68 Free eBook PDF Downloads for Mastering Your Internet Lifestyle Design

Adobe PDF IconWe all know that offering a free report is a great way to build a list.

{This is especially true if you want to build a profitable, six-figure affiliate marketing business.}

But what some might not consider is the value that’s often provided with these freebies.  Often, a person will give away their best stuff in one of these guides!

So the other day I did some digging.  I decided to search around the blogosphere and link to the best free ebooks; relating to the Internet Lifestyle topic.

Without further ado; here are 61 68 of my personal favorites:

Free Internet Lifestyle Design eBooks

1)      The 3 Pillars of Designing Your Ultimate Internet Lifestyle  by Sterling and Jay (Opt-in)

2)      279 Days to Overnight Success by Chris Guillebeau (Free Manifesto)

3)      A Brief Guide to World Domination by Chris Guillebeau (Free Manifesto)

4)      Get a Life that Doesn’t Suck by Benny Hsu (Opt-in)

5)      Internet Lifestyle Manifesto by Terry Dean (Opt-in)

6)      18 Months, 2 Blogs, Six Figures by Corbett Barr (Free Manifesto)

7)      Saving The Day The Virtual Way by Chris C. Ducker (Opt-in: Sidebar)

8)      Location Rebel by Sean Ogle  (Opt-in)

9)      How to Outsource Video Course by Tyrone Shum (Opt-in: Sidebar)

10)   Think Outside the Cubicle by Scott Young (Free Manifesto)

Free Personal Development eBooks

11)   How to Be Happy by Cara Stein (Free Manifesto)

12)   Seven Keys to Discovering your Passion by Jonathan Mead (Opt-in)

13)   The Limit Erasing Technique (same page) by Jonathan Mead (Opt-in)

14)   The Connection Manifesto by Pace & Kyeli (Free Manifesto)

15)   The 50 Greatest Motivational Quotes of All Time – And Why! by Tim Brownson (Opt-in: Sidebar)

16)   1250 Ideas for your Bucket List by Marelisa Fabrega (Opt-in: Sidebar)

17)   500 Simple Ways to Celebrate and Enjoy Life (Same Page) by Marelisa Fabrega (Opt-in: Sidebar)

18)   The Bold Living Guide by Barrie Davenport (Opt-in: Sidebar)

Free Productivity and Time Management eBooks

19)   101 Tips for Becoming a Productivity Superstar by Timo Kiander (Free PDF)

20)   21 Easy Ways to Save Time in your Online Business (same page) by Timo Kiander (Free PDF)

21)   Time Blocking 101 by Kevin Achtzener (Opt-in: Sidebar)

22)   The Pomodoro Technique by Francesco Cirillo (Free Download)

23)   Organized Like a Ninja Toolkit by Jenny Lewis (Opt-in: Sidebar)

24)   Discover Your Passion in 5 Days by Henri Junttila (Opt-in: Sidebar)

25)   More Time Now: Time Management Made Simple Again by Dave Navarro (Free Manifesto)

26)   Get Self-Esteem & Become a Winner at Life Today! By James Pruitt (Site Registration)

 Free Internet Business eBooks

27)   How to Create a Profit-Pulling eBook Empire in 2011 by Steve Scott (Free Download)

28)   How to Write an eBook for Bloggers and Content Marketers by Paul Wolfe (Opt-in)

29)   How to Build, Rank, and Profit from Niche Sites and Affiliate Marketing by Alex Whalley (Opt-in)

30)   7 Steps to Complete Search Engine Domination by Ana Hoffman (Opt-in: Sidebar or Header)

31)   eBooks the Smart Way by Pat Flynn (Opt-in)

32)   Internet Marketing Sins: An Open Letter to All Internet Marketers by Sylvie Fortin (Free Manifesto)

33)   Cloud Blueprint by Glen Allsopp  (Free Video Course)

34)   How I Grew ViperChill to 10,000+ Subscribers in Just 12 Months by Glen Allsopp (Opt-in)

35)   Turbo Traffic Explosion by Wayne Lambert (Opt-in)

36)   Internet Business Manifesto by Rich Schefren (Opt-in)

37)   How to eBook by Colin Wright (Site Registration)

38)   Zero to Hero in 7 Weeks by Andre Chaperon (Opt-in)

39)   Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online by Chris Guthrie (Opt-in)

40)   Write, Publish, and Market Your eBook by Marelisa Fabrega (Free Download)

41)   Ultimate Backlink Tracker by Eric G. (Opt-in: Sidebar)

42)   Affiliate Marketing Training Video Course by Matt Carter (Opt-in: Header)

43)   The Entrepreneur’s Journey by Tito Phillips Jr. (Opt-in: Sidebar)

44)   Five Pillars of Earning to Make More Money by James Clear (Opt-in: Header)

Free Copywriting & Writing eBooks

45)   Aim for the Heart by Miquel Alvarez (Opt-in: Sidebar)

46)   Copywriting Makeovers by Karon Thackston (Opt-in: Sidebar)

47)   The Death of the Salesletter by Michel Fortin (Free Manifesto)

48)   Empower your Writing by Farnoosh Brock (Opt-in)

Free Blogging eBooks

49)   Six-Figure Blogger Blueprint by David Risley (Opt-in: Sidebar)

50)   99 Tasks for Blog Improvement by Brankica (Opt-in: Header)

51)   Capture 120% More Email Subscribers Overnight by Blog Tyrant (Opt-in)

52)   101 Ways You’re Killing your Blog by Tristan Higbee (Opt-in: Sidebar)

53)   Blogging Building Blocks by Srinivas, Sid and Capsun (Opt-in: Sidebar)

54)   Blogging Gems Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 by Srinivas, Sid and Capsun (Free Download)

55)   Blog Profits Blueprint by Yaro Starak (Opt-in: Header)

Free Business and Marketing eBooks

56)   21 Days to Marketing Success by Jens P. Berget (Opt-in: Sidebar)

57)   10 Ideas to Grow your Business in a Business in a Slow Market by Matthew Needham (Opt-in: Sidebar)

58)   How to Network and Sell More Effectively by Johnny and Sandra (Opt-in: Sidebar)

59)   How to Be Remarkable by Colin Wright (Site Registration)

60)   Personal Branding Colin Wright (Site Registration)

61)   Build your Brand Guide by Mars Dorian (Opt-in: Sidebar)

Edit: Since this post was published, I’ve found a number of additional free ebook downloads.  So here are a few more…

62) The Coffee House Wordsmith Guide to PAYING Writer’s Markets and Resources by Joe Barlow (Opt-in: Sidebar)

63) 27 Inspiring Secrets of Successful Lifestyle Entrepreneurs by Britt Michaelian (Opt-in: Sidebar)

64) Noob Guide to Online Marketing by Oli Gardner (Pay with Tweet)

65) Home Business Basic Training by Adrienne Smith (Opt-in)

66) How to Market Yourself Online by Rob Cubbon (Opt-in)

67) ProBlogging for Newbies by Jane Sheeba (Opt in: Sidebar and Header)

68) Your Guide to Better Time Management V2 (Same Page) by Jane Sheeba (Opt in: Sidebar and Header)

I’ve decided to update this list every so often.  Perhaps it’ll become a useful directory for anyone who wants to get a crash course on the Internet lifestyle.

So is there anything I missed? 

If so, please comment below and maybe I’ll include it in this list!

Take Action. Get Results.

83 thoughts on “68 Free eBook PDF Downloads for Mastering Your Internet Lifestyle Design”

  1. Wow, Steve! This is a superb list! I’ve read about half of these e-books, and can attest to the quality of every single one.

    Although (*cough cough*) I’m also partial to my own free ebook: “The Coffee House Wordsmith Guide to Paying Writer’s Markets and Resources.” (opt-in, updated quarterly). 😉


    • Awesome Joe! Sorry I missed your eBook….I’m at my girlfriend’s house for the weekend, but will be sure to update the post on Monday.

      So…feel free to post a link here!

  2. Steve, are you for real??? WOW. First thanks for including my e-book. Second, I feel like such a looser about a post I made with only 18 books. So now I have to post at least 100 if I want to “win this battle”. Lol, just kiddin’ this is amazing!

    • Then I will have to write one with 200!

      Bring it! (It’s allready been broughten)


      No contest at all really. You went a lot more in depth. I just threw up a list.

      Let’s consider these synergistic rather than competitive. 🙂


    • I never said you had to read them ALL! (lol) If you did I would have to yell at you for ruining productivity. However hopefully there is one or two that would be worthwhile to your efforts. 😉

  3. Thanks, Steve!

    This must have taken you some time and I thank you for pulling this list together.

    I’ve read some of them, but I can see I’ve got some catching up to do. Good thing I read fast. 🙂


    • You and me both. Even then I would recommend people read these in dribs and drabs. You know how I feel about action taking, coupled with education, sprinkled with inspiration. (I think it makes a success pie)

  4. Hi Steve,

    Seriously you are going to stress my eyes. 61 ebooks! This post itself is a great resource for list of ebooks around. I have read a couple of them mostly in the internet business categories. Seems like my time will be taken up in the next few weeks. I will surely catch some in the list that i am interested.

    Thanks for sharing the list.

  5. Thank you Steve for adding my e-books to this list 🙂

    By the way … second version of my Productivity Superstar e-book is coming out soon (it includes 202 tips …)


    • Timo,

      There you go, “proving” your productivity. Not only do you have two books on the list, but you are churning out an update.

      Is there a better way to showcase productivity than by constantly being productive?

      I think not.


  6. It must have taken forever to compile that list. Very nice and I appreciate all that work.

    I’m working on the finishing touches of my latest ebook. It should go out to subscribers in tomorrow’s edition. Perhaps it will make your next list of 200 😉

  7. Well, well, well! I’m so tempted to get my hands on all those books. But I think I’m going to do myself a favor and get an e-book of my own out the door before reading all of the above.

    Having said that, Steve, this is a great list you’ve come up with. Great stuff!


    • You know I am always pushing s productivity and on-time learning so nothing wrong with knocking out your own ebook first. (in fact the opposite of “wrong”. Anyhow, when you have the time, hopefully a handful of these will be worth your time.

  8. Steve, aloha. This is a seriously amazing list. Thank you so much. While I do have some of them, there are so many more I need to read.

    One of the greatest things about the internet is the vast amount of quality information that is freely shared. Steve, mahalo for compiling this incredible list.

    Off to download. Until later, aloha. Janet

  9. Hi Steve,

    This is a great list, but how can I ever finish reading. So specifically for me where is the best place to start?

    Since we are into ebooks, here are my questions:
    1) Ok I have got my ebook ready plus ebook cover and all. The next step is to set up my subscriber service. How can I upload this book for subscription automation if you know what I mean?
    2) If I want to sell my ebook online, how can I get this set up on my site with all the payment gigs and all? Need step by step help again.


    • Jimmy,

      First of all, these are all great reads. I tried to cull out the crap. That being said I still wouldn’t read them all. (I am a fan of “on time learning” and learning by doing.)

      Pick a handful that sound good and download and read sporadically.

      anyway onto questions.

      1) There should be lessons on Aweber site (or looking it up on youtube) that can describe it better (with nice pictures) than I would. (even if you use mailchimp…it shouldn’t be hard to figure out the differences.

      But basically it will be upload the product to your website, then have a link to the subscription service (aweber/mailchimp) that will then have people verify email addresses and give them the download link.

      2) For selling ebooks you will want to go through Clickbank, Commission Junction or some other “seller” program. You COULD host it yourself. But I recommend these. I would FIRST offer ebooks free and build a mailing list though. Not saying you HAVE to do that. But I spent a year building this site up before I even thought of selling an ebook.

      Anyhow, after that the set up will be similar, although I recommend getting a dedicated URL and domain (like I have with my Affiliate marketing ebook http://www.nobsaffiliatelifestyle.com/index2.html )

      Again there are videos on setting up a CB or CJ accounts that will probably show you a lot better than I could explain.

      Hope that helps a little…


        • Jimmy, Steve,

          That’s the power of the KeywordLuv plug-in! I saw that comment from Jimmy and I hoped he might see my link here. Yes, I’ve just written that post and if Jimmy or anyone has any questions about sdding AWeber sign-up forms with E-book incentives (including styling an Aweber form which can cause problems) then leave them in the comments under the post and I’ll try to help. 🙂

          • Hi Rob and Steve,

            Thanks for all the great advise and help. I will pop over to Rob’s link to have a look now.

            BTW, my Awber sign up form is up. Yah…. Big achievement for me. Took me two years to finally realize this on one of my site. And yes, any dummy could do it with Awber. They even have an attachment for the ebook I want to give away. So when my subscribers opt in, they can download straight away from my welcome mail.

            Rob and Steve, would you be so kind as to be my first ebook receivers? It would be an honor for me. If your can, help me get the word out to your readers as well. You guys will like the book.


  10. Nice list Steve. I’ve had great success with my free e-book called How To Market Yourself Online – over 2200 downloads so far.

    It basically details how I started my own full time internet business from nothing in 2 years by using blogging, SEO, social media and forming partnerships with clever people like you and your readers!

    • Rob,

      Ironic seeing you here. I was just coming from your site (where I am going to comment as soon as I am done here). Jimmy in the comment directly above yours asked questions about adding ebooks to a sidebar and i was unsatisfied with the answer i gave him in comments… Only to run across your article which pretty much nailed a big part of the answer. (in a lot more words than i wanted to spend in a comment :))

      Additionally I will certainly be adding your ebook here. I find there were quite a few I missed. So 61 will en up being 70 or so…

  11. Wow that is a LOT of quality reading!

    I highly recommend Glen Allsopp’s cloud blueprint course mentioned above. Just as with Steve, Glen provides awesome value.

    Now just gotta check out all the other folks…

  12. Hi Steve,
    Thank you so much for including my Bold Living Guide (7 Key Ingredients for a Meaningful Life). I am so flattered to be part of this amazing list of bloggers! This took quite a bit of work Steve. Your readers are very fortunate to have such a dedicated writer at the helm of the blog. That’s what makes the a-list bloggers stand out!

  13. Wow Steve, what a list!

    Dang, that was a lot of work and you did a fabulous job! I see a few familiar names on that list and a few reports that I have downloaded myself.

    You’ve outdone yourself. Wow! I know I’ve said that already but please. That’s a lot of work locating awesome content like that people are giving away for free. A job well done.

    Have a fabulous week because you are definitely off to a great start!


  14. Hi Steve: I see three of my ebooks here! Thank you. I’m going to have to bookmark this and come back, because I see lots of good stuff by other bloggers on here. It’s a good thing I know how to speed read. 🙂

  15. Nice list of freebies you’ve compiled here Steve, and I particularly appreciate the extra touch of listing whether they require an opt-in or are no opt-in.

    The e-books that cover time management and productivity are, in particular, golden to me as this is something I’ve long struggled with (and which predates my involvement in internet marketing).

    I hope to have something of my own, in the not too distant future, to suggest as an addition to this list.


  16. Steve

    Thanks for including me on the list – there are some great PDFs here. One thing this post has made me realize – is that MY eBook is only half finished. I need to get my butt into gear and finish it off!


  17. Aha! My fave is The Connection Manifesto.. because it’s simplicity in action.. & also, it happens to be written by 2 of my real world friends. The awesome & magnetic Pace & Kyeli!

  18. Everything is an opt-in. No one but me it seems sees this as what it is. You are selling your list in a round about way to get people to sign up for others lists. I would seriously doubt that you did this for FREE. No doubt you are getting compensated somewhere along the line.

    • Sorry to disagree Roy but you are wrong.

      There are a fair bit of Opt-in’s BUT I went to pains to make it 100% clear what was an opt-in and what wasn’t. And there are a few in here that say “free” next to them that have no opt-in at all.

      As for it being a hook for my list. The one eBook I have on here personally (#27) is a free optin that does not have an email capture.

      Sure, by providing a good resource I am hoping to get people to join my list, come again or retweet, like etc. this page. But this is not in any duplicitous manner.

      Every single one of these resources I have checked out. Many of them are considered to be some of the better resources within the niches by more than myself.

      And no, there is not any underhand compensation besides hopefully providing people with a good resource they can use.

      Anyhow, thank you for dropping by.


  19. Steve,

    WOW. This should have taken hell lot of time to compile. Seriously this is such a useful directory for people to start with internet marketing/blogging and personal development in general.

    Love the way you’ve categorized those books as well. Of course everyone likes “free” and there’s lots here.

    Thanks for including my ebooks 🙂


    • Thanks Jane,

      It did take a bit of time to compile. Hopefully a few people find it to be a great resource. (It does seem like a few do)

      Glad to include your ebook! Thanks for the comment and thanks for dropping by!


  20. Hey Steve,

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m holding you responsible for me now having 31 new email subscriptions… hah, THANKS! 🙂

    I will treasure this… I’m currently reviewing the materials I got and wow… as a side note, I learnt a few things already about how to manage subscriptions in a classier way.

    It was fun to watch a few people try to monetize right away their subscription process, I have a few ideas to do something similar but managed differently though (I know people can get real pissed if they see an immediate “Add To Cart” button after they sign up LOL)

    As a result of this massive subscribing day I already figured out a few things even before I started going through the materials, how cool is that?

    Thanks again my friend, the content on your blog is waaay over the top, keep up the amazing work you’re doing!


    • Sergio,

      Wow, what a great idea to subscribe to so many and then follow them as examples of what works (and what doesn’t) This could actually make quite an interesting process review.

      Awesome idea bro!

  21. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for sharing and appreciate your link to my outsourcing guide. I’ll be sure to share with you my next report as it will be coming out in the next month or so too.


  22. Wow, I am grateful for these lists of free online valuable information. I will definitely have a fun and fulfilling time reading them.

    • Thanks Alex

      (Found you in spam bin again. Google must hate you)

      I certainly wouldn’t want the fanclub to disband. I have almot have saved enough boxtops for the decoder ring! 😉

  23. awesome list Steve. these are really great resources, I have read several of them myself. Thanks for including my self esteem guide. I know low self esteem and confidence is one of the huge factors in the low success rates that this industry has.

    • Glad to include your guide James.

      I absolutely agree. Self confidence and self esteem are must. YOu have to take a lot on faith and be quite sure of your own abilities to make it as any sort of entrepreneur. Not cocky, but understanding of what you can and cannot accomplish.

      I have seen quite a few people quit, perhaps not long before they reached that point of critical mass.

      Anyhow, glad to include your excellent guide. Thanks for dropping by,


  24. Steve,

    Thanks for putting together this fantastic list! There are several that I’m interested in right away and I’ve bookmarked this post so that I can come back to it later!


  25. Hey Steve,
    Found your blog at Ana’s site
    Glad I stopped by, you have great content!!!

    I book marked this page and I am going to pass it on to my
    followers. I think it is going to take me a while to go thru all
    of these resources

    It must have taken you a long time to put together

    Thank you for your contribution,

    • Thanks for dropping by Jeff.

      Glad you find the site. 🙂

      This did take a bit to put together. I have been trying to aim for quality recently rather than quantity. I hope to see you here again and see what you think.

      Anyhow, thanks for dropping in.


  26. Your the goods Steve. As always you deliver and this was a great fun night of checking out every body. By the way do you go to any eevents like BVlog World?

    • Paul,

      Actually no, I have been bad about that. But it is something I need to start doing. I am going to an affiliate marketing convention here in a few months, and perhaps i will go to the NEXT blogworld (not going to THIS one)

  27. My God steve, what an amazing list of resources. Thanks for the inclusion by the way.

    What struck me that with all the free stuff out there, and lets face it you’ve only captured a very small sample, does our free stuff get lost in the noise?


    • Matthew,

      Good point. I think a lot of “free stuff” does get lost in the mix. Once upon a time if you really put some quality into an ebook and wrote something that -could- be sold for 5-10 bucks (or euros) you would have that content spread virally. Now it is “meh” and fairly standard fare. Hopefully a few things like this post will slowly help those that are at least a cut above the rest rise up a little bit in prominence. Only time will tell I guess.

  28. So many options, very little time…Even though you’ve numbered these items, if you had to recommend just 3-4 of them to read first, which would they be?

  29. Great list of ebooks! Looks like all 68 ebboks are very interesting! Among the list, what I really like most are the ebooks about productivity / time management. I find it so hard to balance my time that’s why this is what I really need as of now.

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