Join My Facebook Group: “Authority Internet Business Entrepreneurs”

Lots of things are happening with the Authority Internet Business case study.

I’m working hard on my website and getting helpful feedback from readers.

I’ve also received email from people who need assitance with their authority websites.  Even though I love answering email, I also think it’s important to create a more interactive learning environment.

What I envision is a central location where authority Internet business entrepreneurs can meet and share ideas with one another.

So I just put together a special Facebook group that serves this purpose…

Just go to this link to get access:

It’s easy to jump in.  Simply click the “Join Group” button and I’ll let accept your request:

(Please be patient, it might take me a few hours to accept your request.)

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]What are the Benefits?[/title]

This group is for anyone interested in affiliate marketing, Kindle publishing, info product creation and running a long-term business.  It’s my goal to gather together entrepreneurs who are dedicated enough to work on ONE business.

As a member:

  1. You will mastermind with people who are following a similar path
  2. You get weekly/monthly “challenges” to grow your business
  3. You can receive fast answers to questions and problems
  4. You will see the CURRENT things I’m doing to grow my website
  5. You have a place to vent your frustrations when something isn’t going right 🙂

Overall, I love the idea of Facebook groups because they provide an informal place to mastermind with people who are building a similar type of business.

But before you click over, I do want to set a few ground rules:

  1. Don’t post affiliate links or anything that’s too self-promotional
  2. You can link to your blog posts and/or content. Just make sure it’s something that is useful to the members of this group.
  3. Ask questions — we’re all here to learn and interact.
  4. Help others — if someone asks a question, try to help them out.
  5. Share ideas — if a tactic works for your business, then share it with the rest of the group.

Just be cool to one another and help each other out.  That’s all I’m really asking.

Anyway, I’ve already posted the first task.

So come check out the group and say hi to the other members:

Looking forward to seeing you.

Take Action. Get Results.

19 thoughts on “Join My Facebook Group: “Authority Internet Business Entrepreneurs””

  1. Awesome, Steve, thanks for taking the lead on this. Looking forward to it.


  2. I can’t join because it won’t let me use my page profile. I am trying to keep personal and professional separate.

  3. Great initiative steve. This way people can get back to you as quickly as possible, and they need not pay hundreds of dollars for other IM forums which are worth less. I’m waiting for the approval.
    Thank you so much 🙂

  4. Hi Steve,

    Excellent idea and having other business standpoints is fundamental.

    Why in Facebook and not in a closed group in your blog or forum or in e.g LinkedIn perfect for business?
    Just a question…and request sent.



    • Gera — I’m trying to keep things simple and informal for now. A forum or LinkedIn group seems like a lot more maintenance. I’d rather test the waters, see how it works and then decide if I’d like to scale things up in the future.

    • Great to see you there – even if you don’t like Facebook groups. (I’m kind of the same way, but I’ve learned to love Pat F’s Kindle group, learned a lot there.)

  5. Hi there Steve,

    I just read your book ’61 Ways to Selll More Nonfiction Kindle Books’. First off, it was amazing. I’ve been publishing in my niche since Christmas and this book is perfect for me.

    I had a question. You outline the importance of an author page and say to link it in your kindle books. You suggest using a URL name. Couldn’t I just use a hyperlink and say ‘to go to my author page click here’ making the word ‘here’ the link in bold?

    I hope you can answer this quick query but no worries if you’re busy.



    • There are lots of reasons for doing this.

      Firstly, you need to remember that not everyone has a reading device that can access the internet. The older kindle devices cannot access the internet, plus you never know where someone is reading your book. They could be reading your book on an internet ready device such as a smartphone or tablet, but what if they are reading your book in an airport where they do not have access to the internet?

      Plus, not everyone wants to jump to a website link when they see it in a website. They may take a note of the URL and come back to it later.

      Remember, reading a digital book is a completely different experience from reading an article online. Therefore, it is in your own interests and your reader’s , to always write out URL’s like “” rather than “Click Here”.


    • Ditto to what Kevin said. I prefer “naked links” because it’s easier for people to know what they’re clicking on. Plus, the Kindle platform doesn’t always support embedded links in text. So I try to keep things simple for everyone. It doesn’t look as pretty as a blog post, but it does the trick.

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