How to Get More Traffic and Subscribers (with Fast, Easy Writing)

How to Get More Traffic and Subscribers

[Update: The webinar is now over.  The good news is  you can access the training through this link]

Today is the day!

At 3 PM (Eastern Standard Time) I’m hosting a live training webinar with Danny Iny.

The topic?

Danny will be talking about how YOU can get more traffic and subscribers with his “Fast, Easy Writing” techniques.

In this training session he’ll cover the same techniques that landed him guest posts and solid connections from websites like:

  • …Plus, over 80 more sites!

Danny is going to teach a lot of super-ninja techniques in this live training event. Specifically he’ll cover:

  1. How he grew his blog 10,000% in less than a year
  2. How to write 1,000+ words in less than an hour
  3. How to write amazing headlines and posts – without having to be a great writer!

So be sure to register for this call ==>


Many people wonder what they should do next if their site has been hit hard by the recent Penguin Update.

One of the techniques I’m implementing is guest posting.  Unfortunately guest posting can be a waste of time if you do it wrong.  That’s why I recommend you take some time out of your day and hop on Danny’s live webinar.

See you there!

Take Action. Get Results.

14 thoughts on “How to Get More Traffic and Subscribers (with Fast, Easy Writing)”

  1. Hi Steve,
    do you plan to make a transcription from this webinar? Or at least a short summary? I live in Europe and at this time I’m not available online.
    BR, Chris

  2. Hey Steve,

    I’m also wondering the same thing as Chris. I’m getting ready to head out of town for a few days. Will there be another way to get the fast, easy writing tips?

  3. Hey Chris and Derek –

    Thanks for the question(s). There should be webinar replay that will be posted on my site within a few days. I’m not sure about the transcription thought.

    The benefit of getting on the live call is you get to directly ask questions about Danny about guest posting. It’s a great way to get free advice and some recommendations about what to do next.

    Hope this answers your questions!

  4. Hey Steve,
    Do you know if the webinar will be using GoToMeeting? It’s the only site I’ve ever come across on the whole internet that locks out Linux users like me, and I get tired of signing up for Webinars that won’t actually let me attend.

    • Hey PJ – Sorry didn’t get this comment till after the webinar. It was GoToMeeting…But if you check out the above link; you’ll see the recording of what was covered. Hope this helps!

  5. Yep … guest posting works.

    Danny is a great guy and his thanks to him , I have been able to grow my e-mail list (considerably) with guest posting.

    Knowing Danny, your webinar is going to be good 🙂


  6. I would say that my guest posts are 80% about productivity and the rest are related to personal development (another passion of mine).

    Within the productivity topic, I have been writing for blogs like LifeHack (traditional productivity) or for ProBlogger (blogging productivity stuff).

    In personal development, I have written for example for Dumb Little Man and Pick The Brain.

    I have plenty of blogs I want to guest post on, so it is going to be a busy year 🙂

    BTW, do you accept guest posts?


    • Sounds like you’re hitting some great sites – The same ones I’ll be targeting in the near future.

      Of course, I’ll accept guest posts from you. Love what you’re doing on your site…

  7. I’m really having a hard time in writing blog posts with in an hour especially when there is a time to keep up. Yes, just like Chris asked, I hope there is also a transcript of the webinar so that I could read it and absorb everything.


  8. I have a blog website but not get enough traffic to my site.From your post i have come to learn the quick method of get traffic.this post helps me a lot.Thanks for share

  9. Hi Steve,I think that your post will help many new blogger who don’t know about quick method of get traffic on site.So most of them are confusing what they need to do,I hope they will get a nice suggestion from your post.But i want to add another efficient part and that is SEM.It also helps the new sites to get satisfied traffic.When i started blogging i used this.I had got about 200 visitors per day by doing SEM for my site.

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