How to “Test” Your Way to Online Success

On Tuesday, I discussed my concept of doing a “human split-test” when it comes to hiring an outsource worker.  While I covered the technique I use for finding a quality worker, I didn’t discuss why split-testing should be a vital part of your business.

So what is split-testing?  Basically it’s a way to statistically measure the performance of your web page.  The way that you “measure” a page is based on an action that a visitor makes.  This can be anything from making a purchase to getting the person to opt-in to your email list.

Here’s an example…

In its simplest form, a split-test divides your site into two versions- Page A and Page B.  Let’s say you have 1000 visitors to your opt-in page.  500 will see Page A and the other 500 will see Page B.  All you do is measure which version has the most actions.

So if Page A has 200 subscriptions (40%) and Page B has 150 subscriptions (30%) then you know Page A is the clear winner.  You now have statistical proof that one page produces a measurable result.

Now I’m sure this concept might seem pretty basic.  With that said, you can dramatically skyrocket your online income by implementing this technique.  By regularly running a split-test on your website, you’ll earn more money with the same amount of web traffic.  Those small tweaks that you make on a regular basis ultimately add up to an extremely optimized, effective web page.

In my own online business, I split-test everything.  This includes a number of things, specifically my lead magnet site and the sales page for my information product.   I can honestly this one technique has had a huge impact on the income that I generate.

So how do you get started with split-testing?  There’s an easy answer to that one.  I recommend a tool called “Google Website Optimizer” which helps you quickly set up split-tests.  The best part is it’s completely free!

To help you get started with this tool, I’ve included Google’s official video here:

A/B Experiments with Google Optimizer

Like I said before, split-testing is one of the quickest ways to increase the conversions that you’re getting from your web traffic.  I urge you to implement this technique on any sales or opt-in page that you have in your online business.

Take Action. Get Results.

9 thoughts on “How to “Test” Your Way to Online Success”

  1. Steve….

    How do I use this with Clickbank? I’m at wits end trying to figure it out.. Since clickbank is a different domain i can’t figure out how to do it… Any suggestions?

      • no Steve, I mean I have two version of my salesletter… and want to a/b test them on google website optimizer… but since the order page is a seperate domain, I can’t seem to track conversions.

        I have no problem tracking conversations on squeeze pages, since thankyou page is same domain,

        But since it goes salespage -> clickbank -> thankyou page (and i can’t put code onto clickbank) I don’t know how to do it….

        I know there has got to be a way… but everything my tech guy has tried hasn’t worked for this…

        • Bobby-

          To be honest, I’m not sure I have the technical knowledge to help you out with this one. But here’s a suggestion…

          At one point, I used the AdtrackZ software to track the conversions on an info product that was run through Clickbank. I created the A/B split test and put the tracking code on Thank You page.

          This program worked really well and would give me the actual number of people clicking (not just raw clicks) with the number of people who were converted into buyers.

          It’s not the fanciest of programs, but still worked pretty well for what I needed it to do.

          • Have you tried using different tracking IDs in the clickbank url?
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  2. Hi Steve,

    Nice article. I was just wondering if you know of a way to do split testing of a kindle ebook once it is posted in amazon?



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