How to Increase Your Affiliate Sales in 2011 with the Use of Hot Discount Coupons

Today we have a guest post by Alex Papa of Business Opportunities Expo.  This one is interesting because he discusses the importance of using coupons to drive up affiliate sales.  I’ve never tried this myself, so I learned something new while reading his article.  So be sure to take a look at what Alex has to say about discount coupons…

Coupons! We’ve all heard of them and many of us have used them when our finances hit a roadblock. If you are someone who utilizes coupons found in newspapers and magazines then you will be aware that over the long-term you can save a decent amount of money on various products. If you are not aware of what a coupon is: it is a piece of paper that contains a code that entitles you to a discount on certain products.
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In the online world coupons have also grown in popularity as an effective marketing tool. Vendors have been able to increase sales by using coupons and affiliates have also used coupons to attract new customers. After all, everyone is looking for a better deal, and a coupon offers you just that. Let’s look at how coupons are used by the different parties involved?

How Vendors Utilize Coupons?

Besides using coupons to increases sales, vendors also use coupons to gather statistical data which helps provide invaluable marketing information. For example, a vendor who sells accounting software can track exactly where most of the company’s coupons are used, but other important data like client’s gender, age and race can also be gathered.

If the company deduces that more software is sold to people in California who fall into a specific category they can focus their marketing efforts toward that particular segment, and if sales are low in Michigan, the company can evaluate the market and determine why sales are lower in Michigan. The company can then implement a suitable corrective measure to increase sales in the Michigan area.

How Customers Utilize Coupons?

A typical example of how a consumer will use a coupon will follow this trajectory: let’s say you are looking for internet security software and you are interested in purchasing website hosting. You decide to purchase the service from a provider but during the payment process you are asked to input a discount coupon code. You proceed to search the net to find a valid coupon code, and when you do find one, you insert the coupon code and continue with the payment process. The end result is that you have just paid less than the market price for the product because you utilized that code.

Why the Market for Coupons is going to be Very Hot in 2011?

In the next 2 years, many analysts expect the entire western world to go through the worst financial recession ever recorded. The banks are expected to tighten the credit strings even more. Governments will increase taxes, and people will lose jobs and receive big pay cuts. However, the need for basic consumables will still remain. I believe within these conditions there will be an ever increasing number of people looking for discount coupons in order to complete a purchase.

How You Can Use Coupons to Increase Your Affiliate Sales

It is already becoming common practice for consumers to search the net to find discount coupon codes relevant to their purchase. If you are the one offering the code and the buyer finds your site and uses your unique code/link when purchasing a particular product you will receive a commission from that purchase. In fact, if you chose high-end products and popular products you can earn a living just by providing coupon codes. Here is exactly how you can do this:

#1. First of all, sign up with any of the major affiliate networks such as the Commission Junction. Search through their lists of merchants a company that offers an affiliate program via coupons.

#2. Use Google Keyword tool to see how many searches per month a particular coupon has. For example, if you wish to promote a Tesco Coupon you will need to check “Tesco Coupon” on Google Keyword. Ensure that a company coupon has at least 1,000 global monthly searches per month, and it offers a minimum of 20% commission. Also, make sure that the average sale is at least $100.

#3. Apply to join the merchant’s affiliate program and then copy the affiliate link in your website.

#4. Your next task is to try and drive traffic to your affiliate page. You can do that either by driving direct traffic (guest posting, commenting, social media messaging) or by receiving organic traffic (search engine optimization)

As an affiliate you will want to drive as many interested buyers as possible to your site. Beside the coupon seekers, you can also convert non-coupon seekers into buyers when they realize they can receive a discount on the product through your website.

Share Your Thoughts about Coupon Codes

I wish you every success if you choose to promote coupons in 2011. Perhaps you have already used a few ingenious methods to increase you sales by using coupon codes. If so, I am eager to hear the approach that you have used successfully.

Steve’s Note: Alex Papa is a social media entrepreneur and part-time blogger. In his website Business Opportunities Expo you can connect with other internet entrepreneurs, post and search for business ideas. Alex also enjoys writing about internet antivirus solutions and offers Norton codes in one of his blogs.

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17 thoughts on “How to Increase Your Affiliate Sales in 2011 with the Use of Hot Discount Coupons”

  1. Coupons can work great! And if you run your own affiliate program (I use Rapid Action Profits meself), you can set up coupons for your own site and products for personal promotions as well.

    Additionally, of course, your affiliates can promote them too to their customers. Win!

  2. Great idea, several affiliates and almost everyonline business is using coupons lately. And it is a good way to attract people.

    I agree with the benefits of coupons.

    fran A

  3. I love this idea, although I have not started any affiliate business with this blog yet.
    My CJ account has been closed since I didn’t make a sale in 6 months (I had it for a niche website) and I don’t like them because one time there was a purchase that I never got a commission for. So I don’t even want to reapply.
    So my question is what other affiliate network would you suggest, if any.
    Thanks for this great idea and a little instruction on how to do it, it sounds like something I can really look into.

  4. Alex,

    Thanks for the great post today. Some very interesting stuff on using coupons as a way to both a vendor and an affiliate. Thanks for the guest post and the awesome material!

  5. Great Post Alex,

    I too know the power of the discount coupons! Because this coupons have magic powers.
    I’ve seen people and I even know friends that bought a product they didn’t really need or had plans to buy, just because they had a coupon with a high discount rate.

    If you think about it, this is something like a goldmine. Some people are set on finding bargains and when they do, they don’t look back they just buy, not because they need it or because the product is awsome, they buy it just because it’s cheaper then it will ever be.

  6. Great post! I also think that coupons will be huge in 2011. With all of the people trying to save money but they also still celebrate their anniversaries and births. With the personalized products that I sell, I send out 4 coupons with every order. Coupon codes for free shipping, free items or a certain percentage off an amount. It helps because the customers that have already made a purchase will either use the codes themselves or give them to someone else; advertisement by word of mouth. It has really worked for me the past year and I plan on continuing passing out discount codes this year.

  7. Great post Alex,

    Thanks for explaining about all of the ways to use coupons. They really seem like they could be quite helpful for affiliate marketing. Certainly a powerful for niches! thanks

  8. Hi, This is one of the great blog post I have Seen ever, as coupons will help in save lot of money of us. So I think it is very good to take advantage of the coupons code.

  9. Let’s not forget that your affiliate merchants can offer you customized coupons for your site for extra discounts as an additional incentive for more sales. Very informative post. Thanks

  10. Although the coupon site market itself is pretty saturated, there is still so much to be done with the long tail of coupons. For example–generating content around specific merchants and alternative words besides the word “coupons.” I definitely agree that online coupon use is only going to rise!

  11. Hi Alex,

    as you said, the current economy is driving the coupon demand to the sky. This is exactly why Groupon, the biggest ever coupon business known to earth, is having such a tremendous success across the world. You are making some great points in your article.

  12. Yeah ive noticed that more ppl use coupons now. What do you think about using Adsense or something similar along with affiliate marketing? i know groupon spends a lot of money on adds, yet they still making a lot of money

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