Caution: Flesh Eating Zombies Ahead!

As I’ve mentioned in a few posts, I’m currently working with my brother, helping him build his first online business.  Like a lot of people starting out, Gene has gone through his fair shares of ups and downs.  I know many people who read this can related.  That’s why I’m really glad he’s decided to write a guest post detailing a few things he’s learned during this time…

I am Gene, Steve’s brother, and I am hijacking his blog today through the sheer power of nepotism.  I had always assumed I would do some posts to help out little Stevie.  My original plan was to do a story of the rousing early success of my burgeoning career in Internet Marketing; a true internet success story in the making!

Failing that happening, I figured there would have been an outbreak of flesh eating zombies that would make also make an excellent post topic.

Better Arm Yourself for the Zombie Apocalypse

Unfortunately both my Internet success and the zombie menace have thus far eluded me.

As I lay my head down on a pillow tonight I realized that I had another topic, one just as important as an IM success story … The Power of Perseverance (since nothing could be as good as a zombie uprising).

The Power of Perseverance

To succeed in anything in life you need to understand and accept the power of perseverance.  Though I have not yet succeeded in this endeavor I will, because I have faith in myself and my abilities.  Perseverance can get you through rough times and through doubt.  If you can harness it you will never fail, because failure is never an option.

What is perseverance?

It is the ability to go forward despite obstacles, lack of success, difficulties and everyone else in the world telling you it can’t be done.  Thomas Edison is said to have failed 10,000 times before he finally created the electric light-bulb.  If it were not for him persevering despite the odds we would be watching our TV by candlelight.

What are the steps to persevering?

#1- Set Realistic Goals

The first and most important step to persevering is to set goals.  This is an important step.  Your goals must be achievable.  To make ten million dollars on the internet is not a reasonable goal.  Not unless you have already made a million.  To, “bust my ass and find a way to survive on money I earn online” that is within anyone’s grasp.  Once you reach your goal you can always recalibrate higher.  What you must never do is give yourself an “out”.

#2- Create an Image of What You Want.

This is something that is personal to you.  It is not doing the backstroke in tub full of money like Scrooge McDuck.

Creating an image may be a moment you see in your mind.  For me it is just having a beer when I have achieved my goal; just a moment of private relaxation with a sense of accomplishment.  The important thing is to have that moment; that is both personal and specific to you that can drag you through the times that you just to not want to “deal with the crap”

#3- Have an end in sight.

When you make your goals you need a definitive ending.  A point that you will know in advance that “this is the mark I must pass”.  It must be specific and planned before you start.  I like to keep my exact goals personal; it is just the way I am, but in honesty it is better if you let the people who care about you know your specific goals, so they can help you to achieve your goals.

#4-Remove mental barriers.

All the self doubt and fear must be eradicated.  It is hard to ever really erase these barriers.  They will always creep up.  I imagine Edison must have been feeling pretty blue around attempt number 8000.  He worked his way through it and pushed onward, I feel that by attempt 9000 he may have been elated though.  He had not achieved success, but he had eliminated 9000 THINGS that DID NOT WORK.  It is all about perspective.  Get some.

#5- Do not over think things.

With perseverance it is plain old stubbornness that will get you through.  I like to think I am smart, but when “common sense” is sometimes against you it is better to pigheaded.  When I think of the “smartest person who ever lived” I default to Einstein, as many people are wont to do.  He once said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Who woulda’ thunk’ it, Albert Einstien a lazy quitter!

Obviously I am throwing Einstein’s name in the mix here to make my point about not quitting, he worked quite long and hard on the Unified Field Theory with no end still in sight.  To turn Albert’s quote around though, I would say,” Perseverance: doing the same thing over and over again until you achieve different results.”

#6- Take action.

It does not have to be a lot.  But every single day you must, without fail, do something to further your efforts to achieve your desire.  “Rome was not built in a day”, “the road of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, something about lemonade and drinking it… Insert your favorite, “you can do it” platitude here! But…   you can do it! You must believe…  Click your heels Dorothy. Say, “There’s no place like home”

Continuing Onward…

I know my credibility is low with you all now.  Though I have achievements in my life, when it comes to internet marketing, blogging and the rest I am a virgin.  I am a fast learner though and I hope that my success and subsequent credibility shall grow before your eyes in the coming months.  Either that or I shall go up in flames, but hey, who can really say they do not like to look at a good accident, I hope if I fail I will at least do so in an entertaining and spectacular manner.

I hope to post soon of many positive things that have occurred.  I not only hope it, but I expect it, because I will persevere.  Now If only I could spark the Flesh Eating Zombie Revolution, then all will be complete.

Steve’s Note: Normally this would be the spot where I would recommend the guest post author’s website.  At this time, Gene doesn’t have one that we’re going to publish here.  But I’m sure the next time he posts here, we’ll have something worthwhile for you to check out.

Take Action. Get Results.

6 thoughts on “Caution: Flesh Eating Zombies Ahead!”

  1. Hey Gene. I agree 100% with this post and I think it’s something that people need to hear over and over again (myself included). I know I’m going to be successful in my endeavors because… I won’t stop until I am quite frankly.

    I think people for what success feels like. Becoming successful at IM is no different than learning to walk, ride a bike, or learn a new language. Those are good example because they’re RIFE with failure (falling down, getting hurt, constant mistakes, etc.) but you push through until your successful.

    I also think people get blinded by other people’s success. Not paying attention to how much work (and “failure”) they invested before they got to where they are. Anyhow… Good first post Gene!

    • Thanks, I appreciate your kind words of encouragement.

      I think you are right, about people only seeing the success and not the hard efforts “behind the scenes” to realize that success. A very good point.

      Thanks again,


  2. Hard to think of anything I did not like in your post, Gene.

    Great headline and cool images to go with the content aside, your points on perseverance were right on.

    My favorite one is to set REALISTIC goals; something that many people struggle with in my opinion.

    Ana Hoffman

  3. Ana,

    Thank you.

    Yeah. Way to many people want to make a million dollars with little effort or work and get discouraged and quit. I am new at this but I know that anything in life is going to take effort and the really meaningful things take even longer and more effort.

    If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

  4. Hi Gene,

    I liked your first post. It was real.

    Some people will try to pretend they are something they’re not.

    There is nothing wrong with being new. I’m new myself.

    I for one like the posts about real people. It helps me to connect with them. Just be yourself, talk about what you know.

    I hope you realize what an incredible resource you have in Steve. People would pay crazy money to have what you have.

    Looking forward to seeing your blog.


  5. Neil,

    Yeah you are right, I definitely do enjoy the luxury of having someone who know what he is talking about and is able to help me. It is also a real help in fighting through any doubt when things do not go as well as planned.

    It makes it all that much easier for me.

    I am glad you enjoyed the post. I had a really fin time writing it.


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