Keep Your Chin Up

It doesn’t matter if a restaurant you frequent went out of business or you had an absolutely awesome interview but didn’t get the job— when things don’t go as planned, it’s easy to get discouraged. No matter how big or how small, it’s easy for “bad stuff” to bum you out, especially if it seems like you’re on a roll and experiencing a long streak of similar events.

Think about it, though. Bad stuff sometimes leads to good stuff. If your favorite pizza place closed their doors, you might find out that you like another pizza place even better. If you were passed over for a job that you really wanted, you never know—you might get a call tomorrow for an even better opportunity.

I’m not trying to be Mr. Merry Sunshine here— I do realize that some people are so cheerful it’s almost annoying—but a positive outlook on life really can help you move forward and succeed with the things you want to accomplish.

There’s a reason that the residents of laid-back communities tend to live longer than those from big, bustling cities. There’s a reason that people who “go with the flow” have less wrinkles and look younger than their actual age…

…They keep their chin up.

Ways to Keep Your Chin Up

If you’re down in the dumps and need to elevate your mood, the following things are a good way to get your chin up:

#1- Think of three positive things that you have in your life. Anything! There’s got to be something that you’re grateful for, and I’m willing to bet that once think of three things you’ll start thinking of a lot more.

#2- Communicate with others. It’s all too easy to hole yourself up in your apartment when you’re in a bad mood, but your mood will only get worse if you avoid the outside world. Call a friend, visit a relative, or go for a walk and chat with a stranger.  Talk to someone.

#3- Meditate. Sit in a quiet room, close your eyes, and breathe deeply for five or ten minutes. You’ll feel a whole lot better when you’re done.

#4- Laugh. Watch kids play at the park, read some jokes, or check out a sitcom for a few minutes. Find something funny, and you’ll start to see that the world isn’t that bad.

#5- Tell yourself, “This too shall pass.” I’ve gone through some crazy phases in my own life, and somehow I survived them all. I’ve got better memories of some things than others, but life goes on and things eventually improve.

Warren Buffett was rejected by Harvard when he applied as a teenager, and Ted Turner was turned down by Harvard and Princeton. Somehow, though, they found alternatives and went on to become two extremely successful people. They kept their chin up, and so should you.

Take Action. Get Results.

12 thoughts on “Keep Your Chin Up”

  1. Just seen your comment about smoochin the Blarney Stone. Just hope someone’s already told you exactly what and where it is, and more importantly what it used to be 😉
    .-= Gail´s last blog ..Down to three =-.

    • Having the “gift of gab” would be a great thing. I could always do with some additional eloquence. As for what it used to be, well I have heard several conflicting stories and I do not know which one is true.

  2. Steve,

    I’ve read that the most resilient people see their problems differently than others. To bounce back from a disappointment, remember the 3 P’s.

    Resilient people don’t see their problems as Persistent. They know they won’t last forever.

    Resilient people don’t take their problems Personally. They don’t they’re something wrong with them.

    Resilient people don’t think their problems are Pervasive. They are able to see the problem in proper context.
    .-= Joe´s last blog ..Top Three Freelance Forums =-.

    • Very true Joe, the three P’s I like that. Very catchy and easy to remember. Sometimes it can be hard to Project a “little Mary Sunshine” attitude like, “When life send you lemons you make lemonade” I sometimes want to strangle people with THAT much optimism, But resilience is an awesome concept and a personal mantra like the 3 p’s are essential to getting you though tough times. Things always do, really, get better.

    • It is always good to have a great philosophy, that is very important and should never be overlooked. It is even better to have concrete examples of things to also help you along. To really succeed you need both philosophy and concrete steps to take to succeed. I think this can be applied to literally everything in life. Thanks for the comment, Noel

  3. Hey Steve,

    Do you know anything about systems engineering?

    If I do end up going to the Air Force Academy, the majors I would pursue are: management, systems engineering, and systems engineering management. I’m hoping these have some relation to business.

    Do you know of any great majors that would be very helpful for internet marketing and generating online income. Or a major that would give great advice and tools to be able to create a great digital product? Like an MBA possibly. And what are your thoughts on graduate school. Is that shizz necessary to get a major that would help with generating passive income to live my dream life?



  4. I just got to reading some of your newsletter emails. I am very worried by the part about how you said you went to high school, college, grad school, the military (enlisted though) and then still became stuck in a job and life situation that you did not enjoy.

    Since I know you have a lot more knowledge of this system than me because I have not been through it, I want to know (still answer the questions above) but this is kinda the same. I want to know if you could set sort of a plan for me to major in this and that then this or skip this type of plan through college that would eventually lead to being able to do well in internet marketing. Of course I am already striving NOW to do well using products like BTF, but I want to make sure my college foundation does not put me where you ended up (bored and unhappy). I want to come out being able actually put to use the skills I gain in college towards further success in internet marketing which you say is the best way to generate passive income to really begin doing the things in life you enjoy.

    Does what I am saying make sense to you? If it’s not please tell me because this is very important to me.



    • Well a couple of things. I did not have great goals when I went through college, hence some of my troubles after. You actually sound much more focused at that age then I was and your choice of majors seem pretty good to be successful outside and inside of internet marketing. Remember part of college is experience and you may very well change your mind on what you want to do, that is normal and to be expected. You asked what majors are good for internet marketing and I think any business major should be good in general. There are likely specific classes that may not do much for you and may be some specific classes along the way that are godsends. I assume college has changed a lot to include an IM focus…there wasn’t much in the early=mid 90’s.
      When it comes to school, do what seems right. There are a lot of smart people that have succeeded with little formal education and some with a lot that have parlayed immense knowledge into success. The only thing I really do urge is to experience college. That you must do or you will regret it forever.
      Sorry if I sound a little wishy washy on specific’s pertaining to a major but I think you may be premature in trying to map out every second of your life. Any sort of management or business would have solid connections to learning about internet marketing, particularly if you add some sort of a minor in marketing to it.
      I believe that part of college is about learning how to think as mush as the knowledge they teach you, most of the people who have done well did not formally learn the skills in a classroom, but they had some classroom knowledge to grow from and the pattern of learning to understand and be able to take in the information. I hope that makes sense.
      To be honest If I tried IM at 18, I do not know if I would have succeeded. Life lessons, even bad ones, can be important to growth.

      On another note college can be a place where you meet people with similar drives and ambition and perhaps even create something huge and life changing. I hope I have said something of worth to you while avoiding a specific, “do this do that” answer.

      • Yea that actually helps a lot.

        Not sure if you have read this, “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle, but it is about living life completely in the moment and giving full attention to thing you are doing right NOW. I definitely apply that because I know the importance of goal setting and planning for success, but I also know that if you always focus on the future then you never enjoy life. So while I am not completely content with my lifestyle situation right now, I still love myself and my life and make sure I enjoy each and every day.

        Management coupled with flying planes was my ideal choice for an air force career, but I actually looked into systems engineering just because you said how important systems are for planning out and getting success. What are your thoughts on that specific type and in general about the role of engineering to help generate a passive income stream?

  5. That’s a really nice list Steve. Keeping a positive outlook and finding the fun in life is a great way to lift your spirits.

    Another thing you can do to keep your chin up is be inspired. Find something from a book, a piece of art, a youtube video, your favourite film or nature that will inspire you to action. When you’re taking action towards a goal your chin will lift on it’s own

    Great work Steve
    .-= Ben´s last blog ..Friday’s Homework – It’s all in the video =-.

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