Exercises for Strengthening Your Shoulders [Video]

Time for another episode of “Adonis Fridays” (These are series of videos that provide which were created by the guys at The Adonis Effect.) Again, we’re going to focus on strengthening a specific body part, specifically we’re going to talk about how to build up your shoulders. This is another core area that people seem to ignore in the gym. The good news is the following vides are great for strengthening this body part:

Shrug and Power Shrug

Standing Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press Variations, Single Arm, Rotational

Seated Shoulder Press, One and Two Arms

Seated Lateral Raises and Seated Curls

One Arm Lateral Raise

Front Raise, Lateral Raise, Triple Raise

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    • Hmmm…don’t know if they a video on that one. I like grouping this videos together because it helps break of the monotony of doing the same exercise every single time you hit the gym.

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