13 Ways to Use Fiverr.com as the ULTIMATE Link Building Service [Niche Affiliate Income #4]

Niche Affliate Income SeriesIt’s been almost 2 months since I’ve talked about my niche affiliate income series.

Much has happened during this time.  I’ve shifted my focus on a number of sites and learned a lot about building small niche web properties.

The one thing I’ve discovered is you can make money with niche sites in a number of ways:

  • Information based affiliate products
  • Amazon physical products
  • Amazon Kindle books
  • Google Adsense
  • Product Launch Jacking
  • Cost-Per-Action

The end result is I’ve decided to branch out and build a whole series of niche sites – Each focusing on different income models.  (I promise to provide specific examples in the next update.)

Now the MAJOR obstacle to building niche sites is search engine optimization (SEO.)  Frankly, it can take a long time to build links and get your niche site ranked in search engines.  Sometimes it seems like I’ll spend an entire day doing one thing for a single site.

Fortunately, I’ve found a solution!  Recently I’ve started using Fiverr.com as the ultimate link building service.

Now I don’t worry about getting backlinks.  Instead, I’ll use microsourcing to find specific gigs that help rank my site in the search engines.

Today I’d like to talk about 13 different ways you can use Fiverr.com to generate backlinks for your website.  {Each idea comes with a direct link to the people who provide that specific gig.}

#1. Build a Link Wheel

A quality backlinking strategy starts with a link wheel.  This is where you create unique content on multiple web 2.0 pages that point back to your niche site.  In addition, each web 2.0 site is interlinked to another web 2.0 property.  Here is a diagram to show how it’s done:

Link Wheel Explanation

You’ll notice how each web 2.0 page links to the niche site and also goes to a separate web 2.0 site.  Done correctly, this provides a lot of link juice back to your money site.

The problem with building a link wheel is it takes forever to complete because you need a unique (or spun) article for each web 2.0 site.  I’ve literally spent an entire day doing this for a site…

…But on Fiverr you can have someone build a link wheel for $5.

{Major Sidebar}

Before we progress to the next 12 tips, I think it’s important to go over two distinct strategies that can be used to build backlinks.  Each is designed for a different type of website you’re building: Authority site vs. Niche Site

I. Authority Site

This is a website that’s dedicated to building a loyal audience.  You’re not concerned with making money right away.  Instead your goal is to keep readers coming back for more.

The linking strategy I’d recommend for this is to build backlinks to your backlinks.  This is the classic linking strategy you see on many blogs.  Basically you never send a lot of links to your niche site.  Instead you link to the web 2.0 properties that point back to your site.  Here’s how this looks:

Backlink your Backlinks {For now, don’t worry about the definition of each backlink.  I’ll explain these in a bit.}

The important thing to notice is how they all provide powerful link juice to your niche site.

Also…you don’t have to build all of these backlinks for each web 2.0 site.  In fact, it’s best to mix things up.  That way the search engines believe your link pattern is natural.

II. Small Niche Sites

With small niche websites you don’t have to worry too much about building a link wheel.  Instead you can send a variety of links directly to a niche site:

Get Backlinks Fast I don’t recommend doing all of these things to a brand new site.  But start with a few and go from there.

For a new site, I’ll start with social bookmarking, a link wheel, a few Build My Rank articles, and maybe a press release {again I’ll explain these in a bit.}  From there I’ll see how my sites are ranking in Google and adjust accordingly.

It only takes me a few hours to build a niche website.  So I’m not afraid to push the envelope with my backlinking efforts.

Also, I build “niche sites” on certain web properties like Amazon Kindle and YouTube.  You can literally dump thousands of backlinks to these pages and not incur any major penalty.  That’s because Google already trusts these web properties.

Okay, we’ve gone over the distinction between the two linking strategies. My advice is to use a combination of the two.  It’s okay to send a couple of backlinks to a new site.  But avoid dumping hundreds of backlinks all at once to the same site.  It’s all about link variety and link velocity.

Now let’s go over the other 13 ways to use Fiverr…

#2 – RSS Directory Submission

This gig takes the RSS feed of your niche blog and submits to dozens – even hundreds – of RSS Directories.  Sometimes you can find someone to manually submit your site which increases the likelihood that your site will be accepted.

You can spend 2 to 3 hours hand submitting an RSS feed…

…But on Fiverr you can have someone submit your site to RSS directories for $5.

#3 – Social Bookmarking

With some small sites you can get a high ranking just from social bookmarking.  Many bookmarking sites have a Google PageRank (PR) of 8.  That means you’re getting a powerful base domain backlink to your site.

Again, the best way to get results is to manually submit your bookmark. This is a task that can take a few hours to complete…

…But on Fiverr you can have someone manually submit social bookmarks for $5.

#4 – Spin & Submit Articles

Submitting spun articles is another excellent way to rank a website.  {My advice is to link to multiple web 2.0 sites and not your money page.}

Unfortunately this task takes freakin’ forever to complete.  I’d rather have a root canal than create a spin article….

…But on Fiverr you can have someone spin and submit your content to article directories for $5.

Bonus: There are many popular tools for spinning and submitting articles.  You can also find people to do it for you on Fiverr.  Here are the gigs for Unique Article Wizard, Article Marketing Robot, and My Article Network.

These are paid tools…

…But on Fiverr you can leverage these article tools for $5.

#5 – Write Build My Rank or Linkvana Articles

Build My Rank is my favorite link building service.  But you need to write a unique 150 word article for each backlink.  This takes a few minutes to complete.  Usually I can write and submit about 10 BMR articles per hour…

…But on Fiverr you can have someone write multiple Build My Rank articles for $5.

In addition, you can find people to write and submit articles on Linkvana.

#6 – Get Permanent Links

A permanent backlink can improve can give a long-term boost to your website.  Unfortunately these are hard to get.  Usually you have to create great content or guest post on a site to get a link back…

…But on Fiverr you can have get a permanent backlink for $5.

#7 – Blogroll Links

Blogroll links are site-wide backlinks.  These are considered “high-risk” because Google often penalizes sites that have too many blogroll links.  With that said, a few backlinks from PR 4 or 5 websites can give you a great boost in the search results.

It’s almost impossible to get this type of backlink…

…But on Fiverr you can get a blogroll link for $5.

#8 – Post Blog Reviews

Blog reviews are great because they provide a contextual link back to your site. This is something that Google loves.  What’s cool is you get a lot of search engine benefit from having a backlink on PR 3 sites or higher.  These take a lot of work to get…

…But on Fiverr you can get a single high PR blog review for $5.

#9 – Build Manual .Edu/.Gov Backlinks

Another thing that Google loves is when a site gets backlinks from .Edu and .Gov web properties.  These are almost impossible to get if you’re not in a college or work for the governmanet.  Plus most .Edu backlinks services are a scam because they generate automated spam…

…But on Fiverr you can get manual .Edu and .Gov backlinks for $5.

#10 – Wiki Links Spin Article Submission

Putting spin articles on Wiki sites is another way to create a diverse link pattern.  These are similar to the .Edu and .Gov links which Google likes.  The trick is you have to know where to go and how to submit a spin article.  This is another process that can take hours to complete…

…But on Fiverr you can have someone spin and submit Wiki articles for $5.

#11 – Write and/or Submit Press Releases

Press releases are a great way to start a backlinking campaign to a new site.  Google knows that press release distribution services are submitted to hundreds – even thousands of websites.  So this trick can help you avoid any sort of sandbox or penalty that Google often places on brand new sites.

For example, I recently distributed a press release that literally generated over 22,300 backlinks to my site:

Steve Scott Press ReleaseThe hard thing about press releases is they require a certain style and format…

…But on Fiverr you can have someone write (and even submit) a press release for $5.

#12 – Get YouTube Views & Likes

YouTube is one of the best places to build a “niche site.”  That’s because Google loves video content and will immediately post a video in their search results.

Case in point, I recently created a video that ranks in the 1st spot for a product being launched in a few days.  It took a whopping total of 18 minutes to get ranked:

Digi Marketing Jedi Discount

Anyway…one of the best ways to “juice” the ranking of a YouTube video is to get a lot of views and likes.  This can take a lot of time to do…

…But on Fiverr you can have someone create likes and videos on a YouTube video for $5.

#13 – Create Mass Links

This strategy is not for the feint of heart.  One ‘black hat’ technique that people use is to build THOUSANDS of backlinks with automated software. Done correctly, these tools can give your site a powerful boost in the search results.

The problem with many “mass link” tools is they often cost a lot of money on a monthly basis…

…But on Fiverr you can have someone create mass links for $5.

The three types of gigs I’d look for on Fivver are Scrapebox links, XRumer profile links, and SENuke links.  Do your homework  with these particular gigs.  NEVER point these links directly to a niche site.   Instead direct them to the web 2.0 link wheels that link to your niche site.

Also…I’ve never used these tools.  So I can’t guarantee they work OR if they will cause your site to get de-listed.  All I know is other people have had success using them.

Why Fiverr.com?

One complaint about Fiverr gig providers is they don’t a perfect job.  Honestly, I’d rather have someone who does an 80% job quality than be forced to create backlinks myself.  It’s a very labor intensive activity which should be passed along to a dedicated worker.  YOUR  time should be spent on managing the process and thinking of future sites to create.


You’d be surprised at how often you’ll come across a top-quality service provider.  My advice is to hire people based off the specific link building services they provide.  And be sure to check their feedback/ratings to see what others think of their gig.

I’ve used Fiverr.com regularly for the last few months.  I can say this site has freed up a lot of my time.  Now I can concentrate on finding future niche sites.

Final Thoughts…

This article talked mostly about link building on Fiverr.com.  But I think it’s important to understand the why and how of getting backlinks. That’s why I recommend you also read these articles for more information:

If you don’t know how to build backlinks or rank your site in the search engines, then I suggest you start with these posts!


Take Action. Get Results.

69 thoughts on “13 Ways to Use Fiverr.com as the ULTIMATE Link Building Service [Niche Affiliate Income #4]”

  1. Steve-

    Wow! Great insight and information. Just perusing this article has cleared up and explained so many things! I have many questions but I can do my own research. Just a few quick ones if you have the time:

    What do you mean by NICHE markets?

    What are you referring to when you say web 2.0?



    • Sean,
      Glad to answer a few questions.

      1. First off a niche market is any hyper-focused area. These can include things like product sites (often Amazon feeders) or specific product related.

      For an example: HDMI cables website or dealing with anxiety.

      They are usually driven (but not always) by an “exact match” for keywords in the title of the website.

      I used to giveaway a free ebook where I discussed this in more detail. I don’t have a link on this website anymore, but if you are interested you can find it here:


      2. Web 2.0 is a commonly used term for interactive websites. Often these sites will allow you to create your own content and host it under their domain and servers. (At least how it is applicable to free link building)

      Sites I use when talking about Web 2.0 include (but are not limited to) Squidoo, Tumblr, Twitter, Hubpages, wetpaint, YouTube, Weebly, ezinearticles and many others.

      Again, here is a link to an article I did a while back that includes a lot more of these type of sites you can use for linking purposes:


      Hope those help ya!


  2. Hi Steve,

    Fiverr indeed is a goldmine that you can get people to do things for only $5. Apart from link building related activities, there are tons of crazy things that people will do for you for $5, which is quite fun…

    So far I have been using Fiverr for different tasks and I am very happy the quality. Really is a time saver.

  3. Fiverr is definitely the best resource for getting SEO works done with cheap price. I have been using Fiverr for months and got very good results. The only thing we need to care for is QUALITY. Because of the $5 price which is cheap, some gigs are not so good. We should choose the gig carefully!
    Thank you Steve for this collection post :D. I have found some new ways to build backlinks, I have never used Fiverr to write and publish Press Release :D. It’s a brilliant idea!

    • Tung,

      No doubt. Fiverr is variable. I have had people do terrible jobs, and those that have done great.

      Obviously you hire the good ones again and avoid the bad, for such a cheap price, as long as the poorly done jobs are few and far between it stays very worthwhile, even to experiment some.

  4. Thanks for this Steve – there were a number of things on here that I hadn’t considered Fiverr for, press releases is a good one!

    I would say that when ordering any written content off Fiver, always ask for a sample first. I’ve tried a number of providers for spinning articles and clearly all they’d done was to put the article into TBS and hit auto spin. The results were pretty much unreadable and certainly not suitable for first-tier content.

    • I agree. All fiverr jobs are not created equal. Reviews help, but many people will leave good reviews for bad services. Generally if I see even 1-2 bad reviews (out of hundreds) I will carefully check out WHY they were down-rated.

      But like you pointed out contacting them prior and keeping a list of those who do good jobs for you can help a lot.

  5. Great article Steve. I have a question. Since most of these are tactics which link to a niche site, how do you recommend linking to a money site from the niche site?

      • Sorry, I mean how do you link the web 2.0 site to your niche site? Do you write lots of articles on the web 2.0 sites, or do you just write one article, link to your niche site and then forget about it? Do you link to other sites from the web 2.0 sites to make it look natural?

        • Ahhhh I see now.

          Ultimately I would say it depends. This is The variables are how competitive the keywords are and how whether the domain is older or not. With an older domain you can have more incoming links without seeming unnatural, so i might have a few more web 2.0 and maybe even more direct links from places like Build My Rank.

          With newer domains, I am a little more careful about the volume of links in, and make sure if I do increase it, that it happens with a slow, “link velocoty”

          As for the number… I generally start with just a handful of web 2.0 properties. Maybe 4-8 depending on how competitive I feel the niche to be. If I need a little more to rank i may add a few more to that over time, but I don’t think i have any site with over 14-15 web 2.0’s.

          As for linking from web 2.0, I do link web 2.0’s in wheel fashion (link to niche site and web 2.0 A>B>C>D etc.) and yes, depending on the topic I will have other natural looking links. I won’t link to “competition” but I may throw in Amazon links directly from web 2.0 (why not they can make some money too) or things link wikipedia or unrelated articles if it explains a topic better. Generally just if it is “natural” and increases user experience on the web 2.0. (In other words “yes” but I don’t “worry” about it)

          Hope that answers your questions

  6. I hate fiverr. Yet another “lowest common denominator” site that takes all the value out of services. I guess that’s the global marketplace, where someone is prepared to do shocking amounts of work for slave labour prices.

    • Andy,

      I get your point of view. Obviously I don’t agree completely, but I will admit that there are some jobs on Fiverr that are crap…but my point is there are some that are time saving gems and there is so much work to be done to be successful online that at some point or another you NEED to outsource.

      Anyhow, thanks for the comment. 🙂

    • Hi Andy,
      I agree with you, Fiverr is a very specific place, you should be very attentive before buying some services. Two days ago I looked through it and tried to find people who can tweet my coming soon page, when I chose several accounts and checked them with Klout.com I found out that most of them are suspended or even don’t exist. I can’t say that Fiverr is absolutely useless, but before ordering, it’s better read all comments, feedbacks and check the amplification rate on Klout.

  7. scott.

    that was a killer post. i usually delete your emails, but this one caught my eye, and i’m glad i checked it out. very good info. i’ve been using fiver a few times for stuff, but this really spells out a lot more options. one thing that would have made this post over the top, which i was hoping you had, was people that you had actually used for fiverr and they did the job for you reliably. but i realize that would be probably a paid product and not a free blog post, but just sayin. that would have just taken it to a level of free post not heard of before. anyhow, thanks a lot for this, i am actually going to cut and paste this into a word doc for future reference, and i will be paying more attention to your emails from now since you provided such valuable stuff for nothing.

    • Awesome man! Glad you like it (and the 103 backlinks article) thanks for taking a shot and checking it out and not deleting this email. 🙂 I know how that, “whos this guy” stuff in email goes. Anyhow, as I said, glad you liked it and thanks for taking the time to check it out and comment! Have a wonderful day.

  8. Hi Steve,

    Good to know all these fiverr-models offered there.

    Amazing the graphics and even more the recap of gigs.
    As I’m in the same wave to niche sites also, the SEO is paramount and time-consuming the backlinking process.

    I still need to explore more about press releases, but it’s a good idea to take some gig for that purpose 🙂

    Good weekend for you!



    • thanks Gera,

      You are so right, the SEO is paramount, but it takes so damn long, hopefully using these can help people focus on their core genius.

      Thanks for the comment and have a wonderful weekend also!

  9. no problem scott. you have a good day too. and i’ll be paying attention to your emails and stuff a lot more now. i’ve checked out a few more of your posts and so far every single one of them is value packed for me with cool tips

  10. Great articles Steve. There are so many things you can have done on fiver. I think I could spend thousands on there. Unfortunately I don’t have it to spend. I’ve used the build my rank but some days I just don’t feel like writing articles. There are so many things to do for linking that I just don’t know where to start sometimes. It gets overwhelming.

    • Darren,

      For effectiveness I still say BMR is the best, but you are right, even though I do a fair share of my own articles, I also get some done by fiverr (and elance) but on a budget, that can get tough. In fact, just before checking my comments I bought a fiverr BMR job for a new site I started. 🙂 Even though I do a lot myself, there are only so many you can write on the exact same keywords before you want to jump off a cliff.

      But Fiverr is also a way to “save” money by not buying programs. Wonder how effective some backlinking “system” is, most of them have fiverr jobs people will put in for you and that way you can gauge the effectveness.

      But still…I too have spent way to much on fiverr, probably. 🙂

  11. Scott,
    Fiverr is just awesome. It is crazy the amount of things you can do for $5…one can set up a whole business system by outsourcing everything on fiverr. Scott, maybe you could try it. Start a whole project from scratch to finish using fiverr gigs. (i mean everything) from conception to execution. would be fun to watch and read…

    • Mk,

      Funny you should say that. I was planning to try something like that with 100% fiverr for backlinking as an experiment. (using some of the more dodgy fiverr methods too…to see if they are “safe”, or ultimately get the small site sand-boxed) but you are right, I cold go the extra mile and get everything done there including content etc. Might be worth it for a fun test. We shall see…

      Darn good idea anyhow! 🙂


  12. Holy cow, Steve…I think it’s fair to say my head is spinning here.

    Incredible tips on link building here. I haven’t even touched the tip of the iceburg, evidently.

    The link wheel sounds to be particularly challenging. I think the fact that you pointed this out as strategy 1 does imply the gravity behind it. I reckon it’s worth the time investment.

    Are you manually spinning your content?

    Cat Alexandra

    • Cat,
      Link wheels can certainly take some time. While the examples seem complicated, you can get some benefit from even a few simple uses of this. And yes, it certainly is effective.

      As for the question of am i manually spinning. This is a yes and no. On web 2.0 sites: no. On mass links, sometimes.

  13. Link wheels – Seen intricately linked wheels and their generic methods for mass spun articles from semi well known affiliate niche marketers: Flyn, Ben SEO, Potpie, Haws, etc. Fortunately for now Google may not look at the wisdom of the web crowd (e.g. in social circles) for votes for back links. One day Google might say how can this newish site get good diverse links, yet no one has mentioned this site? e.g in social platforms, forums, curation sites, etc. Back links it seems has not been in major algo changes (like content, e.g. Panda). Safer, and perhaps better to build link worthy content for endorsed links. Rather than forceful techniques, but then I guess it works for now.

  14. Hello Steve,
    Thank you for this awesome article, I use Fiverr.com for my website, There are new idea here, The other good place to hire people is warriorforum.


  15. Hi Steve,

    This information is very valuable. I have never used Fiverr in order to build links, but I have used it for design, and I keep doing it again and again. I have been rather sceptical to use it for link building, because I don’t want people I don’t trust to keep adding my site to hundreds of directories or using black hat techniques.

    Have you tried all the gigs that you are referring to? I’ll probably be testing a few of them 🙂

    • Jens, Fiverr is definitely a useful tool. You always know how much ti will cost at least 🙂 For link building, I WOULD be careful. I pretty much only use the link building stuff there to build links to sites that link to sites, that way there is a little bit of a safety net. But something like a (careful) press release could be worthwhile directly linked. And yes, I have tried each and every one of these. Sometimes more than once. I haven’t always done it enough to have a “favorite” person, but that is something you want to build. You find someone who does a good job, you want to use them again, because the ARE some people on there who really half-ass it.

  16. Hi Steve,

    Fiverr is a really great resource for a large variety of SEO and other internet marketing services. The best part about it is that you always know how much it’s gonna cost you… $5.

    Thanks for sharing,


  17. Thanks for sharing these link building strategies using Fiverr.com. How much is a month cost of subscription or is this for free?


    • Wilmer,

      No, no subscription. As the name of the site sounds each task is $5 of course and the website takes their piece out of what is paid to person (so each person with a job gets something like $4.25 each job.

    • My only exception is the mass backlinking. I do not like it for new niche sites. It can only be used for authority sites that does not depends on search engine traffic alone.


      • I would agree…to a point. I wouldn’t overdo it on authority sites either. The occasional is fine, but the risk is too great. IMO any mass links are best pointed to the links that link TO your site (be it authority and niche) you can then raise the value of “real” links coming (they should be good info and 100% unique) in and insulate your sites by one level.

  18. Great post with a plenty of useful tips and informations! I haven’t heard about the Fiverr.com tool for linkbuilding, although I’ve been doing the seo stuff for a while, I always learn some new stuff. Thanks for this helpful text!

    • Matthew,
      For authority sites I would use some common sense. things like press releases from fiverr are probably fine but I certainly wouldn’t want one pointed to every post. What you can do is make a handful of web 2.0 sites with links to your (and to each other in link wheel fashion: A>B>C) and use it to raise those..giving those links some more value. That way if Google does discount or “Panda-ize” it, you are not affecting your authority site.

  19. Hey Steve,

    Just curious: what kind of budget do you normally set for a niche site when using the Fiverr services?

    I did a round of testing a few months ago between link submissions, press release writing and release, article work and so on which ran me around $25 for the few services. You don’t have to give exact details but a rough number would be interesting to hear.

  20. Hey Steve,

    This is one of those posts I just want to hug and take with me forever man.

    I have been suggested to use fiverr many times already.

    Not only for time consuming tasks but also for the stuff I suck at and I have been refusing to use it since I never trusted that I can get anything professionally done for only $5 but apparently I can.

    The press release results were… to say the least, unexpected at all, my God… those are some BIG numbers.

    Anyway, going to save this for near future reference, thank you man!


    PS. This is one of those times in which I miss having the Print PDF button you had before LOL

    • Aweome man! Glad you liked it! Fiverr is definitely worth a look for those tasks to small to spend the time to hire a full on outsourcer on. (and sometimes they do better anyhow) there are a share of bad ones of course, but a few jobs will pick out the good ones for you. It is all about efficiency. We know we CAN do some of these things ourselves, but is it worth our time?

      Maybe I will bring the print pdf button back when i redesign. I have been thing about it.


  21. Steve,
    You are a treasure trove of information … i’ve been spending quite a bit of time on your site these last few days and find I relate to your way of thinking about things – I just needed to see how you do it all to guide some of my scattered direction … thank you very much.

    I certainly don’t intend to copy you but referencing some of your posts, recommending some of your handouts, following some of your suggestions like the Fiverr ones for instance and of course promoting your affiliate product(s).

    Again, thank you Steve


    • Fran,
      Glad you have found some good information here. And glad it has sparked some ideas.

      What you say that you are planning to do is perfect. Take the things that work (and work for YOU) and create your own path. Really that is the way you can really grow your knowledge and really achieve results. So many things are variable depending upon niches and the like, while some “rule of thumb” will work everywhere it is really important to also find the pieces that work best for you personally. It sounds like you are doing that picking out the pieces you like here. Good luck to you!!!

  22. I have yet to try Fiverr. Sometimes I hear good things, and other times not. I guess for 5 dollars we aren’t out much if it doesn’t work out. There are a few services on your list that do spark my interest, and I will definitely consider in the future.

    • It admittedly can be a mixed bag. I have had a few jobs I was not happy with. But more good than bad, so for 5 bucks it can be worth it. (If you look for the well rated jobs, it also decreases thos chances of getting bad jobs. People with few/bad reviews are more likely to do those crappy jobs.

  23. Hi
    can you recommend a good gigs.?
    I tried fiverr but untill now i just spent my money and I never recieved the results that I was looking for

  24. Fiverr these days is great source for many services but it’s a huge testing thing as many highly rated and discussed services are not working as they should work and vice versa but once you find some 5-10 trusted people that offers great service you are ready to create your small niche empire.

  25. Glad to come across this article. I have used fiverr before but never for backlinking so this is a new idea to try. Thanks Steve!

  26. Hi Steve, this is not only an awesome post, but rather a entire learning experience! I usually have to pay for this stuff! Excellent job. So much so, that I am bookmarking it because there is so much information.
    As for Fiverr, I’ve used it a few times and had good results with it. I guess it all depends who you connect with. There are so many pro’s and cons about it, I think it all boils down to the connection.
    Also, with my “free opt-in product” I have some affiliates and found that it works! The diagrams you have given us are a super way to learn how to do this.
    Thanks so much.
    Donna Merrill

  27. Did the press release that got you that many backlinks come from Fiverr? That’s crazy.

    I use Unique Article Wizard to backlink to my web 2.0 properties, and for some reason UAW links work wonders for Youtube vids.

  28. Really that is the way you can really grow your knowledge and really achieve results. So many things are variable depending upon niches and the like, while some “rule of thumb” will work everywhere it is really important to also find the pieces that work best for you personally.

  29. That was an absolutely fantastic read. Fivver is something that I have used sparingly in the past, but reading all of this has now got my creative juices flowing, and given me a head full of ideas.


  30. Thanks Steve. I recently built a website for writers to hang out and share but needed the info on backlinking. I have bookmarked this page as well because there are so many links to follow and read, etc. You have done a bang up job making sure we have plenty of info and links to follow. I appreciate you sharing the charts showing the link structure and for FREE! Woohoo!

    I also have used Fiverr for a few things, some turned out good and a few weren’t so good, but as a whole it’s a great site for getting some cheap outsourcing done.


  31. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and
    now each time a comment is added I get four e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove me from that service?
    Appreciate it!

  32. I have multiple books on kindle, and while I do build backlinks to a degree, I never see much of a change in my page rank in a search for the keyword I was optimizing for. I also know you have multiple books on kindle, with each having a good sales rank. I’m sure you must build links to these, correct? what is the correct way to build links to my kindle books? I thought mass links were supposed to be fine, but am having second thoughts now.

    • Michael– I’ve kind of moved beyond “link building” for Kindle books. I don’t do that for any of my Steve Scott titles. Too much effort for little reward (in my opinion). With that said, I might try a campaign for a title or two with my authority site. I’ll post something if I get any results.

  33. Fiverr is a good tool to use as long as you are careful about what you are purchasing. As with any service, if you do your homework, you’ll be able to find some gems that are worth pursuing. I’ve used Fiverr on other sites/blogs I’ve managed with mixed success.

  34. Fiverr is nice and good service but lots of peoples are there Doing Spam and After Few Months Google Run Update so all ranking Effects and may be Penalize the Site.But Very Good Article for me because i m online Seo Specialist so this is very good list and I definitely follow this all Link Building Structure.

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