How to Build Buzz Around Your Product: 10 Tips

Getting people interested in your product can be a challenge for many people.  That’s why I recommend you read today’s guest post by James of the ink cartridges website.  Here he gives a great top ten list of small, but important steps you can take to build buzz around any product that you’ve released.

You are launching the product that will change your niche forever. How do you spread the excitement and create an unstoppable buzz that will get customers beating down your door? Here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Have a plan

If you are the only person who knows about your product, what good is it? Write down the marketing methods that will propel your product to the top of the list. Develop a concise plan with actionable items. Set quantified goals for what your success will be so you can develop the tactics with which to achieve them.

2. Understand what you’re selling

Make sure that you know what you are selling. If you have a unique product that you are placing on the market, what benefits does that product offer over the competition? That gives you a clear idea of the selling points. What new things are you offering to the marketplace? Have an answer ready.

3. Passion

When you are genuinely excited about a product, that passion will shine through in everything that you do. People are naturally curious, and they want to share in the happiness and joy that your product creates. A person who speaks with conviction and passion will naturally draw more listeners than one who has no interest in what they are selling.

4. Create a free product

Make an information stuffed report about the product that you are going to be selling. You want it to tease readers without giving away all of the secrets. Develop a bit of mystery and tension around your free report so that your customers will be chomping at the bit to buy your product.

5. Email list

After you have created a free product, send that product to everyone that you know. Use the email list that you have in place from your website. You do great marketing, but get other people involved with the process by offering incentives to sell your product. Let your evangelists feel your appreciation by giving them a free product.

6. Internet forums

Most forums frown on direct marketing, but they do not mind links within your signature. Create a signature that is compelling, using some of the information in that free report. Hint at your product while developing authority in the forums that you are in. Your word gets out with each forum post, so make sure that they are intelligent and relevant.

7. Start your own blog

Begin a blog about the product that you are going to offer. Give your customers a look behind the scenes at the creation of your product. Tell them a story about the frustration that you were having in a particular niche and how you came up with a solution. Take an afternoon to write some content for your blog and remember that you don’t have to post everything simultaneously.

8. Write & distribute articles

The articles that you create are not sales letters. They need to offer the customers information about the solution to their problems. If you have an innovative patio light design, talk about the uses of patio lights. Each article site has a place where you can put information about the product that you are selling.

9. Twitter tease

Take interesting information from your free marketing piece and tweet tiny bits of it. Get people intrigued about the reasons why your statistics are true. This is a great method for those people who have the time but are low on funds. Remember that you do not want to be too pushy about your wares. You want to say just enough to get people interested.

10. Small changes

Everything takes time. Start small. Create a signature that entices people. Make a free promotional product. Send out email to friends to see if they will enjoy the new product that you have to sell. It is the small steps that will generate the big buzz.

Develop a plan of attack for your product and list out the things that you are doing. This will give you ideas about what to do on any given day. Your efforts will be rewarded with sales.

Steve’s Note: By day James writes for a provider of ink cartridges where he covers new releases such as the HP 901XL and posts about the art of media marketing on their blog.

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  1. Hi Steve.
    i really like your post because you teaches me right thing to do for selling our products and what are the main things to adopt for better work. as a newbie most of points here are unknown to me but you makes me perfect after reading that post. thanks

  2. internet Forums are great place for selling your products and I am also using them for selling and marketing my products. having a passion and strong commitment always succeeds you towards success. your every point is inspiration and better guidance to build buzz around your product.

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