Help! I’ve Been Hijacked by a Fiverr Puppet

Oh no!  An evil puppet has taken over my blog.  Watch this video to see what I mean:

Okay, all kidding aside.  I had this video created on the Fiverr website as a way to show what’s possible with an online business in 2011.

What is Fiverr?

Simply put, Fiverr is place where you can buy or sell a service for five bucks.  It’s kind of like the eBay for low cost services.   You can make money by offering a “gig” on Fiverr.  Or you can purchase a service that grows your online business.  To test this site out, I laid down $15 dollars and bought three different gigs:

Gig #1 – Puppets Promoting Steve Scott Site

As you saw from the above clip, I hired a puppet to create a short video for this blog.  This was a service provided The Bocso & Sodi Pop Show. In my opinion, it’s a pretty funny clip – Especially where he gets sidetracked by the dancing hula girl.

This was definitely worth the $5.

Gig #2 – Blog Review by The Review Chimp

The second service I purchased was a small review on The Review Chimp blog.  Basically this review was a regurgitation of what’s listed on my header and “About Me” page.  But the upshot is I now have a backlink from a site with moderate traffic.  Perhaps a few people will find this blog as a result.

This was definitely worth the $5.

Gig #3 – Facebook Fan Page Recommendation

One of the oldest scams on the Internet is those ads that promise THOUSANDS of people that automatically check out your offer.  I’ve seen different versions of this over the years.  So I surprised myself by purchasing a gig that would promote my Facebook Fan Page to 3,000 people.  (By the way, please stop by and “like” me.)

To be honest, I was surprised that 40 or so people liked me.  But I think most of them came from my main account with 250+ friends.

This was NOT worth the $5.

Overall Thoughts on Fiverr

This was my first experiment with Fiverr.  So far, I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen.  If you have a unique angle, you can make some money with this site.  But my advice is to make sure your gigs only take a few minutes to complete.  Even better …Find a way to automate the whole process.

Also, I can think of hundreds of different ways this site can be used to grow an online business.  Believe me, this is a valuable resource I’ll be carefully studying in the months ahead.  I suggest you do the same.

As I close this post, I want to ask:  Have you tried Fiverr?  If so, what’s been your experience?  Are there any tips and/or tricks that can be gleamed from what you’ve learned?  Please comment below…

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21 thoughts on “Help! I’ve Been Hijacked by a Fiverr Puppet”

  1. Hi Steve,

    Cool video, the Hula Girls always do it 😉 I haven’t taken to Fiverr yet myself.

    It seems the site might be valuable if you minimize your time spent on each project, as you note. Experiment here and there with some creative ideas that jump out at you and check out the returns.

    Have a powerful day!


    • You can never go wrong with Hula Girls! Any project that could be streamlined to taking less than about 5 minutes would likely be worth the effort. Figure 2-3 minutes or so additional reading requirements and emails. So at best it could $35 an hour…not bad. Perhaps even more for time invested if you have large collection of “completed” tasks that are then simply sent out. (perhaps older “free” eBooks repurposed for Fiverr)

  2. I’ve tried a few things with Fiverr so far, who of them being in relation to Twitter and backlilnks – both of them were very meh; I think Fiverr shines way more in these creative areas (such as the puppet) because you know exactly what you’re getting – unlike a lot of the people that promise traffic/links which I assume are just running profile scrapers or something.

    • Perhaps you are right, the secret is in the quick (and creative) things like videos. they can be pretty awesome without taking much time. Anything that would be very time consuming is either going to be done sloppily or be an outright scam.

      That being said there probably is still some room for a lot of good stuff for people who pick carefully.

  3. I chuckled to myself as I watched the puppet video….

    I’ve used Fiverr about a dozen times total, and wrote a post about it not too long ago. My experiences have mostly been very positive. There has been a couple times when I was less than thrilled with the result, but you can’t complain for $5. This is how I look at it: the value that I receive from the good gigs far outweighs the loss I incur from the not-so-good gigs. So I come out on top.

    Nicely done, Steve!

  4. Hi Steve,

    Funny clip 😀 I like it a lot. I have not tried fiverr, but it does seem that it can be helpful. What a nice bargain for $5 to get a clip like this. Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks Dia!

      Gald you liked it. I did think that was a nice little original piece the puppet did. Great Idea, I am sure he makes a nice little bit o’side money with that.

  5. Hi Steve,
    I want to share with you some of my fiverr experience and recommendation, hmm, actually just two points :D.
    First, I have had someone build 21 links from edu based website, which was definitely worth the money (especially because he mentioned some of the links on one of his posts – so that it would get index faster).
    Second, I found someone that would write you 2 article for 5$ about your own topics. He will do the research and all. I must say that I really liked the way it turned out.

    Fiverr is a wonderful place, if you know how and what to look for!

    Have a great one, Steve!

    • 21 .edu links. Damn That would be awesome. Totally worth 5 bucks!

      Same thing with 2 articles for 5 dollars. I fugured the amount of time it takes to write two articles It would only be economical for them if the articles they gave were PLR. I may have to take a shot at 2 for article marketing articles. 2 solid non PLR articles would easily be worth $5.

      Fiverr is certainly a nifty little site for things like that.

  6. Hi Steve:

    A change of expression today with a video and introduction to fiverr. I tried once and I suppose it was too busy, I could not complete what I was trying to do. I guess everyone wants to try fiverr, so fiverr is doing okay. I was thinking to create a membership site with $5.00 per month, and offer something attractive.

    Have a great week end


    • Yeah, Fiverr is sort of neat, but certainly you HAVE to have a product that is both interesting and can be completed in a quick and easy manner.

      Perhaps one day soon will try the “Selling” side of the house these if I can think of something quick and easy to offer.

  7. Hey Steve!

    It was a shame they spelt your name wrong on the title of that video “Steve Sott”. But I suppose 5 bucks doesn’t buy you a lot of QA, does it? 🙂

    I wonder if you could make much money from that place? Perhaps with the right product or service you could generate a reasonable bit of pocket money. What do you think, Steve?

    Kind regards,

    • Doh!

      Didn’t notice that at first. That shows MY QA skills!

      I think there is certainly potential. I saw one that was a lady who was offering complete recipes for cajun cooking. Basically she had heaps of dishes. Likely spent a day or two setting up all the different dishes, then when people pay there $5 she just sends them another recipe. Almost no time spent at all.

      She could potentially get repeat customers and all future sales could be handled quickly. I am not sure what sort of volume she would/does get, but if it is significant, I bet she makes significant money.

      There is definetly a chance for great profit if there is a skill that could be sold to people and also takes very little time to complete.

  8. Hi Steve,

    Haha, I was just writing in my latest post about what an invaluable source of ideas your website is and you have proven yourself yet again! I love the ideas in this post because I have never heard of or seen them before and I feel they are worth looking into. I shall look into Fiverr.

    Thanks again for your great ideas!

    Irving the Vizier

    • Thanks Irving,

      For now, Fiverr is mostly a “fun” site for me. But I do see that there are many possible great applications from this site on both buying and selling side.

  9. Fiverr is one of those sites that is full of surprises. There are a lot of legitimate gigs that can be bought on the service, and then lots of fun ones like this. I stay away from the “will share your site with 10,000 Twitter followers” and such, but, ironically, I put up a quick gig saying I would post your site to 100 link directories. It takes me five minutes to execute a command through some software, and I send them an Excel spreadsheet with the URLs of the directories I submitted to. Quick and easy.

    • Hmmm That actually sounds like it is worth it. I might have to check you out for that.

      Even if only 1/4 of the Backlinks are ever spidered 25+ links (even low quality) would be pretty nice. I might look you up on Fiverr one day soon! 🙂

      I agree, I would stay away from the 10K people tweets. Those are a waste, since there is no way to tell how engaged any followers are, and chances are if they are tweeting like crazy through Fiverr, their followers will not be active at all.

      • It is so hard to tell with the Tweet gigs. By and large you want to avoid them, I agree, but one gigger we profiled sent a single tweet out that continues to bring traffic to our site. It’s all about whether or not the tweeter is really an influencer.

  10. Hi Steve!
    My 1st visit to your site, but I truly enjoyed specially the puppet video 🙂 its really funny. I have used fiverr 4 times and 1 failed project. Good place to outsource for cheaper products and you might get very good quality product for 5 bucks too its really worth it. Thank you for sharing. Have a great day.

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