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Here is the list of posts in the Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint.  Be sure to read each lesson and add each traffic strategy to your regular activities.  I guarantee if you follow this system, you’ll increase the number of people who check out your blog:

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      1. HI Scott,
        I really love your site and content. I completely agree with your no BS statement. You provide such valuable content that you should charge for it. But for folks like my who can’t afford it at this time, I am very grateful and will definitely pay it back, via referrals, buy future products when I can afford it. I would like some advice. In your income trilogy report, under the section regarding developing writing skills. You suggest finding an editor. I don’t know any “wordsmiths” personally so if I contract out to someone to edit my articles is there something – some verbiage that I can send to them so that my articles won’t be stolen? I mean, if they it does there’s nothing I can really do about it but would like to have it stated at least before I sign-up with their services.

        Mahalo again.
        Fred Jumayao

        • Fred,

          Well, I would say -at first- it is probably fine to have friends/family edit. It is not so much catching the real “professional” mistakes as it is things your eye skips over.

          Eventually if you want an editor one of the many sites ranging from something loose like Fiverr to more organized, like elance.

          -Might help you out some.

          Anyhow there is going to be “some” level of trust you need to develop. I would say it is important to screen the reviews of the person you will hire to make sure there are no “negatives”

          After that periodically spot check using something like “copyscape” to make sure there is no copyright infringed material up there.

          That is about all you can do, at some point, if you do not have a rel-life connection that can help you have to build an online relationship with someone and hope they are trustworthy.

          Most major freelancers would not risk having a person rip them apart in comments (and ending future hires) for being shady

      2. Thank you very much for all this valuable advice. I will try out your tips and tricks one by one over the next couple of weeks in my open research project on best practices to increase blog traffic. The aim with this research is to identify the key most effective and efficient practices to increase blog traffic. So far I have already tested some of the tips and had some surprising results. The dedicated blog for this research is located here:

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