Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint [Week 11]

We’ve now arrived at the 11th edition of our Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint.  So far, we’ve covered a lot of ground in this series, but there’s still a ways to go.

Last week I discussed tactics for Facebook.  But there’s been a major delay with the design of my landing page (long story.)  So I’ve had to shift focus to YouTube.  As a result, the next few weeks we’ll be switching back and forth between these two traffic strategies.  To start, let’s talk about creating a  YouTube Channel:

Getting REAL Results with YouTube

YouTube Marketing Video TipsYouTube is an incredible source of traffic.  For two years (2007 to 2008), I went on a YouTube rampage, creating lots of video in my affiliate marketing niche.  All this hard work has paid off.  To this day, I get an average of 60 to 70 list subscribers … a DAY…from the crappy videos I made way back when.

I’m serious, these videos are pretty awful.  Yet they’re a major source of traffic to my lead magnet page.

At the risk of sound like an annoying Internet Guru – If you’re NOT doing video marketing, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity.

The question is how do you get real results with YouTube?

I feel it all comes down to a ONE very simple strategy – Direct all video traffic to a lead magnet.

My YouTube strategy involves creating LOTS of content within your niche. Find small problems that people have and create a video for each one.  Within each clip, you make sure to include a “mini-commercial” that advertises your free report.

If this is a little confusing, then I recommend taking a look at the Blog Lead Generation Diagram.

But before you start cranking out videos, I’d like to recommend one thing:

Create a Dedicated URL for YouTube Videos

It’s SUPER important to create a dedicated URL for your YouTube videos.  Why?  Here are two reasons:

1)      You can track the traffic you generate from videos

2)      You make it easy to for people to find your site.

As an example, I offer a simple report called Income Trilogy which details three ways to earn Internet income.  However I don’t send my video traffic directly to the Income Trilogy site.  Instead, I created a mirror site with the name  Not only does this allow me to track video traffic, it’s also an easy name for a viewer to remember AND type into a search engine.

A rule of thumb – When creating video and audio, make sure to as a URL that’s easy to remember.

The Importance of Video “Mini-Commercials”

The way you get traffic from videos is to have a mini-commercial embedded in your videos.  These are slides that are briefly shown in the clip that advertise a free report.  I recommend putting a slide at the beginning and the end of the video.  Also, in future editions I’ll cover how to use YouTube technology to include advertisements throughout the video itself.

A mini-commercial doesn’t have to be fancy.   All you really need to do is add a few seconds of music, a slide promoting your free eBook.  Then a slide at the end that recommends the free offer.  The idea here is you’re giving content, while also advertising a freebie.

These slides don’t have to be very sophisticated.  But the thing to remember is you don’t need overly sophisticated graphics to drive traffic.  If your content and offer is good enough, people WILL want to know more.

How to Create a Mini-Commercial for your YouTube Video

It’s actually not that hard to create a mini-commercial.  In fact, it only takes a few minutes.

To start, you’ll need a raw video file.  There are a number of ways to create video.  Either you can record yourself using a video camera like the Kodak Zi8 or use a screen capture software like Camtasia.  Both are excellent tools for creating instant videos.

Once you have a raw video file you need software to make a video with a “mini-commercial.”  Personally I use Camtasia, but you can do a lot of the same things using the Windows Movie Maker program.  This is a simple three step process:

#1 – Create an Audio Intro for a YouTube Video Presentation

First you’ll do the audio introduction.  I recommend this because it’s a way to “brand” your videos and create a sense of continuity.

#2 – Create an Intro and Outro for a YouTube Video Presentation

Every video should have an intro and “outro” slide that promotes a free report.

#3 – Create a Video with a Mini-Commercial

Finally, you combine the audio, the slides and the video.  Here is a quick video tutorial on how this process works.

Final Thoughts on the Mini-Commercial Concept

The mini-commercial is just the tip of the iceberg with YouTube marketing.

The takeaway for today is it’s SUPER important to create video content around a free report. Plus you should create a separate website that tracks everything from this source of traffic.

Video marketing is an excellent way to promote a website.  The trick is to drive traffic through a lead generation funnel that can be cycled back to your blog.  This increases your web stats while also generating an income from the affiliate products you promote.

For this week, I recommend creating one video using the “mini-commercial” format I discussed in this post.  Then next week (hopefully) I’ll show you how to expand upon this video and start getting more traffic to your blog.

Good luck!

Take Action. Get Results.

22 thoughts on “Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint [Week 11]”

  1. Awesome post!

    I have been interested in doing video for a while, and actually just made my first one for another one of my sites which turned out horrible.

    These videos provided the missing piece on how to put it all together. Thanks a bunch!

    • Glad you liked it and it was timely. Don’t feel bad about being”horrible” at first. Mine are still pretty bad but are leagues ahead of my early stuff (in the other niche). Some of that was flat out dreadful. They were like Ed Wood deciding to be an affiliate marketer. (props to anyone who gets that reference)

      I could be wrong, but I really think making videos as a traffic driver really is the way to drive a lot of traffic and standout going forward.

  2. Hi Steve:

    Video marketing is the latest trend and it is here to stay until, technology brings something else. Steve you are a real Internet marketer who knows to follow the trends and be ahead for success. it also depends on your goals and perception. How much you want to learn and achieve.

    Fran A

  3. Steve, I think you’ve made a convert. I really dont like video, it’s too slow. I want to read the content, but internet marketing is all about what works.
    BUT, I loved your three minute video, and the whole mini commercial idea. Its reusable and a three minute video, from someone who I know creates good content, would be something even I would watch.
    So, I’m off to experiment and see what I can produce.

    Thanks once again for doing the webinar with us last night, you are always so informative, and I really enjoyed it!

  4. Awesome tip for video, Steve, as I notice it’s a trend recently. One more tip for the sound part is you can find many interesting sound on AudioJungles, a site like Themesforest.

    What software are you currently using for video production? I find Camtsia is a good choice, but it’s quite expensive so I have switched to Windows Video Maker. What do you think, Steve?

  5. Hi Steve,
    This is really something I want to get involved in… just need to carve out some time. Thanks for all the info here, it will really help! I’ve done some videos and used Camtasia (a little) but I’ve not put anything on YouTube yet.

    P.S. Is “outro” a real word? 😀

  6. Hi Steve,

    Another informative post here.

    I’ve been hot and cold on youtube. For a while I too went on a rampage. Then I pulled back. Now I see it is a big traffic generator if used properly. Thanks for sharing the kick in the pants to get back into the youtube game.


  7. Dude, this is balla balla

    Soooo, I’m actually in the process of converting about 200 or so instructions from work which show how to use our products into videos – how’s that for kickin ass yo!

    I’ve been video editing since HS so I’m really used to using things like Sony Vegas, Premier and Final Cut – I’m so glad I picked up these skills because video is definitely where a lot of people are going to be looking for things about your business now.

    What can I say man – great tips, as always.

  8. Steve, this was excellent, seriously. I’ve done a good bit w Youtube for my businesses but nothing like what you’ve talked about here, especially when it comes to mini commercial implementation. Thanks so much for the value you always bring to the table.


  9. Hi Steve,

    I just found your site a few weeks ago, and I’m really liking everything… great job with the content of the blog! I’ve definitely experienced the “set it and forget” effect with some old youtube vids I did in the guitar niche… I just checked an old video and there are 40k views on it! I should have promoted the opt in bonus better, but it sure shows the power of the medium.

    Quick question: do you have any averages around lead value per month on your opt ins? Obviously there are *tons* of variables, and the niche has a lot to do with it, but I’d be curious to get your feedback on that.

    Keep up the good work, you definitely have a new reader 🙂

  10. Hi Steve,

    This is great! Youtube is one of the main sources for traffic. Thanks for the tutorials that you included in this post as well. I think everyone should be using yourtube, especially now that it is one of the most visited sites. Thanks for sharing

  11. Excellent stuff Steve. I’ve been creating videos for a while and added intros and outros to them, though for some reason the last 2 I didn’t. Time to go back. I also like the idea of using a simple URL and site for tracking. Is that because you can’t see if the traffic is coming from YouTube? I see your pages are the same so unless A/B testing is somewhere the only other benefit is a simple URL (though “trilogy” is not a complicated word IMO).

    Thanks for the additional info.

    • And let me answer my own question by reminding myself that you typically cannot click inside a video. Der.

      Time to set up another site!

      Another question though – do you keep your videos exclusively on YouTube or do you embed them in your blog too? Or do you mix it up and sometimes do both?

    • That is exactly why. I just like to know my numbers for tracking purposes it helps to let you know a little better what is working and perhaps even why, so you can refine and target later videos and ideas. A/B testing is definitely a part of it. I haven’t started it yet for “this” niche, but I have done some for my other.

  12. Hi Steve

    I was on a webinar a while back where we were being told video is the next big thing for driving traffic and to get into it begin before it becomes common place. You are ahead of the pack Steve and this post is excellent information for those who want to begin to explore it. I’m not quite there yet.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  13. Excellent stuff, Steve!

    You said you get an average of 60 to 70 list subscribers each day from the videos? Man, that’s just amazing! And you call it crap? I would say your videos are great… well, at least they are doing the job.

    I think it’s the crappy output at the beginning that puts off many who try to give videos a shot. And then there are some like me who are yet to even start generating that crap in the first place 🙂

    Those videos were very helpful. Thanks a lot for sharing them!


    • Mark, well the 60-70 subrscribers are in my OTHER niche. Some of those videos are OK, but some are fairly bad. I do think my skill has improved a little bit at making videos, though I have a ways to go. I still have a lot of work to do (and time to let them rank/get backlinked before THESE vids get the same power. It is my hope that they will though!

      It is certainly worth it to get started Mark. Even a “so-so” video might end up being a hit, you never know. And the more you do the easier they get. get hot and get some traffic!! 🙂

  14. I really need to do far more with video. On the face of it, it’s quite quick to do (unlike writing content) but in reality making a great job of it takes time. Yet again, more useful stuff you share!

    Thanks, Matthew

    • Glad you like it Matthew.

      It does take a little bit o’ time to do “good” videos, but once you get the hang if it a lot less than blog posting. It will certainly be worth your time!

  15. Great stuff, Steve!

    Youtube and video marketing in general is definitely a great way to build traffic and generate leads for your business.

    Like you said, one of the biggest problems people do in video marketing is use overly complicated urls that no one will remember. Because of this fact alone some may lose 90% of their possible audience (from videos).

    Also, one more thing you can do (this is kind of off-topic) is to link all your videos between them. Not with a link but with youtbe annotations. This way you can increase the views on your files and if one video doesn’t convince them, maybe the other will.

    Windows Movie Maker has some nifty features for a free (is it free? I got it pre-installed on my computer) program that comes with almost all windows flavors. But it’s still pretty basic, which has it’s advantages but also disadvantages. So if someone is serious about video marketing, they should definitely invest in a program la Camtasia.

    • Alex,

      Annotations are a great idea. Definitely something “extra” that can only help your videos to find their proper audience.

      I do think Movie maker comes preinstalled on most computers (hence free) if not, it is also a free download. It is more than enough to get the job done, with camtasia being a great, “next step” when people are ready to move on, because camtasia really does have a few tricks WMM doesn’t have.

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