How a Publishing Schedule Builds Your Blog [Video]

In this post, we’re going to discuss the importance of using a publishing schedule in your online business. This is something I’ve done with my ezine articles and email marketing campaigns. Now I’m doing it with this blog.

The first benefit of a publishing schedule is it allows you keep focused on the content that you’re cranking out on a weekly basis. Next, it’s an excellent place to track all the content that you’ve created in case you need to reference it in the future. Finally, publishing schedules allow you to capture ideas, flesh out blog entries and generally manage all the content you’re creating on a regular basis.

To give you an idea of how I use a publishing schedule, take a look at this video:

How a Publishing Schedule Builds Your Blog

Here a few key points and extras for this video:

  • I like plan out my content 1 to 2 weeks a time while trying to be a little flexible if something comes up.
  • I use green as an indicator that a post has been published, blue to show a completed action step and yellow to indicate an action that’s needed.
  • Each post serves one of six purposes (Education, Resource, Personality, Blog Post Riff, Pop Culture Riff, Affiliate Presell, and Link Love)
  • I like to batch certain tasks together on a weekly basis. Like finding pictures, doing keyword research, and researching links/extra content.
  • A publishing schedule is an excellent place to capture ideas and potential blog posts. Having this document open at all times is a great way to make sure you jot down every thought that pops up.

I highly recommend using a publishing schedule if you produce a lot of content. It helps you manage your time and make sure you’re producing quality content on a regular basis.

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3 thoughts on “How a Publishing Schedule Builds Your Blog [Video]”

  1. Hi Steve

    At the moment I am publishing one post a week in my small niche but I do try to mix it up with the different topics to give variety to my readers. Also, each topic attracts different readers so hopefully building my traffic.

    I publish the same day each week and now I am thinking about having some guest posters and have to decide if they will be an addition and have to decide which day to publish their posts.

    I decided a set day so it would keep me on track with my posts and also so that my visitors know when a new one comes out. You sound as though you are very organised 🙂
    Patricia Perth Australia

    • For a narrow niche topic like yours, 1 day a week sounds like a perfect schedule. Throw in the occasional guest posts and it could be rocking! Mix that in the the occasional guest post and that could really be kick-butt!

      Keep rocking it!!

  2. Hello Steve,
    As a brand new blogger, I appreciate all the wonderful value and content you have provide. I will definitely use the blogging schedule template as a way to organize my blog and post.

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