Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint [Week 10]

Welcome to the 10th part of the Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint.  This series is specifically designed to help drive massive amounts of traffic to your blog.

In the last few weeks we’ve discussed different social media tactics.  Today we’re going to start our discussion of Facebook which is dominating the market right now.  What’s great about Facebook is you can use it to get a lot of targeted traffic.

To be honest, I’m still figuring out this site.  So my Facebook strategies are still a “work in progress.”

(For more on Facebook, I’d recommend checking out the history of Facebook article that Ann wrote.  This gives a great overview of how this social media powerhouse came to be.)

In this traffic tutorial, we’ll start with a few simple things.  Then in future installments, I’ll discuss any recent breakthroughs I discover with Facebook.

Create a Facebook Fan Page

One of the drawbacks to Facebook is you’re allowed a maximum of 5,000 friends per account.  Your goal is to build a massive list of friends/followers.  So this will ultimately limit the success you can have with this social site.

My suggestion is to create an “Official Page” or it’s common nickname – The “Facebook Fan Page.”

Why YOU Should Create a Facebook Landing Page

Facebook LogoOne of the cool features that Facebook offers is a Landing Page.  This is a special page that’s shown to anyone who isn’t a fan of you.   You can customize the look of the landing page and create something that really gets noticed.  You want to make sure your landing page is interesting enough that people will choose to “like” you.

As an example, here are four excellent landing pages:

Chris Guillebeau’s Art of Non-Conformity (AONC):   This page gives a little background on Chris.  Plus it has a right hand column where you can join his email list, follow him on Twitter, buy his products and check out his blog.  His FB landing page is designed to give a broad introduction into the “AONC Brand.”

Gary Vaynerchuck:  Gary V has an interesting landing page that is literally a map of his life.  It’s an interactive cartoon; complete with images of Gary and some of his major accomplishments.  Then when you click over a specific area of the map, it links to the place where you can access this piece of content.

Ryan Deiss:  Ryan is another person who uses a giant image.  Here he offers a 90% off coupon on a product if you “like” his Fan Page.  This is a great example of using an offer to get more fans.

Tim Ferris:  Tim’s FB landing page is another free offer.  Here he gives away a free chapter of his new book as a way to entice followers.

In my opinion, all four show a great example of what’s possible with a Facebook Landing Page.

How to Create your OWN Facebook Landing Page

Using the information from these guys, I’ve outsourced a redesign of my landing page.  Unfortunately, this project is still being worked on.

But, here’s the process for creating your own Landing Page:

#1 – Create a lead magnet. I put together a small report that detailed my system for creating an eBook empire.  I did this because I wanted to offer something unique to my Facebook friends.

#2 – Sign up with North Social. This site offers a number of Facebook applications.  Specifically they manage the process where fans can download and share your freebie offer.  Plus they have a few tools that help your page go viral.  Right now, I can’t say if this site is worth the $20 per month, but it looks promising.

#3 –Outsource Landing Page Design. I’m not a technical guy.  So I used Elance to hire an outsourcer to create my landing page.  I asked him to create a landing page that offered my free “eBook Empire” tool while also making sure the Share button was part of the overall design.  That way if someone likes my report, he or she can easily link to it on their wall

I paid $140 for this project.  But you might be able to get a lower price if your design isn’t that sophisticated.

What’s Next???

Like I said, Facebook is a pretty sophisticated tool.  So we’re going to spend a few weeks discussing all that’s possible with this site.

Till then, I urge you to create both a Fan Page and a customized landing page. Yes, it’s going to cost you money.  However it’s a wise investment because Facebook is going to be around for awhile!

Finally you might want to learn about how you can use Facebook As Means of Communication.

Take Action. Get Results.

17 thoughts on “Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint [Week 10]”

  1. Great post Steve! Can’t wait to hear more on Facebook. I have a fan page, but I haven’t done much with it other than create it and post my blog.

    I like the idea of offering a lead magnet on the site as well as creating a landing page. Just one more thing to add to my to do list!

  2. Hi Steve

    Thanks for the clear instructions. My blogging buddies have been encouraging me to do this for awhile. Will have to think about it and come back to reference it. Thanks for doing the screenshots. I find them really helpful. Much appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  3. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

    I started RBs Keys Facebook Fan Page a while back. Still working on tweaking it though.

    It does seem to be a powerful branding tool though. The number of “Like’s” is an eye catcher. Also the Landing Page examples you shared with us demonstrate how much of a lead magnet the Landing Page can be when done super snazzy.

    Thanks again for sharing Steve.


  4. @ Sean, hopefully I will be able to give you some good info on facebook. I am staying just ahead of the power curve on this myself. I am building up my own, and getting some expert advice, which I am in turn giving the highlights of. 🙂 Done the right way FB is a very powerful tool.

    @ Patricia You definitely should start a FB fan page. They can be a great tool. I am making videos for all of this in the next few weeks for YouTube (as another way to drive traffic) so they will all be here to guide you step by step if you need, Trust me, I am far from a techie myself, so I keep it very basic. 🙂

    @Ryan Yeah, it is certianly a powerful tool when utilized properly. All the more reason to get in early with it ad run. (as you did). Like Twitter, it is a tool that too many people ignore, but actually has some really powerful potential

  5. Hi Steve

    I was thinking of signing up with face book for a while, as it seems so odd, that I am not using it. Now after reading your blog pot, I want to do it this week for sure. As I feel as if my presence on the Internet will not be complete without this.
    fran A

  6. You are DAMN right! Creating a Fan/Official page on Facebook is not straightforward. I wish I’d seen this video when I created mine.

    I don’t know if you noticed but Gary V’s Facebook address is very impressive! He must have got in very early for that one.

    I have a simple landing page – but it’s really worked for me and grown my ‘fans’ nicely since I installed it.

  7. Thanks for another installment in the traffic series, Steve.
    I’ve been kicking around a couple of ideas to make my fanpage more active, like scheduling a weekly meetup. I’ve paid too little attention to this but placed it on my 2011 goal list. Going custom is definitely the way to go, which I will do as soon as I finish my list building offer.

  8. Yo Steve,

    I love facebook man, that is where the majority of my time is spent promoting my blog posts. One thing I will add that is a huge boon is the new groups and how they work, because it notifies people of updates.

    Finding a syndication tribe is really awesome, post your content there and people actively share it so you will share theirs and so on.

    I say my #1 traffic maker comes from Facebook, none of my other traffic streams are nearly as big. Also something I’ll add on the fan pages is that I make almost every image on my blog hyperlinked to my fan page, since people love clicking images so much. I figured that’s better than a product (Unless I am doing a for profit post haha) and gets people to “stay” around with me.

    I look at the fan page in a way as sort of a second list, since you can even email all of your fans too.

    Glad to see you on the social media scene man ; )

  9. I recently went back and played around a bit with my FB Fan Page. I’ve got it in my sidebar at the moment which generally picks up a person or two a day. The main thing is to just remember to use it (I’m really bad about it haha).

    It’s another great way to capture your fans because most people seem to be logged into facebook all the time already; a single click and they’re following you – you can’t beat that!

  10. Hey Steve,

    Thats great advice about the landing page, I see a lot of cool ones out there these days, so I’d say its worth it to spend a few extra bucks and get a really good one.

    I look forward to reading more about facebook as im finding it hard to find my niche related tribes, and I would love to get more activity on my fan page.


  11. Thanks for recommending the landing page designs Steve. I think my facebook fan page has been looking a bit bare and i need to start focusing on bringing it up to scratch. ‘The art of nonconformity’ design looks amazing.

  12. @Fran you certainly should give Facebook a chance. Like twitter another free way to build traffic and communicate with your followers. It is also another scoop and funnel for more people to find you.

    @ Matthew well I didn’t notice that about Gary V. you are right you must do gotten really early. adding most people find Facebook addresses by clicking anyway, so addresses should be that important. But it’s certainly nice to have it help to “brand” you

    @Jimi frankly I’m a little remiss of my Facebook too. Like you is a high 2011 goal, so I’m working at a starting to see a few results

  13. @gregory I’ve played around groups much yet, maybe I will have to be a future post 😉 . I have noticed that you’re talking about though and I agree …it is cool. linking your pictures to your Facebook fan page is a good idea. The only thing is one of the main reasons I want a Facebook page is also go the other way. I want people to find my Facebook page and then on my blog also. Both ways really feed each other.

    @Murray I here you. I am often struggling to remember to Facebook and twitter more often myself. It might even harder to me because I didn’t grow up with all this social media connection as part of my, “existence”. So I really do force myself to participate. it certainly has value the and is a way to make some real connections with people. Just have to remember to do it!

  14. @Ryan yes there are cool ones out there. I do think it is important to be one of those cool ones, too. FB after all simply another great way to connect with people and for the marketer to drive traffic.

    @Marcus, don’t feel bad I’m a little slow on making Facebook all it should be,too. The potential is so outstanding there, and it is only going to grow, and it really is something definitely worth spending the time to set up properly.

    @Peter glad you liked some the design ideas. a popping Facebook landing page can certainly help set you up right for a long time. Good luck with your redesign

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