The Top 10 Sources of Free Traffic – DISSECTED [Traffic and Conversion #11]

How to Increase Blog TrafficIt’s time for another edition of the Traffic and Conversion Series!

The idea behind these posts is to show what’s actually working with my traffic generation efforts.  By following this series you’ll get ideas and tactics that can be used with your online business.

I’m writing this post after completing a seven week cross-country trip across the United States

So I didn’t get a chance to do much in the way of blogging.

Did my traffic go up?  Did it go down?

More importantly, what am I doing to grow these numbers moving forward?

I’ll answer these questions.  Plus I’ll analyze ten different traffic sources for the last 1.5 years – Showing what’s currently working and what’s not.

There’s lots to cover today.

So let’s get to it…

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]July 2012 Statistics[/title]

First lets recap the stats from July:

  • 17,067 Visits 
  • 72.82% Bounce Rate 
  • 1:56 Average Visitor Duration 
  • 4,372 Returning Visitors 
  • 793 Email Subscribers 

So what happened in August?

Here is a screenshot from last month:

Traffic and Conversion - August 12

I use five metrics to measure the “success” of my traffic generation efforts. Here’s how they did in August:

  • 16,835 Visits (1.36% Decrease)
  • 77.07% Bounce Rate (5.86% Increase)
  • 1:32 Average Visitor Duration (20.82% Decrease)
  • 3,746 Returning Visitors (14.3% Decrease)
  • 576 Email Subscribers (27.4% Decrease)

My Shocked FaceI’m not surprised at all by these low numbers.

<– You can even see my shocked face.

These low numbers in traffic, visitor retention, and email subscribers are the direct result of me traveling for the last two months…

…And that’s the price you pay when you basically ignore your business.

The one benefit I got from this vacation is it gave me ample time to think about this blog.  When it comes to, I’ve tried to do too many things to grow traffic.  What I recently realized is the best way to get more visitors is to see what’s working and simply do more of that.

Which brings us to…

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]The Top 10 Sources of Free Traffic – DISSECTED [/title]

We all want more web traffic.  The problem is it’s hard to know where to focus our efforts.  Even worse – It seems like every day there’s a new, “hot” way to promote your site.

So what’s the solution?

I recommend a simple strategy – Follow the 80/20 rule of traffic generation (Tweet this!)

As you probably know, the 80/20 rule states that 80% of your outcome comes from 20% of your efforts.

In regards to web traffic, this means analyzing what’s currently working and doing more of that.

With this in mind, I went back and studied all of my traffic since May 2011 (when I installed Google Analytics.)  In the last year and half, this blog received 349,804 visitors (or 285,283 uniques):

Total Traffic from May 11 to Aug 12What I found was interesting – Only a handful of techniques generated real results..  The rest were a complete waste of time.

Today I’ll analyze ten of these traffic sources.  We’ll first look at the raw numbers.  Then I’ll give you my thoughts on whether it’s worth pursuing in the future.  And finally, I’ll detail a step-by-step plan for what I’ll be doing in the future – In the hopes that you follow my plan.

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]#1 – Organic Search Engine Traffic[/title]

Traffic Numbers:

  • Visitors: 195,988 Avg. Duration: 1:00 Bounce Rate: 83.70%
  • Visitors: 3,311 Avg. Duration: 0:56 Bounce Rate: 84.93%
  • Visitors: 2,648 Avg. Duration: 0:47 Bounce Rate: 88.97%
  • Visitors: 762 Avg. Duration: 0:40 Bounce Rate: 88.85%
  • Visitors: 513 Avg. Duration: 0:45 Bounce Rate: 84.80%

I get a LOT of traffic from Google and other search engines.  Unfortunately the numbers show that your average search engine user is not being engaged.  Usually they come in, read one post, and then immediately leave.  Not good at all!

For the last few months I’ve given up on trying to please Google.  It’s still important to do on page optimization.  Just don’t spend all your time worrying about getting search engine love.  Actually, it’s better to concentrate on some of the other traffic techniques that I’ll cover in a bit.

My Action Plan:

  • Focus on creating great content to get natural links back from other blogs
  • Re-optimize the top posts that get organic search engine traffic
  • Pick one target keyword for each new post and do basic on-page optimization
  • Stop worrying about getting backlinks – Just let it happen naturally

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]#2 – Referral Traffic[/title]

Traffic Numbers:

These are just seven of the hundreds of websites that send traffic to this blog. (I owe a big thanks to these sites…so go check them out!)

I know the numbers don’t look as gaudy as Google.  But these visitors stick around and read my content.  So they’re pretty cool people in my book 🙂

You’ll find that referral traffic is the #1 way to get people to your website.  It’s like getting one person to tell all their friends that you’re someone worth meeting.  Frankly, a personal recommendation is WAY better than any traffic from the search engines.

My Action Plan:

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]#3 – Twitter[/title]

Traffic Numbers:

  • Visitors: 33,984 Avg. Duration: 2:02 Bounce Rate: 73.33%

Twitter is an incredible source of traffic.  The best part is the whole process can be mostly automated.  (This is the primary way I generated visitors to my blog early on.)

I follow a very specific system with Twitter.  So check out my post on how I get 5,293 (automated) monthly visitors from Twitter.   While I’ve changed my tactics a little recently, this article still provides a great step-by-step breakdown of how to get Twitter traffic.

My Action Plan:

  • Keep doing what I’ve been doing (Why fix what isn’t broken?)

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]#4 – Stumble Upon[/title]

Traffic Numbers:

  • Visitors: 11,650 Avg. Duration: 0:54 Bounce Rate: 72.88%

11,000+ visitors might seem a lot of traffic.  Unfortunately these are low quality visitors who don’t stick around very long.  I’ve found they’re scanners – Not readers.

Moving forward, I’m not going to worry about Stumble Upon.

My Action Plan:

  • Nothing.  I’d be cool to get extra traffic from Stumble Upon.  But I’m not going to lose sleep if this doesn’t happen.

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]#5 – Email Marketing[/title]

Traffic Numbers:

  • (1) Visitors: 1,172 Avg. Duration: 3:16 Bounce Rate: 66.13%
  • (2) Visitors: 385 Avg. Duration: 3:39 Bounce Rate: 64.94%
  • (1) Visitors: 76 Avg. Duration: 3:55 Bounce Rate: 51.32%
  • (3) Visitors: 69 Avg. Duration: 2:29 Bounce Rate: 60.87%
  • (2) Visitors: 61 Avg. Duration: 5:35 Bounce Rate: 50.82%
  • …Plus traffic from dozens of other email clients

You might wonder: “How is email marketing a source of traffic?  Isn’t it the goal of a blog to get people on your email list?”

Actually, linking to blog posts is a great way to retain and engage your email subscribers.  They should still get exclusive content through autoresponders.  But it’s also important to let them know about what’s currently happening on your website.

My Action Plan:

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]#5 – Forum Marketing Traffic[/title]

Traffic Numbers:

  • Visitors: 2,463 Avg. Duration: 2:49 Bounce Rate: 71.17%

In the past I was never a proponent of forum marketing.  But my viewpoint changed when I received 1,861 visitors from a single forum thread.  Now I’m starting to see that it’s a viable way to generate web traffic.

The trick is to treat forum marketing as something to do only if you have extra time.  Your average forum traffic numbers are usually pretty minimal.  So your time would be better spent creating content that magnetically draws people in.

My Action Plan:

  • Write 2 to 3 “thought leadership” forum posts each week (if I have time.)
  • Analyze the results and see if this traffic source is worth pursuing

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]#6 –Facebook[/title]

Traffic Numbers:

  • Visitors: 2,463 Avg. Duration: 2:49 Bounce Rate: 71.17%

People love talking about social media sites like Facebook.  Unfortunately it doesn’t provide the flood of traffic that’s often promised.

I’ll admit I’ve been pretty lazy when it comes to Facebook.  In fact, I’ve only started going to this site on a daily basis.  (Check out my page here.)

I’ve found that Facebook is not the greatest at generating new traffic.  Instead it provides the perfect vehicle for re-engaging regular readers (Say that 5x really fast.)  The more you interact and add value – The more you’ll get people to come back to your site.

My Action Plan:

  • Create a “Facebook publishing schedule,” where I plan out my status updates on a daily basis
  • Like and comment on the status updates from my favorite pages
  • Post updates about important trends and ask affiliate marketing related questions
  • Link to new articles on my blog as they’re published

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]#7 – Google Plus[/title]

Traffic Numbers:

  • Visitors: 151 Avg. Duration: 2:12 Bounce Rate: 74.83%

I have to say I’m disappointed with my Google+ numbers.  I’ve spent a lot of time engaging people, making connections, and supporting lots of different content pieces.  All this effort only led to a handful of visitors.

Maybe it’s just me.  Perhaps I’m a lousy Google+ marketer.  What I do know is this site is not a great source of traffic.

I’ll still use Google+ for networking and meeting cool people.  But no longer will I try to use it for traffic generation.

My Action Plan:

  • Post useful content from other blogs
  • Link to new posts on my blog

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]#8 – Pinterest[/title]

Traffic Numbers:

  • Visitors: 77 Avg. Duration: 3:35 Bounce Rate: 70.13%

Here is another complete waste of my time.  I know Pinterest is the new darling of the Internet.  Too bad it’s not a great a source of traffic.

I’ve tried a number of things on Pinterest.  I posted images/quotes full of helpful tips (My VA did these and I think they’re pretty awesome.)  I’ve connected with other Pinterest users. I’ve re-pinned till my eyes were bleeding.  And I regularly post images on this blog and my other social media accounts.  The end result is a whopping 77 visitors.

Again, my lack of results might be due to bad marketing on my part.  Perhaps Pinterest is not the right fit for the IM/blogging market.  What I do know is it’s not worth my time to worry about getting traffic from Pinterest.

My Action Plan:

  • Continue to post “tip images” to Pinterest
  • That’s it.

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]#9 – Blog Commenting[/title]

Traffic Numbers:

  • Visitors: 148 Avg. Duration: 2:58 Bounce Rate: 53.38%
  • Visitors: 211 Avg. Duration: 1:58 Bounce Rate: 63.37%

It’s actually really hard to track traffic from blog comments.  Usually all you’ll see is that you’re getting traffic from a specific website.  But it won’t say if it’s from an internal link or from a blog comment.

So the best I can do from an “analytics standpoint” is to look at the stats where I know that 100% of this traffic is from a blog comment.  Like &  Overall, I’m pretty confident that I’ve received thousands of visitors through blog commenting…I just don’t have the stats to prove it.

Blog commenting was how I generated the first visitors to my blog.  Way back when, I commented on 5 to 10 blogs every single day.  Eventually this strategy snowballed into some pretty decent traffic numbers.  So I know it works!

I no longer use commenting as a promotional strategy.  But I still read 20 to 30 blogs a week and try my best to leave a comment whenever I have time.

Here is a post if you’re interested in blog commenting as a traffic source.   While the formatting of this article is god-awful, it does provide a good step-by-step plan that I’ve successfully used in the past.

My Action Plan:

  • Nothing.  Just leave comments when something really catches my eye.

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]#10 – Podcasting/YouTube[/title]

Traffic Numbers:

  • Visitors: 54 Avg. Duration: 3:00 Bounce Rate: 55.56%

This one is pretty silly – I’ve known about the traffic potential of podcasting and YouTube for years.

So have I taken action? 

Not at all.

I did have a YouTube account at one point. But it was shut down because one of my videos had the words “make money” in the title.  Love you too Google!

With all that said, YouTube and podcasting can be real game-changers when it comes to traffic.  In the next few weeks, I’ll start posting quality videos to my channel.  (Till then, click here to subscribe, and be one of first people to check out what I’m doing.)

My Action Plan:

  • Create a format for my videos
  • Post 2 videos per week to my channel
  • Integrate YouTube with other social media channels and this blog
  • Start learning about podcasting.

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]Your Step-by-Step Traffic Generation Plan[/title]

This post covered ten different techniques for getting traffic to your blog.  As you saw, there are only a handful of strategies that produce actual results.  My advice is to follow the 80/20 rule and concentrate on the traffic techniques that actually work.

I’ve just detailed the plan that I’m following.  Perhaps you should do the same:

  • Post 1 to 2 quality blog articles each week
  • Target one keyword phrase for each article
  • Write one guest post per week (Check out this webinar to learn how to do this.)
  • Build up a Twitter & Facebook account that engages people while generating traffic
  • Create a strong multimedia channel full of excellent content (YouTube or Podcasting.)
  • Integrate this multimedia content into your blog and social media accounts
  • Build up an email list where you send awesome content – Including updates on your latest posts
  • Do forum marketing and blog commenting only if you have time

Listen… I’m not a fan of bullshit marketing tactics.  It’s easy to get distracted by the bright, shiny objects on the Internet.  My advice is to find what’s currently working and then focus on that.

Looking back over the last year and a half, I’ve had a few traffic strategies actually work.  So I’m not going to waste my time on things that sound good on paper – But never work in the real world.

Instead I’m going to follow a step-by-step plan that’s focused on getting results.

Care to join me?

Comment below…

Take Action. Get Results.

60 thoughts on “The Top 10 Sources of Free Traffic – DISSECTED [Traffic and Conversion #11]”

  1. I love how you dissect and analyze all these traffic sources. Usually, they’re just listed without any stories of the author’s experience with them. I think your way is much more motivating. The numbers inspire me to take action on the methods you were most successful with.

    Most of my sites are niche sites and my search engine visitors are my best visitors, but for IM sites I can see how referral traffic is a million times more valuable.

    My favorite part is your traffic generation plan. I’m so bookmarking this post and referring back to it. You just saved a bunch of people months of testing and analyzing – thank you for that!

    • Thanks Jessica…glad you stopped by!

      Search engine traffic is definitely good for niche sites. But I would caution to not put all your eggs in one basket. Google is particularly moody – One day you’re getting traffic; then suddenly they don’t like your site and you lose all your visitors.

      Anyway, let me know if you have any questions about traffic.

  2. This sounds like a solid plan – very similar to what I’m trying to do for my blog. Especially with the organic traffic – I sometimes check the Google keyword tool to see what keywords would work well – but I don’t want to just throw up a post on something if I don’t think it’s going to provide value to human readers.

    Looking forward to seeing your progress on these plans!


    • You’re definitely right. While keyword research is important – You don’t want to write an article just because it fits a particular phrase. At the end of the day, it’s about writing content that people want and enjoy.

  3. Steve,
    Wow you just saved us all so much time and aggravation with a traffic plan that we can already see what the results will be. Thanks also for including links to actionable content that I will need in order to learn how to implement them. In answer to your question…YES I’m coming along and I call “shotgun”!

    • Awesome Tim 🙂

      There are definitely some traffic sources that are complete wastes of time. Hopefully this article will prevent some people from making the same mistakes I’ve made.

  4. You know, I was never really a big fan of forum marketing either. Until I decided to post something and got some traffic, but also 50 or so subscribers from a single forum post.

    Unfortunately it’s a bit time consuming. But if you do it right it certainly has its rewards (I guess like anything else :)).

    • I agree Eugene. Forum marketing can be a viable source of traffic. But I’m still unsure if it’s worth when compared to some of the other *proven* techniques – Like guest posting.

  5. Hey Steve,

    Awesome post! When I first started my blog, oh about 2 years ago, I used mainly blog commenting as my main traffic source and it did work.

    Also, like you, I have neglected my blog lately, and my traffic numbers have suffered because of it.

    Twitter is something I have not really used at all to drive traffic and I think it is time to try it. Ana from TGC and now you have both mentioned using twitter as an automated traffic source. I guess I have to pay attention now, because automated traffic sound great to me.

    Of course, each blog is different and you really do have to do the research to find out what is working and what is not. This post is a great guideline to follow for those of us who haven’t spent the time researching our traffic numbers.

    Thanks for sharing Steve and have a good one!

    Ian from IM Graphic Designs

    • Twitter is definitely a way to get decent traffic – Without spending a lot of time. The key is to make sure you’re providing great content and linking to stuff that’s not self-serving. I’m in the process of refining my Twitter strategy; but it can get a lot of traffic if done correctly.

  6. Hi Steve,

    This is awesome dissect of your traffic sources! I think guest post is the best type of content marketing to bring in traffic (on top of great post on your own blog that get linked naturally)! I need to squeeze more time to get this going!

    I am currently doing more videos and hopefully to build up more YT subscribers and channel the traffic from there. There is huge potential with video marketing 🙂 The downside is Youtube belongs to Google and I have had a few of my accounts shut down in other niches without reason (at least I am not aware… and can’t find out from Google because they only refer me to the terms and condition page, lol…)

    • Yeah, YouTube (like any Google property) is pretty touchy. I still don’t know what I did to get my account shut down. My new strategy is to provide an insane amount of quality content, in the hopes that they’ll give me the benefit of the doubt if they don’t like the topic of a certain video.

  7. Great stuff here, Steve. As one of your students just getting off the ground, you sure did shortcut a lot of trial and error (by months!) and taught me right where to start. I appreciate the value you deliver in your posts! Thank you!

  8. Hi Scott,

    It’s interesting to note that the majority of the time, the same techniques work for traffic generation across the board – just as you stated, quality content, guest posting, social interactions, you tube, podcasting – those are the “buzz” activities of traffic generation.

    You even went a step further and showed how well they work and how to make it even better –

    Awesome post and worth it’s weight in gold.

    Thank you for sharing – Have a great weekend!


    • Thanks Christine!

      Yeah, like in sports there are certain fundamentals that always work. Sometimes it’s easy to forgot about what actually works and get sidetracked by the sexy new traffic that people love writing about.

      Anyway…have a great weekend yourself!

  9. Hey Steve, great overview and I appreciate the transparent-ness. Google +. I have found with Googe + is that building relationships has more to do with spreading out the love and making it known to the author that you are doing it (but you probably know that since Twitter works a lot in the same way).

    Now, I am by no means a google+ expert but what has worked for me is to target a select group of people I’m following (I have a circle that’s named “people I genuinely like”) and every day I go through this circle to see if there is anything I can comment on, like or share.

    When I find a great article online, I will not only google + it but also take the time to mention the author’s name and if I have time, write up something about it.

    This has worked well for me in developing relationships with like minded people and helps me form kind of like a circle of people who I want to get closer to.

    • Hey Leo,

      I DO like the circles feature and putting people into groups is a great way to sort information…So Google has that right. But I’m still not convinced it’s a traffic generation tool.

      Wonderful for networking. Bad for traffic.

  10. Hi Steve, thanks for sharing your sources of traffic. You definitelly must try one new thing – Triberr. It’s the platform for bloggers for sharing posts on social networks (especially on Twitter).
    You can learn something more on my two articles:

    It’s working if you are a member of some active tribes. If you want to get invitation to my trybe (it’s not so big, but it’s active), please let me know about it (via Twitter or in comments on my blog).

    And I also have one question to you. How many new visits do you have from #2 – referal traffic (but only from mentioned blogs)? I’m very interested about it, because sometimes this rate is very low, and sometimes very high…
    BR and have a nice weekend!

    • Hey Chris,

      Thanks for the additional content on Triberr. To be honest, I didn’t find the site to be worth my time. I’ve added the members of my old tribe to “regularly re-Tweet.” But ultimately it didn’t work out as a traffic generation technique.

      Perhaps, I’ll rethink it in the future. For now, though, I’m going to stick to the stuff that brings a massive amount of traffic.

      I’m not sure about the specifics for new people from referral traffic. Some of my guest posts have only generated 10 people. Others (like Adsense Flippers) brought me almost 900 visitors. I think ultimately it comes down to the audience and how much traffic the site gets.

      I’m hoping to figure out a “system” for finding a quality site for guest posting. If I unlock this; I”ll definitely write up a detailed post on this subject.

  11. Hi Steve,
    I’ve been spending some time recently exploring marketing on Pinterest. What I’ve learned about the demographics suggests it might not be a good source of traffic for the IM market. 90% of the users of Pinterest are women who are really interested in fashion, shopping, home&garden, etc. Your traffic stats show that the visitors you get from Pinterest are pretty good ones, there just aren’t very many.

    Great article and you’ve laid out a really helpful plan. Thanks.

    • Definitely agree with you here! Pinterest is an excellent tool for some marketers…I just think it’s the right match for me.

      My brother (who does a lot of physical product stuff) gets tons of visitors from Pinterest.

      So I guess it really comes down to what you’re promoting.

  12. Your results are similar to mine in terms of where my best traffic comes from. Google Search and Referral traffic are my two biggest sources of new traffic. Twitter/FB can be good — depends on the month.

    Your G+ results are not surprising at all. I completely abandoned it.

  13. Hi Scott,

    Overall, I really enjoyed your analysis and will try to put it to the test!

    BTW: Another thing to keep in mind concerning the “Decrease” is the time of year. A number of folks go on vacation (like yourself) and are away from their computer and/or are in a relax/non-work mode and don’t want anything to do with computers.

    Just my 2 cents…


  14. Surprised to see Facebook lower down on the scale than Twitter, I’ve seen so many people have such great success with FB. Still, I think it’s possibly a case of “different strokes for different blokes”, what works for one person and one way of working isn’t necessarily true for someone else. My action point to take away from your post Steve is to start doing Twitter better, thanks for the advice!

    • Hey Daryl,

      I do agree that FB works for many people – It just hasn’t worked for me lately. But I’m working at it every day…Hopefully I’ll come up with a decent strategy without spending hours at it every day 🙂

  15. You have not even mentioned article marketing. Especially, the ezinearticle way. Is it really dead or you just did not try it ? I am asking it because another respected internet market (Whom I followed apart from you) still drives leads and traffic through it. And he highly recommends it.

    What are your thoughts on it?

    • Article marketing worked like gangbusters for my affiliate site. Unfortunately it’s becoming harder and harder to make work. With that said, I’ve heard a lot of good things about building a network of ezine publishers who will regularly publish your articles – The trick is to make them 1200 to 1500 words and full of excellent content.

  16. I have learned so much by reading your blog. It always amazes me how much there is to learn in your every post. Thanks for always sharing your knowledge.

  17. Hi, I’m a newbie so really appreciate you sharing your sources of traffic. I haven’t been inspired to use twitter as yet to drive traffic, but your post has inspired me.

    • Thanks Hep. It’s definitely important to analyze your traffic and see what’s working for you. Results are really different for every person – So it’s important to a regular breakdown of your traffic.

  18. Hey Steve, there are 2 things I can see from your analytics: you have quite high bounce rate (around 70%), and still, the average visitor duration is quite long (considering high bounce rate). So this tells me (and proves to you) that you have quality and useful content. That’s why 25% of all visitors are returning visitors. You should work a bit on reducing the bounce rate, try some testing and see results after that.

    • Marco – Definitely working on reducing the bounce rate. I seem to get most visitors to stick around (besides the SEO traffic). But there’s always room for improvement!

  19. Great post. All these techniques helps a lot to get more traffic to your website. I am using all these techniques except E mail marketing. This time I will implement this technique also so that I will get more traffic to my website. Thanks for sharing such useful information with us.

    • Agen – That’s good that you’re using everything on this list. But I would definitely get on the email marketing thing. It’s been the #1 factor for the success of my Internet business.

  20. That was another exceptional post from you. What makes me keep getting back here again and again is because of those direct to the point strategies that helps me learn something new.

    • Awesome Arwin! Glad you’re finding this stuff to be useful. I found that taking a look at your traffic stats is the quickest way to identify what’s working and figure out what you can do to take your site to the next level.

    • Hey Ana – Definitely agree. Some traffic sources are not worth the hassle. What’s surprising is I’m not really missing the lack of search engine traffic. My time on page and email subscribers went up after I got hit with the Penguin update.

      I did see that income report…great job! It’s cool to see you’re taking a proactive approach to generating income.

  21. Hi Steve…

    How you count traffic from twitter?
    I got something wrong with my blog… I use clicky to track my site, but doesn’t show twitter as referrer… that also happened with my blog (twitter traffic doesn’t showing up on my wp dashboard)

    Even I tried to create link manually from my twitter account then click my site… didn’t show as referrer…

  22. Hi, I have a personal blog. But, I am not having the targeted traffic to my website. How can I solve this problem. I just commented on some blogs and created some forum profile. But, they are not so much effective. I know, here is many expert available in this blog. Any suggestions from admin or any other will be smilingly welcome. After all nice post. Thanks.

  23. Hi Steve.

    This is another fabulous article about web traffic. I have got my own interesting observations to make. You rank twitter pretty high basing your observations on google analytics which is very fair. My experience with twitter was somewhat different. I was using twitter very frequently with one of my websites My google analytics data showed that I’m hardly getting any traffic from twitter. The biggest trouble I find with twitter is that everyone is following 300+ and that your tweets hardly get noticed. Initially I thought that I needed to increase the number of followers. But engagement is going down with the increase in followers. I fully understand why twitter may not work. I myself follow more than 200 people and do not notice what my followers are really doing. My newsfeed is clogged with tweets and I receive tweets every few seconds. My mind just doesn’t comprehend what is going on. I have had more engagement posting the same things on Facebook groups NOT my Facebook fanpage (because then I need to pay Facebook to let all my fans see my post which is ridiculous).

    I fully agree with you regarding Pinterest.

    I will give guest posting a shot.

    Thank you so much.

    • Prasenjeet — It’s good to see that you’re analyzing traffic to this level. Ultimately, you want to figure out what traffic strategy works best for you and then try to maximize your efforts so you’re getting better results. That’s what I do with pretty much every aspect of my business.

    • Not a whole lot… I’d say 8 to 9 hours. Maxmimum. Usually my weekly total is about 30 to 35 hours. But really concentrated, without a lot of slack between tasks.

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