How to Get an Internet Lifestyle Degree for $213.45

The holiday season is almost over!  New Year’s Day is quickly approaching.  It’s nearing that time where you have to make the annual Resolution.

What’s it going to be?  Stop smoking.  Lose weight.  Spend more time with the family.

All of these are admirable commitments you can make.

However, I think it’s equally important to invest in your mind.

In this post I’m going to reveal how you can get a higher education degree in the Internet Lifestyle.  I’ve gone to and carefully selected 19 books that have had a huge impact on my life.  Combined, they will help you cultivate the work hard/play hard mindset that’s key to a successful Internet business.

I’ve titled this post, “How to Get an Internet Lifestyle Degree for $213.45,” because that’s what’ll happen.  For the low cost $213.45, you can read 19 books that will change your life.  Read all these and you’ll be ready to attack the world, help people, and make money at the same time!

Are you ready?

If so, let’s take a look at the first batch of books…

My Internet Lifestyle Bookshelf

Lifestyle Design Books

The first group of books covers the concept of Lifestyle Design.  I believe in a simple Yoda-like philosophy.  In order to get what want you must “Unlearn what you have learned.”

Before beginning a new life, it’s important to learn how to “think out of the box” and change the thought patterns that are holding you back.  It’s my belief that many people want more, but don’t know how to get started.  The following books are a great way to open your eyes to all that you can do in life:

1)      The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss:  We’ll start with the obvious choice.  In the 4-Hour Work Week (4HWW) ,Tim Ferriss discusses the concept of Lifestyle Design.  While I don’t agree with that you can permanently work only 4 hours, I do think it’s possible to live life on your terms.  With that said, Ferriss’s section on Internet marketing is way oversimplified.   So you’d be better off if you ignored this area.  But overall this a great read if you’re interested in learning how to be location independent.  Cost: $11.48

2)      Vagabonding by Rolf Potts: This is book is great way to learn the philosophy of traveling.  Unlike other guides that teach you to travel at breakneck speeds, this one emphasizes the importance of taking the time to really enjoy each experience.  During my seven month trip through Europe, I often thought of (and used) the lessons I learned here.  (Too bad I can’t seem to find my copy anywhere.)  Cost: $10.20

3)      The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau:  I love Gullebeau’s simple philosophy – “You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to.”  In my opinion, there is no truer expression.  Use this book to create a new way of looking at life and everything you do.  Cost: $10.17

4)      Escape from Cubicle Nation Cost by Pamela Slim:  I’ll admit I’m not an expert on the corporate world.  That’s because I’ve only worked in an office for a year.  I recommend this book because she talks about what it’s like to work in a corporate world and find a way to escape it.  This is a must-read for anyone who wants to leave the soul-sucking existence of a cubicle dweller!   Cost: $10.20

Success Mindset Books

The Internet Lifestyle isn’t just about traveling the world, doing fun things.  In fact, there will be times where you have to work really hard.  The key here is to also work smart.  The following are the best books I’ve read about developing a success mindset.

5)      Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk: If you’ve watched any of his videos, you’d see that Gary Vaynerchuk is passionate about wine.  In this book, he describes how to take your passion and turn it into a profitable business.  What I like most about Crush It is Vaynerchuk isn’t afraid to tell it like it is – If you want success, be prepared to work ridiculously hard for it!  That’s the best lesson you can learn when it comes to an Internet business.  Cost: $14.95

6)      The Success Principles by Jack Canfield: Jack Canfield is the man!  In this book, he literally gives you a step-by-step plan for getting what you want.  You could easily take this blueprint, apply it to any market/niche and achieve success.  There are 64 total principles listed here.  So be prepared to spend some time going through this book.  Cost: $12.23

7)      New Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz:  Maltz’s book might seem a bit new-agey for some folks.  But I’ve found that it provides a wealth of information on reprogramming your mind and developing empowering mental habits.  I recommend this book for anyone who has a lack of confidence (or belief) in their ability to create a profitable business.   Cost: $11.53

8)      The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz:  This is another book that talks about how to think like a successful person.  Many people fail because of a lack of self-esteem.  Read this book to learn how to think big.  Then get ready to go after your dreams!  Cost: $10.17

Online Business Books

You probably notice this section is pretty limited.  That’s because there aren’t many books that do a decent job of teaching Internet marketing.  Sad to say, but the best information is usually found in digital format – Not in print.

With that said, here are a few books that provide a great overall picture for creating a profitable online business.  You’ll definitely want to read these, but also make a commitment to learn everything you can about Internet marketing:

9)      How to Make Millions with Your Ideas by Dan Kennedy:  This book provides a great overview of how to take your creative thoughts and turn them into a profit-pulling business model.  While it’s not specific to Internet marketing, I think it’s a useful place to learn how to take your ideas and turn them into income. Cost: $10.88

Sidebar:  This is the first of 4 Dan Kennedy’s books that I recommend.  I have mixed feelings about his products.  Some are extremely helpful.  But others are thinly disguised marketing ploys to get people to buy more of his crap.  He’s definitely brilliant, but he’s also a guy who’ll try to upsell you on all his products.  My recommendation is to buy his books, but stay clear from his continuity/membership programs unless you’re willing to spend a significant amount of money.

10)   The Official Guide to Information Marketing by Dan Kennedy:  This book builds on what you learn in the previous recommendation.  It takes you through the process of setting up an information-based online business.  I make 100% of my income from information, so I can attest that this stuff really works!  Cost: $16.47

11)   How I Made My First Million on the Internet by Ewen Chia:  My first love will always be affiliate marketing.  And the person that helped me get started was Ewen Chia.  Way back in 2006, I paid $1200 for a coaching club he ran.  I learned a lot in this course which helped me build a six-figure income.  The course is no longer available, but Chia wrote this book which teaches a lot about the fundamentals of Internet marketing.  Read this is if you’re unsure of where to get started with an online business.  Cost: $12.89

Marketing and Advertising Books

Internet marketing is all about selling.  You have to explain why a product solves the problems of customers.  Then you have to convince them to pull out their credit card and make a purchase.  The following go into different concepts about marketing.  Understand these principles and you’ll be better educated than 99.9% of the people who start a business online:

12)   Influence by Robert Cialdini:  There are series of basic psychological principles which guide the actions of human beings.  In this book, Cialdini teaches what they are and how they can be applied.  This is another book that’s not Internet specific, but I’ve used its fundamental concepts almost every day in my online business.  Cost: $10.40

13)   Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples:  This is one of my favorite “old-school” books on direct marketing.  The truth is you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when selling information.  In fact, you can learn a lot by studying the techniques that have worked for decades, even CENTURIES of marketing.   Cost: $9.87

14)   The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy:  To sell information you need a sales letter.  To make real money you better have a sales letter that converts readers into buyers.  Kennedy’s book is one of the better I’ve found that teaches how to write a sales letter that makes money.   Cost: $9.15

15)   Web Copy that Sells by Maria Veloso:  This resource teaches the invaluable skill of writing for the Internet.  The truth is writing online is a lot different than what you’ve learned in school.  I like Veloso’s book because she gives a step-by-step solution for people who want to increase their online writing skills.    Cost: $13.71

Personal Productivity Books

I’m not going to lie.  It takes a lot of discipline to run an online business.  Its way too easy to get sidetracked by all the “bright, shiny objects” you find on the Internet.   I recommend the following books because they talk about how to run a streamlined business without wasting time on busy work that don’t produce results:

16)   Getting Things Done by David Allen:  While I think this book is more for the overworked white-collar worker, there’s also a lot you can learn here about productivity.  I especially like the way Allen teaches how you can properly manage every last bit of “stuff” in your life that sucks away mental energy.   Cost: $7.99

17)   No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs by Dan Kennedy:  If you suck at budgeting your time, this book is for you.  Here you’ll learn how to be ruthless with your time and make sure you focus on the activities that produce actual results.  Cost: $10.10

18)   The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch:  The 80/20 Principle is a topic people love to discuss but rarely put into action.  I recommend this book because it teaches you how to tightly focus on the specific projects that will skyrocket an online business.  Stop working hard to produce little results.  Instead focus on those small tasks that make the most amount of money!  Cost: $9.98

19)   The Power of Less by Leo Babauta:  Babauta is famous for his Zen Habits blog.  This book takes a lot of his posts and puts them into a streamlined fashion you can use to simplify personal productivity.  It’s a great read, but it should used in conjunction with the other books I mentioned in this section.  Cost: $11.08

Internet Lifestyle Success in 2011

So there you have it!  This is how to get an Internet Lifestyle degree for $213.45.  I’ve read over two hundred books on business, productivity, and life success.  These are my favorites because they paint a realistic picture of what it’s like to create an online business.  After reading them you’ll discover that it really is possible to have the freedom to do what you want in life.

Like I said, the New Year is arriving in a few days.  Sure it’s important to do things like lose weight, stop smoking or spend time with the family.  But I think it’s also vital that you make a commitment to expand what you do online.

If you’re still struggling to achieve success with an Internet business, then my recommendation is to start with these books.  For me, they’ve provided a crucial key to my own personal success.

Perhaps they’ll help YOU achieve the same result.


Take Action. Get Results.

21 thoughts on “How to Get an Internet Lifestyle Degree for $213.45”

  1. Great post Steve! Unfortunately there are only a couple that I haven’t read, but they are now on their way to my iPad! Oh well, I guess great minds think alike!

    You have hit the nail on the head with these books, they are some of the best out there. I will add a couple others to the mix, The Power of Focus, and Success Is Not an Accident. Both of these have some invaluable information in them, if you get a chance you should check them out.


    • Thanks Sean,

      Many of them are standard fare, so is understandable if you have read most of them. They certainly are all worth reading. Thanks for throwing in a couple of additional choices for people to check out.

      Have an awesome new year and are really productive 2011.

      Rock on!

  2. Awesome roundup Steve – although I’ve read/listened to most of these – I do see a couple that I wouldn’t mind picking up in audiobook form (if available) since I can listen to them at work or during the commute.

    Additionally, I’m going to pass this off to my friend who’s getting into all of this and it would be way easier to reference these instead of trying to explain for hours upon hours of where to start 🙂

    • thanks Murray,

      I hope your friend likes it. I’m not sure about the being offered as audio books I would assume most of them probably are. But you know what you do when you assume.

      I totally agree with you on audio books, probably about 75% of the self-help books I “read” I actually listen to on audio books. It makes it much easier to read all driving, running, at the gym, shopping etc. etc. etc.

      I usually buy a paper copy of the ones I really like though.

      Have a great New Year’s man, can’t wait to kick ass 2011.

  3. Great selection Steve,

    I just bought The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. I have heard so many times about this one and I just could not resist any longer.

    • Adam,

      Hopefully you will like it I do think it is worth it. With the aforementioned exception that his actual Internet marketing section is fairly weak. Certainly inspirational though.

      Now you can join the cult that so many other people around the Internet marketing world are part of.

      Even though I’m a little bit skeptical about his new book, I actually got myself, “the four hour body” for Christmas.

  4. Hey Steve,

    I have read a number of these books but there are plenty on your list that I haven’t read.

    I have just finished ‘Crush It’ on your previous recommendation on my blog and I agree that it is a great read. Definitely a ‘re-read’ for the future.

    A couple of books that I love are:
    ‘One Minute Manager Meets the Monkeys’ and ‘Leadership and the One Minute Manager’ both by Ken Blanchard – Both geared more towards leadership and management within a team rather than individual entrepreneurial pursuits.
    ‘My American Journey’ by Colin Powell – Although not being a US citizen I found Colin Powell’s autobiography an inspirational story about what you can achieve with focus and determination while still retaining your personal code of ethics.
    ‘First Things First’ by Steven Covey – great perspective on time management and what’s important.

    I completely agree with The 80/20 Principle and Getting Things Done – both personal favorites of mine as well! The 80/20 Principle completely changed my perspective on the world and what I direct my energy towards.

    • Brenton,
      Glad you liked, “crush it”. I find it to be a powerful read in so many ways. Hopefully you will enjoy some more of the books that you haven’t read.

      thanks for adding a few to list, I’m have to check them out. I have read the Covey book and I did like it. It was a good book!

  5. Hi Steve:

    A new kind of information here today. Great. However, I am short on time. I am trying very hard to get over it soon. I liked the detailed post. Some books that I want to read here.

    take care
    fran A

  6. Great list, Steve! I’ve only read 4 of these and am always looking for more stuff to read, so I really appreciate this.

    Also, I just added you to my Twitterfeed, so it’ll automatically retweet all of your posts. Since I do it anyway, I figured I might as well save myself some effort 🙂

    • Tristan,

      Awesome. Glad there are few books you haven’t read. Hopefully really like them. I think they are certainly worth reading and you will enjoy most of them I’m sure.

      Thanks for adding me to your twitter feed, it is nice to know that at least get one automatic retreat. 🙂

      Have a wonderful day.

  7. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the great reading list. I love books that help me improve my life. For me, mindset is everything, so I’ll be starting with that section first.

    I love Jack Canfield and Psycho-Cybernetics has to be one of favorite books. I’m looking forward to reading them again. 🙂

    • Jazz,

      I agree, mindset is everything. If you can’t get your head straight nothing else will follow. Hopefully they will all be books you really enjoy. I know I did.

      I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and also have an awesome new year.

    • Steve,

      I probably was pretty stupid to post it after Christmas rather than the few weeks before. Oh well, I can’t say that I’m without mistakes. LOL.

      I guess I can rest my hopes on the fact that a lot of people may have gotten Amazon gift cards for Christmas. 😉

  8. Hi Steve, great article. I’ve already created an Amazon list with these books.

    The link for book #2, Vagabonding, does not work.

  9. Hi Steve

    I didn’t blog for a couple of days over Christmas break and somehow missed this post. Glad you tweeted it again 🙂 Love the list. Means as finances permit I can add them to my list.

    I don’t do New Year’s resolutions but I have done my goals for 2011 as a post for next week. Hope others will join in and share theirs too.

    Thanks for all the amazing information you have shared with us in 2010. It has been a joy to visit your site regularly and find treasures to take with me each time I land here.

    Happy New Year Steve and may 2011 be all you hope for and more.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  10. Hi Steve, I’m really interested in the selling books because that’s always been my weak point. Thanks for the reminder about Vagabonding, I’ve been meaning to pick that up! 🙂

    It’s old school, but my favorite business book is “The Start-up Entrepreneur: How You Can Succeed in Building Your Own Company” by James R. Cook. It’s both inspirational and practical.

  11. Hey Steve, sorry to comment this late but I just bumped into this post and I couldn’t resist commenting.

    While I’m not a bookworm and I’m not into buying books that aren’t technology oriented either, I’ve heard of a few of these selections myself but I really haven’t checked even once any of them.

    One of these days I might just put everything on an Amazon basket and buy them all (from here of course).

    I’m pretty sure that you’d be the last person to promote a book that sucked and these have been recommended a few times by other marketers so I guess time is getting closer for me to actually start reading this kind of books.

    Thanks and much appreciated!


    • Sergio,

      No worries, comment as late as you want! 🙂 I am a book-worm of course. But I really think all of these books have some great value. Picking out the 1-2 most applicable to YOU at least can be very worthwhile! Anyhow I hope you like them

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