Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint [Week 4]

Welcome to the 4th week on how to get more blog traffic.  As the name describes, this is a regular series where I list the exact strategies I’ve used (and will use) to skyrocket my traffic stats.  If you’ve missed anything I recommend checking out the directory of the “get more blog traffic blueprint”.

Today we’re going to talk about creating incredible, backlink-worthy content.  Now if you’ve been following this series then you might think this was covered in week 2.  Yes, this was something I briefly discussed. However, there’s a specific strategy I didn’t mention that is critical component to driving lots of traffic to your blog.

Let me explain…

Create Posts with Massive Value

On my Feed Reader, I have a special list of blogs that get more traffic than the Steve Scott Site.  The common thing I noticed is they all regularly write incredibly valuable posts.

These aren’t boring list posts like “29 Word Plugins You Must Have!”  I’m talking about game changing articles – Posts that are thousands of words in length and provide massive value to the reader.

I’m sure you’ve heard about posts like this.  They’re often labeled as linkbait, pillar content OR tent posts.  I like to call them “Massive Value Posts”

Steve’s Experiment with Massive Value Posts

Back in early August, I started experimenting with my Monday posts.  Instead of doing a regular old article, I made the commitment to write a 2,000+ word article that really helped readers solve a problem.

Not all these articles were a resounding success.  But I noticed most of them got a large number of comments and re-tweets.  In short, people seemed to respond to these articles.  Even better – My traffic stats started climbing.

5 Examples of Massive Value Posts

A massive value post is all about helping readers.  It doesn’t have to be any set length.  The important thing is a person should finish reading the article and feel like they should tell the world about it.

To give a few examples, here are five posts that provide massive value:

Why YOU Should Create Massive Value Posts

Like I said before, a massive value post goes way beyond a typical article.  Spend at least a few hours putting it together.

Why would you want to do this?  As you know, it’s hard to stand out from the thousands of blogs in your niche.  And it’s only going to get more competitive.  The best way to make a name for yourself is to be *known* as a guy/gal who regularly releases awesome, attention-grabbing content.

I’m not saying it’ll be easy.  Actually you’ll probably hate me after writing a few of these.  On the other hand, I guarantee you’ll quickly build a collection of people who follow you – Simply because you’re willing to provide great content that’s not found anywhere else.

Massive Value Post Battle Plan

Let’s talk about how to put this information into action. I like to post a massive value article once a week.  But if you have limited time, then aim for once every two weeks.

I can’t tell you what to write since I’m not in your niche.  I suggest starting with topical “how-to” articles and give a thorough step-by-step solution.  Then move to related posts as you get feedback from readers.

After writing the post, promote it through different social media channels.  For example, I have my outsource worker Tweet the Monday post once a day each week.   This brings a in a lot of extra eyeballs I wouldn’t normally get.

Finally, try this when you have a nice collection of massive posts.  Create a sidebar or page tab that features “the best of” your site.  This is a great way to provide lots of value to readers who are checking out your blog for the first time.

YOUR Goal for This Week

In the next seven days, I want you to create one massive value post.  Then make the commitment to write one every other week.  This requires some hard work, but you’ll be rewarded when your traffic quickly increases!

Take Action. Get Results.

56 thoughts on “Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint [Week 4]”

  1. Hi Steve,

    I used to write massive value posts once in a while. After reading this I will consider doing so again.

    MVPs usually rank higher in search engines and generate stronger interest. These posts are similar to short ebooks; each hits on some topic from a number of angles.

    My How To posts that were 1500 – 2000 words seemed to do the best. Instructionals are in demand. Make the post comprehensive enough and it can go viral.

    Thanks for sharing and have a powerful day!


  2. Steve,

    I am really enjoying your traffic series! It is adding work to my plate however, which is already quite full. 🙂

    I normally read your site through an RSS reader, so this is the first time I have seen that you changed your layout. Are you going to put your logo back in? What made you switch themes over to Thesis? I am about to redesign my site, and was looking at Thesis, so any feedback on your experience would be appreciated.

    Personally I really liked your old header.


    • LOL,

      Sorry to add heapings onto your plate. It is worth the effort, though, in the long run. 😉

      The Thesis thing is a long story. I have “had” it for a while, but I am still contemplating whether to go with thesis or a full professional redo of the site here. I am really leaning toward the latter but I figure I will play with thesis for a while first. It is a very good theme.

      The reason I went to thesis is because I really “jacked up” my old theme trying to integrate Flickr images last night. I had a heck of a time getting anything to work after. So I just redid things with Thesis. In short, for now I am considering this site to be “under construction” and will have some sort of a final setup done in the near future.

      As for a review…can’t give a great one yet. There are definetly some things I do like better. There is no doubt it is better than an “out of the box” WP theme by miles and miles. Can’t really say if it is for me or not yet…

  3. Hey Steve

    Thanks for sharing,

    However im in two minds about writing a “pillar post”. I get that it provides great value to readers but in terms of generating traffic, would it not be better to break it down into a mini series and publish an installment everday or every other day?

    I know some blogs, like yours, publish everyday anyway, so a pillar post would would indeed add extra value. But for a blog that publishes 2/3 times a week you could argue a case for adding value by the posting a daily mini series – the broken down pillar post.

    I know there are pros and cons for both methods, my query is in terms of generating traffic quicly???- what are your thoughts


    • Hmmm.

      Good question. I think you may have something on the “early traffic thing” It is true that every post you put out there is a hook for potential readers. From purely SEO standpoints I would say yes, you will get more people to your site breaking it up.


      There is also a case for making a name for yourself. If ALL you can do is one incredible post a week that is literally crammed with good information I think this could really make a name for you.

      It is definitely a trade off. You can say something positive about both methods, but I think in the long run making a splash from the beginning may be a better way to go.

      It could be a tough call, but I would stick with one MVP.

        • Might not be an entirely bad Idea. My guess is you will get more total traffic on the (5) days… added up of course (hopefully not more than 25% more) , more Tweets and comments on the single, and the single should be the one to stick in peoples heads 1 month down the road.

          I could of course be wrong. Running such an experiment may give the best of both worlds. A little bit of volume and a starting killer content piece

  4. What I like about going after massive posts is that you don’t really have to touch on the topic again – I generally hate writing about the same tip or subject (at least try to) and by creating a “definitive” post, you can always use that in a reference for the future and move onto more advanced topics.

    • That is true, except for me it isn’t. LOL. I got the bright to also write occasional short terse, to the point articles with decent definitions (plus some depth) linking to specific keywords in a in a WIKI style. For instance I may write an short article on backlinking some midweek or (particularly) saturday even though I have a massive post out all about a grand backlinking scheme.

      But even doing that extra post, there is a limit and I won’t need 10 similar post.

      BTW those were examples I pulled out of my ass….I do not have a massive or wiki backlink post upcoming. Well….now I said it…so the idea is there….

  5. Hi Steve:

    I agree with you that blog posts, for 1,000 words do bring lots of comments and this way your traffic for the week will not go down and you do not have to worry about it. This can be done for the sake of traffic.

    As far as reader goes, very few readers like to spend more time on other blogs. The only way they will do it if they are influenced by the blogger or networking to do so. Or may be
    each blog has it’s own conception in a reader’s mind and the blog have to break that conception by writing these longer and content full post and entice everyone to read these post. That is going to take lot more than writing a content post, it has to be technically engineered to take the attention of each reader, by catchy words, write as you are talking to your friends and lots more.

    Thanks for your blog post on traffic this week, it gives grounds to change for the better and that is all needed to move ahead.

    fran A

    • It is certainly true that long posts need some good structure. It cannot be long for the sake of being long. I always suggest cutting out as much as 1/3 of a post OUT during edit.

      This can make it more powerful. But if you have enough hard data even with 1/3 fluff cut out, there is still one heck of a lot of “meat”. That is what is essential with the long posts. It is not JUST length, but you are giving really valuable tips.

      not just “you need to do this….”
      “this is how you do this….”

  6. Hi Steve,

    I have never heard of the term ‘tent posts’ before 🙂 I prefer ‘evergreen’ articles 🙂 I like how you have stated publicly that Mondays are your lengthy articles so that we know not to miss them.

    You are so right that this is one of the best ways to increase your traffic and add value to your readers. One of my most successful posts, 100 Things that Make Me Happy ( , took forever for me to write and think about, but it got other people thinking about what makes them happy and motivated them to start their own list. I think that the longer articles do add a lot of value to readers, particularly if they stay longer on your site and it gets them thinking of how the information helps them. Plus, they come back to the information again and again.

    Btw, I too, read SSS through RSS and didn’t realize you were making design changes. I must admit that I miss your old header. 🙂 I do like that you added my suggestion of the Printer Friendly icon so that we can print out some of your more lengthy articles, but I would suggest putting at the end of the article, rather than the top to make it easier to decide to print.


    • I like the term “evergreen” too but in “my mind” they are not quite mutually exchangeable. The way I see evergreen is any content that is year round link bait. As opposed to say a “Black Friday” or “Christmas” Where a ” or whatever people call it “could” be evergreen or one shot (it is smarter to make them evergreen of course) Perhaps it is semantics, but I think one of the hallmarks of a “tent post” or “pillar” content is the length and depth of it, where any article could really be evergreen. Just how I see it…like I said, really just semantics.

      Yeah, your PDF idea has gotten a lot of kudos. It seems that it is universally loved, so thank you for that!! 🙂

      Eventually I will have the header back. I made some errors the other day and had to scramble to “fix” the site. I plan on doing a real “redesign” soon, but this should be fine for now (I want to get after it once I finish some long reports I am working on)

      Thanks again for the homerun PDF idea!! 🙂

  7. Hi Steve,

    I agree with you that it will help if we have MVP once every week or two. These kind of posts tend to be thorough and offer great info and value. I’m going to go with your recommendation and do one thorough post every two weeks. Thanks for sharing

  8. Hi Steve,

    You’re absolutely right. Massive value posts are a great way to boost your traffic and to stand out from the crowd. More thought would have to go into it rather than just churning out the run of the mill blog posts. I think the more unusual the topic is, the higher chance it would have of standing out. Of course this would require some work and creativity but it is definitely worth the effort. I was thinking a massive value series would also be a good think won’t it?

    This is a great post as always with much food for thought. I love the helpful links you provide each time to illustrate the points you make. Keep up the great work!

    Irving aka the Vizier

    • Irving,

      Thanks, glad you liked the links. Those are some really awesome articles too.

      If you can approach a topic with a really fresh perspective or even have an idea no one has ever heard ANY perspective on (a very hard thing to do actually) a massive post could be an incredible resource.

      Even without those if you can create a definitive post where you look at every single nook and cranny it can be a great post too. That is sort of like what Glen did with guest blogging. TBH guest blogging is a great example, as posts go ones on guest blogging and why it is good/bad are very tired. they have been gone over again and again. But when someone creates a post that say EVERYTHING that could ever be said on the topic it can be pretty powerful. after that any time someone has a question it just is a case of, “see this post…”

      THAT is pretty powerful too!

  9. Hi Steve

    I find something to learn in all of your posts. Must admit I do love posts with lots of quality content .Yours have that in abundance.

    Both Rick LaPoint and Tristan Hisbee write long in-depth posts and I love visiting their blogs to read them. Although some would argue that many don’t have the concentration for a post over 500 words.

    I for one am not one of them lol If the quality is there I’m happy with the quanitity too. Interesting that your traffic has gone up with longer posts.

    I just tend to write and when I have finished what I have to say I end the post. Usually about 700 words or so but if I had heaps more to say; would like to think my readers could cope with a longer post.

    Although, as you know Steve, the comments are long on my site too. Great conversations and interaction make me very happy. Thanks for all the work you put into giving us such treasures as I find on your blog Steve. Much appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • I know there are some who would disagree with me, and for sure I occasionally do 500-600 word posts too, but the topic should take as long as it takes.

      It should not be bloated, but if it takes 500, 1000 or 5000 words to get the complete idea out there…so be it.

      Now my really mammoth ideas (15k Plus…like this post is part of) I do break into more manageable chunks, complete them, add 50% MORE content and then repurpose as a free (or not free) product…like I am doing with my last info product one now…

      As for reading, I concur 100%. If it really digs into information I LOVE to read longer in depth posts. If I know the material inside and out, I can skim and make sure there are no NEW ideas I am missing, and if I do not know it I really have a resource for a long time.

      There is nothing wrong with a short, terse, “to the point” post, but I an occasional mega post can really be great to read.

  10. Hi Steve,

    I have only done one of those so far, and frankly, I’m tired of reading all over the Net that my posts should be no more than 500 words.

    I’m very pleased to now have a bit of Science to justify my doing more. Thank you!

    Oh, and look, my MVP is right down there in ComeLuv link 🙂


    • I certainly look forward to checking out another long post from you Rick! I do like to read them as well as write them!

      Like I said in comments before if everyone is doing one thing it can make you stand out to do the opposite.

      Mark my words 6 months from now people may be talking about how writing long content does all these great things for you. At that point I may do an article on the benefits of having 4/5 of your writing be terse 500-600 word posts.

      There is a (perhaps minimal) SEO advantage for short posts. But when everyone writes the same short articles it gets old. Writing for humans and writing “fresh” is SO much better.

      I really do look forward to checking out your next, “BIG one!” 🙂

      • Hi Steve

        Glad you have ‘discovered’ Rick’s blog. He is one of my fav wordsmiths 🙂 You will both enjoy each others posts I’m sure. That’s where I also did my first GP and get so much encouragement and help from him too.

        Great that you both write such quality long posts that this blogger totally gets. Rock on Steve.

        Patricia Perth Australia

  11. Hey Steve,

    So, true. Massive post is a sure-fire way to stand out of the crowd. Even though creating a long post can be time consuming, it sure is worth it. You are really good at writing massive posts; which I have to say are really enjoyable, valuable and fun to read.


    • Yeah they take time. a 4000 word post a week is stressful. With a full time job I am sure it could not be done weekly and still have it be awesome. Bu even if only done 2 times a week or once a month, it should have some great benefits.

  12. Hi Steve, I’m interested that you endorse longer posts, when the consensus has been that short and frequent is better. I read one blogger when I started out who said that no one has anything worth saying longer than 700 words (I paraphrased). Except for round-ups, I have trouble writing anything that short!

    I definitely agree with the value of regular mega posts. My most popular post ever is nearly 1500 words, and it’s written at a college level.

    • Sometimes doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing is the “right” thing.

      Shorter posts may help for SEO a bit. But though I try to be SEO compliant where I can (I DO care about SEO) when push comes to shove I do not write for computers I write for people.

      Do large posts turn some people off. Sure. If it is large for the sake of being large that is not good. But if you have facts and more than just a rambling opinion it is a good thing.

      I read something once that is a great editing tool. you should clip out 1/3 of your text on edit. If you are able to do that and still have 4000 words….that is should be quality you aim for.

  13. Hi Steve,

    I agree that creating a pillar content can become a potential hook for readers and more value-added for your blog. But, I believe, you will be better off if you can create a pillar content when you have a good number of base of readers.

    For instance, I dig the first post of many famous blogs today to see how they started and I almost notice this point. You have to have a community to spread your blog around, or at least have a good SEO skills to rank these pillar content in the search engines. If not, they will just like other posts, be forgotten in the long run.

    What do you think, Steve?

    • Mike,

      Good point. Killer content is only part of the equation. having people to spread it about is also a very essential key.

      On the other hand there are some people that quickly made a name for themselves by “simply” writing massive value posts. I am sure they also started with a likely hefty social media army behind them. It can take a bit to get noticed without people to spread the word. But I do like the idea of being known for quality even if it is just one post a week from the outset.

    • Oh yeah…I do also have me weekly (this post in fact) tutorial series. Some weeks they may be massive value posts, some weeks just a specific topic. But I am definitely doing these with the goal of repurposing.

  14. Hi Steve,
    I like the Massive Value Post concept. It is very easy to get side tracked and not post on a regular basis. I am guilty of that. Adding great value and resources to your blog is a sure fire way of gaining more readers. “How To” and “List Posts” are great to get your readers interacting.

  15. Well, you surprised and delighted me with this instalment Steve. 😮 I thought we had finished with posts, and this would be about social media. 😆

    I must be the shortest post writer in the world, 250/280 words and I’m all done. This is a problem when I try and write articles. 🙄

    Anyway, I like the idea. This will be a real challenge for me, but it will hopefully break my short post deadlock. I’m finding the commenting target, really time-consuming, so I’m going to put my ‘cautious head’ on and attempt one massive post per month.

    I love this series Steve, and my traffic is improving all the time. 8)


    • Social Media is definitely coming. It IS an essential part. So keep working those social media accounts in anticipation. 🙂

      It is definitely good to break up your style every now and then. For instance I have gotten away from videos. One thing on my list is to incorperate more videos in the future. I do not personally “like” videos. But I think they are a powerful tool.

      If someone wrote JUST long posts I would recommend an occasional short, terse, “to the point” post. It is all about mixing it up and keeping it fresh and then seeing what gets the best response and doing an 80/20 analysis on it.

      I am glad to hear your traffic is picking up too! That rocks!

  16. Steve – Creating posts with massive value is a great example of link baiting. And the best part about this strategy is that anyone can do it as long as you put in some effort and commitment. I can see how writing one massive value post that actually helps your readers will increase your traffic. People want information and when you give it to them they will come back for more.

  17. Hi Steve,
    Creating lengthy posts, in my opinion, doesn’t always mean you will be on to a winner, and I go as far as saying that the length doesn’t matter (although some ladies may not agree 😀 ) but what you write in it. Writing the response to a problem your readers are having (or any other web surfer) will always attract of lot of eyes on your posts and even more eyes if you rank high in SE’s, which you will probably do, because other bloggers will like to your super quality post, because it provides good info and not because it’s length.

    Good luck with your one massive value post, can’t wait to see your subject of choice 🙂

    • To a point I agree. (it is the motion of the ocean not the size of the boat)

      A long post that says nothing is pretty worthless.

      BUT while a short 300 word snippet where you give a great tip can be awesome a 3000 word post where your give 5-10 great tips can be more impressive.

      Ultimately WHAT you write and how you write it is the most important thing. Long for sake of long is worthless.

      But like I said I am a firm believer in long posts full of real VALUE. s for waiting…you have read some. I have been doing it every monday post for a few weeks. Most of them have made my “top” posts. so they have gotten most comments/ retweeets. so in that method at least it is working.

  18. Amen to this, brother. This kind of content takes a ton of time and effort to create, but it’s worth it. I mean… would you rather spend 4 hours writing 4 articles that never get notices or 4 hours writing one post that gets backlinks, more RTs, and more comments?

    I love this: “These aren’t boring list posts like “29 Word Plugins You Must Have!” SO TRUE. THANK YOU!!

    Most of my posts are 1000+ words (unless I’m posting an infographic), and at least one post a week is 2000+ words in length, and I definitely have noticed a difference in my traffic and backlinks. In fact, I think only one or two of my last 10+ posts were under 2000 words. I think that it was only in the first week of my blog that I got no backlinks to my posts. Every week since then I’ve gotten backlinks on almost every post (probably 2/3 posts).

    Size really does matter, eh?

    In short, I couldn’t agree with you more. Not only are these posts more valuable to your readers and not only do they get you backlinks, but like you said they differentiate your blog from other blogs. And I think that’s the single most important element of a successful blog.

    Again, great job with this one!

    • You posts are definitly what I am talking about.

      I do think you can SOMETIMES post short and quick posts. I am all about mixing it up. BUT I certainly do like the idea of mixing in the “big” one regularly.

  19. Hi Steve,

    I agree with you that creating massive value articles will definitely put you out of the dull crowd. But it is not about the ability to write long article, anyone could do that without putting too much info inside, but providing your readers with a great comprehensive informative value that is really something why they will love you and stick with you.

    Is this the way how to become successful blogger, damn yeah!

    Thanks Steve for your blog and for keeping us aware.

    • You are certainly right Adam, and thanks for your kind words.

      It is not JUST the length of the post. And you do not need to have exclusively “big” posts. (though it works for some) massive value posts (MVP: i like that acronym now) have to have “massive value”. Length is just one signifier of this, I like to think that with just 40-50% more content these posts could be ebooks -at least free ones- that I would not be embarrassed to give away.

  20. Steve,
    I used to think that 400 words was about right for posts and that was my target. Didn’t always make it but was always in the ballpark. These days the posts just seem to be running longer 500-600 words. I think the writing is better- maybe only because I have started to outline my argument before starting to write.
    Now, setting a goal for a 2,000 word posts is looking extreme. In part because I still lack confidence that if I wrote 2,000 words on a topic , they would add up to a proportionate increase in value. I lack the confidence that anything I have to say would hold attention for 2,000 words.
    What would you recommend to up my vision and get my brain around 2,000 words. What content do you need to carry the length?

  21. Steve,

    Agree with you whole heartedly on creating MVP’s. But you know what, I’m just taking a step back right here, and looking at it from a perspective of what blogging used to be and what it now is. I frankly feel that the bar has been raised very high over the years.

    But then that’s what competition is all about, isn’t it? You must get better than the best in the industry in order to get ahead, and then someone else tries to do even better than that. And there is no end to competition and getting ahead. You rightly called it a Battle Plan 🙂

    Being a full-time salaried employee and having extremely less time to do all that is required here for blogging leaves me feeling dejected at times, but then I am one person who will not give up, even if it means having to wait longer than what others would have to. If I think only about blogging, then I am far behind, but if I think about the overall life I am having, I think I hardly have stuff to complain about. And with my Gratitude Challenge last month, I am just feeling happier and more satisfied than ever before.

    I know I’ve drifted from the main point a bit, and the fact still remains that MVP’s are an important way of getting traffic. It’s just that I started wondering how I am going to catch up with all these demands.

    Anyway, I’m kinda proud about myself for doing much more with my blog and in the blogosphere in this one year than I have done over the few years. Finding your blog and interacting with you this year has been one great experience. I’ve never written these many comments, and I think you’re blog got 80 percent of the comments I’ve made this year. This is officially my 100th comment on your site (though some earlier ones went uncounted for some reason). Do I get a prize for being the first one on your blog to get to the 3 figure mark? 🙂


  22. Hey Steve!

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever written what you’d classify as a “Massive Value Post”, but I try to put as much value into each article as I can.

    Kind regards,

  23. Steve, I’m catching up on your posts. You write so much it’s impossible to read and address everything you suggest! That is and do my own work too.

    Essentially, two things here. One is pillar posts/tent posts/whatever posts, I can see will be good traffic builders and will be long living, secondly posting them on a regular day, such as a Monday, will bring people back to your site on a regular basis.

    What about the submission of these pillar posts to sites such as EzineArticles, do you recommend that too? On the face of it that seems a good idea, but I recall that your shorter articles do better on Ezine than the longer ones.


    • Think about writing them! >.< I am actually going to decrease frequency in a month or so. feb 15 will be one year of blogging daily, after that I will probably knock it down to 5 times a week. Still a lot but a bit more manageable. It just seems that after going 11 months it would be a shame to stop posting daily one month shy of 1 year.

      As for submitting pillar posts to ezine it is a case of both will work.

      way #1: Best scenario is to take a chunk of your longer article, rewrite it a little bit to make a 330 word teaser, you say enough to get them interested and then link to the whole massive article. This should have the largest CTR and if rewritten enough may even rank you 2x for same keywords.

      way #2: Not as good, but far less time consuming, Just repost your article directly to ezine. The CTR will be lower, the link should be to main site (not article). You should get some traffic from this, it won't be a waste. But not nearly as good as #1. The advantage is speed. We are all busy people and I know, even though I want to, I rarely do the ezine rewrites I plan on doing.

  24. @Steve, I agree with you with these tips. I will try to use this tips for getting some more traffic to my blogs.
    Thanks a lot for your tips.


  25. Steve,

    The understand the value of a massive value post. You have also given some great examples on the blogging niche. But can you touch on how you decide if a post is massive and how do you research it to make it massive?

    BTW, can you comment if some of my posts are massive? My niche is in personal development. Not sure if you can comment.


    • Jimmy,

      Hmmmm This is a tough question, man. Kinda puts me on the spot.

      First of all personal development is something that is really hard to write massive posts in. Because it is inherently “touchy-feely” it is often hard to see the initial immediate value.

      Now don’t get me wrong, I actually love personal development, in fact when I started this blog it was about 1/2 personal development stuff, I have just worked -away- from it over time. But you will still find me reading and liking personal development stuff in real life.

      Now I checked out a couple of your articles. They were well written, the content was great. They have value, I would continue to come back and read them. There are two things that I think keep them from being massive value.

      1. Titles: Even this Blog traffic blueprint series IS NOT massive value because of this. The title explains it pretty well, but is kind of boring. If this Blog traffic article fit otherwise (which it doesn’t…though I hope it is good) I would likely retitle it something that would be more attractive. Perhaps, “Gaining Massive traffic with massive value [GMBTB]“. Something catchy for each title to show what that one is about with a shortening of the series title (which would be used in post 1) to show those that do follow the series it is part of that series.

      Now you also have a long running series. Content seems solid. They have good value, Well written. But the titles lack punch, and I think people are unlikely to link something [part 17 of 25]. What you have going for you though is that you have an ebook that I would say is INSTANTLY in the massive value category 100% completed when you are done.

      2. Actionable: In my opinion one of the hallmarks of MVP is action. Can you get things that you can DO TODAY that will make something better. For a persdev article to be massive (IMO) it has to make an extravagant claim…and then live up to it. for instance: “24 Things you can do today to reduce your stress. ” ” How to make a new habit stick. ” ” 53 ways to change your life forever: starting now! ”

      The quality of writing is there, the knowledge is obviously there. Just add that little “flash” to the occasional article and i think you will have your linkbait/MVP articles.

      I hope that helps. I didn’t want to blow smoke up your ass, but give you my honest opinion. Also take this with a grain of salt…because it is only my opinion…there are definitely others people out there who may say exactly the opposite.


      • Hi Steve,

        I am so indebted to you. How can someone spend so much time writing back to help a stranger? Plus you have done it for three days in a row already. Thanks a zillion.

        I appreciate all your advise and tip. Will certainly try to make the title a bit more captivating after my current long and boringly titled series. Will also try and make the PD stuff more actionable by the day as well. Actually, many of things in PD is very applicable. Its just that many people think that the stuff can be real difficult to apply. I have a gift to explain it and get people to work on themselves in very applicable manner.

        OK question:
        1) You mentioned ebook. I have one ready now, plus this series. The problem is, I am not the techy sort. You would notice that I dont even have a subscription service up yet. Can you help me get my free and great content out asap? I already had people emailing me direct asking for subscription. Its so embarassing to explain that I dont have any subscription. I laugh at myself a lot there.


        • Thanks for the ind words. 🙂 I do enjoy helping people out. Of course i make this blog to make money, but I also like the idea of really helping people, which i think is the reason (hopefully) a lot of people want to blog.

          Anyhow to answer your question. First off with your ebook… is it ready to hand out. If not you will need to 1. format it too look nice 3. create a cover graphic (I outsource covers..but no reason you have to do that) 3. convert to pdf Then you will want to upload it to your domain. (If you do not know how to do this I am sure you can find a video easily enough)

          Next comes the, “list” The first thing you will need is a tool for managing your list I am HIGHLY in favor of Aweber. It has extensive tutorials on how to set it up. It does cost a monthly fee. A free version is Mailchimp. Which eventually charges and can get more expensive on the high end. but is free for less than 2000 followers.

          Once you get people on your list you will want to make sure you are sending them good content with some sort of frequency. I talk a lot about email content here and have quite a few articles. Once you have all this just get a wordpress plug in that links to your list and whatever page you create for your ebook.

          You will also want a RSS feed. Here is an article I found after a quick search that says how to do it.


  26. Ok Steve,

    Cheers for the help again. My objective next week is to install my subscription service. Seems like everyone is suggesting Aweber. I will go with that.

    I have no question for you today Steve. Give you a break hahaha…

    But a request. If you don’t mind pop over to my site and view the latest post on Hopes and Dreams Fulfilled. It is a video post. I am doing a kind of challenge to try and raise awareness. If you can help me spread the word of the post to your readers so that more people’s lives can be improved and inspired.


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