Having Your Own Personal Cheerleader

Today we have a special guest post brought to you by David Black of the Social Masters. (If you’re a single guy looking to improve your dating success, then I highly recommend you take a look at David’s site. Anyway in this post, David talks about the value of having that one special person cheering you on. So take it away David…

Hey guys David Black here from Social Masters. My man Steve has shown enough trust in me to let me post an article on his great blog. Hope you enjoy. I would say at least 99% of articles written about success are all about how you as an individual should be. Such words as dedication, discipline, endeavor, desire, never die attitude. All hugely important things but a lot of people seem to overlook one other key aspect to success.

This particular aspect is not crucial, however it can help with your success and definitely should not be overlooked.

I call it ‘Having your own personal cheerleader’

What I mean by this is having somebody who believes in you, takes an active interest and encourages you.

Yes yes I know, you should not need somebody else to make you successful. However that isn’t the point of the article. As with anything in life, why limit yourself in any respect. What I mean by that statement is, even if you are the most highly motivated, head strong person in the world, there is room for improvement by having someone in the background reassuring you at every step.

“Who are these personal cheerleaders?” I hear you shout with eager anticipation.

It could be anyone. It could be your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, family member, etc. Having someone there to back you up can be invaluable.

What can they provide:

#1- Support

Having someone there to support you in your quest for greatness can really take a huge burden off your mind. You know that if you ever need help, whether that’s to get some work done on time or to help you think of your next great idea. Having the support of someone you have great admiration for can really help you achieve your current goals and give you the edge you need in order to have even more success in your life.

In sport, being at your home country in for example the Olympics can give the athletes a big boost. Why? Because they have the most support and want to achieve success not only for themselves, but for the people who are supporting them. This helps raise their performance, so why not let it help raise yours.

#2- Reassurance

As with everything in life, we sometimes doubt that we are making the right decisions. When I decided to become self employed I kept wondering if I was making the right decision. I know I wanted it and I know I would have continued to strive for that goal without anyone’s help. However having my girlfriend there to reassure me that it was the right choice made it that little easier to continue my quest for glory. Don’t tell her that though…

#3- Encouragement

Yes I know we shouldn’t need encouragement to get off our ass and get the job done. However at the end of the day a little encouragement never hurt anybody. If you are already capable of working your socks off without encouragement then great. Imagine though, how much harder you would work with encouragement of someone else.

Also think about this, another example from sport. How many times the best sportsmen and women have mentioned how having encouragement from the crowd made all the difference. They know they are capable of winning, but they also recognize the extra benefit of having encouragement off others. They see it as an added bonus and so should you.

#4- Listen

Just having someone there to listen to can be a great benefit. The perfect chance to relieve some much need stress in a positive manner. Sometimes you just need to talk about what is going right or wrong with your current bid for success.

I know that having my girlfriend there to share my success stories makes me appreciate what I have achieved even more. Whilst sharing any problems I have encountered, allows me to get things off my chest and helps me to look at ways to overcome these problems instead of letting them get me down.

Final Thoughts…

As I have mentioned. I have my girlfriend to help me with the 4 points above. Though I was well on my way to success, my girlfriend has been a rock for me. Somebody who I can rely on to help me become the most successful person I can be. Yeah sure there are times when things become tough and we argue and bicker. However, the fact that we come out the other side both more determined for me to succeed really does show the huge benefit of having someone there for you.

Let me reiterate that you can be successful without the need for anyone else. However having someone there giving you support, reassurance, encouragement and someone who listens can just speed the process up. Here is a thought I want to leave you with. You can get from one side of America to another by walking just fine. However you will get there a lot faster is you drive a Bugatti Veyron. Enough said…

Speak soon,

David Black

Take Action. Get Results.

11 thoughts on “Having Your Own Personal Cheerleader”

  1. Hey Steve, thanks for putting this up. It’s huge when you’ve got someone in your life ‘cheering from the sidelines’ so to speak. I’ve experienced that it’s often the difference between giving up, and persevering when times get tough.
    .-= David Black´s last blog ..How To Get An Older Woman =-.

    • No, thank you for this article. I really enjoyed it. I’ll put into the group of articles that I promote through Twitter, so maybe we’ll get more eyeballs on it.

  2. I think that you can’t function without someone to keep you honest about your own view of yourself and the world and someone that will be straight with you about the direction you are going.
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..The Cool 60’s and the Jaguar XKE-unsurpassed beauty =-.

    • I agree! For a long time it was my ex-girlfriend. Now it’s my parents (at least where this site is concerned). I think David is right that you need someone (or a group of someones) who will always be in your corner.

    • Spot on there Ralph. I love getting honest feedback, no matter how brutal. Once you put your ego aside, you can really start to develop into an amazing person.

  3. Good stuff David!

    I agree… haha and I always tell my girlfriend “I want you to be my damn cheerleader”

    In a world surrounding by negative people its nice to have someone cheering you on…

  4. Can I just add from a female perspective that women tend to be much better at encouraging our partner/spouse and believing in them than men are at actively encouraging their other halves!

    In my experience, as a woman in business striving to make a success of my life, family and my company, my other half prefers to be his own cheerleader and is not interested in being mine either. I join women’s business and network groups to find support and groups of cheerleaders! Men are lucky if they can get that for free from their women!

    My feedback to him is to help him see things from a different perspective – even if I succeeded he would never let me know!

    We women usually have to find female friends, colleagues, family, to encourage them to be better at what they do – and dont often get the support at home. Doing a self cheerleading thing myself at the moment!

    You guys should count your blessings! Sometimes I hate being from Venus and think my career would have been easier if I had been born male! But not to be deterred…….. 🙂 I will become a better, stronger me!

    • Excellent comment Joanna. Though I would like to think that when I’m in a relationship, I do my best to cheer on my better half. With that being sad, it sucks to hear that some people (like a lot guys) don’t encourage their wives/girlfriends. I think that’s one of the best aspects of being in a relationship…where you can join in the celebration of when your partner has achieved a major goal.
      .-= Steve Scott´s last blog ..Yay… It’s My 100th Post! =-.

    • I second Steve’s response Joanna. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to encourage my girlfriend to persue her goals, and to help and inspire her to achieve them. Then, when they come to fruition, it’s like a double-whammy of awesome cos she is really happy, and I feel the satisfaction of having a hand in the achievement.
      .-= David Black´s last blog ..How To Date An Older Woman (Cougar Dating) =-.

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