42 Internet Lifestyle Success Habits to Develop in 2011

It’s 2011.  We now have a fresh start on a brand new year.  Perhaps this year you’ll finally build that Internet business that earns a full-time income.  If you’re already successful online, maybe you’ll learn how to enjoy life more.

No matter what your goals are for 2011, I feel you can achieve them by doing specific things every day.  Specifically I recommend developing 42 “Internet lifestyle” habits in the next year:

#1. Work Ridiculously Hard: While I often live the proverbial “4-Hour Work Week,” this was the result of many months (even years) of hard work.  If you want online success, create a work hard/play hard mentality.  Success doesn’t come from a few hours of effort each week. It happens when you roll up your sleeves and bust your butt to get it!

Internet Lifestyle Success Habit#2. Focus on ONE Internet Business: There are too many bright, shiny objects on the Internet.  All promise a full-time online income.  My advice is to focus on one major business model at a time.  Once you find something that works, keep working at it!

#3. Carefully Select your Niche: A successful Internet business starts by picking the right niche.  Be prepared to spend at least 2 to 3 years in this niche.  This is how long it typically takes to build a massive group of followers who buy the products YOU create (or promote).

#4. Become an Authority: In every niche, people look to thought leaders as information filters.  Your job is to become one of these leaders.  Think like an investigative reporter.  Figure out something long before it’s revealed to the masses.  Do this again and again.  Ultimately, people will look to you when they need help on a specific niche-related problem.

#5. Reduce Information Overload: Just like it’s important to become a thought leader, it’s crucial to minimize the number of “gurus” you follow.  Too much information leads to paralysis by over analysis.  Carefully select who you listen to and ignore the rest!

#6. Create LOTS of value: There’s a lot of information on the Internet.  But there’s not a lot of quality information.  Most content on the web doesn’t do its primary purpose – Help people solve their problems.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate marketer, blogger or product owner; the key to building a loyal following is to offer lots of value BEFORE asking anything in return.  Make your value better than anything else offered in your niche.

#7. Charge Premium Prices: It’s okay to charge a higher price than others.  Remember you’re giving lots of quality information that can’t be found anywhere else.  Even in a recession people will pay a premium price for something that really helps their lives.

#8. Create Recurring Revenue: Recurring monthly revenue is the holy grail of all online income.  The greatest feeling in the world is to market a product one time and get paid each month.  Find a recurring revenue stream and promote it heavily.

#9. Have a Command Center: Create a space that’s completely dedicated to work.  Keep everything you need within this space.  Don’t do anything else in this area.  It’s called a command center for a reason.  When working in this area, you’ll be in control of all aspects of your Internet Empire.

#10. Work Offline: Being connected to the Internet 24/7 kills your productivity.  The best work often comes from grabbing a laptop and going somewhere that’s not connected to the Internet.  Almost all of my writing is done in places where I don’t have online access.  This one productivity secret saves me hours of time each month.

#11. “Mind Map” Large Projects: A quick way to advance an Internet business is to complete a large product – Like writing an information product.  And you do this by mind mapping in a brainstorming session.   Just use a large sheet of paper and within an hour you’ll have LOTS of ideas to create a successful long term project.

#12. Don’t be Perfect: Do your best, but don’t fall victim to the “perfection mindset.”  No product is perfect.  No blog post is perfect.  And no email is perfect.  There will be flaws in everything you do.  Deal with it.    

#13. Adopt the 80/20 Mindset: The 80/20 principle can change your life.  Analyze every aspect of your life and figure out which 20% of your actions are bringing you 80% of your positive results. Then concentrate on these activities.  Focusing on the important things in a business can bring incredible results.

#14. Focus on Core Genius: Know what you do best and focus on that.  Don’t get bogged down with trying to do everything yourself.   Hire outsource workers and have them do stuff that’s not part of your core genius.  These could be areas where you lack expertise or are important, but not critical.  With this extra free time, do the things that bring the biggest results in your online business.

#15. Analyze Outsourcing Opportunities: Look for ways to streamline an Internet business by outsourcing.  Each week take 30 minutes and analyze everything YOU do. Look for activities that can be passed along to somebody else.  Keep doing this till you’re only working on the things that really matter. 

#16. Use Time Blocks: Ditch the daily to-do list.  The only things that go on a calendar are appointments and action items that must be completed on a specific day.  Otherwise, schedule time blocks where you work for a set amount of time.  It’s amazing how much you can accomplish by setting boundaries on your time.

#18. Prioritize:  When you wake up in the morning, do the most important thing first…then the second.  So on and so forth.   If something comes up in the middle of the day, then you know you’ve completed the mandatory items on your checklist.

#19. Create Systems: Everything in your business should have a system.  This eliminates all guesswork and wasted time.  The great thing about systems thinking is you keep tweaking your processes till you’ve achieved maximum efficiency.

#20. Track Everything:  Successful Internet businesses are built by knowing what works and what doesn’t.  The key is to measure (and manage) everything.  Track affiliate campaigns.  Track each type of web traffic.  Track email marketing messages. The list goes on and on.  My point is to have statistics that measure everything you do online.

#21. Know your “Reason Whys”: With an online business, always understand your “whys.” Why should people buy your product?  Why should people trust your recommendations?  Why do you have an Internet business in the first place? Develop the habit of always asking why in every situation.  Don’t limit it to work—question things in your personal life, too. Do you really need to do them?

#22. Master the Phone: The phone is for YOUR convenience, not everyone else’s.  As a society, we’ve been programmed like one of Pavlov’s Dogs.  Phone rings, we answer it.  If you’re in the middle of something important, don’t pick up the phone unless it’s an emergency.  Most phone calls aren’t emergencies.  Usually a person can wait an hour for you to call back. 

#23. Write Short, Succinct Emails: All correspondence should be minimal.  Whether you’re starting or answering an email, get to the point right away.  People don’t want your life history.  They want to know what immediate action should be taken after reading your message.

#24. Limit Email Time. Depending on the nature of your job, schedule specific times when you check email—possibly once in the morning and again later that afternoon. Otherwise, you’ll waste half your morning handling your inbox.

#25. Do Productivity Checks: Set reminders on your phone or computer to alert you three times per day. Each time it goes off ask yourself, “Am I being productive or just staying active?” Eliminate any wasteful “busy work” habits that do no good.

#26. Take Action: Making plans is necessary, but stop over-planning things excessively. Take action on your major projects without having to worry so much about planning. Get out there and go.

Internet Lifestyle Success Habit#27. Keep an Idea Pad: Begin carrying a small idea pad everywhere you go. Some of the best ideas strike at the weirdest moments, so you never know what you’ll come up with when you’re in the middle of doing something else. Develop the habit of recording everything that goes through your head—no matter how simple or how silly. Million dollar ideas come at the strangest moments, so you’ll want to remember yours.

#28. Keep a Journal. Get a notebook and begin the habit of recording your inner-most thoughts and aspirations on a daily basis. You’ll be able to look back on things after the fact, and it’s a tool you can use to solve some of your major problems.

#29. Write For Dollars: Set a word minimum for each day. Get up in the morning and don’t get up from your desk until you’ve achieved at least this minimum.  Success on the Internet comes from creating lots of quality content.  The best way to get your “best stuff” out there is to write every single day.

#30. Stake the Time Vampires: Don’t allow people ramble in your presence. You don’t have time to listen to them drone on and on, so ask them to get to the point when talking to you.

#31. Learn Constantly. Carry a book on personal development or business everywhere you go and develop the habit of reading whenever you’re doing nothing. Quit killing time with gossip magazines or your Blackberry while you’re in a waiting room or commuting on the train—learn something worthwhile.

#32. One Hour of Success Reading. Make it a priority to read about a topic that’s niche/online business related for one hour each day. Go to the library or Barnes and Nobles and find a book about your current field or a business you’d like to break into.

#33. Give up the Television. Can you even imagine how much more you could accomplish without your daily dose of the boob tube? Give up the YouTube videos, too—they’re just as bad.

#34. Make your Own Rules: The best part of the Internet lifestyle is you get to make the rules.  Don’t do the things that society wants you do.  Take a look at most of the successful people today.  They did well because they did things differently and made their own rules.

#35. Have Fun: Work goals are great, but it’s also important to incorporate fun activities/goals in your life.  Make a bucket list and start crossing things off!

#36. Use The Cloud: The greatest benefit of the Internet lifestyle is location independence.  You can work anywhere in the world with the right tools.  One of these tools is what’s known as “The Cloud.”  Using sites like Drop Box releases you from the burden of being tied to a specific location OR a computer.

#37. Travel Somewhere: Even if you’re happy at home, go visit a new place at least once a year.  Experiencing a new culture is a great way to break out of a rut.  Lack of time shouldn’t be an excuse.  In 2010, I visited eighteen countries and was still able to manage three online businesses.  What did you do?

#38. Get Out. Don’t let cabin fever get the best of you! Spend a little bit of time each evening doing something outside your house. You can walk to a park, go see a movie, listen to live band, meet up with friends, or even sit and read a book at a coffee shop.  It really doesn’t matter where you go.  Just get away from the computer!

Internet Lifestyle Success Habit#38. Associate with Positive People: Surround yourself with success minded individuals.  And if don’t have any in your life, use a site like Meet Up.  Here it’s easy to find mastermind and Internet marketing groups in your area.

#39. Keep it Real: Be a real, genuine person to your audience.  Talk about your life, experiences and what you’re like as an individual.  The days of hiding behind a computer screen are long gone.  Now is the time to connect to people.

#40. Network for Dollars: Success in an Internet business often comes down to who you know.  You can create lots of income by getting to know the “movers and shakers” in your niche.  Set a weekly goal of contacting (and interacting) with ten or more people in your niche.  If you don’t know them already, send a quick email ask one simple question.  Then take things from there.

#41. Quit Procrastinating. Make a list of the major projects happening in your life for the next few months, and do one thing to move forward each day. Doing a little bit every day is a lot more effective than putting things off till the last minute.

#42. Start Today: We all have dreams and aspirations.  But we often let fear get in the way of achieving them.  Don’t sit on the sidelines thinking about that “big thing” that’ll change your life.  Do something!  Yes, you’ll probably make mistakes.  But who cares?  The important thing is you’re taking action.

What Internet Lifestyle Habits Did I Miss?

Well, that’s the list of 42 Internet Lifestyle Habits you should cultivate in the next year.  Do these and you’ll have lots of success in 2011.

Now, it’s your turn.  Is there a habit I missed?  What habits have you found helpful in your own life?  Comment below and add to this list!

Take Action. Get Results.

69 thoughts on “42 Internet Lifestyle Success Habits to Develop in 2011”

  1. First, thank you very much for these great tips. They come from experience, this can be felt.
    May I add something: What helps me is to write down my goals every day at least once. Repetition, repetition, repetition is very good.

    Enjoy your trips.
    Greetings from Germany

    • Thanks Ursala,

      Great comment and great point. I thought I had mentioned something about the importance of writing down goals, but rereading my own list I see that I didn’t. So wonderful addition.

      I wholeheartedly agree, I write down my goals in a notebook first and ultimately put them on a whiteboard where I can see them all the time. well having definitive goals it is hard to have any direction and ultimately achieve success.

  2. In 2011 it will be important to continue focusing on building up a solid base in social networks like twitter and facebook and the use of social media tools.

  3. Hey Steve!

    You have 42 habits that’ll launch you into the stratosphere of success… Douglas Adams has 42 as the answer to the universal eternal question. Hmm… coincidence? 🙂

    I was trying to think of habits that you hadn’t listed here, but every time I came up with one, I’d double check your article… sure enough, you had covered it. Damn you for being too thorough. 🙂

    Kind regards,

    • Steve,

      I’m sure I’ve missed something useful, hopefully come close to at least touch on most things. As pointed out above comment I probably should’ve said something about goals and writing them down.

      Of course adding one in would’ve kept the number for being 42 and as you pointed out that number is the answer to life, the universe and everything. 🙂

  4. Happy New Year, Steve!

    Great list of success habits to develop. Many of these are really critical and the entire list makes for a nice list of business operating goals, just fill in the ones we’re not doing or tweak the others where necessary.

    I discovered the # 10 by accident a couple years ago when I experienced a service interruption. I was quite surprised at how much I had gotten done during the hours without the internet, so I started scheduling disconnected time.

    To-do list are quite valuable for me, they are my daily compass in many ways. On the list I always have a number circled next to the item, which represents the allotted time. Not an exact science, but it’s pretty effective.

    So, I’m PDF-ing this one and printing for safe keeping. It’s a goodie. 🙂

    Thanks, Steve. May we all kick some serious #$$ this year.

    • Thanks for the comment, Jimi

      I am certainly glad you found the list to be generally useful. I agree with your statement I essential usefulness of to do lists and without a doubt a to-do list is an essential part of any effective strategy for success. Exactly how people go making their to do lists something each person has to figure out for themselves. Many people find my way of doing to-do list a little strange also. The important thing is that it will works for you. The most effective to do list in the world is useless if it is not utilized.

  5. Great list Steve. I especially like the one about having a command center. For the longest time my office was at the dining room table, it is much better to have my own office with no one to bother me. At least until summer comes and the kids are home!


    • I like working outside (Starbucks etc.) but one of the single biggest things I missed was having a “command center” to work in at home. It really does help and make you more focused!

  6. Exactly Steve – can’t expect success without busting ass (O:

    I agree with every one of the 42 points you posted here. Thanks for the awesome list. I especially like the last one; start today – Taking action is the most important of all internet lifestyle habits.

    Have an awesome day brother!

    • Nope, you are certainly right, some people may get away with not doing a few on the list. Some can modify a few. Certain ones are personal “taste” type of issues…though I belive all could be positive if done.

      But if you don’t “do it” everything else is for naught.

  7. Interesting list, Steve.

    While I agree with most of it, I personally follow rule #34, so I can find caveats to many of your points, as well.

    Overall though, it’s a great list. I especially agree with #33; instead of wasting money on a new big screen TV, most people would be better off trashing what they already have 😉


    • Arrgggh,

      My own rule used against me. Curses foiled again… LOL.

      You’re right of course, the ultimate rule should be to do what works for YOU and not others. Hopefully these rules, even the rule to ignore the rules, are common enough that they will work for most people in most situations. 🙂

  8. Hi Steve:

    What a list. 40 items. May be this list is for super achievers like you. I will have to re live to follow these all and every day, and with the current health this is not possible. At the same time I will have to say it all makes sense. You have a great post here.

    I hope snow conditions have normalized in your area. I know how hectic it can be. In Chicago including suburbs winter is very hard and too much snow. Few times I remember, when I came from work, me and children had to shovel the snow to open the front door, and Garage door, for hours.

    Have a good one.
    fran A

  9. GREAT post, Steve! I tweeted, digged (dugg?), and stumbled it. I also saved the PDF version 🙂

    I like your idea of productivity checks. That’s something I’ve never thought of before.

    And I couldn’t agree more with “Work offline.”

    Thanks for sharing, man.

    • Thanks for the duggdation (I just decided that is the proper word!) and tweets. Digging and Tweeting my stuff is of course one of the “great” things about working ONLINE. 😉

    • haha,

      It is true there are probably exceptions to every rule. But those doritos make you fat! 😉 . I have 3 myself, though I only really “focus” on this one ATM I do spend a certain amount of time on maintenance of the others, though I have outsourced and automated those ones to the max!

  10. Jeez, what a list!

    Great, relevant, awesome, and great! But, you should have put #5 last just to be funny.

    My favorite here is #33. Give up the Television.

    Love it! Why waste your time taking in things that other people created when you can create something yourself?

    Here’s one that I had not thought of – #32. One Hour of Success Reading. Good idea. On my way to B&N.com now.

    Have a good day!

    • Trading the TV for reading is a huge sum gain. not to say I NEVER watch TV, but I do try my best to keep it at a minimum!

      Like you said, it is so much better to create something yourself rather than simply passively view the creations of others.

  11. Steve,

    I really enjoyed your article. So much great information was packed in this single post I had to copy and print the ones I need the most so I can have it right next to me in my office. These great tips will surely be implemented.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Enjoy 2011,
    Gidget Giardino

    • Gidget,

      Thanks for the great comment! I am glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

      Have a wonderful day!

  12. Hi Steve,

    Your list resonates with me Big Time.

    I promise to keep #2 in mind going forward. I had interests in both cash gifting and affiliate marketing up until a few months ago. I narrowed my focus my sticking with gifting and I’ve increased sign-ups and grown my team as a result. It pays to specialize. Affiliate marketing will have to wait for now.

    Networking and writing for dollars are activities to keep in mind. These tie in with the idea of effective action. Engage in effective acts by keeping your “Why” in mind, or the reason why you’re living the internet lifestyle. When your why is strong, your purpose is strong and you naturally won’t engaged in time-wasting when networking or writing articles. You will become a money-making magnet.

    I aim to make an impact wherever I’m at. Instead of visiting 20 blogs a day and leaving 3 or 4 sentences per comment I might hit 5 or 10 and write a short guest post. I also intend to leave more thorough posts on forums, adding snippet posts here and there but sticking to meaty forum postings.

    Thanks for posing the question Steve.


    • As pointed out by Brandon above #2 is that they can sometimes be broken by a few people. I still say that it is a lot easier to be successful in one split your focus but as long as you are only putting a small amount of focus on the second and really driving for one you should be fine! 🙂

      you also make a good point about making an impact. Leaving post comments that really dig deep and is a way to really make yourself memorable rather than just another commenter. There still something to be said about commenting on a volume of blogs, but those comments should be interactive and say enough to be worth the time. Simple “I love your blogs” don’t too much.

      Have a wonderful 2011 Ryan, I know you’re going to Rock it!!

    • Great method,

      When you increase value of an item by adding more to it, it gets noticed. making something intrinsically more valuable by having more -and better- content will bring people back again and again.

  13. Yo Scott!

    Hope your new year went great my friend! I am back in the saddle here in AK, and am glad to start reading your blog again. This is a great post my friend. I agree with pretty much everything stated here, especially focusing on one business.

    In the networking niche often people misconstrue that building multiple mlms is focusing on one niche. But in reality they just hurt themselves over and over again by restarting what is known as the “wealth cycle” in network marketing.

    Also I LOVE what you said about writing offline. That is often the case for me, and it has helped me tremendously!

    • Glad you are back and ready to put your nose back to the grindstone. 😉

      I think I learned the value of writing, “offline” from the same way you did. When you travel Internet access is not always available, but writing must go on. I was very surprised that one writing this way, with no Internet connection, my productivity actually increased greatly. Since I’ve been back I’ve even been intentionally keep myself disconnected at times and also found my productivity to stay high. It really is a good system.

  14. Hi Steve,

    Awesome list of internet lifestyle habits. But there are 42 of them. I had a hard time following all 🙂 I will pick whatever i require the most which is work ridiculously hard and provide lots of value.

    This is a list worth bookmarking and return for further reference. Thanks for sharing the list.


    • Those are certainly two of the biggies (along with actually getting out there and doing it). A few, like watch less TV are certainly optional. You can still have success and violate them for sure, but I do believe that generally you could do better and be more productive if you follow them all (or most).

      There is wiggle room of course as long as value, effort and action are combined.

      Thanks for your comment Lye!!

  15. Steve – Great article with some fantastic tips in it that I am certainly going to use for myself. You started off strong with your first two tips – 1. Work Ridiculously Hard & 2. Focus on ONE Internet Business. There are so many products or courses out there that promise you can make a full time income online by simply working a couple hours each week, but this has never been true.

    And focusing on one internet business is the best thing you can do when you first start building an online business. By putting most of your work and effort into one thing at a time will almost guarantee success.

    Also loved your number 38 tip on surrounding yourself with positive people. Having your own Internet Marketing group or Mastermind can cut your road to success in half, but it can be hard to find. Great tip on using a site like Meet Up to develop this group of like minded people.

    • Kerry,

      You are absolutely right about the plethora of products out there that claim you can make a huge success with only a few hours of work a week. It is crazy. there is of course people who do make a good living with minimal amounts of work, but only after busting their butts for a long time to get to that point.

      So much of success is positive attitude and surrounding yourself with the right people/positivity. Hard work and effort are huge part of it, but not everything.

  16. Hi Steve,
    I love the list. I started in going “Yes, yes, yes, I do that. I totally agree!” and got about half way before coming to quite a few things I’m not doing and should. So thanks for that.

    I would add – Get enough sleep so you can attack your day from a positive place of strength. And – Have a positive attitude. When the attitude goes downhill, do whatever you need to do to lift it back up. Sometimes that just means taking action and feeling good about it. Other times it’s reading a motivational book or whatever works for you.


    • I actually thought about adding sleep to the list. For the most part I do agree with you helps to keep people sharp. But I do know enough people who swear by getting what I consider insanely short amount of sleep (less than 4 hours) and seem to function at high levels, so I judge that one to be a little bit more of a person-to-person thing.

      As for positive attitude, I 100% agree. Having a positive attitude is the core behind many of the points. Having a positive attitude will get you through a lot. I know personally I would much rather work with somebody who has a positive attitude and knows little somebody far more experienced with a negative attitude. You could always train and learn knowledge cannot learn attitude.

  17. Hi Steve, my first time here man and was really, really impressed with this initial article. Where do I start?

    #1 – No way around the hard work part.
    #13- Pareto’s Law never, ever fails us.
    #14- Love talking about core genius and focus…too easy to get trapped with frivolous detail that someone else could do.
    #27/28- Ideas come and go, we gotta write ’em down, fast.
    #30- Amen bro. This can be tough but when people realize you want them to get to the point, they’ll start to change their conversation with you.
    #33- Amen again. Dang TV is the ultimate productivity and creativity killer.

    Just a few of my thoughts. I’m going to come print this one out and post it on my ‘look at wall’.

    Looking forward to more great content down the road Steve.


  18. Marcus,

    What can I say! I am glad you liked your first article and I hope you swing by again. Hopefully you will appreciate all (or at least many) of the articles.

    Thanks for leaving a great and detailed comment. Off to check out your blog now. 🙂

  19. Wow Steve, so many habits I should definitely pick up.

    This great habit list, can also be considered a tips on how to have a successful blog/website.

    One of the most important, in my opinion, are #41 and #42, stopping procrastination and trying to experiment with new stuff is one of the great ways to achieve some cool stuff, because one of the most helpful things in IM come from experience.

    Great post Steve, it’s definitely something to remember!

    • They don’t all work, but I think many can be seen as ways to be effective in general.

      You are absolutely right, the tip top important thing is to get out and do it. If you cannot hold to those final two, everything else is a moot point!

  20. This is a great list, Steve, and something for me to think about throughout the year. One of my goals this year is to finish tasks. I spent 2010 starting a lot of things, or sketching out ideas, but never implementing them. Too much time reading about what to do, thinking about what to do, but never actually doing it.

    It’s been a balancing act between working around my daughter, but as she grows older, I’m hoping I can find more time to do the things I want to do.

    • James,

      For some reason I get the impression of you as being a bit of a perfectionist. Not sure why, but that can definitely be a perfectionist problem. It is as important to finish up and have a time where very good is good enough. Certainly not saying to put out crap but when people continue to want to only produce mind blowing stuff there can be a tendency to want to do more.

      It is certainly time to get out there and put what you know to action though!

      I look forward to seeing more from you as the year progresses!

      • I would say I’m a bit of a perfectionist. In a lot of things, I want to be able to know what I’m doing somewhat good before I even attempt it, which holds me back. In terms of my writing, it really is all about finishing things. I think and over analyze a lot of my ideas for posts on my walks, so by the time I sit down to write, it flows out from my fingers. I’m having problems finding dedicated time to write which I’m hoping I can solve in the coming months.

  21. Hey man,

    Great post, soooo much info packed into one post. Damn thats a lot to think about man and a lot to get done in one day. But hey thats what it takes to be at the top. I gotta work my way through this list untill each one becomes habit.

    Cheers for the post bru.

    • A lot to think about, but you have a whole year to do it! 😉

      For sure. It is likely you do a lot of them allready, it is just a matter of being concious of what ones you do and what areas you need to improve.

      I am sure you will rock it!

  22. Hi Steve, I love the 80/20 principle because it works for almost everything. When I had an online retail business, I found that 20% of the customers gave me 80% of the sales, so I concentrated on pleasing the big spenders.

    I totally agree about your outsourcing points. While it can be a challenge to manage other people, you definitely want to pay others to do your low value (but necessary) tasks rather than doing them yourself.

    I’m also glad you talked about putting down the computer and having fun. Too much work can burn you out and then you aren’t productive or happy.

    • Jennifer,

      YOu are 100% right. 80/20 can be used for anything. Even silly things. For instance for people who watch a lot of TV, it is likely they have 2-3 shows that really give them enjoyment. Now you can;t do “more” of those shows. But identifying them let you know the time wasters that are worth while rather than the ones that just waste time…if you get my drift.

      The interpretations may not always be “clean” but you can apply it everywhere!

      As for outsourcing …totally. Some of it is a matter of only spending time on what matters, some of it is a matter of expertise. i am sure I could spend 4-5 hours figuring out how to make a killer design in photoshop, then I could spend 1-2 hours designing my own eBook covers. Chances are they would not be as good as a graphic designer who has tons of experience, but they would “do the trick” though.

      That thinking is a complete waste though. I can get an expert to do that, have it done better and even though THEY make a decent wage on a per hour basis, the same amount of time that it wold take me to learn PLUS actually doing the work would make it so that I would be paying myself minimum wage.

      That is stupid thinking. Outsourcing rocks.

      Having fun. that may be one of the most important. Hopefully everyone blogging is having fun doing it. Otherwise we should be looking elsewhere. But there is more to life than just this too. what is the point, after all, of working hard if you cannot ever get out and enjoy life.

      Work hard. Play hard. 🙂

  23. My objective for this year is to achieve more of #8 and #13 I find that I’m not getting much in return for what I’m putting in. Feels like it’s 80% effort and 20% return on most of the things I’m doing online which also affects the residual income coming in.

    Love the great article here Steve.

    RT and shared.

    • Residual income sometimes really does come naturally. YOu want to do things that have the potential to bring about residual income, but worrying about it TOO much can possible hinder the chances of success. Do things like make some niche sites that offer chances at residual income, but do not stress out TOO much about it, RI should grow naturally, along with everything else as you grow in your online money making presence.

  24. Hopefully your return on recurring revenue will go up. Sometimes it takes time for it to develop, but once it has been a while it is important to take a step back and analyze why you might not be doing well.

    Are you not ranking? Too competetive? Wrong products? Wrong time? Wrong audience? Recurring revenue IS awesome when you get it, but not always an easy thing to get. 80/20 and analyzing metrics will certainly help you to figure this one out.

    As for perfectionism, I hear ya. It can be rough to let something go if it is not perfect. Obviously (I hope) I am not an advocate for producing crap, but there should be a limit on how much you worry about it. once something is 90% as good as it can get let’s say, that final 10% could take as long to improve at the first 90%. wasted time. Let it go and move on.

    You go it, I know!!! Just feeling preachy this mornin’ 😉

  25. Steve I don’t think my life can handle an extra 42 habits, but if it could, I like all of these, especially the idea of getting away from the people who drain your energy – I suppose you can guess what kind of day I’m having!

    • haha,

      it seems like a lot, but chances are you are doing so many of them already it is just an case of adding a few and perhaps willfully ignoring a few that don’t work for “YOU”

  26. Steve:

    I absolutely love the tip about acting as an investigative reporter! It is such a true statement and when one becomes an authority in their niche it changes the whole game. Wonderful post.

    All the best,

    • Thanks Lisa,

      Yes, becoming an authority is really a huge key. If you can do that within your niche, everything quickly falls into place. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

  27. Great blog post, Steve! Definitely worth the time to read the entire article. Something that helped me is to start focusing on keeping it simple. I find myself overcomplicating things, trying to create the perfect solution. I now focus on finding the easiest and fastest solution. Example: I was trying to use online software to create a home inventory. The easiest and fastest solution was to take pictures of my belongings and create a simple spreadsheet.

    • Yolanda,

      Aweomse point! K.I.S.S is a great philosophy. Keeping things a simple as possible breeds success. Taking 5 pages of data and pouring over it until you can boil it down to one single page is a wonderful skill, as is your idea of the simple way to take pictures for your spreadsheet inventory.

      Success never needs to be complicated. These simple solutions are quite elegant.

      Thanks for the great comment!

  28. Steve,

    A really great list of success habits. Really interesting stuff, I think that your success habits certainly seem to be the type of steps that will be extremely positive for anyone, but particularly for the internet marketer.

  29. Thanks Steve, I appreciate the value you provided in this article. You could have easily turned this into an ebook. You value your readers so much that you would give this valuable information away for free. Thanks and I will be able to use these tips in my business right away.

    • Terry,

      Funny you should mention that. I know this is generally the next area steve is working on for an ebook. (Productivity and success habits) He hasn’t started yet, and it will likely be a long time… but maybe Q1 2012.

      Thanks for the great comment!

      -Gene (Steves Brother)

  30. What a great list Steve. This list alone can be the perfect guide for anyone who wants to make money online.

    For me the most important habit is Focus on ONE Internet Business. So many people ignore this and end up getting nothing done. Pick one method, stick with it, get it going and then start another one and work on that. Its not good to have all of your eggs in basket, but having too many eggs in too many basket makes it hard to carry them!

  31. I laughed at your point 33 – give up TV. As a relatively newbie, I guess I am very inefficient but I never seem to get the time to watch TV anymore!

    • Yeah, TV can be a killer. I have slipped back myself since writing this and watch a handful. The important thing is that it is never 3-4 hours a night just for the sake of routine. Schedule in the good shows you really want to see and watch them. Don’t think that you are going to get any significant work done while watching them. Because you will not.

  32. Great stuff Steve. I think my favorite one is work offline. I have to start doing that to be more productive. It’s too easy to be distracted by all the wonders of the Internet. I also like your advice on not having to answer the phone. I do just automatically pick up the phone most times when the calls are rarely urgent.

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