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Today is going to be a real quick post…

Income Trilogy eCoverI’ve you’ve been following this blog for some time then you know I’ve been working on a brand new free report for the last couple of months.  There were a lot of delays – Most of them due to bad planning on my part.  But FINALLY I’ve finally completed it!

So allow me to formally present the guide which I call “Income Trilogy.”

The premise of this report is simple.  I detail three proven methods for earning money online….that works NOW.  The first is a technique you can use to earn money within the next few weeks.  The second covers a concept that’ll generate an income within a few months.  The final goes over a long-term way to make money.  (It’s not easy, but it’s my favorite method for earning an online income.)

Anyway, this eBook is 88 pages of quality content (Over 23,000 words).  I did my best to create a freebie that provides top-quality content that usually isn’t found in other “free reports.”

Go grab this eBook by entering your first name and email address in the top-right box on my blog.


Learn more by checking out my Income Trilogy website:

(No matter what, you should check out this site because it’s an example of a very basic squeeze page.)

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23 thoughts on “Grab this FREE Report…”

  1. I’m really looking forward to reading this. Hopefully I’ll have some time to do just that in the next few days.

    Thanks so much, Steve. I know this is going to be packed full of awesomeness!

    Kind regards,

    • Steve,

      Thanks! I hope you enjoy it. I spent a fair piece of time on the three methods and hopefully you will enjoy it. I think that there is a lot of good information in it. Of course I did write it. I hope you will agree after you’ve read it. 🙂

  2. Awesome Steve!

    I have been waiting for this for some time and it is here at last! 😀

    Good things come to those who wait! Thanks for the hard work! 😀

    Irving the Vizier

    • It should go to a separate list. I have aweber set up so that it automatically pulls you from the previous list and puts you into the new one. (if this doesn’t work for you let me know and I will get you a copy or figure out why it isn’t working)



      • Gives me a big red notice that I am already on the list, which makes sense since I am subscribed.
        I really want this book 🙂
        So I will contact you and send you my e-mail to check if I am on the list and send me the book.
        Thanks, Steve!

  3. 88 pages. Wow.

    Immense value here Steve. Your practical, no-nonsense advice combined with your real world successes will make this eBook fly off of the cyber shelves.

    All the best with your release!


  4. Mahalo, Steve. It is printing as I type this. Look forward to reading it later tonight. Aloha. Janet

  5. Wow man 88-pages! That is some intense stuff!

    Congratulations though, I know it must feel AWESOME to have finally completed a work you can be really proud of. I get the same feeling whenever I am writing a story and finish it, or accomplish a major hurdle.

    I bet that report is going to bang-out Steve Scott ultra-fans like no other my friend! 🙂

  6. Hey Steve,

    I’m back 🙂
    Thanks for dropping by my site to check on me while I was away. Really appreciate it!

    Congratulations on getting your eBook out, and thanks for all the efforts. I’m off now to grab my copy and start making some money through the Internet starting this year.

    Btw, I wrote a short note of thanks on my site to some special people, and your name comes at the top without any doubt.

    See you around…


    • Mark,

      Glad to have you back Mark! I certainly hope you find some ways to make some money this coming year on the internet. Glad you are safe and well and happy you have returned!! 🙂

  7. Awesome value here,

    I got your book through your list and have read it from back to front. It’s nice to see that you’ve broken it down to 3 ways. Makes it easy to digest and absorb. Great work Steve especially with 88 pages of words!

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