Free Report: 111 Affiliate Marketing Strategies for a Six-Figure Income

111 Affiliate Marketing Strategies for a Six-Figure IncomeReal quick today…

Because it’s a sunny, warm day and I want to be outside 🙂

A few days back,  I put the finishing touches on a brand new, free report called:

111 Affiliate Marketing Strategies for a Six-Figure Income


This eBook is an accumulation of techniques I personally use to earn a full-time income with
affiliate marketing.

Here is a brief overview of what’s covered inside:

[list style=”bullet-star” font=”arial” size=”small”]

  • Affiliate Product Selection – How to find the most profitable offers to promote
  • Niche Affiliate Sites – How to build small, but profitable, mini-sites
  • Authority Affiliate Sites – How to make long-term income from a single web presence
  • Affiliate Email Marketing – How to use email marketing in conjunction with an authority site
  • Affiliate Traffic Generation – How to get visitors and different ways to promote a website
  • “Grab Bag” Affiliate Ideas – Miscellaneous ideas, “hacks,” and tips to succeed with affiliate marketing.
  • Total Affiliate Business – How to run your affiliate business like a Fortune 500 Company


I’ve done my best to fill this report with information that will help both beginner and advanced affiliate marketers.   I think everyone will find something useful inside.

Well…that’s my pitch for this report.

You can get more information here: Download 111 Affiliate Marketing Strategies for a Six-Figure Income.

Take Action. Get Results.

19 thoughts on “Free Report: 111 Affiliate Marketing Strategies for a Six-Figure Income”

  1. Just downloaded – not sure how you do it in such a short time (first ebook, now the free book) but definitely amazing content. Thanks a lot for the instructions – I always love to see if I forgot something or need to re-think my strategy.

    • Thanks for the DL. I hope you like it! 🙂

      It is easy to put out a fair amount of content. It is just a matter of working at it each and every day. All it takes is an hour + each day…but you have to be consistent! 🙂

      Hope you like it!

  2. Steve, Fantastic read. I’m considering putting together my first auto responder series and setting up a proper mail list (instead of just dumping everyone into feedburner). And I loved your section on tips for using a mail list. It got my mind spinning with all sorts of new ideas. I would have never considered segmenting my list or resending the same emails out more than once…..and I feel silly, but I hadn’t considered resusing any of my existing blog posts and packaging them up for my readers. Really impressed with the ebook and have told a few blogger friends about it…good stuff!

    • Awesome Geoff! I am glad you are liking it and finding it useful. Also glad you are starting to make use of an email list. It is a long process, and it takes time and effort to really get results…but in the long term it is well worth it. Good luck!

      • Hey Steve, quick follow-up and I apologize if this was answered in the book (if so I missed it in my first read through). Do you have an opinion on which is typically more effective, including a link to an affiliate program directly in your email or a link to a page on your own site with more detailed instructions (or a review) that then links to an affiliate program?

        Also, do you have a feel for whether linking to your own page (instead of directly to an affiliate) increases email deliver-ability?


        • Geoff,

          If I were forced to choose for a single article I would say link to your site with a pre-sell. That will have higher CTR and get people interested, while the other may get more actual clicks to the product (but less targetting).

          IN the long term though you want both. And some emails with no real “sales” message at all.

          The goal is to provide people with good quality free information. Some of which may be (good) products. When you do this the “right” way you can mix in the occasional hard sell with direct links out, links to presells and fully informative articles with a link only as an “afterthought”

          The idea being that different people will respond differently to different messages and tactics and as long as you are “generally” striving to give “quality first” you will keep their interest.

          I hope that is a little bit clearer.


  3. I definitely need to brush up on affiliate marketing, Steve. I’ve read your original report, but of course, reading and doing are two different things. lol

    Enjoy the beautiful day!

  4. Steve

    these affiliate marketing strategies are super solid, and by the way affiliate marketing is one of the best and biggest ways for us to make money online

  5. Wow! Can’t believe you give out such info for free. I’ll be implementing your tips soon. Btw, it seems you are the master in the game of AM. Thanks anyway.

  6. Thanks for this free report! Very useful! I’m very impressed with it Steve, a lot of information in here for a just free report 😉

  7. I’m trying to download my free report that I got when I purchased a couple of your ebooks from Amazon; it won’t let me download it. The page says I’m already subscribed, period. Help?!?

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