.  Read this article to learn how to improve upon this invaluable skill.

If you are into online business, you need to sell. No exceptions. Period.

I’m going to assume that you either blog with the hopes of making money or have a business that will make profits. Whichever the case is, you need to sell. We are all salesman in the “internet lifestyle” world.

Some professions, no matter how important they are, always tend to have a negative aura surrounding them. Marketing and sales is one such career where you tend to be perceived as a person trying to cheat the buyer in any way possible.

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Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t [Final Update]

I’ve had a number of people email me about my product:  “Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t”

So today I’ll give the final update on this course and talk about when it’ll be released.

What’s Included in Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t

To start, here is a screenshot of the eight modules that’s included:

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5 Levels of “Thank You” Page Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s been said that a “Thank You” page is the most important piece of real estate in your Internet business.  My own tests have proven that you can generate a sizable income from this single page – Even from freebie seekers.

I’ve earned (at least) $2000 each month (March to May) from my thank you page.  This is from people who download my free lead magnet and are taken to a simple page with a small advertisement.  There’s nothing special involved in this process; just quick instructions and an click-able image.  Yet it generates a nice income stream.

Now, there is a risk when trying to monetize a thank you page.  Some subscribers will instantly label you as a ‘marketer.’  Often this is the kiss-of-death if you want long-term income from your email list.

Through my experiences, I have found there are five levels of a thank-you page.  Each differs in their amount of “pushy” marketing tactics.  So I decided to map out these levels in this ultra-basic infographic (I’m still working my way through Tristan’s course…so it’s nothing fancy.)

Below you’ll see what’s possible with a “Thank You” page.  It can be used to establish a great relationship with subscribers.  Or you can turn it into a nice little profit-center.  So click on this image to see what’s possible:

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The *Right Way* to Launch an Information Product

Rocket LaunchFor the last few weeks, I’ve talked about my information product ad nauseam.

Well, I’ve finally set a date for its launch – July 4th.  (Independence Day for my fellow U.S. citizens)

Now…this post isn’t about my eBook.  Instead, I’d like to discuss what I like about another blogger’s product launch.

Today Tristan of Blogging Bookshelf is unveiling his course which teaches people how to create infographics.  What I like about how this *launch* is how he demonstrates his expertise by referring to the infographics he’s created in the past:

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GLP #5 – Taking a Profitable Site to the Next Level

How to Grow a Profitable Niche SiteIt’s time for another update of the Go Large Project (GLP).

If this is the first time you’ve read about this case study, then it’s important to read these articles.

The goal of this project is to create a full-time income through a website my brother and I started back in late March (2011).  There is a lot of information to absorb.  So be sure to check out the other articles before reading this post.

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