Free Research Tool For Finding Hot, Profitable Niches

Today I want to continue our discussion of how to find a profitable niche. Specifically I want to add to my previous two Friday posts about using Google Adwords and Clickbank/Commission Junction to find a niche where you can make some serious money.

So why is this information important? Well, as you’ve heard me mention me a number of times, I’m able to pretty much do anything I want in life because of the Internet Marketing businesses that I’ve created. And in my opinion, the only way you can make this happen is by picking a niche that you know will be profitable.

Overall, I highly recommend that you spend a lot of time researching any niche before you enter into this market. Trust me…the last thing you want to do is waste months, even years banging your head against a wall, simply because you decided to go after a topic that is impossible to monetize.

Anyway, the following video discusses a free tool that combines the research capability of Google and Wordtracker. Take a look at this video and learn another way you can discover hidden, but highly profitable niches…

A Free Niche Research Tool and a Free Niche

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2 thoughts on “Free Research Tool For Finding Hot, Profitable Niches”

  1. Thanks for sharing another informative post Steve. I studies traffic, searches and competition before I started my blog. Even though it is a small niche I am hoping I got it right and when I start my product reviews next week I’ll soon find out!

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Patricia,

      Your site on the wonderful lavender is the perfect example of finding this niche. It is narrow and defined so you can be the “Queen” of the topic with a little bit of work (which you are) and it is something you are obviously passionate about. Truly your work in this niche is an textbook example of what everyone should strive to achieve for a niche website.

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