Internet Success: What do YOU Want to Learn?

I have to admit something.  In the last few months, I’ve experienced a mild case of Writer’s Block.  Sure there have been numerous content ideas for this blog.  But none have been on par with the massive value posts I used to publish every Monday.

Internet Business SuccessI want to get back to creating lengthy, ‘how-to’ articles.  The problem is I don’t know what people want.   So I need your help…

Please answer this question:

“What would help increase YOUR success on the Internet?”

This should be a specific strategy you’d like to learn.  Or an obstacle that’s holding you back.  Just think about the one thing that prevents you from getting to the next level.  Then post it in the comment section below.

What do you get in return?  In the next few days, I’ll pick the comments that fit my background/expertise.  Then I’ll post a detailed answer to each in the weeks and months to come.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts…

Take Action. Get Results.

15 thoughts on “Internet Success: What do YOU Want to Learn?”

  1. Hi Steve,

    I would love to hear any advice you may be able to share on balancing Internet business and a home life. I’m the sort of person who wants to devote every possible second towards developing his business, which drives my wife crazy. We have been able to find an acceptable balance between both my desire to work, and her desire to have more of my attention. We’ve both proposed schedules for writing time vs. family time, but neither of us have been happy with the results.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you may have,

    • Joe,

      Absolutely awesome idea man! Great topic that I think is not much talked about. It can certainly be a hard thing to do balancing the “internet” stuff with real life. Particularly early one.

      Thanks for an awesome idea!

  2. I would love to read more about inbound marketing or landing clients.

    As you know, the PLR site is running smoothly but I’d really like to bring in more customers and turn them into repeat buyers.

    Additionally, I’m always game for something related around project management especially in the early stages when momentum needs to built; you know, beyond the basics of just ‘share stuff on Twitter’, etc.

    • Murray,

      Of course. The holy grail of internet marketing. Bringing more butts to the seats. Alwyas a great topic.

      As for management of internet biz. Also a great Idea and something I have been playing with and trying to streamline a little bit.

      It is hard to systemize something that is always changing and naturaly choatic, of course. A butterfly flaps its wings in peru and google F’s up my plans. (an exciting new view of chaos theory I think)

    • Ana,

      NO I didn’t check out oni’s post. I will though.

      I am actually compiling a nice little list of ideas since I have been back. I think part of the blockage is simply NOT DOING IT. ONce you get rolling it all comes easier.

      Thanks for a great comment. I will check out Oni’s article.

  3. Hi Steve,

    I’d like to know more about selecting products on Clickbank to promote as an affiliate. I think one of my biggest frustrations is to find quality products.

    I know I have more suggestions to you but I can’t remember any right now. I’ll comment again if something comes up.

    • Cristina,

      Thanks for a great topic. You are not the first person to note some distaste in the finding good products on CB. I have been at a loss sometimes myself. There are great products on there… but there are also great distaster’s.

      I won’t say I have a “magic answer” to this issue. Some of it involves simply slogging through it making a few purchases and getting refunds for the junk, but this is certainly a worthy topic to write more about.

  4. Hi Steve,

    This is my first time on your site, but you’ve impressed me already. I also love your about page, definitely unique and gets the idea across about what you do here.

    As far as ideas for how to’s I’m working on a launch of a subscription based information service.

    Your insight on how to launch something like that would be appreciated.

    Hope to be back often.


    • Bryce,

      First of all, glad to have you! Hope you stop in again! The “start here page” should give you even more ideas with links to some of (what I hope) are the better -and more topical- articles.

      I cannot say I have uber experience with subscription based services. WHile I of course have some ideas and have -read- about how to set them up…I do not have that important firs hand experience so anything I write would probably be more basic than would be helpful to you.

      However, if after you get you up and running if you want to do a guest post about what it took and some of the pitfalls (etc.) it really does sound like a great idea.

  5. Hi Steve, If you don’t mind I would ask if I ever want to start in Internet business, whats the first thing to do…

    • Sarah,

      Of course…that is an important question. I sort of make an assumption on that one . (we all know that is a bad thing to do) since many of the people who might come to this site ARE interested in some sort of online business. But by no means does that mean that EVERYONE is ….or even that everyone who IS interested really has the time, energy and SHOULD be doing it.

  6. Hello Steve,

    Thank you for this opportunity to speak out loud! I am just going to say only one important thing. “What do you want” or “Clarity of purpose”. Most people don’t know what they want, here or in local businesses! They can work hard everyday but all the money they spend is on liabilities!!! Everything starts from financial education. It’s a big process in business and in life parallel. They just go together! I could write a guest post about it if you are interested.

    Best Regards,

  7. The true secret to creating a successful Internet business, is pure determination. Most people fail just at the moment they are about to succeed. Why? Because they give up. They lack the true passion that it takes to succeed. As long as you keep trying, you’ll never fail.

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