Download My Free Report That Nobody Wants

Tell me if this is something that sounds like you…

You come to a site, read an article or two, and then get an immediate pitch for a free report. The problem is this “freebie” is simply a collection rehashed junk that nobody wants.

Frustrating isn’t it? The sad fact is this is something that’s become way too commonplace with Internet Marketing. Most budding online entrepreneurs have heard about the importance of building a list, so they quickly slap together a few articles in the hopes that this will entice people to subscribe to their newsletter.

The harsh reality is people are very educated about the dangers of giving out their email address. So your free offer should do an excellent job of overcoming their initial hesitation about inserting their private information.

Which leads us to a very important lesson…

…Free Information Should Solve a Problem

Your free offer should solve a very specific that’s experienced by your core audience. You don’t have to give away every secret you know. But the freebie should provide a standalone solution to something that’s troubling your audience. This is true, even if they don’t pay for your information product or an affiliate recommendation that you make.

I think many people forget about this principle when they’re designing a free report. They think that people are stupid enough to fall for rehashed, generalized information that can be found on any article directory.

An Example from My New Report

At the risk of sounding like a pitch for my new free report, I would like to use it as an example. From my research into the concepts of personal development and lifestyle design, I’ve learned that many people are interested in creating what’s known as a “life plan.”

If you do a quick search on the subject, you’ll discover that there isn’t a lot of in-depth information on how to create a life plan. So I’ve spent the last few months designing content around specifically solving the problem of creating (and fulfilling) a life plan.

Sure, some of the content can be found in other blog posts on this site (this follows my idea of the leverage mindset.) But what I did with “Life Plan Mastery” was put all this information together into a step-by-step blueprint for teaching people how to map out their dream existence.

I don’t make the false promise that it’s the greatest thing out there. However I can honestly say that I’ve done my best to make it a freebie where people will receive genuine value.

Take a Hard Look at your Free Content

Like I said, this was an ever so-slight push towards downloading my free report. Even if you don’t, I hope that you’ve gained a little perspective on the free content that you’re giving to your audience.

Even if it’s ten pages long, you should make it the best ten pages that’s been written on your subject. Remember it’s getting harder and harder to sell the value of “free”. So if you want to stand out from the crowd of “junk dealers” then make your freebie really count.

Take Action. Get Results.

5 thoughts on “Download My Free Report That Nobody Wants”

  1. Steve,
    If you put it that way, how can I resist?
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..The Cool 60’s and the Jaguar XKE-unsurpassed beauty =-.

  2. I don’t know if it is so much about being free, I have found I cannot offer anything free because my business is selling my books. Social networking takes it toll if you don’t work at it 20 hours a day. So here I am getting exposure and hoping someday when I am dead and gone maybe my books will be worth more? how’s that for free report!

    • I really don’t know what you’re trying to do…but perhaps you should try to give away sample chapters of your book. Or give away access to one of your smaller ones.

      Also, I’m not sure if you have a copy, but I know “Writer’s Market 2010” is one of the best books out there about getting published and finding places to submit your work.

  3. What “free” really means? and how can we make our target market understand that they’ll pay (anyway) for something that we call “free”. There’s the challenge.

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