How to Make (and Use) a Vision Board

It always amazes me to hear people talking about wanting to be rich (or successful). What’s interesting is when you ask them the reason why, they usually can’t come up with what they actually would do if they had lots of money.

Sure it would be great to be wealthy and have the ability to buy anything I want. But in my opinion, it’s more important to have an idea of what you’re working towards. In other words, you should specifically identify the things that you want out of life.

Just like in baseball you can’t hit a ball what you can’t see. We may hit it accidentally and every once in a while, but you’ll never be hit it out of the park!

That’s why it’s important to use a simple tool called a ‘vision board.’

The Importance of Using a Vision Board

A vision board is quite simply something that you can create, any way you see fit, to visualize things that you want to see happen in your life. They are easy and fun to make and most importantly, they help us imaginative humans to actually feel and see our future in a very concrete manner.

When using a vision, you take pictures (or draw your own) that represent that exact goal that you want to achieve. So if you want a nice home on the beach, then you would cut-and-paste a picture of your dream house to your vision board.

Once you have a vision board filled with pictures, you’ll review it on a regular basis as part of your regular goal setting session.

The reason that vision boards are such a large part of making your dreams and goals come true is that they allow you to pull your ideas out of thin air (where they can get lost) and put them down on something you can hold in your hands. In addition, you’re using the Law of Attraction to identify opportunities that help you move one step closer to your goal.

Now that you know why a vision board is important, let’s talk about how to make one…

How to Make a Vision Board

You can make your vision board out of anything that pleases you, but for the sake of easiness – I’ll explain the process using a large piece of cardboard.

First, you get your platform. When I did it, I used a simple piece of cardboard.

Then, start thumbing through magazines, perusing the internet, writing down key words or phrases and cutting out pictures and anything else that is relevant to what you want to see happen in your life and paste them to your cardboard.

Keep in mind that there are no boundaries with a vision board. If your goal is to make a million dollars selling fishing rods in the Florida Keys, then you simply start finding all the things relevant to doing so.

You can even add things to your vision board purely for fun, like a bikini clad blonde bombshell (or Brad Pitt in a Speedo depending on your preferences) that make it real and relevant to YOUR goals.

Your Vision Board Helps You Identify Opportunities

You’ll find that as you seek out things to put on your vision board, ideas and goal setting become easier. You’ll start seeing opportunities from unlikely places and cutting and pasting these ideas or vehicle onto your cardboard. At some point, you may have to add more cardboard just to fit your vision; and this helps you to know that you are moving in the right direction.

Vision boards have become more popular with the influx of media buzz surrounding the law of attraction. The truth is, it is something that you probably did as a child and they just help you to keep your eyes open!

Humans are very visual creatures and when we can plainly see what we want, remember our dreams and have a very concrete, physical representation of what we desire in life right in front of us – we begin attracting it more quickly and accurately.

A vision board is similar to a person who wants to lose weight taping a picture of their “perfect body” to the refrigerator door. The key is to create a vision board that has many possibilities so that you’ll be able to accept and receive your future.

You also should leave plenty of space on your vision board so that you can keep adding and changing your vision as you progress. A vision board is never a completed works and is rather a work in progress that maps out your plans for the future.

There Are No Rules

One very important aspect of creating your vision board is to NOT follow any rules. How often do you hear that in life? No matter how bizarre, crazy or unreal your ideas are, they have a certain place on your vision board. You don’t have to censor your vision board or feel that there is anything that is too large to be placed on your board. This way, the possibilities for your future are always wide open.

Your vision board is completely personal. You’ll find that there are many online platforms today that can help you create a vision board that can be your screensaver or you may opt for the tape, scissors and cardboard version. It doesn’t matter, just as long as you find a concrete, visual way to display your map of ideas and dreams for the future.

Take Action. Get Results.

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  1. Steve, this is an excellent post thanks for sharing. I’ve just been writing about something similar myself.
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    • Thanks Matthew….which post is it? I couldn’t figure out which one you were referring to. Feel free to put the link in this comments section so everyone can learn more about this topic.

  2. For me motivation in something will bring me to the horizon to achieve my goals in life, or to become successful in my business. Vision board looks good for us to monitor the plans we have.

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