Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint [Week 13]

It’s time for the 13th week of our Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint.  This is a series where we talk about specific strategies you can use to skyrocket your traffic stats.

Today we’re going to continue our discussion of how to get traffic from YouTube.  Specifically we’re going to talk about the biggest question that most people have: How can I get more video views on YouTube?

To start, I’d like to admit I’m not an expert in YouTube marketing.  But I’ve been learning and applying a lot of things in the past week which has brought some great results.  So while I’m definitely a “newbie” on this subject, I’ve had a few ah-ha moments that can help you increase your success with promoting on YouTube.

Okay, let’s talk about seven ways to increase YouTube views:

#1 – Create Great Content

Reality TV ChickensThe key to success with video marketing is creating great content.  You don’t necessarily have to be funny or bizarre to get attention.  All need is a reputation as someone who provides helpful information on a regular basis.

I suggest a simple idea to get attention with video marketing – Create one quality video each week.

This is similar to my MVP concept I talked about in week 4.  Find a topic that’s really helpful to your audience and create content around it.  This works really well if it’s something that needs to be visually demonstrated.

You won’t get a lot of views if you don’t release videos that provide real value to viewers.  In fact, the other six tips I’m about to discuss work best when you’re producing top-notch content.  So make that commitment to create a great video each week.

#2 – Use Automatic Tools

Some people will disagree with this tip.  But I think you can increase viewership by using automated tools. This is software where you target popular, niche-specific profiles and add the people who follow these individuals.  This can be done through friend requests, subscribing to their channel, or by sharing a video.

I use an automated tool because it saves a lot of time.  However I’m smart about it.  I don’t go spamming hundreds of people with links to videos where I pitch an affiliate product.  Instead, I simply send a friend request and when this person comes to my page, he or she sees my best videos.  Then it’s up to them if they want to subscribe to my channel or be “my friend.”

Be careful with any “YouTube adder tool” you use.  The quickest way to get your account deleted is to be labeled as a spammer.  Use a tool that complies with YouTube’s terms of service.  It should add people in a slow manner that doesn’t appear like software.

Last week, I started using the Tube Fool software (not an affiliate link.) It’s helped me pick up 30+ subscribers and over two hundred friends.  Only time will tell if it brings real, legitimate results.  So I’m saying this is a tool I use. But it’s NOT a recommendation.  Do your research before determining if it’s worth buying.

#3 – Respond to Popular Videos

Alex Whalley has a post about increasing views by video responses.  The idea here is you find a video that gets a lot of attention and add one of your videos (that’s related to the subject) in their comments section.  This is an excellent way to piggyback on the success of others.

I think Alex has a great idea here.  Especially if you have a lot of videos on your desktop.  But I’m not sure if you can add the same video more than once.

With that in mind, you can get a lot of YouTube views by giving video responses.  One thing to try is to target the top 100 videos/channels in your niche.  Then give 1 to 2 minute responses for each.  This definitely takes a little bit of time. But you can easily create and upload five or more videos ever y hour. Do this for one day and you’ll blanket an entire niche with video content that’s linked to your profile.

#4 – Keyword Searches

As you know, SEO is a great way to drive traffic to the website.  What you might not know is you get lots of traffic by targeting keywords with your videos.  YouTube has a keyword tool where you can find out the search volume for different phrases.

It’s not perfect.  So I suggest using this in conjunction with the Adwords External Tool.  Both will help you discover those phrases that people use in your niche.

All you do is create content around each phrase.  This is similar to what you’d do with SEO.  Since many niches don’t have a lot of video content, it’ll be much simpler to get views.

#5 – Do User Profile Commenting

Mitz has a great strategy for increasing video viewership.  In this article, she talks about using profile commenting to get backlinks to your YouTube channel.

I definitely have to agree that this could be an excellent technique if applied properly.  I suggest focusing on all the major profiles in your niche.  That way, you’ll get target traffic to your profile in addition to the backlink benefits.

#6 – Become a Featured Video

The featured video option is a great way to get extra viewers.  The downside is you have to pay money. This works on a per-click basis similar to Adwords.

While you might be averse to paying for viewers, I think this is an incredible way to gain traction with a new account.  My advice is to target the one video that’s most helpful to viewers.  Especially something that works best with a broad range of people.  This increases the likelihood that people will watch your other videos and subscribe to your channel.

#7 – Buy YouTube Views

The final tip is also the most risky.  What you do is buy people to watch your videos.  As with similar services, I’m a little skeptical if these works.  The trick I feel is to find companies that have real people watching your content, instead of the ones that use bots or software.

One site I’m researching is YouTube Jumpstart.  Again, I’m not giving a recommendation.  But this looks like a promising service that can help you increase viewership.

Another technique is to use a site like Fiverr where people offer gigs to watch your videos, submit comments and recommend them to their friends.  This is a great way to get a little bit of extra exposure.

Final Thoughts on Increasing YouTube Views

That’s it!  Seven different ways to get more video views on YouTube.  As I said, I’m still experimenting with this technique.  But it seems to be working.  Within the next few weeks, I’m going to implement all of these concepts and get back to you with the results.  Till then, I recommend you try them on your YouTube account.

Finally if you want to see me put these techniques into action, then I recommend you subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Take Action. Get Results.

16 thoughts on “Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint [Week 13]”

  1. Hi Steve,

    Just friended, subscribed and commented on your channel page.

    I have over 600 videos on youtube but am trying to find out what to do with them. Your practical tips help me a great deal. I need to return to commenting on top videos and channels of top videos. Of course, easy does it. When you speed up the youtube spam gods are ready to whack you something proper.

    With user profile commenting I feel my mistake in the past was not commenting on the Big Dawgs sites. Sure I left more than a few comments on other channels but I wasn’t leveraging my presence. Too much time spent doing low leveraging potential stuff. Now I know better. I comment on channels like yours 😉

    SEO is a huge factor. I had 2 views per video when not promoting or using SEO. When promoting, I went up to double figures. When I used keywords in titles and description boxes I went up to 40 or 50 views., or in some cases where I did a little better in the hundreds. Still plenty to learn in this area but I am coming along and see any improvement as a positive. Actually, I see anything as a positive 🙂

    Thanks again for sharing the helpful tips Steve. Have a prosperous day.


    • Wow 600 videos.

      You have me beat even if I include all my accounts. (I have a ton more in my other niche) I have barely started my sss video niche attack yet though so maybe I will catch up.

      Easy is definitely the operative word when trying to push those BL’s for videos. The last thing anyone wants is a youtube smack!

  2. Great post Steve as always!

    I just took a look at Tube Fool, it has a pretty impressive sales page, but I haven’t gotten it yet as it almost looks to good to be true. I also tried to sign up as an affiliate, and never got anything back from them.

    This series has been really helpful, are you planning on packaging it up at the end into an ebook?

    • Sean,
      My “gut” is that Tubefool is an “ok” product. Likely not as good as the “hype” but it does have a positive effect. Only time will tell, and i will let you all know my opinion if it is good affil link or no (I just will likely not mention it ever again if I think it is weak. I only “badmouth” a product if it is really horrid.

      Ultimately I do plan on packaging this series up, adding a ton of content and selling it. But that is a long long way off. It will likely end up being totally done, have all extra material put together, maybe case studies, etc. in 2011. but it may be END OF 2011. so no time in the near future. I need a lot more results before in addition to being “done” which I am not really close to being either…

  3. Hi.

    Steve – Thanks for post­ing this. I have just started to learn to make movies and it is very usefull for me. I have been reading you couple of weeks and I think your blog is very good. Every “guru” writes only “don’t work and get rich…” (4 hour work week and similar). You are different. I read your “Income trilogy” and said – This is the guy you should hear.

    Excuse me for my poor English. I learn English by reading e-buisness blogs and books now:)

    • Lukasz,

      First of all, no reason to apologize for your “poor” English, it isn’t poor for one reason, and for another it is a heck of a lot better than I could do in Polish!

      I am glad you read the “Income Trilogy” and like what you have seen on the site so far. I am trying to be an “anti-guru”; in that I think I do have “good information” but I am making a strong attempt at not spreading all the “hype” and over promising. There are a lot of opportunities out there, but none of it is EASY.

      Anyway Lukasz, thanks for reading my stuff and leaving a comment. It is always good to know people like your stuff and get the point. Have a great day.


    • My “hope” is that youtube now is like ezinearticles was for article marketing about 3 years ago. That being that what you do now will have some serious staying power. Really the only question in my mind is whether it will be an “incredible” opportunity or a “good” opportunity.

      No matter what it is worth a little time and energy to work your way into some video marketing.

  4. That is some really clever thinking there mate.
    I was sold on how you took my idea to the next level.
    This right here (have to quote you)
    With that in mind, you can get a lot of YouTube views by giving video responses. One thing to try is to target the top 100 videos/channels in your niche. Then give 1 to 2 minute responses for each. This definitely takes a little bit of time. But you can easily create and upload five or more videos ever y hour. Do this for one day and you’ll blanket an entire niche with video content that’s linked to your profile.

    THAT is a winner.
    Do nothing but this one tip and I reckon you WOULD dominate the niche.
    Seriously thinking of doing this for a few of my niche sites.

    Oh yeah, and thanks for the mention Stephen Spielberg, I mean Steve Scott (too many S’s)

  5. Hi Steve:

    Awesome information traffic via You Tube video’s traffic. I do surf, every aspect of Internet marketing video’s for information but never thought of traffic strategies, now I will start keeping an eye.

    Fran A

  6. Hi Steve I tried out Alex’s trick of responding with videos posts and I found that YouTube will only let you use a single video for a single response.

    I know video is “getting big” this year, though it’s been getting big for quite some time. I’m curious as to how much time you spend creating video content versus content for the site here, and if you’ve found that putting your videos into different categories has any net positive effects?

    Thank you sir. You keep giving me more work.

  7. Hi Steve,

    I think you, as I and other are aware of the traffic potential can youtube bring with just minutes of work.

    And like you pointed out in the links from all your methods, many bloggers talked about how to increase your views and edit the best videos for your purpose.

    I guess there is no excuse now :(. I have to stop reading about and start doing it!

  8. I’ve missed your traffic weeks 8 to 12 Steve, so this is all too advanced for me. I haven’t even THOUGHT about video creation, but maybe I will start thinking about it in six months…..I’m a slow thinker. 😯

    I like the look of your new theme Steve, the dark green works well. I wish I had thought of that because it ties in nicely with green eco issues.

    Just one small point that slightly annoys me. The Social bookmarking buttons float over the first words of your post text. Maybe your techie man can adjust that?

    I will be travelling back in time now to some earlier posts. Keep up the good work Steve your Alexa rating is 37,000! WOW! 8)

    Tardis traveller in Leamington Spa, England

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