Are you ready for some Football? Football, Commercials, Inspiration, Beer, Food and some Internet Stuff

Are you ready for some Football?

…Or at least ready to watch some really really expensive commercials. Or ready to drink some beer, eat too much food and generally relax.  Well I know I am!  SuperBowl has become an “event” in the United States over the past few years.  I am a football fan, but far more than fans take time out and watch the event and spectacle that is the SuperBowl.

The Sheer Brilliance of the SuperBowl

SuperBowl is an example of brilliant marketing.  Companies spend millions for 30 seconds of advertising time.  Sometimes they create commercials that are never aired again, like the famous one by Apple for the Macintosh way back in 1984.

So take some time today and watch football and watch those commercials.  Think about more than what the Cyldesdale’s are doing and why it is funny.  Think about what the companies are marketing.  Think about the techniques they are using to “hook” people.  Look at what they use to pique interest.  Once you see these techniques, take a moment to think about how you can use the same techniques for your blog posts, affiliate marketing, list marketing and even your post titles.  Think how you can use the same techniques the “big boy” marketers are using on you to promote your own online endeavors.

Once football is over and you have gotten your fill of the gridiron, beer, food, commercials and the Black Eyed Peas halftime show, if you can still move, head over to your computer and get a little work done.   Since you have seen a lot of TV today, videos seem to be a logical place to start.  Since poor old Alex is Australian and likely thinks ‘football’ is played with a round ball that is kicked with your feet rather than an oblong ball, you can start with his site.  (it’s ok Alex, think “Rugby”)

Alex had a wonderful post this week about ways to promote your YouTube video’s.  If you have been paying attention to my site in the past month or so, you know I am making a push to get a lot of video content up on my SteveScottSite YouTube Page.  I am still working on the content, but promotion is just around the corner.  Alex’s method sounds like a great one.  But Alex is not the only one with some good ideas about YouTube promotion.  Mitz also has some methods to get your YouTube page some  high PR backlinks.  Between Alex and Mitz you should have the beginnings of a great strategy for building the links to your YouTube page.  Now get to work on that content!

Football and Inspiration

There are many people who can find some inspiration in football (or any sport).  I know I can.  One of the legendary inspirational moments are the halftime speeches.  Your team is down and out.  They are losing, but with perhaps the right words they can be inspired to draw victory out of the jaws of defeat.  This got me to thinking about Ronald Reagan.  You see yesterday would have been Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday.

But how does tie to “Football and Inspiration”.  Chill out…I am getting there.  In 1940 Reagan, then an actor, starred as George Gipp, a real life player for Notre Dame football.  Gipp died of a throat infection right before what would have been one of his last games.  One of, “the Gipper’s” last hopes was that Notre Dame end the season as a winner and in a legendary halftime speech coach Knute Rockne asked his team to “Win one for the Gipper” which, of course they did.

Now let’s stretch that to working online.  Whether blogging, affiliate marketing or whatever method you use, inspiration makes you do a better job.  Whether it is getting fired up by what something someone says, or just getting some hope from someone else’s success when the chips are down.  Darren gives us some David Ogilvy quotes that are quite inspirational.

Many halftime speeches will stress one thing; the second half is a fresh start.  The other team may have been beating the snot out of you for 30 minutes (playtime…that is about 8 hours SuperBowl watching time) but the second half is a fresh start to begin again and really turn things around.  Jimi gives us some insight on how to go about  getting that fresh start.

The reason why inspirational things like halftime speeches can work is because they can affect your mindset.  Adam reflects on the money making mindset and about a post by Lye that asked a heap of bloggers what their tips were for making money.  Regardless of which piece of advice you follow (and there were a lot of great ideas) getting your head in place where you are thinking the “right” way is imperative to earning money online.

Since we are on the topic of making money, let’s take a brief segue to learn a little more about ways to earn money online.  As you may or may not know I have been making some reviews of way to make money online.  I have come up with posts of 9 ways, 10 more ways, 11 Extra ways and finally 17 real ways to make money online.  As a teaser, tomorrow I will have my final post in this series (I think) which will describe the final 7 Ultimate ways to earn money online.   Zac, however,  came up with a billion ways to make money online!!  OK, I count 19 and a few different ways to monetize each, but who is counting.  For a billion ways his list is quick and to the point.  Certainly worth checking out!

…And now, for a Commercial Break

In honor of the powerful  commercials that will be on during the Superbowl, I too am going to take a commercial break in this post.  While I could use this time to simply spam thing like the MarketMe Suite for managing Twitter.  I will refrain .   Well I guess, I will refrain except for the mention I just slipped in.  Whoopsie.

Your first commercial is brought to you by Brankica.  The lovely Brankica has been extolling the virtues of using Google Alerts.  If you have no idea what Google Alerts is, make sure to check this out NOW!

What is spam but people trying to get you to watch their commercials. Mark points out some ways you can actually use spam to your advantage and use it to find some niche ideas.

Our third niche idea comes from Robert and is an actual commercial.  This one has some real value.  Take a moment and swing over to his page to see the great deal he is offering.  I will not say, “for a limited time only”  but it may well be for a limited time only.

Last but not least…  People always use that phrase, “last but not least” but do they mean it or is it just an excuse as to why one thing is at the bottom.  Are they really cases of saving the best for last?  Hard to say, but in Murray’s case I know, “last but not least” really applies.

Murray is an inventive guy, a mile a minute thinker, who really thinks outside the box.  You can get hundreds of guys preaching to you (sometimes myself included) about all the ways to make money online.  (If you have been paying attention: there are a lot).  Murray calls his idea, “barter,” I think of it as, “Marketing in the Real World”.  Never get tied down to just using the basics of Amazon Affiliates, ClickBank etc. etc.  Use your marketing, promotion and online skills to create real opportunity.

Well that is it.  Hopefully this post has given you some football, inspired you a little bit, and shown you some hot, “commercials”.  After all besides the drinking and eating to excess, isn’t that what SuperBowl Sunday is all about?

Take Action. Get Results.

22 thoughts on “Are you ready for some Football? Football, Commercials, Inspiration, Beer, Food and some Internet Stuff”

  1. Great post, Steve!
    This is really entertaining to read, had me laughing throughout.
    As usual, there is quite a bit of valuable information packed in this roundup. Those YouTube video post caught my eye (again) meaning I have to get busy.

    Next stop is Robert’s, where I sense something hot may be brewing. 🙂 Then I’ll hit the others nice stops that I’ve missed during the week.

    Hanging up my keyboard around 3pm today to get ready for a little loafing and excessive TV watching. I’ve never missed a Superbowl and this year will be no different. Some years the commercials have outperformed the game, but this one should be a real head-knocker.

    Thanks for all the great tips and the “fresh start” mention.
    Enjoy the remainder of the weekend and have an awesome week!

  2. Thanks Jimi,

    As maybe you can tell, I am excited about the Superbowl too! Like you I have never missed one, since I was little boy. They are always a good time. I might even crack a beer around 1pm EST and get a little “pregame” going. One great thing about working for yourself, I can sleep in to noon on Monday if I am hungover. 😉

    You certainly have to get a start on those videos. I feel they will be a big and powerful tool in the coming years. not now though. Today is for watch some ball.

    Have great evening and enjoy the game!

  3. Hey Steve, thanks so much for the mention.
    I am on a trip and not blog hopping but saw the trackback and wanted to say thanks and wish everyone a great time watching Super Bowl. It is my first one (I am from Europe and staying in USA for awhile now).
    Anyway, since not so much on computer now, I am catching up with my reading and guess what I am reading now 🙂 Your trilogy book. Went through part of it for now and Steve, I am loving it!

    • I hope you enjoyed your Superbowl. I know I did. I couldn’t even get online Monday, because I was too hungover. I think that is the reason on only drink heavily maybe 3 times a year. LOL

      Glad you were reading (and liking) the income trilogy book. That is great to hear. 🙂

      Have a great week!

  4. Very entertaining post! The intermingling of SuperBowl in the roundups is not only brilliant but very informative Steve.

    Never before had I seen the 1984 Apple commercial. No wonder it is still one of the greatest adverts ever – considering the year 1984; this must have created a huge impact in terms of how the other ads were made.

    And Really appreciate you including me in your roundups.
    Later on brother..

  5. The 1984 ad was greatly influential on people and ads. It transformed ads into more of a mini-movie than a quick ad. There are a lot of big ads this year. Was a bit surprised not to see a link for the Volkswagen Star Wars ad. It will be one of the best ever in my opinion. Look it up on YouTube. I’m on my cell and can’t grab the link easily.

    Also, no mention of Glee after the game?! Lots of cheerleaders in it, which will make up for the lack of them in the game- neither the Packets nor Steelers have them. Enjoy the game everyone!

    • Really the 1984 commercial had heavy impact. Even though it was only every shown the one time. Maybe even more impact, because people talk about it since it was never shown again. If It had been overdone it might never have done nearly as well. Really a brilliantly marketed idea.

  6. Hi Steve,

    The SuperBowl is just about to air here in Australia. I love watching the game because I love sport.

    I don’t understand what’s happening half the time but you guys really know how to turn sport into entertainment.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the ads. They’re always amazing and I’ll look at them a whole different way this year.

    Thanks for the great posts to check out. Have an awesome time watching the game.

    • Glad you like football. It is a great sport to watch IMO, quite fun. Of course I did have a fun time during the game. Actually too much fun as it pretty much put me out of commission on monday. 😉

  7. Hi Steve

    Would you believe it??!! We are getting shown the Superbowl ads here and all the TV hosts are talking about them!!! Mainly the amount of money people get to be in them lol

    I know you guys will be enjoying the event and chilling for awhile. Like the way you tied it in with blogging/marketing. Way to go Steve. I’ll go back to watching the cricket and working on my biz 😉

    Thanks for all the mentions. Mostly they are bloggers I know and blogs I visit but still good to be reminded and there is one I don’t know so have a new blog to check out 🙂 And I must give a special shout out for Murray. What a generous guy. I have spoken to him on skype and he answers my questions and gives me heaps of tips for business ideas. What a great community to be part of.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • I think the reason they spend so much on the commercials is BECAUSE they spend so much. It is like bragging points, “look at how much we spent”. Then of course the FACT that people are discussing it in the news for the next couple days AND the fact that on the other side of the world they are even talking about it….hhmmmmm maybe it is worth all that money

      Yeah, Murray is a hella generous guy, and very knowledgable. Quite an awesome guy.

      Have a great week Patricia!

  8. Hi Steve
    Nice post for a SuperBowel Sunday. The post got more warmed up with the round up also. Great way of optimization. All blogs that you have mentioned are doing great. Keep up the good work to encourage the network

    Fran A

    • Yeah, it ended up being a OK superbowl. Kinda sloppy on both side, but at least it was close.

      Commercials were of course inspiring. When I see a bad one it is sometimes as good as a good one…I wonder how people could decide to waste a million + dollars on an ad that is simply horrible.

  9. Hi Steve,

    Well, I’ve never seen an American football game (well, not in it’s entirerity), so I don’t really know what the fuss is all about. Having said that, the Superbowl was scheduled live in the UK this year for the first time ever (albeit the middle of the night for us). I don’t think I’ve seen the Mac Advert either, so lots of new stuff today.

    Great link between the Superbowl and the other links posts.

    Cheers, Matthew

    • For me football has always been (as a spectator) the only sport I like. Soccer and baseball seem to slow. Hockey I don’t understand well enough to appreciate. Cricket is a mystery. I just love the physicality. I think the US has been making a push to bring football to other nations. We shall see if it takes off. For me it is quite exciting, but likely it is one of those things you need to grow up watching to really enjoy. It is unlikely that ANYONE in their 30s would start watchina sport and suddenly “love it” I think part of enjoying watching something is nostalgia from having “played” it when we were young.

      Anyway glad you liked it, maybe one day you will see a game. Though without knowing the rules, i bet it would be dreadfully dull.

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