Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint [Week 1]

I’d like to welcome to the introductory lesson of what’s called the “Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint.”  This will be a weekly course on how to skyrocket the amount of traffic your blog gets on a daily basis.  As you already know, every online business needs web visitors.  In this series, I’ll detail the exact steps for taking your blog to the next level.

Today I’m going to give some background on blog traffic – Specifically I want to answer a few questions you might have about this series.  Then next week, we’ll cover what I consider to be the most important aspect for building massive amounts of traffic to your site.  Are you ready?

Do We Walk the Walk Instead of Talking the Talk?

First and foremost, I’d like to show that we know what we’re talking about when it comes to blog traffic.  Right now, this site gets an average of 1100 visitors a day, with an Alexa ranking of around 60,000.  I know these numbers aren’t setting the world on fire.  But I think it’s a good start, since I just spent the past seven months traveling and only had enough time to focus on creating content.

Right now, my primary goal is to double, triple, (even quadruple) the amount of traffic this site gets.  And the better we do, the more we’ll be able to teach in this weekly series.

Steve, Why Are You Saying “We”?

You probably noticed I’m using the word we instead of I.  The reason is my brother Gene (and my virtual assistant Soniya) help with a number of tasks related to traffic generation.  In fact, Gene has taken over a couple of jobs that are vital to the success of the Steve Scott Site.  Moving forward, we’re going to be working together on the strategies that’ll be discussed in this series.  Some articles will be written by me.  Others will be written by Gene.

Bottom line is it’s going to be a joint effort between two brothers.    Perhaps it’ll even give Gene that extra nudge to start posting more about his experiences as a newbie Internet Marketer.  Trust me, he’s got some great ideas I haven’t seen anywhere else.

How Many Hours Per Week?

The statement I’m about to make is going to make a lot of people upset.  I feel you can’t build a successful blog unless you’re willing to spend at least 20 hours a week on it.  Here’s how I’d break it down:

  • 8 to 10 hours on content
  • 7 to 9 hours on traffic generation
  • 3 to 5 hours on long-term strategies (list building, info products, and networking)

This might seem harsh, but I don’t think blogging is for everyone.  I’ve been doing Internet marketing for almost seven years and this is the most challenging business model I’ve ever encountered.  Seriously, if you want to make money from blogging, then you better be prepared to work your ass off!

On the other hand, if your time is limited it might be better spent on building a long-term affiliate marketing business.  This series will be a 20+ week journey for increasing blog traffic.  I guarantee it’s not going to be easy.  So please take some time and really think about how much effort you’re willing to put into your blog.

What’s Required?

This series will follow a very simple format.  Each post will detail one strategy for building traffic to your blog.  We’ll do our best to give information in a step-by-step format.  You won’t find a lot of worthless theory.  Instead you’ll get information you can use right away!

To get started, I’m going to ask you to do three things:

#1- Know your Baseline

To improve web traffic it’s important to know your baseline.  Right now, go to your web stats and write down how many visitors you get on a daily basis.  Then go to Alexa and record your current ranking.

These stats aren’t the ultimate measure of a site’s success, but they give a decent indicator of where you are at the present moment.

Stats are important because they’ll measure how successful you are at building web traffic.  The numbers don’t lie – Either your traffic is increasing or it’s decreasing.  Hopefully this series will help skyrocket these numbers.

#2- Create a Daily Log

As you work on blog traffic, it’s important to keep track of how much time is spent on individual traffic strategies.   You’ll discover some methods work really well, while others don’t.  Recording what you do on a daily basis will help you discover the activities that are getting results.  Then all you need to do is an 80/20 analysis and focus on what’s working best!

#3- Track Everything

It’s equally important to know where web traffic is coming from.  Like I just said, some methods work, while others will tank.  You won’t know this until you pay close attention to web stats.  I urge you to measure each source of traffic you’re getting and see which methods attract the most attention from visitors.

A Quick Story (With a Recommendation)

I’d like to end this introductory post with a quick story…

I started this blog back in January during one of the darker periods of my life.  To make a long story short, I just ended a very toxic relationship and was living alone in an apartment that was constantly bombarded by giant snowstorms.  To avoid having my life turn into a bad version of The Shining, I focused all of my energy into this blog.

What I haven’t said before… EVER… was I gained a lot of expert knowledge about this business model from the people at Blog Success.  In fact, a lot of what will be discussed in this series originally came from the material I learned in this membership site.

I never mentioned this because I quit the program right before leaving for Europe.  I knew I would have zero time for learning, so I didn’t want to maintain a subscription that wouldn’t be used. Ultimately, I don’t think it’s fair to promote something I’m not personally using.

With that said, I rejoined Blog Success last night and I’m really excited to see what I’ve missed in the last seven months.  In this series, I’ll be applying some of what I learn from this resource, but I definitely recommend you check it out on your own to increase your blogging knowledge.

In Next Week’s Lesson…

Okay, we’ve covered the preliminaries.  Next week, we’re going to talk about the cornerstone of all successful well-trafficked blogs – Content.  I know you’ve already heard about the importance of content. However I urge you to pay close attention to this lesson because I’ll be covering a lot of basic rules I see many bloggers breaking.

See you next week!

Take Action. Get Results.

40 thoughts on “Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint [Week 1]”

  1. Hi Steve,

    This is another interesting post that I could not help but want to read. Blog traffic is important to any blog and I enjoy your candid sharing on the business.

    I like how you will detail one strategy per post. That way it isn’t too much to grasp in one sitting and makes it easier to absorb.

    I definitely look forward to next week’s post on content.

    Thank you for sharing this article!

    • Glad you liked it! 🙂 Hopefully this should have a ot of good information. Some stuff you know I am sure and others where maybe you don’t.

      One of my topics (to tease, but not to give it away) is the importance of leaving at least 15-20 solid quality comments a day on different sites. Having seen you comments here and on other sites…i am sure you (and almost commentators here) grasp that 100%.

      But it is something very important to someone who wonders why they are getting no one to find them.

      anyway…i hope everyone continues to find it interesting and informative…thanks for the comment.

  2. Hi Steve,

    I’m looking forward to your tutorial.

    Interesting how you note one of the key motivators to your blogging success. Life’s trials and tribulations often lead to dramatic new growth. I had a similar experience a while back that caused me to channel my creative energies. The universe puts certain people through the darkest of days to shine the brightest for others.

    Thanks for sharing the breakdown and have a powerful day!


    • Agreed.

      I also think that it is not the “salad” days that make a person who he is but the failures, learning experience and “dark times” that really make us grow and thrive.

  3. 1000 visitors per day is pretty damn good, but what is a reasonable revenue level for a blog of that magnitude? Is expecting $1000/month a reach?

    • You know that is a good question. I actually do not have a great answer for that. Likely not as much as you might think. I am sure 30%-35% of that are spammers.

      I like to say 30%-35%, because that is my bounce rate.

      One thing I really haven’t done yet is monetizing this site. In fact the “blog success” link to the right that i put up yesterday is the first direct link I have to any form of monetization. I have made a little bit so far from the few aff. Links I have mentioned in posts. But TBH it has been less than I spend on outsourcing and upkeep.

      If someone had that level of traffic in a site that was a little more focused AND they were more aggressive with advertising… I would think 700-800 wouldn’t be unreasonable. I don’t “get” that level yet -or anything close- because I am still more worried about quality, so it is a wild guess, but I think that would be the outer edge of what could be “possible”

      …. without infoproducts and affiliates

  4. Hey, Steve!

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted a comment on your blog. I guess I have a few days worth of stuff to catch up on, but I’m glad I didn’t miss the start of this new series that interests me a lot.

    Well, 20 hours is certainly not going to work out for someone like me who is already spending more than double of that on a full time job and balancing a number of other priorities as well, but I’m certainly in, and will do the best I can with the limited amount of time that I will have to make for this.

    Keep up the good work!


    • I feel like I have been, “behind” on my own blog even. I fell a couple days behind in comment responding, and have been “catching up” all morning.

      20 hours is a lot, i know. I am sure you can succeed with less, but it will be very tough. Mainly it can take a lot longer.

      Active traffic generation is a big part of the 20 hours …coming and commenting on blogs a big part of that “traffic” generation time, so you may spend more than you realize.

      • Actually, 20 hrs is less if it is for making your blog a full-fledged business. It’s just that I do not have that amount of time to spare, given my current situation.

        But, you know what? I am being the tortoise in the race with the rabbit. Not that I’m in any race as such, but the point is that I’ve seen so many blogs come and vanish, but I’ve held on to mine long enough and I don’t see myself every letting go.

        Like you said, it’s going to be slow for someone not putting in at least 20 hours, and I am ready for that slow growth. The point is, it’s going to be growth anyway, adding to something big in the long run 🙂

        May be I should write a guest post on your site, about blogging, from a totally uncommon perspective – that of someone who is juggling it along with a full-time job? What do you think?


  5. Hi Scott:

    Very good topic of the post that everyone can use. I am eager to read the full series, As knowing about traffic is never enough. Your formula to check the no of visitors makes sense, and will give an idea of the number of visitors minimum required to keep it going.

    Thanks for the info as always.


    • I do find a lot of comfort in stats. It doesn’t matter if you are at 10 visitors a day, 100 visitors a day or 10k or 100k. The important factor is that you are doing actions that have all the metrics are pointed in the right direction. Last time I mentioned my numbers I had been around 900 visitors a day. Recently (as I said) it has been 1100. Next time I bring the figure up hopefully it will be around 1400.

      In my mind there are two stages, growing or dieing. A site with 100 daily visitors increasing is better than one with 2000 visitors going the other way.

  6. Hi Steve,

    I truly appreciate this series. I know it will be very helpful to me and to others.

    I totally agree with your saying you must work hard. It’s definitely is not easy. I think 20 hours a week is something I will work toward. I like how broke down tasks and assigned the total hours that we should spend on a certain task. I’ll definitely print this off.

    I haven’t been watching my stats a much lately, but you have given me the drive to examine them closely to see what needs work.

    I look forward your upcoming articles in this series.

    Take care,


    • Evelyn,

      Hopefully there will be some useful tidbits you will enjoy. I know you are a pretty successful blogger yourself, so much of it will be stuff you know, I am sure.

      IT never hurts to be reminded of things like going over stats and working on blog growth activities, like guest posting. (something I really need to start doing more of)

  7. High five for a great post, Steve! I think you nailed it with your time recommendations. I think I’m an extreme case and I spend around 8 to 12 hours a day working on my blog. Yes, a day.

    I don’t work on content creation every day, but it probably averages out to be around two hours a day. Most of my time is spent on promoting my blog, with the rest taken up by my own learning/education. Oh, there’s definitely product creation time in there, too (ebooks, etc.).

    I think we’ve reached a point in the blogosphere where the market is pretty saturated. In order to stand out and be noticed, you’ve really got to be doing something spectacular. Luckily for us, though, there are relatively few people out there spending as much time on their blogs as you or I spend. Quality is the great filter, and people are hungry for true quality content.

    Here’s another way to look at it. There’s something of a quality famine spreading through the blogging world, and people will naturally be drawn to you if you’ve got a buffet set up.

    Another awesome post, Steve. Keep it up!

    • Tristan,

      LOL, i don’t want to scare people off, but to REALLY have a shot at success your numbers sound reasonable. You may be able to get “decent” results with less…but to every Really make the list to strong B list/a-list I imagine those hours are needed, sooner or later.

      20 hours is a baseline. Some people can have *some* success with less but around 20 is the low end of what I think is a decent shot at the golden ring.

      You make a really good point on saturation. Once upon a time 20 hours might not have been needed. You write good stuff and somehow word got out. Now you need to have your quality, “buffet” AND go out and actively work to advertise it.

  8. Hi Steve,

    What makes your advice stand out in my mind is that you are specific. For example, I really appreciate how you broke down the amount of time it takes to create a successful blog. This really gives food for thought! Thanks, I look forward to the series.

    • Glad you found it useful Sandra! Thanks for your comment! I certainly hope you do find the series beneficial. I will certainly try to keep ensuring that there are some very specific and actionable items rather than just simple, “write better” posts, where the message is 100% true, but no help is given on how to make it happen.

  9. Great stuff, Steve!

    I am looking forward to taking the journey with you. I’ve been blogging now for about 19 months (76 weeks, give or take) so another 20 weeks to really get into the traffic lanes is a no-brainer for me, particularly in light of the fact that I plan to blog for a long time. 🙂

    One of the keys for all of us is to take action upon what we learn. Time is likely the chief hurdle for that but somehow things just have to happen.

    Thanks for offering up this valuable content and sharing a part of your life with we readers.

    All the best, my friend. 🙂

  10. Steve, that’s awesome that you’ve got this series going on – I actually had a traffic series in the works as well so it’ll be interesting to see our two approaches 🙂

    Equally awesome that you’ve got Gene and the VA on assistance; even though the blog comes across as a one man band – you’ve got the support on the backend. Which reminds me; I hope Gene will be able to launch in time and I’m sure once the two blogs are up and running the traffic will really take off.

    Great work on the traffic – appreciate that you’re honest about the numbers and that’s certainly nothing to scoff at – 1,100 visitors a day is really awesome!

    • It will be nice to see yours too. I bet we cover a lot of the same ground, but perhaps in different ways. There are only so many, “right” ways to do things. Sometimes there are aspects where there ARE more than one way sometimes not.

      Twitter is one way I know we attack a little differently. I want to form better connections there for more traffic, but i also fear getting too “bogged down” on there…so I like Numbers and I know you go for more real quality interactions (which i don’t think is bad…just not my strong suit) Of course I still say the “best” way is able to do both..20k followers and a very nice core that you have a connection with!

      I have actually been very happy the way the blog has grown. Leaving on a trip not long after I started it and going from like 200 + visitors a day to 1100 while traveling is something I am proud of. The numbers are not “shocking” good, but they continue to steadily climb, which is what I see as the REALLY important thing, since I am a firm believer in the fact that any business is either growing or dieing.

  11. Hi Steve,

    Thanks my friend for this post. Traffic is crucial to the success of every blog. I currently spend around 28 hours a week working on my blog, which is equal to 4 hours a day, so 20 hours is doable for me 🙂 I really look forward to this series Steve. My goal is to get 5,000 visitors per day by the end of next year. I hope that I can do it by following this series 🙂

    • There certainly seems to be a point where things speed up. I was growing slowly for a while and then suddenly my growth spurted and I have seemed to be growing faster. So 5k a day may certainly be possible for you.

      It is ambitious goal, but one worth shooting for. 4 hours a day seems like a very good breakdown for time spent. Just about perfect in fact. It shows you have real dedication. Putting in that type of work cannot fail to produce some results too! 🙂

    • Oh…BTW Dia. I think my comments have been going into your spam folder for a while. I just did another and it also seemed to disappear. I think if you “approve” one from spam this problem should go away

      • Hi Steve,

        Wow, thanks for pointing that out to me my friend. I just checked my spam folder and I found that I have many comments from various people. I’m not sure why they went to my spam folder. I’m getting more comments that I thought I was. I will check my spam folder daily from now on. Thanks Steve for pointing that out to me, really appreciate it 🙂

        • haha,

          Glad I could be of help. I “thought” it was happening a little bit ago. I would go to an article and think, “I thought i commented on this one” but then thought maybe I just RT’d. But decided today that if I saw it disappear it would HAVE to be the case

  12. Hi Steve,

    Its so exciting for you and us readers. You are in a really good position to teach us on getting more traffic. Looking at your visitors per day. Thats a long long way for me to reach that. I am hopeful that i will learn something from you starting from next week. In fact i am learning in every post you come up with.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Thank Lye,

      Hopefully I will have some very good tips for you all! 🙂 The only think important is that you grow all the time. following the blog traffic methods should almost guarantee that! It is just a matter of time and keeping at it!

  13. Can’t wait for the meat Steve! I am loving your site and tips and love to see a new post when I am trolling through my reader! BTW, sorry to hear about your break up – you put your feelings and passion into building something great though. You should be proud of what you’ve built here.

    • Thank you Susan! I really enjoy your kind words! I have definitely enjoyed this blog so far. I have had a great time building it up and I am glad you appreciate it! 🙂

      Thanks for the awesome comments and I hope you keep enjoying the content!

  14. Thank you very much Steve, for mentioning about the 80/20 rule in blogging, where 80 percent of our traffic arrives on 20% of the content. I found out about this when only several of my blog posts receive traffic while others don’t, so just want to let you know I really looking forward to read this entire series 🙂

    • Hopefully there will be some more good tidbits coming for ya, Mike! 🙂 The important part is to use that to replicate more of the 20% “good stuff ” of course…don’t forget!

  15. Steve: Congrats on your blogging success. I thought the tips you shared here about tracking who you are doing and spending a sufficient amount of time working on your blog was all very helpful information. I think it is a good reality check so that we really understand what is required to have a great blog. I am really looking forward to this series. Thanks for passing along some really great intel.

  16. Great article Steve and great numbers too.

    I think you hit a big nail on the head in this article and that is, to have a serious blog, you need to be putting in at least 20 hours a week. Which I think has to be a given. I don’t think too many people realise that. Indeed I didn’t appreciate just how much time it takes to ‘maintain’ your site, rather than develop it.

    I think keeping a daily log is a good idea, I’ve not done that before, but I think I’ll do this as I follow the series.

    Looking forward to next week’s lesson!

  17. Hi Steve,

    I’m super-excited about this series because I’ve seen the results of your hard work over the last few months. Your numbers are amazing and are increasing with each post, which is fantastic. So, you are definitely doing something right 🙂

    I, too, think that the 80/20 rule is really important to keep in mind. It’s easy to say to just work X amount of hours per day or week on your site and you will be successful. But, if you concentrate on the activities that aren’t working, you won’t get the traffic and reap the rewards. I also think that your point about having a baseline and tracking your metrics is important, otherwise how will you know if you are improving or not?

    Have you decided how many weeks this series will be yet?


  18. This looks like a great series Steve, I will be an avid reader.

    I have been trying to get more traffic through regular posting and commenting. I started to visit here because your blog has high traffic volumes, and I like what you write. 8) (When your brother writes a post, will he sign it)?

    Blogging seems to be a full time job, but you are the first person honest enough to state the hours needed. That doesn’t worry me, I LIKE blogging. 😆

    Can’t wait for your first lesson……


    • Thanks John.

      Hopefully you will get some really good info out of it! I will certainly do my best to put some good stuff out there! Blogging for money is rough. I think the passion has to be present. I have used a few methods to make money online and it seems to be the one with the longest “spin-up” time. But I agree…it really is a lot of fun…so you can combine the joy of it with work…

  19. Timely for me. I’m rethinking what I do and how I do it within the same niche and category. My stats are virtually unchanged for month (the good news is that they don’t drop). As I was thinking this morning I set some ambitious goals to increase readers. I do some of what you recommend but what I don’t do is revealing. I don’t log the hours I put in and the activity. I just do what I have to do.. I also don’t track where readers come from- and I am not sure that I know how to do that. I feel good that this series will help me with my goal. Everything I learn from you has been spot on.

  20. Hi Steve,

    As you can see, I am already taking lessons with you on this series of generating traffic for blog success. Thank you for being outright that we have to “work our ass off” to make it successful. The good thing for me is that I am passionate about what I am blogging. So I guess I won’t have problems with motivation here.

    I hope you don’t mind me asking one question to improve my own blog with every comment I put on this series. I promised myself that I will pick up one thing from you every time I drop by. So the first question is: can you tell me where to go to install a plug in that can show my traffic count?


    • Jimmy,

      Glad you like the series. And I see that you are really reading it! 🙂 First off this question leaves assumptions. First off do you use wordpress? I will assume you do. Next is do you want the counter as a “display” option on frontpage. (Basically as social proof so others can see how many visitors you have had). I have never had one of those counters so I do not speak from “experince” but you can get one of those by going to plugins>>add new and do a search for counter. It gives quite a few options. Install and check and set them up until you see what you want.

      ON the other hand if what you want is is to know how many visitors you have and how many to specific posts and where they come from you will want to get an analytics program. There are a few that have fees but your best options are clicky ( It is a pay one, but gives one free URL) or Google analytics. you should be able to do a google search for the instructions on how to best set these up. In my opinion having one of these is essential. You need to know where and how you are getting traffic… so you can do more of what works.

      Hope that helps without making a post of this reply.

  21. Hi Steve,
    Just wanted to say thank you for spending the time writing back to answer my questions. I really appreciate your efforts in helping a newbie like me. I have implemented two of the three things you suggested so far. So my blog is building up slowly. I am excited.

    Ah… you wont mind more questions would you?


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