Landing Pages and Blogging and Grab-Bag Oh MY

“Landing Pages and Blogging and Grab Bag, Oh My!”

-Dorothy from the Wizard of SEO

Landing Pages and Blogging and Grab Bag, Oh My!
Landing Pages and Blogging and Grab Bag, Oh My!

It is Sunday here.  The Sun is shining.  The sky hasn’t dumped snow on us here for a few days.  The Jets are still in the playoff hunt.  Birds are chirping and everything is good with life.  Did I mention that the Jets are still in the playoffs?  Not as good as if the Giants made it, but at least one of my teams is in the hunt this, “Championship Sunday”.

Anyho0… no more football talk for those of you who couldn’t care, I will not bore you anymore (today).  For this Sunday roundup I am going to highlight on what I think is a very important part of any online business, whether that business is blogging, affiliate marketing or even perhaps ecommerce (not sure about that one).  The Landing Page.

Landing Pages

Cameron gives us a basic intro to the landing page in his Landing Page Beginners Guide.

Knowing what NOT to do is as important as knowing WHAT to do.  Brian gives us some landing page mistakes to avoid.

Of course, I have often spoken of the need for landing pages here on the SSS.  Here is my 13 steps to perfect landing page design, In case you missed it.

In one of my recent blog traffic blueprint article a large part of it was devoted to Landing Page Design for FaceBook.

In my final attempt at shameless self-promotion I will point you  my article on how to make money with affiliate marketing.    The importance of a landing page is not the only thing here but a fair bit of time is certainly spent talking about the overarching importance of having a landing page.

OK, it is not exactly a Landing Page topic, but list building is the key and and is often the reason why you SHOULD be building a landing page.  Here Kristi lets us know all about learning list building from the experts.


One of the first things I do after I publish an article is to link it on Blokube and Blogengage.  These are both excellent social bookmarking sites.  At the very least they provide you with a Dofollow link and a way to connect with other bloggers; at best they provide a nice small bump in direct traffic too.  Take a moment and see what Devesh, the young wunderkind who created Blokube has to say about this social bookmarking community.  If you happen to bump some of my articles after you sign up I will just love you to pieces too!

It is important to do whatever you can to get your blog found.  Let me rephrase that for an important distinction.  It is important that you do whatever you can that will not get you sandboxed to get your blog found.  Getting banned by search engines is something that should be avoided.  Phillip lets us know the things we should NOT do to stay on the search engines good side.

Chances are you have heard that Domain Age is one of the 200 factors that represent Googles ranking System.  But how important is Domain Age?  Is it worth buying an aged domain?  Lyuben lets us know all about domain age and its effects (or lack of).

I am not a mom (I don’t have the plumbing) but I am all about, “stay at home”.  The Blog Tyrant talks about stay at home moms and ways that can make some good money with the online blog business.  Some really good lessons, even if you are like me ad could never be a stay at home mom.

Robert talks about not only the power of list posts but some ways to get ideas for list posts. If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, list posts work!  Hmmm  Perhaps I should change my Sunday selections to something like,” 10 best posts of the week?” Of course, then I would have to do 10.  What a pain that would be….

Grab Bag

100 Comment challenge : Yes there is another one.  If you have been around the internet for a little bit, you may remember a 100 blog comment challenge that Jacinta Dean did a while back.  It was a good idea and I think it worked pretty well to give quite a few blogs more exposure.  Well, Ryan Renfrew (who was not around when Jacinta did her challenge a while back) is trying to organize one too.  Head over to his post on the topic, pick a post of your you would like to see get some extra traffic, and sign on up.  Just make sure you leave some good quality comments, this should never be a spam fest!

The guys over at Mashable had a cool list of funny 404 error pages.  It is always good to mix in a few laughs for your Sunday and this may be a good place to get it.

One thing people always overlook when they talk about success is luck.  Let’s be honest no matter how good you are or hard you work, luck and timing are factors.  It is hard to control them; and while it is unlikely you can succeed with only luck, luck is an element of success . Steven brings up the concept of luck and how we can (to some degree) control and shape and control our luck.

My final request is that you all swing by the Steve Scott YouTube Page. Part of the reason that I have not been on as much, is that I have been in the lab concocting a  up a few series of videos that I will be putting up there.  I would love some views and comments, if and when you all get the chance.  Right now there are 23 of them, some recycled older content, a few travel videos, but I am making more and more direct video explanations and how-to’s that should hopefully be of interest to you all and help you to create an Internet Lifestlye.

Take Action. Get Results.

22 thoughts on “Landing Pages and Blogging and Grab-Bag Oh MY”

  1. Hi Steve:

    Everyone will fin something good in this post. landing page to 100 comment challenge. Awesome read for a Sunday. It is too cold here. I have a feeling this arctic blast is making it cold for you over at NJ too.

    Enjoy your Sunday

    Fran A

    • Yes, it is quite cold here still. another storm supposed to be rolling in in a few days. We have already had almost a winters wroth of snow in 30 days. Global warming my ass, where do I sign up to stop global cooling.

  2. Steve, I’m having a lazy weekend, working on my work/life balance, but I’m glad I stopped buy your blog today – I learned a lot as always and I’m in awe of the standard you maintain. Weekends as well as weekdays.

    Now back to my weekend- it’s time to level my character up, sort out some new spells and go shopping for shortbread.!

    • Yeah I have been having a fairly lazy weekend myself, I popped out this article but then It was off to go watch football for a few hours and get a little bit disapointed ( I wanted Green Bay and Jets with the emphasis on Jets and I got Greenbay)

      Always good to take a little time off and unwind. I am going out to play poker and have a few beers with my brother tomorow night…after that back to full time work for a bit!

  3. You should go take a look at my 404…

    For some reason I haven’t been able to put links to my articles there. I really want to, but something in the theme is preventing them from being clickable. I’ll figure it out eventually, in the meantime, enjoy the 404.

    Kind regards,

  4. Hey Steve still following your stuff bro I love it. Also I have gotten my LLC set up in Nevada 😀

    Got a question for ya bro.

    There are SOOOO many great internet marketing blogs and information is coming at me from all directions. How do you manage it all and shift through the bullshit so you still learn great stuff but so you also still move forward with consistent action in business? Do you use google RSS reader or something else or just have some kind of mindset idk lol but all insight is appreciated.

    • Well over time a lot of ideas DO become familiar. I have about 140 blogs on my RSS reader, but sometimes I do not get far past a title. For OFFERS of eBooks and such, mostly it helps to be discerning. If it sounds too good to be true it is. Not many people talk about getting stuff done by hardwork. hose that do, and do not offer you ways to “get rich quick” in my book are at least trying to give it to you strait. Quality may vary, but assume at least they are telling you the truth as they know it.

      Like you pointed out though a lot of what you read is refinements. get out there and do it, make a few mistakes and get better. Almost nothing can’t be fixed.

  5. Steve, you are not boring us actually its the way of entertaining readers and its always good to tell personal stills to your readers.

    I would thanks to you for suggesting video of you. I have bookmarked that video.

    • Cool deal, spread the word on the 100 comment challenge, lets try to get over 100 people in it so it will succeed. I know I am going to knock out the rest of the (current) list later today. so I will need more for later in the week. 🙂

      Glad to have your post here it was a good one! 🙂

  6. My landing page credo is that you should have a call to action or the landing page or at least 1-2 clicks away from the landing page, otherwise you may lose leads or sales.

  7. Wow, thank you so much Steve! I’m launching my own product now so these resources are like “Income Bible” for me in optimizing my landing pages for conversions.

    I am using OptimizePress theme and so far, it’s a good theme. Not too many clutters stuff like in normal page design that can reduce your conversion but it still lacks several important elements. So, these tips surely will help me add a lot of missing thing into my landing page 🙂

    • Awesome, it is important that your landing pages be clutter free. Also remember MWR (most wanted response) for your offer landing page.give them only the option to sign up or back button. Good luck with your product release! I hope you kill it!

  8. Stupid question, but what was the sowrafte that you used to create the video. I am using CamStudio right now and prefer the one you’re using i’ve just never gotten the name!Good vid too!

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