Is it *Wrong* to Want Money?

Today I’d like to hear your thoughts on something.

Is it Wrong to Want Money?It’s about a concept that’s at the core of numerous blogs, websites, and information products – Making money.

Specifically I want to know if you think it’s *wrong* to want lots of money.

Last week I was reading No B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy by Dan Kennedy.  There was one passage that stood out.  Kennedy talked about how society loves to blame the rich for all its problems.  That many people feel it’s inherently wrong to have a desire for wealth.

I’ve noticed this attitude with some people I’ve met offline.  When I talk about running a blog teaching the principles of Internet income; I’m often met with suspicion…even outright dislike.  Many times I can tell they feel it’s *wrong* to talk about making money online.

So is it bad to want lots of money?

I don’t think so.

Money is important because it’s a vehicle for getting what you want in life.  Nobody is going to give you that house on the beach or a dream vacation.

To get it, you have to EARN it.

To me, money is about flexibility.  Having lots of it means having a choice with what you can do.  It presents you with an opportunity to achieve any dream.

Now…I don’t think anyone should obsess over making lots of money.  There’s a disconnect when your entire existence is to work like a dog just to get that big paycheck.

How can you enjoy money when you don’t have time to spend it?

I live in the real world.  We need money to live.  And we often need lots of money to pay for those big dreams.  I work hard now because I have this silly dream of being wealthy enough to do ANYTHING I want.

I don’t believe it’s bad to want money.

It’s your god-given right to earn as much as possible.  The important thing is to do it in an ethical manner where you’re providing value to the world.

Wanting money doesn’t mean you’re being selfish.  You’re not being greedy.  You’re simply getting monetary compensation for the things you do best.

What do you think?

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60 thoughts on “Is it *Wrong* to Want Money?”

  1. Well… my life is built around a desire and need to be a productive person. Money is the visible result of productivity, and I like it quite a bit.

    I’ll never apologize for earning a living.

  2. People should not blame rich people just because they can pay for a anything they want..people should have a mind frame to go out and make their own dreams come true.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  3. I don’t think it’s wrong at all to want money. Money gives you options, and options are very good to have. The pursuit of money is where people go wrong.

    As you mention, some people obsessively work to get money. Others step all over people to get theirs. Those are two ways people can easily get waaaaay off track.

    Unless the zombie apocalypse occurs we do need money. So go out there and make it.

    • Robert,

      You make an important distinction. It is not that money itself is the the “root of all evil” but perhaps non-ethical grasping greedyness for money.

      If you have to lie, cheat and steal to get it…yes it can be bad, but for those who just work harder than the other guy, recompense is well worth it.

      May 21st for the zomb-pocaylspe, right?

  4. Hi Steve:

    You said you don’t think it is wrong to making for more money. Wanting money his different meaning for different people. First that has to be analyzed before, I can say anything on this topic.

    Besides, if you are on the Internet and want to make money from it, it is fine there is nothing wrong with it, and I agree with all of your statement in your post. I have genuine reasons to feel the need for more money. Though I am okay to live by. Someone else may see me and say I don’t need money. First it is a necessity and then it is security and finally it is status.

    Your post has a new topic that is not found very often around blogs.

    Keep up with your outstanding blogging.

    Fran A

    • You make a some good points Fran.

      First money is for absolute needs. Obviously having enough to pay bills and eat is essential.

      Then comes security which is still very important and finally status.

      Obviously, like you say, the importace decreases (or should) as you go up for the need.

      Personally money for status is something I could not care about. I would quit work and just walk the earth like Caine from Kung Fu before i would worry about having money for purely monies sake.

  5. I don’t think that it is wrong to want money. I know I do.

    I think that some people have a belief that money should be earned through a hard days work and they don’t think the rich did that. Instead, the rich did something unethical to get their money, which they consider wrong. This can lead people to believe that having lots of money is wrong and is against the protestant work ethic.

    • I am sure there -are- some people who have done unethical things to get money. But it isn’t an all inclusive set. I am sure even more came about money only through hard work.

      Thanks for the comment Ailey

      • the ones that i find the hardest to deal with are the ones who were born with money and never had to learn how to earn it. Sadly there are too many of them running our country right now and they don’t understand the hardships on families who werent as privileged as they were.

  6. There is exactly NOTHING wrong with wanting money. Of course this assumes you aren’t hurting anyone in the process of obtaining it :).

    I find that most people that say “money can’t buy you happiness” are people that don’t have any, and don’t want to work for it. Those that say it is wrong to want money are speaking out of jealousy. That is all.

    Of course I have a unique perspective. My parents brought me to the U.S. from communist Russia when I was pretty young and I am pretty extreme about individual rights and the right of the individual to earn and reap the benefits of their own efforts. I’m pretty in line with the view points of Ayn Rand.

    Quite frankly, the desire for money has driven some of the greatest advancements in human history. Conversely, of course I understand that passion has driven some as well (which led to money :)).

    Money is not the root of all evil as some would like to say…lack of money is!

    • My brother did an article here a while back (like 8-9 months) on the money can’t buy happiness thing.

      There was a report back then that was based on a huge number of personal interviews that money in fact does buy happiness.

      up to 75K.

      75K being the average amount of money it takes the average person a year to pay bills, have a roof over their head, a car in the garage and meet all the basic needs without having to excessively struggle.

      Beyond 75K people really are NOT happier, even though their lives may be better, so there is something to that saying. (according to that report)

      Of course my personal opinion mostly coincides with yours. if/when people bust their butts to gain money they deserve it.

      Though personally once my basic needs are met and I have security in place, I personally care more about “enjoying” money than making it. 🙂

      Thanks for a great comment Eugene

      • True. Basic needs come first, and then enjoyment comes second. But you would need money beyond covering the basic necessities in order to enjoy it, right? 🙂

        • My point of view… for sure. YOu need savings to fall back on (and ultimately retire) for security. And for me at least, haveing money to travel a few times a year is pretty close to a basic need. And of course getting that slightly nicer than average car/house is something important.

          I think the point with the 75K thing isn’t that people -shouldn’t- want more than that, but at that point happy people will be happy and miserable people will be miserable, you are not going to get people who would be happy if it were not for crushing debt and NEED of money

  7. People think that money cannot buy everything. And one of the things that money cannot buy is love. But as Christopher Marlowe has said, “Money can’t buy love, but it improves your bargaining position.”

  8. This is an often debated topic. However, I went to a seminar where Gene Simmons of Kiss was the keynote speaker, and I really liked his take on things.

    There is nothing wrong with wanting money. Money is the most important thing in the world, like it or not. Some people say love is important, while it is very important, there are a lot of people who love their children more than themselves, but are still unable to put food on the table. Having money does not make you a good or bad person, it just reveals the person that you truly are. If you are a jerk when you have a lot of money, you were probably a jerk before you had money.

    Of course I was paraphrasing, but you get the idea.

    Short answer. No.

    • Sean,

      That is a pretty awesome view. I think that is an important one. Money doesn’t make people good or bad, like your (and gene simmons) said it can just give power to the inner asshole.

      Love that! 🙂

  9. Nah, I don’t think it’s bad to want lots of money. We’re all free to do whatever we want. If one person get his kicks from wanting lots of money and working hard at getting it, more power to him. If you don’t want to focus on money, that’s your prerogative.

    As for me, I want lots of money. It’s kind of like a game to me to see how much money I can make while still doing the things I love.

  10. Hi Steve,

    I don’t want a lot of money, but I want enough money to do whatever I want to do in life. That’s usually just about living an ordinary life with my wife and kids. That’s it. I don’t want a fancy car or a huge house etc..

    What I’m saying is that what drives me is not the money, but it’s the passion of doing something I love, and earning enough money to get by. It doesn’t sound right to me if money is what drives you, and that money is your passion. I’m not saying it’s something wrong with it, but to me, money is the outcome of doing what you love (or at least I believe it should be).

    • Jens,

      You touched on something important. I think a lot of us of course want money. Specifically where it comes to meeting basic needs or ourselves and our families.

      But there is something to be said for doing something you love. I too would be willing to take a substantial paycut to do something I love (fortunately I do, now)

  11. Steve,

    Great post here. I definitely understand what you are saying, although you may be preaching to the chior a little bit 🙂

    As a fairly conservative Christian myself, I do agree that greed and unethical methods of money can cause a lot of unhappiness.

    However, having the desire for more money is by no means evil. It is something that we all need in order to provide for the basic needs for ourselves and our families.

    I do feel that having a lot of wealth won’t make someone happy. Happiness comes from finding your true purpose in life and living for that purpose. If money helps you to achieve that, or to be more efficient at that, then great!

    • LOL,

      Yeah I thought there might be some differening opinions, but going through the comments i certainly see it sort of is “preaching to the choir”.

      Thanks for your comment. Like most of the other here, I find I do agree, and see that we are all of a pretty like mind on this topic.

      Have a great weekend Daniel

  12. As others have pointed out wanting to make money is not wrong unless your motive for wanting it s wrong or your method for getting it is wrong. When it comes to making money I always come back to the following quote from John Wesley: “Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can.”

  13. I think it really depends. Most of us don’t really want Money as much as things money can buy. i think the problem is when people are so obsessed by greed and having more money that they forget about others that it becomes a problem.

    I like having money, and I spent a good portion of my life without it. I know what its like to not have a roof over your head or food to eat. those require money.

    That being said, i think some people fall too much in love with money, and think they need more and more. When you look for money to bring you happiness, you are then having a problem. i do see people who are so greedy at the same time.

    I know people who wouldn’t give a starving man a crust of bread even though they have more than they could ever spend. I think it is not just a matter of how much you have, but how you use what you have. do you use it to be selfish and greedy, or do you use it to help other people?

    The problem is that some of the greediest and most selfish are also the most high profile. I know some people that if you saw them, you would never know they were multimillionairs because they are secure enough with themselves as a person that they don’t have to show off.

    • James,

      Some awesome points. It isn’t money but what can be done with it. Some other people have pointed out similar things (Which i agree with)

      Money doesn’t make a jerk a jerk, it just affords the guy money to flaunt over others.

      A nice kind and giving guy with money is going to be the same, just have more resources to help other with,

  14. Wanting to have more money to do more things out of it isn’t really bad. I think it depends who you view wealth. Personally, I want more money because that would mean I could go to places I wanna go and I won’t get hungry. But if wanting more money just for the heck of it, just to amass them without any good purposes for it, then that’s a different thing. Some people want more than the other person and that doesn’t mean one is worse than the other.

    • Anne,

      You are in the same boat as me. I want to pay bills and put food on the table. Have a little in the bank for emergencies and be able to travel.

      Once I have those needs met, i do not have a lot of need for moeny

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment

  15. How’s that song go? “I want money! Lots and lots of money!” LOL 🙂

    What I want is freedom to do what I want, when I want, where I want, yada yada. To me, money = freedom.

    I do work hard and I’m more than willing to be compensated with lots ‘o money. Winning the lottery would sorta feel like cheating.

    I have big dreams, but mostly for travel and not for stuff. Well… except for that 42 foot yacht I’ve wanted since I was 10, to cruise the San Juan Islands in Washington state.


    • I want money lots and lots of money
      I want the pie in the sky
      I want money lots and lots of money
      So don’t be asking me why

      (I would like to pretend i am cool and new that…but I had to google)
      Anytime I think of “Money” songs I can’t get past Pink Floyd

      Money, It’s a gas|Grab that cash with both hands and make a dash
      I think your opinion is perfect (at least it agrees with mine 🙂 ). It would be nice to have enough, but once that happens all “overage” should be used for things you really enjoy (like your yacht and travel) not just to sit upon a pile of cash surveying your empire.

  16. The problem is that if you really want money, than there is somthing wrong with you. Read wiki: “Money is a matter of functions four, a medium, a measure, a standard, a store.”

    It is not possible to want the functions
    Regards. Adam

      • You definitely catched me Steven.
        This thing now is that it depends what kind of things you wish to get with money. If it is sex with a prostitute, than I think your family would consider that it is wrong. But if it is a new laptop, software or anything else which would nail you to your house to work hard for you family, than it would be considered as a good desire regardless of your “hidden desire of having sex with a prostitute”. Now, it is up to you to decide what is wrong.
        Regards. Adam
        P.S. Everything definitely depends on the region, culture, education:in Europe it is shame to demonstrate your money addictions while across the ocean it is ok to show everyone how rich you are.

  17. The reason many people blame the rich is that so many of them made their money by taking advantage of others. There is nothing wrong with money – it is simply a method of exchange. As long as you earn it HONESTLY and ETHICALLY it is fine.

    What is really strange to me is how people are polarized on this issue. Many are willing to emulate the evil rich and do anything for a buck and another huge number are anti-making money.

    They tolerate big brands plastering billboards and ads everywhere but scream when small businesses and entrepreneurs mention what they do or offer them useful products and services.

    That hasn’t been helped, of course, by some “gurus” teaching the masses to make money by selling the same info that contains plenty of WHAT but not nearly enough HOW so that anyone could ever actually accomplish what they bought the information to do. That way you keep them buying more and more of the same forever.

    I would love to see more bloggers adding a local component to their existing blogs or creating geo-targeted group blogs. THAT is a great way to reach a specific audience – and when you can reach that audience your site is a good place for local businesses to advertise and for you to offer your services to those local businesses.

    • Gail,

      Your ethics point is a great one. There is nothing wrong with money acquired ethically. I think most of the people I know would have no issue with a “doctor” making a lot of money because with training, etc. they have earned it.

      I think the subtext is that -some- people (likely no one reading this) assume that somehow simply making money online is unethical in and of itself, unless you own facebook or google.
      YOu make a great point for the geo-targeting location (and yes, I noticed the article in commentluv) I will certinaly be headed there to check it out in sec. YOu seem to make a really good point about that!

      Thanks for the great comment Gail!


  18. Steve,

    So funny … I was just thinking about this topic on my bicycle training session today and then I happened to stumble upon your post 🙂

    No, it is not wrong to want money … even lots of it.

    For me, money means freedom. It also means, that I can follow my passions and do what I want to – full time 🙂

  19. Now I hear a lot of people saying “Money doesn’t buy happiness” all I want to say is, how do you define happiness…a good house, a nice car – not something jazzy, just something fine and dandy; maybe travelling to your favorite place, keeping your family safe, giving your kids the best education, whatever it is, you do need money. Now how much money is another question all together. Now I am not aspiring to give Lady Gaga’s account a competitor – neither do I have the body, and I definitely don’t have that voice; but yes, I would like to be able to make loads of money just so that I don’t have to think each time I see something nice, maybe I will, but thinking always is quite painful. Don’t judge me because I want to earn more money; I just want to be happy!

    • I mentioned this in comments earlier (I should have pointed this out in body)

      But there was an experiment a while back. They took a huge sample of people and had questionaires and tests to define “happiness” levels.

      What they found was interesting. In fact money does buy happiness… to a point.

      make less than 75K (the point they found) and people are more unhappy because they “struggle” to get by. More than that money itself made no difference. (for happiness) happy people were still happy and angry people were still angry.

      I always found that interesting. Not that -having- more than 75K couldn’t make the happy people -more- happy, and afford the ability to get what you want when you want it.

      I agree that is the perfect difference between wasted affluence and a “good” amount of money. It would be very nice to get (average costing things) whatever-whenever

  20. I don’t believe that money can’t buy happiness but I don’t believe that money makes the world go round. It’s never “wrong” to want lots of money given that you have purely good intentions. What’s wrong is wanting lots of money to the point that you use other people and disrespecting their rights. The end does not justify the means. In other words, a wrongful act with a good motive is still wrongful. If you steal money to help the poor people, then your want of the money becomes entirely wrong.

    With regards to money making, especially through small business, it’s never wrong to want money to support your needs. For me, as long as money is making me able to live with satisfaction, I know I’m on the right direction and my want for money is never a bad thing.

    You’re totally right. Nobody is going to give you that house on the beach or a dream vacation unless you win in a contest with a prize such as those. lol.

    Yet I totally respect those who think that the idea of wanting money is a bad thing. It’s their principle in life. It’s their choice not to want money.

    • John,

      You certinaly make a good point. Going after money ethically and doing “whatever it takes” are certainly two separate and importantly different topics.

      I agree with you too about those that think money is some sort of evil. It could never be “me” but I have respect for those that really do not care about themselves and worry more about there fellow man. That type of altruism is commendable.

  21. I think it’s wrong to want money for doing nothing. Wanting money for producing something of value and contributing to the greater good is definitely not wrong, in fact we need more of that in the world. Not ppl who are complacent and content with the status quo, and never live up to their potential

    • Henway,

      Out of curiousity, would you consider a passive income, doing nothing? There is work and effort involved in that… but the goal is to make put the effort in and then only do “minimal” work at it for the future and keep making some money.

      I certainly can see your point about production. We definitely need more “doers” out there.

    • Edwin,

      Yes, I read the Secret a while back. It is a pretty classic book on “attraction”

      I can’t say I agree with it all (Heresy…I know!) But there are certainly parts that ring very true for me.

      IMO some of it is like the power of “faith healing.” The mind is powerful and when you get yourself in the “right” place you start naturally making the “right” moves.

  22. This is a great post and the book you mention is good as well.

    It’s actually wrong to not want to make money. Those who criticize those who want or are making money don’t understand basic economics. Making money is not greedy.

    Not doing anything to make money is greedy.

    Our economy operates on the velocity of money. Without getting too complicated with macro-economics, the more often that money changes hands, the more everyone benefits.

    Secondly, presumably by making a lot of money you are adding a lot of value to other people’s lives.

    Ambitious people making money are the ones that pay taxes to support those that don’t earn money and criticize the “rich.”

    NOT wanting to make money is wrong

    • Chuck,

      You make a great point. Money is the oil or grease skids of our economy and our existence. I still take enough to be stands to say that it is important to be fairly ethical but how you make money, but I agree that the people are out there doing it on essential part of our society.

  23. Hey Steve,

    Great read ! I agree with you. Wanting money is not wrong at all. In this world, we need moeny. Every single thing in this world is a business. From educatuon to blogging, you will have to invest money. And to invest money, you need to earn (or you can borrow, but still you have to earn money to pay the debt). There is nothing we can do about it. Moreover, all of us are greedy, in terms of money. Who wouldn’t take money if it was offered to them, for free or for a low cost.

    Wanting money is also important because it serves as a motivator – to encourage us to earn money through hard work (yes, it could also encourage as to perform illegal activities).

    Anyways, I find your post useful because it inspired me to think about money-making through different strategies. Thank you for the post!

    Jeevan Jacob John

  24. Steve,

    I’d say that it’s ok to want to have more money as long as you don’t make earning money as the end itself. With wanting to have more money, wanting to share the blessing should be part of that also 🙂

    • Agreed,

      Those that are fortunate should share their fortunes. Though not necessarily in a “the government takes the crap out of you” manner.

  25. It’s funny you bring this up because I have come into contact with SO many people who think it’s a joke and almost disgusting to try to make money online, or rather just plain make money. They need money, they want money, they desire to live a comfortable life, but not at the expensive of being ‘uncomfortable’ by earning the means of income that will make them comfortable.

    We are taught at a very early age to have a very set goal in life: Go to school, earn a degree, get a job, retire.

    So when someone says, “You can earn money online”, their defenses kick in because it’s against everything they’ve been ‘taught’ their entire life.

    Thank god for those of us who have the guts to step out of the norm and make money the way WE want to make money, while helping others do the same.

    Great article, as usual, Steve!

  26. No it’s not. That’s my answer. It’s pretty normal when someone wants a lot of money. You know, you can’t live in this world without money. Money can’t buy happiness, that’s true. But at least, you need it to buy you healthy foods, medicines if you’re sick, home if you’re homeless, and many other things. You’ll never know what you might need in the future, so yes, we need money, as long as we earn it rightfully,not robbing some banks or markets.

  27. Hey Steve,

    My belief is that it is not wrong to want (more) money. But I think it matters what you do in order to get it. As long as it’s ethical, than fine with me. Moreover, it’s the business of each of us if the actions we took have a negative impact on our relationships and so on – via eg. spending too much time working…It’s never easy!


  28. i want to know that do you think steve that today’s young generation can do anything for money? as now day’s youth are just crazy for earning money and fulfil their dreams

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