Exercises to Build Up Your Quadriceps Muscle Group

Here are another series of videos in our “Adonis Fridays” series (These are series of videos that provide which were created by the guys at The Adonis Effect.) Once again, we’re going to show how to target a specific muscle group.

In these videos you’re going to learn how to develop and build muscle in your quadriceps muscle groups. Out of all your leg muscles, I would consider your quads to be the most important for all around fitness. So be sure to include some of these exercises in your workout routine:

Chain Squats Part 1

Chain Squats Part 2

Step Ups, Dumbbell and Barbells

Reverse Lunge Barbell

Reverse Lunge

Bodyweight Squats,Prisoner Squat,Dumbbell Squat,Squat and Press

Bench Squat and Press

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