How to Retire Today But Still Make Money

Do you dream of one day retiring and being able to enjoy life on your terms?

If you’re like most people then you probably answered ‘yes’ to this question. The problem is you live in reality where bills have to be paid. So retirement is probably a far away dream.

But there’s a way you can start retiring today while still making money. In this post, I’m going to discuss the concept of “Mini-Retirements” and explain how it really is possible to get more out of life while still earning a sizeable income.

The Normal Route to Retirement

A guy I know casually – more like a friend of a friend – began working as a police officer straight out of high school. After twenty years on the job he’d had enough of the daily grind, and was eligible to retire and get a fairly nice chunk of his salary as a pension each month, all before hitting the age of forty.

That isn’t a normal situation, of course, and most people expect to work well into their sixties.

In fact, a lady that works in the bakery where I grocery shop told me that she’s seventy-two years old!

I don’t know her personally, so I don’t know her whole story. Who knows – maybe she simply loves being around people and enjoys getting out of the house. But I can tell you one thing: I don’t want to be working when I’m that age!

A New Way to Look at Retirement

The term retirement used to conjure images of old men and women suddenly trading in their business suits for bathing suits as they moved down to Florida to bask in the sunshine and take the grandkids to Disney World every summer.

These days, a lot of younger people are taking mini-retirements before they actually stop working and retire for good. This is a concept I first discovered in the 4-Workweek Book.

You may have heard of the word sabbatical. I can remember that a few of my professors took semester-long sabbaticals back when I was in college.

At the time, I didn’t really know what the term meant, other than I knew they quit teaching classes for a while. A sabbatical is typically an extended break from work for the professor (or whomever is taking the sabbatical) to do things such as travel to conduct research, or maybe write articles for educational journals or even novels.

You don’t have to be a professor to take a break from “the real world.”

How to “Retire” Young and Start Your Bucket List

Now I’m not trying to confuse you. Mini retirements aren’t exactly the same thing as sabbaticals, and they shouldn’t be confused with vacations, either. Most vacations typically last for a week or two, but an example of a mini-retirement is the trip I’m taking to Europe starting in May. Here I’ll be replacing my day-to-day routine by concentrating on doing stuff that I love.

Mini-retirements also differ from sabbaticals in the fact that they’re expected to be taken more often than once or twice during your career, and they don’t necessarily involve “work.”

A lot of us have “bucket lists” – lists of things that we want to do or see before we die. I’m just like you – there are tons of places I want to go and lots of things I want to see and experience before my life is over.

Mini-retirements are the perfect opportunity to start crossing items off of your bucket list.

Moving Outside Your Comfort Zone

You might be thinking that all of this sounds easier said than done. Obviously, just like anything worthwhile in life, it does take a little bit of effort. In fact, this will push you to move past your comfort zone.

A lot of naysayers out there will try to change your mind, but I’ve realized that people who make snarky comments and try to discourage me from trying things are usually just envious. They’re most likely sick of their own dead-end jobs and would love to have similar opportunities for themselves, but they’re afraid they never will, so they try to talk me down.

I’ve got news for people like that: I don’t care what you think

So what the heck – why not make them even more envious by actually getting out there and taking a mini-retirement every couple years? I’m not telling you to go around purposely ticking off your friends, but sometimes hearing “You’ll never do that!” is just what you need to get moving and prove them wrong.

I really enjoy traveling and there are tons of places that I’d love to see in my lifetime. Photography and learning about history are two of my other hobbies. That’s why I’m planning on taking a three-month mini-retirement this summer. I’m taking a trip to a few countries to “get away from it all,” take tons of photos, and visit as many cool cities and famous monuments as I can.

Planning Your First Mini-Retirement…

You might be wondering how I’m able to leave my “real life” for a few months, and I’ve got no problem in letting you in on the secret: I’ve created such a successful online business for myself where I’m not really needed to be anywhere in particular for the day-to-day operations.

The secret is passive income. No matter where in the world I may be, I continue to earn a steady income that allows me to keep up to date on my bills and do fun things – such as take mini-retirements!

To get started with your first mini-retirement, I urge you to figure out a way to make money that doesn’t require you to become a cog in the machine. I personally use affiliate marketing and information products to fund my lifestyle. But there are thousands of different ways to earn a sizeable income while still enjoying all that life has to offer.

I guarantee that it’s not as hard as you might think. You CAN create something of value that people would pay lots of money to receive. It’s a simple matter of brainstorming about what you have to offer the world and use this special skill to create a passive stream of income…good luck!

Take Action. Get Results.

10 thoughts on “How to Retire Today But Still Make Money”

  1. Hi, Steve, great post as usual, but I gotta ask, you mention there near the end that there are literally “thousands” of ways to earn passive income. Could you possibly give a source that gives more details on this? Thanks!
    .-= Fitness Philippines´s last blog ..The Ultimate Fighter 11 episode 5 review =-.

      • Okay, thanks very much for all the help, Scott! I love blogging and all, but currently don’t want it to be my only means right now, so I want to explore other ways of succeeding via passive income outside the internet.
        .-= Fitness Philippines´s last blog ..Street Fighter: A Fitness Perspective =-.

  2. It’s a few insightful things one needs to think about in earnest. But, especially with the internet, I think, there are quite a lot of ways one can make money with. You will need to work constantly, yes, but I would see it as retiring. I think many people without jobs make $1000’s of money online and they are like you are referring to: (or how I would describe it) as mini retirements. They can do things whenever they see fit to all while still paying all the bills and get the time to go to overseas as well. I guess the internet is definitely one way to retire early.

    • You are 100% right. There are numerous ways to make money online. It is not as simple or as easy as some people make it sound and you have to put some effort into it, specifically at first, but once the ball gets rolling it only takes the effort of trying to keep it going and maybe start on a new ball.

      Thanks for stopping by and for your great comment.

  3. I think most people fail to make money online because they only look at it from the point of view a purely profit based perspective. I used to make a very good living in internet marketing but I saw it as a challenge and a puzzle. When the checks started coming in I couldn’t believe it (and most people didn’t believe it unless I showed them the 5 figure monthly amounts…and then most STILL couldn’t accept it). Those were the good old days up until about 2006 when Google finally figured out its algorithm. Now I blog for the sake of educating the members of our fitness center. Ironically our old discussion forum still gets thousands of visitors per day due to the rich content. All people need to do is keep coming up with content that is personally very interesting to them and the traffic will follow in time. At the same time one would be wise to continuously read and educate themselves on a broad range of topics so that they don’t run out of ideas or they have to force themselves to write. Then it’s “work” and no longer a profitable “hobby”. My $0.02 anyway…

    • 2006 certainly was the good old days. I made a lot of money back before Google Tightened its game. Since then I have been doing things the “right way” with increasing success over time. I agree that absolutely passion has to be there. Without passion I don’t believe that people can make it these days to the point where things become truly profitable. With passion now you can get through any tough times because of the fact that you actually love and enjoy what you’re doing.

      Thanks the comment, have a great day!

  4. I live in a summer vacation area, so I always was familar with this concept of mini retirement. Is plenty here of people working 6 months in their summer business and doing very little during the rest of the year. I’m planning something like this, but with my website too.

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