How to Earn Full-Time Internet Income… Even if you Have a Full-Time Job

I want to talk about something that’s always annoyed me.  In fact, sometimes it really pisses me off.

Working from Home- Full-Time IncomeWhenever I meet someone and talk about my Internet business, I often get the “It must be nice to work at home and lounge around” comment.  Recently I even had a person say that there is NO way I could replicate my success if I was forced to work a full-time job and earn an income from the internet at the same time.

Holy sh*t, this comment angered me!

I actually had someone tell me that a successful online business is NOT possible for anyone who works full-time.

So today I’m going to throw down the gauntlet!

This post contains the secrets to making a full-time income from the internet even if you have that regular 9 to 5 job.  As I wrote it, I imagined what it would be like if I only had ten to twenty hours a week to focus on my Internet business.  The result is I’ve included only the absolute critical steps to your success.  I’ve eliminated all the crap and left you with the bare essentials for creating a full-time income.

Okay, let’s jump into it…

Start By Building an Email List

I have a feeling when I die what’s going to be written on my tombstone is “Build an Email List!”

Well, actually, that’ll be in addition to “I Drank What?!?!?”

I know list building is a topic I’ve beaten to death on this blog.  But there’s a reason for it!  If you create a quality email list, you can make a full-time income even if you’re only working a few hours a week.

Example: For seven months I traveled through Europe; barely working more than fifteen hours a week.  In actuality I spent about three hours on the stuff that made most of my money.  I was able to do this because of the large email lists I’ve built in my niche market.

Email marketing works because YOU control the web traffic. Target a certain niche and use your list as a platform for talking about this topic.  You make money by adding value to their lives while promoting products that make you money.

I know there are a thousand and one ways earn money on the internet.  But you need to focus on getting the biggest bang for your buck!  Don’t waste your time chasing after those small dollar amounts that aren’t worth your time.  Instead build a list and connect with a core group of people who will be interested in your offers.

“Provide Quality Information” The secret to email marketing is giving quality before asking anything in return. Each email should contain valuable content….even if it’s making you money.  Write helpful articles.  Give links to video and audio.  Redirect people to a helpful post on your blog.

Bottom line.  Make your email stand apart from anything that’s in your market.

Offer a Kick-Ass Lead Magnet

Oh yeah, I forgot to add another thing that’ll be written on my tombstone: “Offer a Lead Magnet.”

A responsive email list starts with your lead magnet offer.  This is a valuable piece of content given away in exchange for a person’s name and email address.

“Make it Stand Out” Make the lead magnet ultra-specific and valuable.  Since you don’t have a lot of time, I recommend focusing on what will truly help people in your niche.  Give away the farm with this freebie.  Make it light years ahead of what’s normally offered in your market.

Focus on the biggest problem that many people encounter.  Then go out and create an extremely valuable piece of content that fixes it…for free!

Don’t waste a lot of time talking about the problem.  Instead, jump right into the solution.  Help them overcome this problem and they’ll become loyal list subscribers.

To speed things up, you can use a program like Camtasia and/or a video camera like the Kodak Zi8 to create a video that walks people through this solution.  Many people love video.  You increase the perceived value of your lead magnet by offering content in video form.

Focus on Cash Flow

Dedicate a large portion of your time towards income producing activities.  You need to create content that’s specifically designed to make money.  This can include a number of things:

  • Writing Emails that promote affiliate products
  • Designing hybrid affiliate pages that teach while preselling a product
  • Creating an eBook that you sell for a premium price
  • Offering a consulting service
  • Recording audio/video content that promotes a premium item

This might sound over simplistic – You make money when you present an email list with an offer.  That’s why it’s SUPER important to create content that’s specifically designed to earn income.

Promote Quality, Premium Products

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  It takes as much effort to promote a $10 eBook as it does a $100 (or $1000) product.  Your time is valuable.  Spend it promoting things that provide a nice chunk of change.

I’m not saying only promote high-ticket items.  Just recommend a few products with a sizeable sales commission.  Or at the very least, market products with an upsell option and/or recurring revenue.  This makes it so much easier to earn a full-time income with a limited amount of time.

Get on your Soapbox (and STAY There)

You need one platform to speak with your audience.  Not dozens.  It’s easy to succumb to the temptation of trying different traffic methods.  In reality, you only need one to create a full-time income.

Many full-time employees fail with Internet marketing because they lack focus.  They’re told to try a bunch of different things and end up stretching themselves too thin.  We’re now at a point where you can specialize in one traffic method to completely dominate a market.

For instance, here are a few platforms that make the perfect soapbox:

  • Article Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Podcasting
  • Search Engine Optimization

There are many people who have built a full-time business from one of these techniques.  So I know they work.

Sidebar: You probably noticed I didn’t include blogging.  Personally, I don’t think blogging is a good platform for someone with limited time.  To make this technique work, you need to dedicate a crazy amount of time on tasks that don’t add to your bottom line.  That’s why I’d recommend the previous five platforms instead of this one.  You might disagree with me.  But try blogging for a year and you’ll see it’s not easy to earn a full-time income.

Start by experimenting with these traffic techniques.  Measure each and see which provides the best return on your time.  Then go large with this technique.  Focus on just this site and learn everything you can about using it effectively.  Your ultimate goal is to create a system where you’re driving hundreds, even thousands of people a day to your lead magnet.

Example 1: If you’re getting results with YouTube then become the “YouTube Master.” Promote the heck out of your video channel.  Connect with others on this site.  And do everything you can to get your videos in front of thousands of eyeballs.

Example 2: If you’re getting results with article marketing, then create a step-by-step system for creating ezine content.  Dedicate your time to cranking out article after article that all point back to your squeeze page.

The same goes for other traffic techniques like podcasting, PPC, and search engine optimization.  All have the potential for driving massive amounts of traffic.  All you need to do is become an expert at this one particular technique.

Now, down the road you might want to diversify your traffic sources.  However this shouldn’t be done till you’re getting great results from the first technique.

80/20 Your Entire Business

The 80/20 RuleYou have a lot on your plate.  Between your full-time job, family obligations, and hobbies; there aren’t enough hours in the day.  That’s why it’s important to never waste time.

As your business develops, it’s important to regularly do a 80/20 analysis.  What’s 80/20?  This is a technique where you identify those key areas that get the best results.  It’s known that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.  My suggestion is to completely focus on those few tasks that generate the biggest return in your online business.

“Do an 80/20 analysis on a monthly basis.” Break down every single task and measure the results.  You’ll find that some things work really well.  Others are a complete waste of time.  My advice is to eliminate/outsource the things that don’t produce measurable results.  Then solely focus on the important stuff!

Track Everything.  And I Mean EVERYTHING!

How do you know what’s working and what’s not?

The answer is tracking.

It’s absolutely critical to measure everything in your Internet business.  This lets you know what’s working and more importantly, what’s not working.

Track your web traffic.  Track your email marketing campaigns.  Track your affiliate links.  Track your opt-in rates. And track overall web stats.

These are all critical to indentifying what’s getting results in your online business.

Get started by using a free site like to do tracking.  And then move on to a premium program like AdTrackZ when you need in-depth analysis of your web stats.

Plus, take advantage of sites that have built in tracking.  With email marketing, you should use Aweber because it lists a bunch of stats for your messages.  You can easily measure the performance of every email and know what’s working with your list.

Another tool to use is Clickbank Tracking ID.  I love Clickbank because you can track every affiliate promotion on an individual basis.  All you do is attach a Tracking ID to each affiliate hoplink and you’ll know what’s making you money.

Use Automation/Outsourcing to Maximize Results

Your core genius activities must be the focus for your Internet business.  These are the few things that you can do better than anyone else.

At first your core genius will be content creation.  This is what separates you from other people in your market.

Eventually though, you’ll want to move towards managing your business.  NOT doing the day-to-day stuff.  You’ll still do some content creation.  But the majority of your time should be invested in running your Internet business like a well-oiled machine.

Everything else should be automated and/or outsourced.

Example: We’ve discussed that YouTube is a great place to generate traffic.  The trick though is to get that initial exposure to a core audience.  This means automating the process of adding friends and getting people’s attention.  Don’t do this yourself.  You can use software to accomplish this.  Or hire an outsourcer to handle what’s basically a lot of grunt work.

At first you might not have the money for automation and outsourcing.  My suggestion is to reinvest the money you make back into your business.  Honestly, this is way more important than any material possession you could buy.  With automation and outsourcing you’re able to focus on the activities that’ll exponentially grow your Internet business.

Consume ONLY Relevant Information

Learning Internet marketing principles is an important activity.  But don’t was a lot of your time on it.    In fact, eliminate everything that’s not directly related to the next skill/tactic you’re implementing.

Example: Let’s talk about YouTube again.  Only read things that help you improve your video marketing skills.  Nothing else!  That way you can learn something new and immediately apply it to your business.

What about everything else? If you’re worried about “losing” valuable information then I suggest using a Tickler File.  This will contain everything else that might be important in the future.   Then only visit it when it’s immediately applicable to what you’re presently doing.

Example: If you read something about Facebook, put that into a Tickler File.  Only read this material when you’re ready to kick some butt with Facebook.

Be Ruthless with your Time

Funny Time Management PictureI’ve had more than one person accuse me of being too strict with my time.  Well, I have a good reason for it!  Mastering your time is the quickest way to produce measurable results with an Internet business.  This is especially important if you’re only able to dedicate a few hours a day.

As I’ve said, the 80/20 rule should control all your Internet actions.  Track every bit of time that’s spent on your business.  Then consistently make improvements to this process.  Your goal is to become 100% in the zone for ALL aspects of what you do online.

“Create time blocks.” Schedule time blocks for your Internet business.  In fact, set an alarm that measure how long you work on each project.

Example: I give myself exactly an hour and a half each day to write my information product.  Since my time is limited, I make sure I maximize it.  This is a great way to be motivated when I’m not in the mood to write.  Once that buzzer goes off, I immediately stop writing and move on to something else.

You don’t have to be as nutty like me.  But it definitely helps!

Just remember that it’s not too hard to achieve success if you break tasks down into specific, measurable periods of time.  As the management guru Peter Drucker once said, “What gets measured, gets managed.”

Time blocking is a great way to stay on track when most of your productivity is spent on “the other job.”

Attention: ALL Full-Time Employees

I’m not saying it’s easy to work full-time while building an online business.

You’ll be stressed.  You’ll encounter a lot of obstacles.  And maybe you’ll experience a few sleepless nights.

It will not be quick.  It will not be simple.  But it is possible to earn an income from the internet.

Hopefully this post can help.

The main point I want to make is you CAN create a full-time income by only working a few hours a day.  The trick is to focus on activities that get great results and be a complete nut-job when it comes to how your time is spent.

I know you can do it and I wish you the best of luck!

Take Action. Get Results.

65 thoughts on “How to Earn Full-Time Internet Income… Even if you Have a Full-Time Job”

  1. Hey Steve, guess who has to go back to work full time? Me. Nice timing on the post, I start back next week. Lots of great tips in here, and the biggest tip is probably the 80/20 rule. I would also like to start outsourcing all the little things I used to do myself.

    In the end though, the amount of spare time we have is always relative. When I started my website I was working full time. I wished I could spend all my time on it because I knew I would get a ton more done. But when that really happened, I still felt like I had no time! Crazy!

    I have made great progress this last year working full time on the blog, but am looking forward to being able to invest some cash into it and see what else I can accomplish!

    • Sometimes it is a case of nature abhorring a vacuum. When you have MORE time you find ways to fill it. With less time, you obviously cannot get ‘as much’ done, but you can certainly get more done on a “per hour” basis.

      I do a lot more now than when I was traveling through Europe, but when I was doing that I was really strict with my time, I had about a max of 4 hours a day and really only did the important things. Even then I managed to get most of the growth of this site done during that time period. It is all goals, focus and 80/20.

      Keep at it, I am sure you can succeed if you handle the things that are important. A blog is a really long term plan anyway. I think it is the most difficult and the most rime consuming of all the models. But even part time you can make it work.

      • Hi Steve/Susan:

        This post was just what the doc ordered. I work the 9-5 and initially found it dreadful trying to do everything. But as you said Steve, be ruthless with your time is right. It really takes some focs and dedication. And my avenue is blogging! I have had to completely focus on relevant tasks that help improve the bottom line. I can honestly say that for bloggers who work FT, your tip about automation is HUGE. Anything that can be automated, provided it does not interfere with human interaction can save your life. For bloggers, I also suggest opening your blog up to guest posts which will help you maintain top quality content.
        Hope this helps a bit Susan and Steve, again, thanks for the great tips.

        All the best,

        • Lisa,

          Plug-in may be the toughest road to hoe. But it is still possible to make it. At least I certainly hope so! 🙂 it does just take a lot of extra work effort and of course… patience

          of course focus automation and all the rest really all and the whole package of being successful. Thanks for your comment, it certainly added some depth to the conversation!

      • I’m actually hoping I will be able to do better only doing it part time. Not only will I be able to outsource the tasks that don’t directly increase my business, but I am hoping that a little time away will keep my passion and my desire to succeed strong. I bore easily, even with the things I am passionate about. In the long run, going back to work will be a good thing for me!

        • it all depends what you can handle. Anyone who can put in a near full days work after a full day’s work should be successful one way or another just because of sheer, “drive”

          Sometimes that type of effort it takes to really be successful. It is certainly hard to pass any sort of employment in this economy. Just do your best to keep the drive going and get it going anyway!

          By the way good luck in your new job! 🙂

  2. Whoever wrote that misguided comment is full of crap. I built my web development business while working a full-time job, and quit the job once I could no longer balance between the two. From there it went on to be a 6-figure business with 9 employees, all within a year and a half. And to build that I used nothing but online methods, minus the blogging. I focused on getting customers, period.

    As you said, with laser focus and some serious time management you can totally build a business with a full-time job.

    If they want more proof just go to my freelancing site: – and listen to the interviews there. More than 60% of those folks (who are now very successful) built their freelance business while working a full-time job.

    I’m done.

    • Rant noted… and I agree.

      I am willing to concede it is A LOT easier to get things done if you have the time. But you can cut things to the bone and have a solid degree of success with less time. Part of the problem is that many people who fail use blogging as their primary method of making money.

      Blogging takes a ton of effort to be successful. More than anything else I think. like anything you COULD get successful blogging only part time by a combination of luck, skill and hard work. But it is harder

      Just because someone has not succeeded blogging or with whatever they do as their money making effort does not mean they are focusing properly or doing the things that really need to be done.

      Thanks for the great comment, as always, Robert

  3. I completely agree with Robert. I also built an online business while working a full-time job. As you both say, it’s all about focusing on what matters, and being ruthless in blocking out distraction.

    I think the problem that many newbies have is that when they don’t see immediate progress, they start filling their time with activities that give them a little psychological boost, but don’t contribute to building their business (like watching the latest Frank Kern video).


    • Yup! I agree absolutely. Success is never “instant” and a lot of it is building for things down the road. Often people may get discouraged when they are getting close to the point where they are close to “breaking through”

      Everything n the internet certainly falls under the heading of, “Rome not being built in a day” it takes time and focus to succeed. There is a lot of noise out there and it becomes easy to lose focus and switch targets prematurely.

      I will be the first person to say that it is not easy to create a successful online business while working full time. But impossible… I think not. As you and Robert and about 5-6 other people I can think of who are currently making or starting to make an online income can attest to

  4. Gee – bang on article Steve!

    I think that people say things like “You can’t make a full-time income while working a full-time job” because it gives them an excuse not to follow their dreams. If they have an excuse then they figure they can’t look back on their life and wonder what they could have done.

    When you think about all the time that many of of waste playing online games/videos games, watching television, drinking, and doing other pointless things – everyone has a little extra time in their week. If that time was spent doing something else (like building an email list) people would be amazed at the things that they can accomplish!

  5. Steve, I actually came to this post through the e-mails you sent 😉

    When it comes to non-believers, just yesterday I saw my “money making online idol” Lisa Irby post on her Facebook a comment she received saying basically that she is lying to people that she is living from her online business.

    Lisa has been online for 13 years and if anyone is making money it’s her. People don’t believe because they don’t so it right and then they think no one can do it.

    I also read a book or two of yours last week and I can’t believe people are still doubting what you write. I mean if you were lying, it would mean you are building each and every post on a lie, which would be hard to do even for a natural born liar, lol.

    Anyway, I can’t seem to build a list so I will have to focus on that. I have a great book that I am giving away but people are not signing up. Go figure, lol.

    When it comes to blogging as a source of income I agree with you , it is not a good way to do it.

    And to conclude my comment, I actually built a money making niche site while working full time.

    So to support your recommendation. If you want to make money online don’t try blogging, try other stuff.

    • Brankica,

      I actually don’t thing she was saying I was lying. It seemed to me the point was that to an extent I got, “lucky” and couldn’t repeat the effort if I started over today, since most of my methods do take A LOT of work to bear fruit.

      I may still be doing what I like, and enjoy some freedom, but I still put in a lot of long days and a significant amount of effort. When I was first getting started it was working during the day and then adding in another 8-9 hours AFTER my full work day.

      It is not easy. For a person also balancing family AND work it can be damn hard, but it seems to me to be a bit of a cop out to just say, “it can’t be done”

      Building a niche site really is a great way to go… specifically when you have limited time. Even a consistent 2 hours a night, every night toward building a niche site and affiliate marketing will get an appreciable return in a few months time

      Thanks for the great comment and support Brankica!!

  6. Great article Steve!

    I really enjoy the information you give because I can use it, it’s not just fluff.
    Blogging is indeed a hard way to make a full time income. I’m using my blog to build my email list, and also using it to sell the product I create.

    I want to spend more time building email lists in other niches. What would you recommend as the best way to do this? Youtube?


    • I am kind of “just” getting started in youtube again. I still get a fair piece of youtube traffic in my other niche from “old” stuff I did. But my “gut” feeling on this is that youtube is a GREAT way to go about doing this. Specifically if you use it to funnel people toward your product.

      If you are a little bit creative and have a personality (a little bit better than me, at least) you can really make some memorable stuff and have people flock to your brand over time.

      I would couple it with some article marketing, and a free give away (lead magnet) for each other niche, but yes, I think using video as your primary method can be a really powerful way to generate that list. You just need a free, “reason” for them to go to the site and sign up after they watch the vids.

  7. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for the wonderful article!

    This one is major for me, because I am currently working a full time job & working on building my own business. I hate when people say that working from home is for lazy people, or anyone could do what you do. The fact is that most people cannot handle what it takes to run a Internet business. I can tell you that it’s surely harder to maintain than my 9-5. Icould do that in my sleep & it also pays pretty good, but it’s not my passion.

    I often work 40 hour weeks and that many times leaves me with little time to work on my online business. Many night after work my body feels beat & tired, but if one day I want to only be working for myself I have to push.

    Since my time is limited it’s best for me to focus on what is important like you said. I always try to focus on the things I know are showing me positive results. Then I try to figure out how i can maximize on those results.

    I know you might bite my head off after this, but I never track anything. Since the day I have started my business. The reason for me not tracking is because my first time around I was never pleased with my stats. It was a major downer even looking at them. I’m sure I could progress fast, but then at the same time if I’m not progressing fast enough there’s room for disappointment.

    Thanks again!

    God bless,
    William Veasley

    • Well, since you recognized it… no head biting.

      BUT…. obviously it is something you want to look at. tracking is pretty important. It is the whole 80/20 thing. How can you know what is really working (so you can do more of) against what isn’t working.

      Somewhere there is a balance. I may look at the numbers TOO much. There is much more to it than stats and numbers, but at some point you need to get a hold of things and see what works. At least that is my feeling. See no head biting. 😉

      If stats bum you out maybe it can be like losing weight. you don’t want to do it too frequently, since there will always be minor ups and downs. But over the period of something like a month, it can give you a good opinion on wether you are headed in the right direction, and likely give you a warm feeling if it is moving in the right direction.

      Don’t let lack of improvement bum you out, use it to figure out what works and GET some improvement that can really skyrocket you in the future. It is like the old saying, a “anything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

  8. I agree that blogging is not for who very busy with full time job. It surely needs many time to finally make decent many from blogging. So, you are right that we better use other marketing technique if our full-time jobs consume most of our time.

    • Thanks Dana,

      is certainly not impossible to succeed at blogging part-time, at least I think not. But does greatly increase the level of difficulty. Perhaps putting it outside the reach of many people’s patience. But blogging something you REALLY love to do than a little bit of extra time and energy shouldn’t be the death to a dream.

      If it is just making money online you want the other marketing techniques are certainly the way to go, at least until you have the luxury of making a blog in addition to the other techniques.

  9. Hey Steve,

    I think it is justified to be pissed off at such comments from those who prefer to make and lean on excuses instead of using that time to take action!

    I think the problem is not so much that people work a full time job, but rather that they do not use the time they have after that. If people can stick to official work timings and then make good use of the rest of the evening, without wasting it on watching television and doing other wasteful stuff, many things should be possible.

    Especially for those who do not have to work extra hours on their full time job, there should be no excuses at all!

    When I work on my business initiatives over the weekends (while managing an over-time work all through the week), I work my but out – even more than I do on a weekday! If I wanted to give an excuse, I can find ten!

    Again, having an Internet businness is by no means easier than a full time job. And as regards the question of whether one can build a full-time Internet income while still having a full-time job, I’m going to be yet another person who will prove that it is possible.

    Agree with you that blogging is not an easy means, certainly not the ideal thing for those who are working a full time job. I’m working on something, slow but steady, which I plan to have out by the end of this year, and I’m looking forward to it giving a solid kick start to my journey towards a full-time Internet income.

    Now who was it who said it cannot be done? Tell them to keep an eye on my blog, where I am going to outline every significant step as I get there and prove them wrong!

    PS: Thanks for that email… I was about to hit bed when I saw it.


    • Nice reply Mark! I certainly look forward to your success! None of it is easy, but some people manage to work two fulltime jobs to put bread on the table. THAT person may have a tough time to find time for a 3rd time sink, but anyone else it is just a matter of wanting it bad enough.

      Of course luck, timing, connections, innate talent and other things all are factors. There is no guarantee for success. But working -the right way- 4+ hours a night should be more than enough to build a sustainable income over time. It won’t be easy, but it will be possible.

      Thanks for your comment and you have a good night now… (or day when you read this)

      • Well said, Steve! Certainly, when there are those who can find time for two full-time jobs out of necessity, why shouldn’t everyone be able to spend a few hours on financial independence if the’d want it? That is, if they really wanted it!

  10. Hi Steve,

    Excellent post. Here’s how I would have returned the comment: “Must be nice, working in an office setting and have everyone telling you what to do, everything set up for you. ”

    Being ruthless with your time and consuming only beneficial information are 2 key takeaways.

    The gift of life is time; don’t waste it by engaging in activities that won’t benefits others and help you make money online. In addition, you have to leave behind people who might no be progressing at your rate. This doesn’t mean not to support those who helped you along but if they are posting the same exact How To posts for a series of days or weeks it’s time to put a few new influential blogs in your reader. I had a tough time with this one because of loyalty issues but when I realized that what I feed my mind is most important it because easy to let go and grow.

    Stay on your soap box. Like forever. Nobody respects a jack of all trades. We seek authority, and an authority sticks to one things and gets REALLY good at it, to the point to where they impress the pants off of us.

    Stick to your basic but powerful tips and persist like heck. Keep at it and yes, you can generate a substantial income from home while holding down a full time gig. Thanks for sharing your insight Steve and have a powerful week!


    • I think most of the people that give snide remarks probably do so out of jealousy. Although sometimes they bug me I try not to let that get to me too much, since I am quite happy doing what I do and I would hate working in some cubicle again.

      You also make some really good points about authority. After all that is important thing in the age a specification being the authority XXX is important even if it is incredibly narrow and defined, it is essential to be “that guy” when people are looking for information on the topic.

  11. Steve,

    This post is specifically addressed to me! I work full time. I want to build an online business on the side. This is something that I’ve been wanting to do. So I started a niche blog. And, everything is coming so slow! Well, I’m new to this online business /affiliate marketing thing.

    I know for a fact that everything you said in this post is true. Just last Friday, I earned $65 bucks. In the US, that’s already a day’s minimum wage! How I did this? You already said it in this post – I got a handful, literally handful, of email list. That $65 is small.

    I see the potential. If only I go deep dive to my 80/20 Analysis and do my home-work, that $65 could be $6,500.

    • There you go! $65 in commissions is a great start. It is all about scale. With 1000 people you can expect maybe 100 people to “look” at the offer and if it is fairly well targeted 2-4% buying is a fairly decent return. When you get a list of up to 50,000 people the health you’re looking at some pretty healthy numbers of purchases even with a small percentage buying.

      As long as you treat your list right and give them quality offers and the prodigious amounts of purely “good” information, they will be there for you for a long time.

      Great to hear you made a couple sales and gotten started on the great list. Good luck going forward!

      and for sure you can easily turn that 65 and 65,000 overtime by just keeping at it. Remember in my main niche, where I have a TON of subscribers, I have been doing it for FOUR years. 🙂

  12. Steve,
    One other thing and this is from a sucker who worked for someone else my whole, long life. Whey you are an employee, control is only an illusion. Whenever you think that life- and your job is perfect, something you don’t know about and certainly cannot control can change it with no notice.
    No one- and repeat – NO ONE should be fooled any more about job security and control of your life until and unless you have your own business. And you need look no further than Steve for both a demonstration that it is possible and amazingly- and for free- he will tell you what to do.
    That’s my rant. I was stupid for 30 years and clueless for 7 more. Now I am taking charge. Don’t be as stupid as I. Wake up.

    • Thanks Ralph.

      Make a great point. With the current economy is hard to be secure whether working online, off-line and honestly even for yourself. It only thing anybody can do is to try to take as many steps as they can to have backup plans, backup plans for the backup plans and maybe most importantly take as much of the load on the your own shoulders as possible. If I fail I want to fail because of myself not because of somebody I work for was not doing their job.

      Thanks for the kind words Ralph I always appreciate hearing from you!

  13. Hi Steve!

    These are valid points and yes – I have a full-time job 🙂

    To be honest, the tracking part has never been my strengths but I want to change that – thanks for pointing out some resources related to it.

    I also feel that coaching has been one of the best things that enable me to achieve more. I’m accountable for someone doing the tasks we agreed, I get to focus on right things and I get the feedback (which enable me to take corrective actions if needed).

    • Thanks for the comment, Timo

      It Is great to hear. working full time and make success is not easy but as you show it certainly is possible. Coaching or a network or having other people hold you accountable is a great way to help get you across the hump in the hard times.

      Thanks for dropping by!

    • Thanks for the great tips. The comments offer a ton of help as well. I am in focus mood as well. I am a teacher, but working quite hard on my online business, so I can be home with my boys all the time. I love it, love it, love it. I will be sure to be back here for more help from everyone. One day at a time with continued effort will pay out. Thanks a million.

  14. Thanks for this post, Steve. I must admit I am a complete newbie to the whole affiliate marketing thing. I also work a full time job, go to school, and have two kids, one of which is less than two weeks old. I am trying to use a blog, squidoo, and article marketing to build an online business but so far I’ve only seen trickles of traffic.

    This post gives me hope that if I can really focus my efforts I can make it online and quit my day job. Thanks!

    • Daniel,

      I know it is a lot of first learning all the ways to make money online. With a full-time job, learning the ropes, and obviously a lot of necessary family time it certainly won’t be easy. But it can be done!

      The only thing I would suggest is narrowing your focus a little bit. It can be tough early because there’s something to be said for throwing “stuff” against the wall and seeing what sticks. But once you get a little bit of experience under your belt it will really help to attack a small narrow and defined area, work to you really start making some regular money (not a ton…but regular) and then spread out.

      I feel you might be spreading yourself thin by trying to do blogging, Squidoo, article marketing and hopefully (my favorite) building a list for the future.

      On saying is make sure you really focus on the things start to work for you slightly and expand them to ever greater and greater levels. Good Luck and congratulations on your new child!

  15. I can attest to this – because I work 50 hours a week and still put in nearly 50 hours into my own online business ventures.

    It’s taken me quite some time because only being able work at night does restrict me from dealing directly with clients but you can’t let something like time be a crutch forever; you have to get down to the work because that’s the only way you’ll get forward with your ideas.

    The soapbox thing is brilliant – almost arrogant – but I love it. For the next few months, I plan to become the ‘expert’ in PLR articles which I want to convey through the posts I have on Murlu and the quality of work I deliver on the PLR site.

    Working a full-time job and doing both? Yup. It’s that hustle. If you don’t got it than you can’t really complain – just saying.

    Gotta put in the time.

    • There you go! From one of the single most productive people on the internet. Even if people only worked HALF of what you do they would experience some degree of success if they stuck with it!

      It ain’t easy. It ain’t simple. It ain’t pain free. But it ain’t impossible.

      Thanks for the comment, Murray, as always…you rock!

  16. Hi Steve

    I came across your site today through a retweet and am glad to have found it. Your “be ruthless with your time comment” is one that I need to work on.


  17. Hi Steve,

    I completely understand why you get so angry when you’re faced with those kinds of comments and attitudes. In my opinion though, I don’t think you should worry too much about it.

    Let’s face it, the kinds of people who say those things probably make excuses for everything in their whole life. They think that saying something can’t be done justifies their complete lack of backbone in taking charge of their own life and creating the life that they want.

    I think when people say these things to you; you should just listen politely, smile and walk away. Spend your time making a difference in the lives of people who want to learn from you and forget the naysayers. 🙂

    I love this post. You’ve really cut to the chase here and prioritized what needs to be done to succeed online. It doesn’t get any better than this. 🙂

    Have an awesome day!

    • Thanks Jazz,

      I am glad you liked the post, and I am sure you are right, it is certainly good not to worry too much about what the “naysayers” say. There are not too many of them and I am sure more will come out of the woodwork with time as the site gets larger.

      I know in my head it is something I shouldn’t worry about, but sometimes it gets under my skin a little anyway. Anyway, it is cathartic to rant a little every so often. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment and have a great day!

  18. Steve, this was, without question, exceptional brother. Love your clarity, love your focus.

    Like you, I get tired of people thinking making a living online is easy, when in reality, just like everything else, over 90% of the people that do it fail miserably.

    That’s what I like about you Steve. You practice what you preach. You live your words. And you’re a dang good teacher.

    Thanks for the constant value.


    • Marcus,

      Thanks! I appreciate all the kind words. It makes me feel good. Very nice of you to say. I am glad you find the content good and agree with the fact that none of it is a walk in the park. The possibility is there, it just is not easy.

      Have a great day!

  19. Steve,
    Great article. I like what you said about ‘time blocks’. I also love what you said about ‘focus’. I have a new term I’ve incorporated into my daily activities to help me state focus. It’s called Galatic Laser-beam 3000. When you think about the power of a magnifying glass, if you hold the focus long enough it will burn a hole in a peace of paper.
    And a laser as we all know can cut through steel, hence the term “Galatic Laser-beam 3000. I write this down and periodically look at it and helps me to say focus!

    • Jackie,

      I like it. Thinking of that kind of powerful focus is awesome. People can do just about anything when they really set their minds to it. It is all a matter of thinking of ways TO do it rather than ways to “avoid” doing things.

      Galatic laser beam 3000. Nice. Great mantra! 🙂

  20. good articles steves,
    i am interested in SEO building and web traffic track, it is very difficult now to get more traffic since google has changed algorithm in searching by caffeine methode.
    My site has more than 1k visitors a day but in new one its very difficult, especially in SEO and SERP.
    But like you said i must try to get internet business and work in home even you are busy in your work!

    • I know what you mean. There is a definite small drop off from long tails due to caffeine. They added a small notch of difficulty, but it is still not impossible, it just takes that effort. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

  21. Steve,

    This post is like speaking to me. I actually came here from your email. Talk about a post that gets attention. It’s one of those posts that keeps me coming back to your site 😀

    I totally understand that it isn’t easy having a full time job while managing your own business. This is a downright honest and straight to the point post. I have to agree with you on excluding blogging from your soap box. It isn’t easy. Right now I’m still trying to get the hang of the 80/20 and the one method that works for me. I think time management remains the biggest issue for me but it can’t be an excuse.

    Love the “time block” idea. Got to try that one!

    • Time management certainly can be an issue. Specifically for those with really limited time. I can certainly see the difficulties. None of this is a walk in the park. But with time management, “time blocks” (glad you like the idea) and 80/20 it is possible.

      Possible never said it was easy though, there is certainly some “butt” busting involved.

  22. Hi Steve:

    Is it the weather or just your business results what is making you so tense to get you angry. You are the coolest guy in the net working group. You are the only who makes a decent income. You are the one who knows how to behave in a certain situation and now when you know how to handle life something made you angry.

    You got so many comments on this post. March is around the corner and things will stat improving. Keep on moving in the right direction with a smile, you are the chosen lucky one.

    By the way post is awesome, well written and in detail to explain everything.

    Take good care of yourself

    Fran A

    • Haha, you made a good point. This article did get a good response. maybe I should get a little angry more often… rant are sometimes well received. 🙂

      Glad you liked it Fran! Have a great day!

      • Hi Steve:

        And all the time rant becomes a habit to know. I did not read your post on Monday, as I was too busy, and money night when I read your email, I felt bad.

        So I had to write this comment, you are okay and get the most response as usual.

        Wonderful keep up the good work.

        Fran A

  23. Hey Steve, you are so damn right, I too hate those that keep assuming I actually stay all day lounging around and doing nothing.

    Anyway, lists as far as you tell us works, and everyone can write a couple of articles daily or do some videos to get traffic to a squeeze page where you could build your list. This can surely be done even if you have a full time job.

    I read your post and I know that this has to be something to read twice in order to really imprint the information in my brain.

    One thing I really liked is “Create time blocks”, where you are so right, giving yourself time for completing tasks can definitely improve your productivity, because I don’t know how others works, but deadline sure spurs me to push harder and work faster. Of course, you have to believe it, for example if you don’t finish something in the time allotted, you can continue it later, but rather it will be included in your workload from the next day.

    I really have to apply this in my case.

    • Thanks Alex,

      Having time to get all the 8 billion things done to succeed helps. But it just helps. As they say nature abhors a vacuum and diligent people can find that if they have 3 hours to do a task it takes 3 hours. Limit the same task to 90 minutes only and it can often be done. If you give yourself too much time, you fill it!

  24. I sometimes wonder if your “Start a list” comment is being directed at me. It sure feels like it at times, and I’m working on it. I’ve started to design it using MailChimp, which is free and has a lot of tools to design the forms, do different campaigns (manual or a automated sequence starting with the first email), and WordPress integration. So far, looks good, just need to load it up with some content and maybe develop or find a lead magnet to include (another point you seem to be directing at me!)

    This would be a great series to follow up with or even creating a full blown course. Ramit Sethi has a course on Earning 1K which is geared towards full time workers looking to earn a bit of side income. He’s charging nearly $1000 for that course (which is starting up this week for anyone who is interested). Of course, it would take a lot of time and effort to finalize that. Maybe a goal for next year after your book is completed.

    • Haha, not directed d at you per se… but if you know you need to do it I will keep being a thorn in your side…

      I have actually taken three +1000 dollar courses in the years that I have been online. Two had some good information, one was pretty bad… well pretty bad for the amount of money.

      I do try to parse out a lot of the information I have learned from these courses over the course of many of my 14-20 part posts. and of course in my eventual (april?) eBook. I am going to see how trhe (maybe 60$ eBook goes before trying any massive and time consuming course, but surely that is an option and on my mind for the future…maybe 2012-2013 when I have even more to say and more experience/network to draw on.

  25. Steve,

    I especially like when you said “Provide Quality Information”. I’m learning that if I give first, and sell second then I’m more successful. If, I do more then what is expecting of me, makes my clients sticky to me. Also, I need to be different from everybody else. Being unique has it’s own attributes.

  26. That is absolutely true Steve there is no reason why you can’t make money online even when employed fulltime i and in fulltime employment and still make money no great amount but for the time i spent i know it is possible. Very encouraging article.

  27. Be ruthless with your time – epic. I like that a lot and already employ that in my routine. Everything I do is chunked out on a schedule that I rarely stray from because to do so would send every deadline crashing into the next. Once you get a feel for the typical unforeseen sidetracks you learn how much margin of error to build in.

    Getting on your soapbox is also sound advice. We can’t expertly carry out relationship building and promotional campaigns on every platform out there. We can master a handful or fewer and just learn those methods inside-and-out.

    It’s better to be a master of 1 or 2 angles than mediocre at 6 or 7 (with lousy content to show for it). Don’t spread yourself too thin!

  28. Hi Steve,

    “block of time”, is resonating in my brain. For an example, today while working on my website, my daughter asked me to watch the twins for a couple of hours. Of course I did. In the interim I was thinking about what I had scheduled for that “block of time”.

    The beauty of what I do now, even though I had designated a specific block of time for a specific task I wanted to complete today. I was able to spend time with my family (the twins) and then, later finish the task I wanted to have completed by today.

    Sure, I deviated from my original plan for today, but sometimes you have to be flexible. That’s why I love what I do, because of the freedom that it gives me!

    • Jackie,

      Of course you have to be flexible. That is the beauty of wokring online. It doesn’t usually matter “when” you get your block of time. Just that you get it. It is funny, but being strict with the amount of time you spend on a project I find actually allows you to accomplish more on it, because you force yourself to be stricter with your time.

  29. Great post Steve and good advice for others. I’ll add a +1 that it is possible to make a full time income online while working a full time job. I did it with Amazon Associates working an hour, two or more each day until I hit $1,000 a month, then $3,000 a month and then $6,000 per month when I got fired in Oct 2009. Then in Dec I hit a record $13k (at that point I was happy I got fired when I did lol).

    Nice post

    • Hey Chris – Sorry for the delay on this…missed some comments while traveling.

      I think you’re a classic example of how to generate income while in a 9 to 5 job. I remember listening to your intro podcast on the subject and it seemed like you were really following the 80/20 rule – Where you just did the things that generated income.

      It is amazing how many people get started online while working a 2nd job. You can definitely do it you’re willing to ditch the TV, and other crap, and focus on what needs to get done.

  30. If you could have video taped me this week it would have been a great addition to this article.

    I had two nights in which I slept only 1 hr

    I called into work sick so I could work on my Blog today shhh

    I’ve been working on my Opt-Ins throughout the day

    It’s tough really tough sometimes.

    You said blogging was not as easy as the other methods as far as online income is concerned.

    I’m writing keyword rich articles that are search engine friendly and are Written with the reader in mind. I intend to build a list as best i can and promote affiliate offers in my posts or via email. Is this not a good approach?

    • Hey Frank — Sorry for the delay. For some reason your comment ended up in my spam bin.

      It’s definitely stressful to have to build a business while working the 9 to 5. But it does sound like you’re on the right track. You’re definitely on the right track. Writing SEO articles is good…and building an email list that promotes affiliate offers is even better!

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