Steves Sunday Selections Jan 02, 2011

“Welcome 2011, Glad ta’ meetcha’”

“Cya’ later 2010, don’t let the door hit you in the backside on the way out.”

2010 is dead and gone.

Internet Lifestyle questions for 2011

Mistakes of last year are in the distant past, “that was sooooo last year

But so are the accomplishments.   It is time to wrap last year up in a bow, both good and bad are done and gone.  What do you have for me now?  What are you doing today?  What are you doing tomorrow and the next day and the next?  We should never forget the past, but the new year is the perfect time to move on from it and embrace the future.

In this edition of the Sunday selections we shall take a quick glance back at the  year that was, a little look forward at what may (or can) be and finally take a glimpse at what a few readers have as their: “resolutions”.

Looking Back

As we now peer through the dark recesses of time to go far back to the mystical realm of 2010, we are led on our Journey by Karen, who gives us an excellent year in review of her site.

Brian then also gives the best of copyblogger for 2010.  Copyblogger is a site I love and is cram packed with good information.  Somehow there are STILL articles I missed this year (a lot actually).  Some great stuff!

Farnoosh, recaps her year of 2010 as well as giving a glimpse into how she achieved some of her success in her year end review.

Then, of course there are some of my favorite posts from 2010 from here on Steve Scott site.  I have not yet reached the “year” mark yet (not quite), so these are also my favorite posts of all time.  Perhaps not, “the best”  -that is not for me to decide really- these are just the ones I really like..

Then to end with something, “just a little bit different,” Gizmodo ran a review of the best reviews of the year.  Sort of like a riddle wrapped in an enigma cloaked by a review.

Looking Forward

There, I am all done with 2010 now.  Time to prepare for the future -duhn dun dun-

Rather than reinvent the wheel on some of this I will start with a must read link from Mashable.  I can’t believe I said that.  I like Mashable, but normally they have regurgitated content that is in an easily digestible form.  Sort of like the way a bird feeds.  They chew up good content and barf it into our mouths.  Yum!   It can be nutritious, but I often like to find my own worms.  But I digress, the roundup at Mashable for the 95 predictions of 2011 is excellent.  It really is the must read article of the month.

Marlee gives us a few important lessons that we can all carry forward into this coming 2011 when she discusses details of your business plan for 2011.

Finally Barbara reminds us that 2011 is a beginning.  The important thing that we all should take from 2011 is the hope that we can truly make a difference in someone’s life.  That is worth more than anything else when you come right down to it.

New Years Resolutions for the Internet Lifestyle

Some Resolutions

So it is now day two of 2011. Anyone fail on their resolutions yet?  I hope not.  Hopefully your resolutions are not simply dreams but are also goals.  For our final links this Sunday we will simply take a quick look at a few people’s resolutions and New Year’s thoughts.  Hopefully you have your own resolutions and goals.  If so feel free to state your goals below in the comments.  Sometimes verbalizing them (or in this case writing them) can help in the achievement of these goals.

Preeti: New Year Trial and errors

John:  New Year’s resolutions

Zarko: New Year SEO post

Hopefully everyone had a 2010 that could be at least classified as “decent” after all the ups and downs.  Regardless of your 2011, this year is a clean slate.  Let us “grab the bull by the horn”, “put our best feet forward” and “seize the day”.  Add in as many overused sayings as you want, the important thing is that 2011 is here now, and it will be what you make of it.

Take Action. Get Results.

20 thoughts on “Steves Sunday Selections Jan 02, 2011”

  1. Hey Steve,

    Thanks so much for the mention, on this 2nd day of January. You’re starting the year off tremendously 🙂

    This post is inspirational to me, because you are so right when you say that 2010 is dead and gone. Now, it’s time to get cracking on a whole new year with new possibilities and new goals to achieve. No resting on our laurels, right?!

    I was reading the Mashable predictions – very interesting, the comments even more so.

    Thanks again for this great round-up,

    • Karen,
      glad to liked it! there is certainly no reason to look back good or bad. Everything from here on out is fresh and new. It is all what you decide to make of it!

      I’ve only made it through about half of the mashable predictions myself. what I saw I really liked. I shall likely be finishing them up once I finished replying to comments. :). Perhaps while I see the Giants take their last shot at the playoffs. (unfortunately needing help!)

  2. Thanks for the roundup Steve. I am excited about 2011. One reason being I know a whole heap more about blogging than when I started in 2010! Know there are heaps more things to learn and I’m ready. And I have my goals that are do-able so it is going to be interesting to see how the year unfolds. Enjoyed your input in 2010 and I’m sure there will be more for us here this year too.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  3. Hi Steve,

    This is a great way to start 2011 by looking back, then looking forward and making resolutions to go on.

    Thanks for providing a link to the best of copyblogger. You are right, there is a lot of awesome stuff that we can learn from Brian there. Starting 2011 with copyblogger is definitely the way forward.

    Of your best articles for 2010, I enjoyed the following:

    -9 Work Abroad Jobs
    -Attack of the Demon Dachshunds
    -How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
    -How to Research an Internet Marketing Niche

    I thought these posts were not only interesting, but useful as well. I am definitely looking forward to your posts for 2011! 2011 shall be a great year for us all! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this article!

    Irving the Vizier

    • Copyblogger is great. Sometimes there are some real high value items there. Certainly worth the time to read every so often.

      I’m glad you liked those articles. I was fairly proud and happy of all of them.

      I’m also glad you like the way I did the post with the past and the future. The past should never be forgotten since it teaches us great lessons. At the same time you should never let you past hold you back. each day is a brand-new start and as the saying goes “the first day of the rest your life”. This is particularly true at the new year mark. It is only an arbitrary line, but it is one that is easy to see and mark the past against future.

  4. Thanks for putting my New Year resolutions into your Sunday Selection Steve. I’m getting really committed to them now, too many people have seen them. 😉

    That’s actually what I like about writing things down, and then telling people about your plans. It’s easier to carry out and fulfill your targets, than try and think up excuses why you couldn’t do it. 😆

    The past doesn’t exist, we only have the here and now, PLUS the potential that the future holds. 8)

    Leamington Spa, England

    • Haha

      I trapped into keeping up on them by making them more public, huh? 😉

      I certainly do think that having your goals written down and perhaps made public or at least open to family and friends can help a lot to make sure that your goals are met and perhaps even exceeded.

      Good Luck with your goals. Although I don’t think you’ll need luck, I think you got them in the bag!

  5. You are right Steve 2010 is gone but not dead yet many of us will remember it as one of the better year in blogging not just in monetary terms but in networking terms Good luck steve and stay safe it was a pleasure blogging with you.

  6. Hey Steve,

    Great post. What I found the most interesting about this post is that you wrote about resolutions and then make a side note about not yet having made a full year as a blogger. Why is that interesting?

    Well I started my blog about a year and a half ago and in January 2010 did the usual thing and wrote about my New Year’s resolutions. It wasn’t until October that I wished I hadn’t. I asked if we could just forget I mentioned it ( but once you put something on the internet you can never take it back!

    The reason I wanted to retract was that I came across a TED talk by Derek Sivers that offered the perspective that it is better to keep your goals secret. They had evidence that people who talk about their ambitions are less likely to achieve them. I tend to agree with him and you will not see a “New Year’s Resolutions 2011” blog post from me this year.

    Something for everyone madly sharing their resolutions to think about…

    • Paul,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. First of all you should get some sort of Gravatar image. Found this in my spam folder and just about missed it. I looked through my spam folder every couple days and tend to pause and read posts that have Gravatars. I only caught this one because of the personalized, “Steve” at the top caught my eye.

      Anyhow I’ve actually seen that TED video and seen some documentation saying similar things. Unfortunately I’ve also seen documentation saying the exact opposite so is a little hard to tell for sure which way to believe. My personal feeling is to go with the fact that stating in writing goals tends to keep you to them.

      If you’re going to fail your goals and be embarrassed by them is understandable to not want to do it. For some people the thought of failing might even cause them to fail. But for many other people the thought of failing, or letting people down or not succeeding on something they’ve written will sometimes give a little extra impetus to success.

      Ultimately it probably is on the person themselves whether writing something down will help to make it work or not.

      • Hi Steve,

        Not sure what is going on with the gravatar – I do have one and it usually attaches itself to my comments without any problems. I didn’t know that the lack of one can send you to the Trash!

        I agree with you. I am all for writing them down and I do. I think it is especially valuable when you review them and realise that you have actually achieved some of the more challenging goals you set yourself. It is the telling other people what you are going to achieve where I think there is potential danger. The human brain is an amazing thing and continually stating things in a future tense might just resign you to always having the achievement of those goals occur sometime in the future and never today.

        Now to see if I get a gravatar with this reply!

        • Nope, still no gravatar. (obviously) but since i approved the previous one, it didn’t spam bin this comment! My guess is the gravatar is associated with the main URL or your site. Since you did the URL and “slug” of the specific post it likely reads it wrong.

          Just a guess

  7. Steve that’s pretty harsh treatment of 2010….. ;)! I think the year did well by all of us, or was there just a part of you that couldn’t wait for 2011? Frankly I think 2010 went by way too fast and I was really enjoying it and gosh, speaking of which, THANK YOU for the mention….how kind, how generous, and how very nice of you. Happy New Year and I do hope that you see much growth and success with your site this year!

    • I actually thought 2010 -for the most part- was great. I had some exciting adventures. Of course I hope for even more in 2011. (greedy, huh)

      I was very glad to mention you. I always like your blog and insights! Hopefully you will continue to have a wonderful 2011 and have continued growth and fun for 2011!

  8. Hi Steve

    Very cool post here. Round up makes a post very exciting to read. that is why it is said that online writing has to be people friendly and search engine friendly both. People bring life into everything. I liked # 2 that is the best of copy blogger, titles of the post looked awesome, and to my surprise most of them are about writing.

    Thanks for all the information

    fran A

  9. Hi Steve, my first time here and you’re take on 2010 gave me a little chuckle here as I sit at my desk this Monday morning. You’ve done a nice job referring to quite an array of blogs and bloggers, all of which certainly merit the attention given. Like you, I’m quite the fan of Copyblogger. The value is there Every time, without fail.

    Have an awesome 2011. 🙂

    • Marcus,

      Glad you liked the roundup. Hopefully you will swing by again and check the site out somemore. Hopefully you will find soe more material you like. Regardless, I hope you have a wonderful 2011. Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment!

  10. Hi Steve!
    I liked the post.
    Let us forget the past and look for the future.
    Let us remember the old saying;
    ‘ Unborn tomorrow and dead yesterday
    Why fret? if today be sweet!’
    The big mistake that is generally being committed by everybody is-
    brooding over the past and then wasting the precious time.
    Life is short, let us try to spend each second more effectively.

    With regards and best wishes,

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