How to Research Keywords Using Google Adwords

As I mentioned in a post on Tuesday, I will no longer be doing the “Adonis Fridays” video series. While I feel that these clips are great for people who like to exercise, they got very little response from the regular visitors to this site.

With that said, I’m still interested in doing a regular Friday video series. Since most people spend this day looking towards the weekend, I like the idea of showing a video that teaches a quick concept rather than post a long-winded article.

When I made the announcement of this change, I received a number of great recommendations about what type of videos I should show. So, the Friday segment will now focus on Internet Marketing education. (I don’t have a catchy title for this series, but I’m sure I’ll think of something eventually.)

So here’s the first video that I found on YouTube. In this clip, you’ll learn about how to do keyword research using the free service at Google AdWords. Watch the video, then I’ll explain why this is one of the most powerful tools you’ll have in your Internet Marketing arsenal:

How To Do Keyword Research With Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Before we get started, here’s the link to the Google Adwords tool.

How to Use the Google Adwords Tool

How do you use this tool? Well, there are a number of different methods for maximizing the use of this tool:

Niche Keyword Research– The Adwords tool is great for exploring a niche and figuring out its profitability. Before I go into any niche, I make sure that there are people who are interested in this topic and then I like to know what kind of information they’re seeking.

Leveraging “Google Love” Pages– In yesterday’s post, I discussed the value of leveraging sites that Google loves. The best way to maximize the results from this technique is to target high traffic keywords. When I start into a niche, I like to use Microsoft Excel and build a list of every imaginable keyword phrase. Then I use this single document to create a number of satellite pages that all point to my opt-in page or blog.

Expanded Keyword Research– One of the ways I’m able to build a massive list of keywords is through their “related keywords” tool. In my opinion, this is one of the coolest aspects of the Google Adwords service. This is a great way to discover certain phrases you never thought people were using to seek out information.

Search Engine Optimization– Whenever I write a post for this blog, I keep the Google Adwords page open. This helps me work in a few keyword phrases. While I don’t recommend you go overboard with using keywords in your writing, I do think it’s important to include a few phrases that people would use to find topic-related information.

Just Scratching the Surface…

These are just a few ways that I personally use the Google Adwords tool. I’m sure you can probably come up with a number of different techniques that I haven’t even discussed.

My advice is to start using this free service to build keyword targeted phrases. If you do this on a regular basis, you’ll steadily increase web traffic to your online business or blog.

Take Action. Get Results.

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  1. I guess the reason I keep avoiding seriously committing to this is that it seems like work. I begin to wonder how a VA might help me out here. And re the Aconis Fridays, some of us are past trying to please the ladies – or maybe better phrased- know that it won’t make much difference.
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..Nostalgia – Beautiful Mid-Century Modern House =-.

    • Yes, I think the physical fitness stuff should be more for a general audience rather than one specific group of people. I do like the idea of posting stuff about health and fitness, but for now I’m going to focus on other things.

  2. I’m about to start keyword research to find a nich to blog in. I’ve been doing the paying-hobby blog on and off around freelance writing, but think it’s time to refine my niche a bit. I’ll probably keep the paying-hobby blog on blogger as part of the content web and focus on redirecting traffic from it.
    Anyway, the reason I’m posting is I have quite a few keyword research tools I’ve collected over the years, and I’m going to put an excel spreadsheet with macros together to help me work through the whole process. Migh take a couple of weeks, but I think I’ll use it as one of my lead magnets when it’s done. Would you or any of your readers be interested in a copy when it’s done?
    (In the interests of full disclosure, I’m putting this out here in the hope at lease someone will say yes and therefore make me accountable for actually doing it rather than talking about it and putting it off indefinately.)
    .-= Gail´s last blog ..Investing in Junk Coins by Keith Hamburger =-.

    • Do you mean for “Steve Scott Site” or for my affiliate site? If for the affiliate site, most of the satellite pages are, and I get over 90% of my traffic from these locations…but these links have been there for years. Some of the stuff that worked awhile back has become increasingly difficult.

      Hope this helps!

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