How Can I Help YOU?

As I detailed in the last update about my trip, I’m having trouble figuring out how to balance work and fun during my travels. The conclusion I came to was I have to make a number of sacrifices. But these sacrifices can lead to YOU receiving a huge benefit. Let me explain…

My “Task-Based” Workweek While Traveling

I’m being very strict about keeping to a 20-25 task rule (or fifteen to twenty hours) for my travel workweek. This will allow me to maintain my business without feeling like I’m not enjoying my visit to each country.

And in this list, there are 15 tasks that are absolutely critical. This includes actions like posting every day to this site, creating autoresponders for my affiliate newsletter, and answering emails for my information product. If I don’t get these done, bad things will happen.

So this leaves me with 5 to 10 tasks of flexibility. What I want to do is use this time to grow my business and offer a lot value to people who check out this site.

Now here’s my dilemma…

Blog Commenting vs. Free Special Reports

One of the things I want to do is create a series of free special reports which really help people. These will be content-rich guides that go way beyond what I include in my regular posts. I figure I could easily crank these out on a monthly basis even when I’m traveling. In fact, this could easily be done during the 5 to 10 “flexible tasks” I have each week.

On the other hand, I have the issue of blog commenting. In the last few months, I’ve grown to love reading other people’s blogs and reading what they have to say. Most of you who are reading this post are owners of sites that I check out on a daily basis.

The problem is I can’t do both of these during my trip. The few hours I spend on reading people’s site each week could be spent developing a free report which can provide a lot of value.

At first, I was tinkering with the idea of having an outsourcer do my blog commenting. But I decided that this would be an incredibly dishonest thing to do.

Ultimately, I decided to implement the idea of core genius. While I absolutely love commenting on other people’s blogs, this is an activity that’s not going to provide much value to the world. To be honest, most of my comments aren’t really that thought-provoking. Usually they’re some form of “I love this post, man.”

On the other hand, I feel like I can really help people by creating a bunch of free reports. I can say with a bit of humility that these are a critical part of my ‘core genius’ and more aligned with my life plan.

Okay, this is a long-winded explanation for why I’m not going to be doing much blog commenting during the next few months.

But, I recently came up with an idea that can lead to YOU getting some benefit…

… How Can I Help You???

One of my favorite activities is brainstorming solutions to problems. Give me a pad of paper with a pen, and I can come up with a bunch of creative solutions. During my travels, I know I’ll be spending a lot of time on planes, trains, and buses. Sometimes I won’t be in the mood to read or work on my business. Instead I’ll want to do ‘creative thought work.’

What I propose is simple…

Send me an email and describe some of the problems you’re experiencing. Feel free to write anything you want— Questions about an online business. Problems with personal development. Obstacles preventing you from success. Comments about lifestyle design. Or even how you miss your dead cat.

I plan on printing out these questions and dedicating a portion of my free time to coming up with creative solutions to what’s going on your life. I might not be quick with an answer, but when I do respond, it’ll include a bunch of possible solutions.

I Can’t Comment on Your Blog, But Maybe I Can Help You

It kinda sucks knowing I won’t be able to keep up with a lot of my favorite blogs. But I don’t want to completely abandon the friendships I’ve created over the last few months.

So let me help you!

Get started by sending a list of questions to me at stevescottsite [at] gmail [dot] com . Then when I have free time, I’ll get back to you with a very thorough response.

I hope some of you will do this because it’ll alleviate some of the guilt I’ll feel while traveling the world. 🙂

Take Action. Get Results.

8 thoughts on “How Can I Help YOU?”

  1. Hey another nice article, i have been coming on this blog everyday now. I find it very good exercise for brain to train it to think a lot about content and strategies.

    • Still trying to figure this out….Don’t want to ditch the habit. I might bite the bullet and accept that I spend a few extra hours each week, checking out and commenting on the sites that I like.
      .-= Steve Scott´s last blog ..How Can I Help YOU? =-.

  2. Hey Steve,

    I believe in the saying that ‘you gotta do what you gotta do’. If that means working on YOUR core business before building up someone ELSE’s site, then that’s what you gotta do. No one else is going to feed and shelter you – that’s why you are out there living your location independent lifestyle dream and trying to build your business.

    Commenting on sites just for the sake of commenting? What good is that? I like to pay back my readers and to support my friends, but it won’t be at the expense of what I need to get done each day. Sorry if that offends anyone but it’s reality. I try my best though.

    I think that if you allow 1-2 hours per week to comment (which is a way to market your blog) that will suffice. It all has to do with priorities. Something has to give. Maybe you read less blogs or spent less time on social sites or forums. Think of ROI for your time and tasks.

    Good luck in your journey.

    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Warning: Following These 5 Tips May Get You Out Of Your Rut =-.

    • Karen-

      Agreed. I do believe in putting the content needs of your own site first.

      I might go with your suggestion and spend a few hours extra each week and comment on the sites that I’ve grown to enjoy. The thing is I spend ZERO time on forums and social sites. So I don’t know what else to eliminate… haha.

      Like you said though, I do have to think about ROI.

      With that said, thanks for commenting on my site 🙂

  3. Steve,
    Good plan, at least to try. You won’t know how it will work until you are doing it. I think for me to actually take you up on this, I would need some kind of peg to start thinking “Steve knows about this, I should ask him.” It strikes me that your blog posts would set this up and invite (careful here) dialog.
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..Shameless plug for Cantankerous Old Coots =-.

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