Hey! Your Karma Hit my Dogma – A Steve Scott Weekly Roundup

Your Karma Hit my DogmaIt is time for yet another Steve Scott Site weekly roundup.  This week’s posts are on the subject or good Karmic and Dogmatic practices for getting ahead online.

It is where the esoteric “right things to do online” meet the well-known practices for success.

Yes! It is where the Karma hit the Dogma.

I will not belabor the bad pun with a long lead-in.  Let’s just get to this week’s links, where there are no weak links (I just can’t stop)…

This Saturday, we’ve got a lot of great links – Including a couple of great reads on Brand Linkbuilding.


Karma:  Ultimate results, good or bad, brought about through your actions

Put out good content, you will reap the rewards with linking: Lisa has created a great article about the importance of link bait.  This article even includes her 20 all-time best link bait articles.  The article itself is a perfect example of link bait (hence the linking here) so in fact including the article itself, it is 21 great examples of link bait.

Hard work, Taking chances and putting it “out there” pays off: David some really good thoughts on what it takes to “make it” as a successful entrepreneur.  Taking chances, busting your butt and being ethical are just a few of these great traits of a successful entrepreneur.

Helping others helps yourself: Dia writes a personal development blog.  Almost every article he writes has good karmic overtones.  Many of them could fit into the dogmatic beliefs of the personal development professional too. One of his great articles this week was on how to encourage others.  When you spend helping others, often in the long run you are often helping yourself.

Do for a Year What Others Won’t Then Live for a Lifetime as Others Can’t: The previous phrase is the direct title of Danny’s great article about success in business.  Work incredibly hard, take chances, learn and learn some more and make real connections with people and you WILL succeed.  It is not a question of if, just a question of when.

Theft of Content: I sincerely hope no one who is reading this is guilty of this online bad karmic infringement.  But most of us have likely run across non-attributed copies of our stuff online.   It sucks to think that someone is potentially earning money off of your hard work without even having the decency to leave one single attribution link.  If you feel helpless when confronted with by this theft, worry no longer, Stephanie gives a great step-by-step guide to combating content theft.


Dogma:  Strongly Held beliefs, an established opinion or authoritative belief held by a group, movement or profession

Creating Exceptional Results: One of the best ways you can learn things is with real life lessons of other people.  Not simply digested and regurgitated facts but solid cold, hard lessons.  Tristan gives us that explaining the reasons his last blog post had exceptional results.

Link-Building:  Zarko is a great SEO.  Link-building is an important topic.  Some of the strategies of link-building from SEO’s vary.  Some are very dogmatic.  Here Zarko shares with us some of his link building strategies.

Tao of Twitter: Twitter is polarizing.  There are many views of twitter often 120 degrees apart from each other.

Twitter is great for marketing.  NO Twitter should only be for connecting.  Twitter is a waste of time.  Twitter is essential for building real connections.  There are definitely two schools of thought on most aspects of Twitter.  Marcus gives us a lesson on how he changed his views on Twitter.  I should add… this article is also hysterical!

Is Fail really a “4 letter word”: One of my firmly held beliefs is that everyone fails.  Sometime or another even the most successful people try things that go horribly –perhaps even catastrophically-  wrong.  The main difference between successful people and those who … aren’t successful, revolve around learning from your mistakes.

Sometimes I even feel I have made enough mistakes to qualify for a PhD in “mistake correction”.  I have stated before about my feeling on the importance of  failing forward.

Nea gives us a wonderful article this week on making the most of failure.  Something that is essential to success in my mind.  Getting knocked on your rear-end happens in life.  It is getting up, dusting yourself off and attacking again, with a new perspective that shows real character.

Tomorrow (or today or yesterday, depending upon when you read this) is Easter.  I would just like to wish all the readers of Steve Scott Site a great Easter holiday.  Hopefully you are able to enjoy some quality time with friends and/or family.   Happy Easter!

Take Action. Get Results.

12 thoughts on “Hey! Your Karma Hit my Dogma – A Steve Scott Weekly Roundup”

  1. Steve

    Great list as always – particularly liked Stephanie’s post on Content Protection, DMCA notices and the like. And I’ve made a mental note to go check out the post on back links once the teapots are in bed. (Teapots=teapot lids=kids – my eldest son got fascinated with cockney rhyming slang and we spent a year learning it – and we still use it!)


    • Paul,

      I liked that one a lot myself. I always feel at a loss when I find my duplicated content. I generally knew about posting a DCMA notice, but not the specifics and I thought she did an absolutely wonderful job with giving out those specifics.

  2. Interesting post, I completely agree with what you said on spending time and effort building content. Also I personally believe that a mistake should never be taken as an excuse to stop trying-far from that a mistake should instead be taken as a lesson.

  3. Thanks for the mention here, Steve! I’m glad you liked that post. I felt uber nerdy as I was writing it, but I love diving deep into my stats!

    Also, thanks for the reminder about David Risley’s blog. It’s been a while since I’ve been there. I think I’ll go add it to my RSS reader…

    Oh, and I loved the title of this roundup post 😀

    • Tristan,

      Maybe you felt “uber-nerdy” but those are the great posts, where we can really all get a glimpse behind the curtain and find out actual facts…not just “do this to grow traffic” it was really interesting!

  4. Hi Steve,
    First of all your puns are pretty funny. Karma always seems like a imprecise fuzzy term but somehow, in my way of thinking, it directly correlates with happiness and if what you are doing isn’t making you happy, you really need to re-examine what you are doing.

    • Riley,

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

      I agree. for a person that is evena little bit in tune with themselves bad karmic actions could (and should) make them feel bad.

      Hence doing “right” really does provide large positive benefits and immediate karmic balance.

  5. Hi Scott,

    thanks for adding me to your Karmic roundup 🙂

    Sorry for not commenting right away but I got home from a trip yesterday. Still feeling tired, got caught in a holiday traffic rush…

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