119 Free Internet Marketing Tools to Grow YOUR Online Business or Blog

Free Internet Marketing Tools and Blogging SoftwareAll Internet businesses require an investment of both time and money.

The good news is you can often find a great tool without having to spend a dime.

Don’t believe me?

Well, I’ve done a bit of research and located some amazing freebies.

In this post,you ‘ll discover 119 free Internet marketing tools to grow your Internet business or blog. <— (Re-Tweet to let people about these sites.)

Free Google Account Tools

Google makes it easy to run a business by offering a large selection of tools. Each of the following are completely free and they all come with a single “Big G” account:

1. Google Keyword External: The best free tool for doing keyword research.

2. Google Talk: Communicate and chat with people through your desktop. Can be synced with Gmail, iGoogle, and Orkut

3. Google Docs: Web-based software where you can share documents with other people and store “in the cloud.”

4. Google Analytics: Get detailed information about web traffic on your site or blog.

5. Google Website Optimizer: Run split-tests on your sales pages, opt-in pages, and product funnels.

6. Google Reader: Stay on top of your favorite websites through this RSS feed reader.

7. Google Plus: Promote your website and network with other entrepreneurs with Google’s answer to Facebook.

8. Google Trends: Learn what’s hot right now and see if a topic is increasing or decreasing in popularity.

9. Google Alerts: Receive topic-specific updates in your Inbox.

10. Google Voice: Get a Google approved phone number for your Internet business

11. Google Adwords Editor: Manage your Google Adword campaigns with this simple tool.

Free Web Traffic and Promotional Tools

Web traffic is the lifeblood of any site or blog. That’s why you need to work at promoting your Internet business on a daily basis. Fortunately these free tools help manage this process…

12. Tweet Deck: Manage all your social media activities with this single interface.

13. Market Me Suite: Gives additional functionality to your social media activities.

14. Cash Keywords Toolbar: Provides a quick way to research a niche and check its overall profitability.

15. Scroogle Scraper: Get actual results for the rankings of keyword. Isn’t affected by previous searches or “likes” within your social network.

16. Free Monitor for Google: Helps you track search engine rankings for multiple keywords on multiple websites.

17. DomainCrawler: Gives basic information about websites you’re researching.

18. Wordtracker Keyword Questions: Create content around the specific questions that people ask in your market.

19. Jumbo Keyword: Helps you edit and format lengthy Google Adwords keyword lists.

20. Domain Name Analyzer: Add a variety of potential domain names and check them all with a single click. Plus you can run a check based on a list of keywords.

21. SEO Quake: Great browser plugin that lets you research sites based on Google Page Rank, backlinks, domain age, and Yahoo/Bing backlinks.

22. Free Article Spinner: This spinning tool takes a little bit longer to learn than other premium programs. But it’s a great alternative if you’re budget conscious.

23. Social Monkee: Builds 25 free backlinks to your site on a daily basis. Uses a Firefox plugin to bookmark any page that you specify.

24. Social Marker: Submit your site to dozens of bookmarking sites. It works great if you don’t mind registering an account on a number of web properties.

25. CB Engine: Get detailed information about the top products being sold within the Clickbank marketplace.

26. JV Notify Pro 2.0: Find JV products and look for upcoming product launches.

27. PDF Power Brand 3.3: Create powerful viral eBooks that promote your information product.

28. Traffic Travis: Get detailed SEO information and use these tools to increase your rankings.

29. Comment Kahuna: Build quality backlinks with this tool. Very useful if done correctly, but has also been used by a lot of spammers. So understand the right way to create backlinks before trying it out.

30. Alexa Toolbar: Get traffic and link information about sites you’re researching.

31. SEO SpyGlass Backlink Checker: Checks the backlinks of your competition. There are premium versions available, but you can do a lot with the freebie edition.

32. Digsby: Combine email, instant messaging, and social media activities into one interface.

33. Amplify: Clip, share and post article snippets onto your favorite blog/social media platforms. (Another great tool for creating quick backlinks.)

34. Posterous: A tool that’s similar to the capabilities of Amplify.

35. Net Vibes: Manage and monitor all of your social media activities, plus get in-depth analytics about your marketing efforts.

36. Bit.Ly: Shorten and share links on your promotional campaigns.

37. IM Automator: Automatically create backlinks for your content with this tool.

38. One Way Text Link: Semi-automates the process of submitting your site to directories.

39. Only Wire: Publish your content with one click of a button on numerous social media and bookmarking sites.

40. Clicky: Get real-time analytics for your blog or website. Plus use this tool to track/split-test conversions from your traffic.

41. Inbox Q: Makes it easy to find specific questions being asked in your niche via Twitter.

Free Web Content Creation Tools

Any successful Internet business starts by offering top-notch content. So it’s important to create written, audio, and video content. The following make it easy to come create content that sets you apart from the competition…

42. DaFont: Browses and previews fonts installed on your computer.

43. GIMP: Graphics program that has a similar interface to Adobe Photoshop.

44. Sumo Paint: A web-based graphics program that makes it easy to create eye-catching images.

45. Pixie by Nattware: Click on a color and get the hex, RGB, HTML, CMYK and HSV values of that color.

46. Wink: Use this to make video tutorials on software and tools.

47. KompoZer : WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) HTML editor. Great for making simple web pages!

48. Clipta Video Converter: Turn any video file into MP4 format.

49. Audacity: Create and edit audio files with this easy-to-understand software.

50. CamStudio: Record your desktop and make videos with this free version of Camtasia.

51. FreeMind: Create mind maps with this tool.

52. MindMoto: Create stylish presentations from your Mind Maps.

53. Jing by TechSmith: Record screenshots and make simple five-minute videos.

54. Paint: Provides an intuitive interface for manipulating and editing photos.

55. XHeader: Easy to use software that creates header graphics. Perfect for a Word Press blog!

56. Color Cop: Very simple tool for picking a color from web pages.

57. ScreenShot Captor: Simple program that helps you take screen shots with ease.

58. Windows Movie Maker: Turn photos, audio tracks, and short videos into stylish movies.

59. Snippely: Organizes snippets and research notes you’ve done on a topic. This is great for writing content!

60. Favicon Generator: Create a small image that’s shown inside the brower’s location bar next to your website.

61. UnFREEz 2.1: Design an animated banner from multiple JPEG and/or GIF files.

62. Visual Thesaurus: Make a word tree of synonyms. Great for coming up with LSI keyword ideas and thinking of domain names related to a keyword phrase.

63. Animoto: Create stylish thirty-second videos from a few pictures. You need a premium account to make longer videos. But the basic version works great if you don’t have a lot of content.

64. Sketchcast: Create videos (with or without audio) where you sketch out a concept.

65. Skoffer: A browser-based screencast recorder lets you make video presentations from your desktop without requiring a download of software.

66. Weebly: Build (and host) a website with this free service. It’s great for anyone who doesn’t have much money to spend on an Internet business. Plus you can use it create solid backlinks to your site.

67. Tube Mogul: Submits your video to about a dozen video sharing sites. This tool is a great alternative to the over-priced Traffic Geyser product.

68. Media Join 2.0: Tool that combines audio and video files of any format – Works great for anyone who needs to combine different pieces of media content.

69. Famous Fonts: Provides a directory of fonts used in advertising for music, movies, products, and sports. Lots of recognizable fonts available for download here!

70. Free Foto: Contains over 100,000 photos you can use for your website and/or blog.

71. Copyright Free Photos: Another great source of free photos.

72. PD Photos: A resource of photographs that are part of “Public Domain.”

73. U.S. Government Photos and Images: Provides a mix of government public domain photos and images that are protected by a user license.

74. Empressr: Create (and store) simple slideshow presentations for your website.

75. Free Graphics Creator: Online graphics program that helps you design common graphics you’d use for a sales pages.

76. Cool Text: Create stylish graphics and logos without requiring a background in web design.

Internet Business Tools

Managing an Internet business can often be quite challenging. The good news is there are lots of tools and software that simplifies this process. Here are the best of the best…

77. Word Press: The platform for building a blog or content site.

78. AVG Antivirus: Protect your computer from Spyware, Malware, and other computer viruses

79. FileZilla: FTP program that takes files from your computer and uploads it to a website.

80. Adobe Reader: Everyone’s favorite program for reading PDF files.

81. Open Office: Open source word processor suite that’s compatible with most Microsoft programs. Plus you can use it to create PDF files.

82. 7-Zip: Use this unlock .zip, .rar and other compressed file formats.

83. Skype: Provides a topic rated tool for calling people, instant messaging, and networking with others.

84. Ccleaner: Clean your Windows PC, make your computer faster, and erase your search history.

85. You Convert It: Convert files into a variety of formats – Including PDFs.

86. Down for Everyone or Just Me – Is your website down? Do you think it’s happening to others? Use this tool to find out.

87. BrowserShots: Get multiple shots of your website on different browsers. Perfect tool for seeing how a site looks across a variety of platforms.

88. Bulk Rename – Great tool for renaming numerous files at the same time.

89. YSlow: This site analyzes web pages and gives suggestions on how to improve their performance

90. VLC Media Player: Plays pretty much every video format known to man.

91. LogMeIn Free : Access your desktop from any spot in the world.

92. DropBox: Store and share up to 2 GB of files.

93. OSTicket: Offers an open-source solution for website support tickets.

94. Open X : Though it’s a bit tricky to understand, this server helps you track click-through rates, impressions, and other advertising metrics.

95. Notepad ++: Excellent alternative for anyone who likes NotePad but wants to do more with it.

96. Avast! Solid software that protects your computer from viruses and spyware.

97. Xenu’s Link Sleuth: Checks for broken links on your website.

98. Join.me: Shares your desktop with up to 250 people at the same time. Great for giving presentations. (Great free alternative to GotoMyPc and WebEx.)

99. Fine Print: Condenses up to 8 pages into a single page which you can then print. This is a great way to create a swipe file for your favorite Internet marketing websites.

101. Outright: Organize your finances, spending, and general bookkeeping with this easy-to-use software package.

103. Wise Stamp: Add a stylish email signature to all of your messages.

104. Cute PDF: Create PDFs, plus print web pages directly into PDF format.

105. Last Pass: Manage your passwords and logins in a single, secure location.

106. ADrive: Provides up 50 GB of free storage that can be accessed from any spot in the world.

107. Media Fire: Share large video, audio, and multimedia files.

108. Xmarks: Sync your bookmarks from multiple computers.

Free Internet Productivity and Time Management Tools

A major drawback of an Internet business is nobody tells you “what to do.” That’s why it’s imortant to use these tools to manage your time and productivity…

109. Download Them All! Save time with this Firefox extension that lets you download all the links from a single web page.

110. NoteTab: Notepad replacement that has improved functionality.

111. Short Keys Lite: Used to save time on typing and repetitive tasks. (The paid version provides additional features.)

112. RoboForm: Manages passwords and completes forms with a few simple clicks.

113. Remember The Milk – Simple software that keeps track of your “to-do list.”

114. Evernote – Capture ideas, reminders and notes to yourself. Plus you can put these notes in a variety of formats that can accessed on a number of computing devices.

115. Time Left: Helps you manage time and stay on track with your current projects.

116. Online Stopwatch: This tool tracks the time you work on specific tasks.

117. Flow Keeper: Another timer that works for anyone who uses “The Pomodoro Technique” to manage their time.

118. Rocket Dock: Make it easy to minimize windows and locate the files/applications that you use most.

119. Teux Deux: Create to-do lists that can be synced between your desktop and iPhone.

Your Turn…

In this post, I’ve listed 119 tools you can use to grow your Internet business or blog (Tweet this.)

Now it’s your turn!

In the comment section below, please add free tool that I haven’t included in this list…

Take Action. Get Results.

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  4. Hey Steve, Check out visualbee.com for creating Powerpoint presentations fast. Just write the words you want on every slide. Push ‘render’ and you get a finished powerpoint in a few minutes…complete with images, fonts, backgrounds…everything! You do need to have MS PowerPoint 2007 or 2010, but if you have it, this is a great timesaver. There’s a premium version that has 15,000 images (3,000 in the free version), the ability to upload your logo and show it on every slide, & another feature I can’t remember now… but for many, even most, people, the free version works will do the trick.

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