How to Make a Simple Video for Affiliate Marketing on

One of the emerging trends with affiliate marketing is to promote products through video.

How to Make a Simple Video for Affiliate Marketing on YouTubeUnfortunately many people shy away from this technique because they think it’s too hard to do.

The reality is anyone can make a simple video!

In fact,there are a wide-range of tools that make it super easy to create a stylish looking YouTube video.

For instance, I’ll often use the Animoto program to make videos.  This software makes it very easy to create a multimedia presentation in less than ten minutes.

The best part is you can upload this video to YouTube and make money from it within a few hours time.

Watch this tutorial to see what I mean:

See…it’s not that hard to make a simple affiliate marketing video for YouTube!

Let’s review this simple four-step process:

  1. Find a Keyword
  2. Find a Quality Affiliate Product
  3. Create the Video
  4. Upload to YouTube

Now, there is one thing I forgot to mention – I like use easy-to-remember URLs for my video content.

As an example, the URL I mentioned in the video is

This address is a domain forwarding of my affiliate link.

URL forwarding is very easy to do:

#1 – Get an Affiliate Link.  DUBTurbo is a Clickbank product.  So all I did was go to Clickbank and grabbed the link. 

{Be sure to create a “Tracking ID” for this link.  This tracks all the sales you produce from videos.}

Clickbank Affiliate Link

#2 – Select the URL Forwarding.  Next, go to your favorite domain registrar and pick a name that’s easy to remember. I used GoDaddy to grab the website.  {Basically I picked it up because it’s an aged domain.}

Once you’ve registered a domain all you have to do is insert your affiliate link under the “URL Forwarding” or “Forwarding” tab:

URL Forwarding for GoDaddy.comURL forwarding literally takes five minutes to set up.  Plus it’s a great way to track the affiliate commissions you generate from videos.  So I highly recommend you do this for any product you promote on

Simple Affiliate Video Tools

I covered a few tools and concepts in this video.  So here’s a recap of how to get started with simple YouTube videos:

Finally, YouTube is a search engine similar to Google.  That means you need to optimize each video and make sure it gets quality backlinks.  That’s why I recommend you check out these two posts:

  1. My review of Build My Rank – This is a premium tool that I’ve used to improve the search engine rankings of my niche sites.  The good news is it also works for YouTube!
  2. 103 High PR One Way Backlinks – You can also do manual backlinks.  In this post, I provide a vast directory of the best places to get quality backlinks.


It’s not hard to make a simple video for YouTube.  All you have to do is follow the four-step process that I described in the above tutorial.

You’ll find that you can easily create a video in under ten minutes.  That means it’s possible to crank out dozens of videos in a single day – Each promoting a money-making affiliate product.

Take Action. Get Results.

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  1. Hey Steve, I loved this video. Really great work. The idea is also amazing. I use Camtasia Studio but this seems way easier for some cool videos with effects. Thanks! I am off to YouTube to give you a thumbs up for the video, it is definitely worth it 🙂

    • Brankica,

      I have and have used Camtasia too. It is a great program, but like you say…this has a few nifty little additions.

      Thanks for the great comment and swinging by to like the vid! 🙂 (Sorry it took a while to reply…I have been busy/lazy over the holidays)

  2. Do you upload all of the videos to the same youtube account on the same day?

    “You’ll find that you can easily create a video in under ten minutes. That means it’s possible to crank out dozens of videos in a single day – Each promoting a money-making affiliate product.”

    • Jessi,

      As fasr as I know it doesn’t matter. I haven’t heard of any foliters that can ping your for simultaneously releasing vids ( Like it might if you suddenly released dozens of ARTICLES pointed to a site in a day).

      Of course better safe than sorry is always an option you COULD choose to drip feed the videos. It is all up to you.

  3. Thank you for sharing. My two cents–if you are using open source software, there are dozens of quality video editing software that you can choose from. Best of all, they are free to use.

  4. Cool stuff Steve,

    I like Animoto! It is a powerful to simplify the video making process. However, there are not many pictures built in so most of the time we need to supply pictures to make a rather compelling video. Anyway, video marketing is something that I will need to focus on apart from SEO 🙂


    • Ming,

      For sure. I would also add you do not want ALL of your videos to be the picture style. It is often best to mix it up. Keeps it fresh you know… Also make sure that pictures that you grab are ones that you actually have right for.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I hope you had a wonderful christmas and New YEars!

  5. Watching this tutorial makes the process of creating video a little bit simpler and clear, but still the majority of people, and me personally, can still think that it’s very difficult

    • Glad you liked the video. While there is some learning curve involved it really is not that difficult to make semi-professional looking videos with jus a little bit of effort.

    • Cristina,
      Glad you liked it. Animoto is definitely worth a shot. Thanks for dropping by and commenting! I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!!

  6. Videos are becoming so important to get your message out there especially because people are using phones to access the internet and loads of text and small pictures can be a pain on a small screen so short videos work really well.

  7. Steve,

    Once again, you have delivered a powerful, well-written idea. My only problem is that you are so inspirational I want to drop everything I’m currently doing to try out your ideas the minute they show up.

    Carl Donovan

  8. Hey Steve,

    I’ve started to create some video tutorials, and it’s a lot easier than I first thought. But I’ve never thought about buying domains for my videos, that’s an interesting idea.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  9. Youtube is still a great way for promoting affiliate products, if not the best right now. Maybe because people shy away from it, the competition in there is bearable.
    Great potential, anyway.

  10. Hi, Steve! Thank you for sharing this. You’re right, I shy away from making videos because I don’t believe I can make one. I enjoyed watching the video that you have prepared; it was very explanatory. I also visited Animoto and I liked it very much. I want to start making my own video now and I hope I will be successful in creating and promoting it.

    Happy New Year, Steve!

  11. Hi Steve
    Hope you had a great Christmas. I do like animato as a product, as you say it’s so simple to use. But Id never though of using it for creating affiliate ads. Great idea.

    I have so many products I could do this for!

    Thanks for inspiration!

  12. The article was simply written and really understandable. Thank you for sharing this with us. I’ve setup multiple campaigns with this method. Thanks again Steve – and Happy newyear 🙂

  13. Ive been creating these types of videos for ages and they work really well.

    I usually do it around events or launches of big named products in certain industries.

    Video can work really well in selling afffilaite products but most people do it all wrong.

    I build niche websites using video alone and it kicks butt everytime, depending on the niche a plain text element will be needed to.

    I use a lot of paid traffic to drive people to my videos and YouTube has dirt cheap traffic.

    Video does work, but I’d say move away from the animoto type videos and get yourself involved (scary right) and create something cool – yeh it will take a bit more work.

    But also produce a lot more money.

  14. To all:

    IN general I just want to apoligize for being late /nonresposnive in comments for the past week plus (and maybe a little slow in the next week too).

    It is all the holiday stuff. Relatives in town/ a couple of short trips/ Christmas/ new Years… I have barely had time to do anything work related for the past few weeks.

    Anyhow I DO appreciate all the comments, and I AM trying to catch up on them.

    I have had a wonderful break, with still a few more days to come… I hope you have all also had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Welcome to 2012!!!

    • Steve,

      I can very well understand how it must be with you 🙂 It’s been that way for me over the years, but this time I’m already home and not having the pressure of getting too many things done in one year-end vacation here. Feels much relaxed, and unlike otherwise I’m able to keep my blog alive over the holidays too. It’s a different feeling altogether for me this time.

      Anyway, had just come around to wish you and to let you know that you were on my special list of friends to thank (and that’s no surprise) 🙂

      Thanks so much for your support always! I wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2012.


  15. Nice tips here, Steve. I’ve been a huge fan of YouTube for niches other than IM-related stuff. Apart from a few outliers, my Blogging Bookshelf and The Backlight videos never got too many views. How do your SSS vids fare? My Amazopia videos, though, have 220,000+ views now and are the main source of traffic for the blog. And I know you’ve said in the past that you get lots of YouTube traffic for your main niche.

  16. Hi Steve!

    Awesome sharing here.. I will surely use this tips in my affiliate products soon and it is true that YouTube is 3rd most traffic website where everyone is free to show anything..

    Many Thanks

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