4 Mobile App Developer Blogs You Must Read…TODAY

4 Mobile App Developer Blogs to FollowLast time, I profiled three case studies about the first apps I’m developing.

At the end of the post I asked a simple question:

“Do you want to learn more about mobile app development?”

The response was overwhelming.  Over 80% of the respondents said they wanted to learn more about this topic.

The problem?

I consider myself to be a beginner on the apps market.  I’m confident I’ll figure it out eventually.  For now though, I don’t think it would be fair to post additional content – UNTIL I’m sure I know what I’m talking about.

With that said, I’ve done my homework on this subject.  I’ve discovered lots of excellent websites and a few blogs that provide top-notch information to anyone who wants to jump into the wonderful world of mobile app development.

Today I’d like to talk about four of these blogs and explain why you should start reading them today…

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]#1 – Blue Cloud Solutions[/title]

Bluecloud Solutions - App BlogBlue Cloud Solutions is run by Carter Thomas who has over 45 iPhone apps and is quickly building more.

Carter is a great example of someone who gives away a ton of valuable information about mobile app development.  (He even did a great post here about how affiliate marketing will evolve into app advertising.)

What I love most is his transparency. Carter provides specific examples of what he’s doing with his business – Both the mistakes and the breakthroughs.

My favorite article is where he talks about how to maximize your mobile apps earnings.  Here he recommends the RevMob.com advertising network.  I have a feeling that this single suggestion will be a game-changer to my budding mobile app business.

Go check out Carter’s blog and be sure to download his free report – 4 Hour Apps.

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]#2 – App Clover[/title]

AppClover - Mobile App Developer BlogApp Clover goes beyond the standard blog – It provides a community where mobile app developers can meet and share ideas.

With over 20 expert contributors there’s a ton of valuable content to be found here.  I’m talking about 170+ articles.

What makes this site great is it provides a collection of ideas from different app experts.  You’re not just getting one person’s opinion.  Instead you’re gaining the knowledge of dozens of people – All who are on the cutting-edge of what’s working right now.

Go check out App Clover and grab a free copy of their Appreneur Magazine.

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”arial” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]#3 – Trey Smith Blog[/title]

Trey Smith Blog - Mobile App Developer BlogTrey Smith Blog is similar to Carter’s because he’s not afraid to show some transparency with his mobile app development business.

What I like about Trey’s blog is he adds personality and humor to a topic that is often very boring.

Recently he wrote a post about how to find a good programmer.  This is seriously the best thing I’ve ever read about the app hiring process.  It’s a must read!

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]#4 – Mobile App Tycoon[/title]

Mobile App Tycoon - Mobile App Developer BlogMobile App Tycoon is run by a 16 year-old named Thomas Strock.  Here he chronicles his journey towards building a mobile app empire.

I included his site in this list because it provides a different perspective on the mobile app development process.  Thomas doesn’t talk about all the money he makes.  Instead he shows what it’s like to start an app business from scratch.  He even includes a monthly report with real download and earning numbers.

So take a look at Thomas’s site and grab a copy of his free report: Killer App Ideas.

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]What About YOUR Apps, Steve?[/title]

I’m working hard at developing my apps.  My current monetization strategy didn’t work.  So I’m in the middle of switching everything over to the RevMob.com revenue model.  Plus, my 3rd and 4th apps are in the Apple store waiting to be reviewed.  They should be out in a week or so.  And finally, I’m developing a few more in the next couple of months.

Like I said at the start of this post, I’m not going to talk about mobile app development until I’m confident that I’m providing valuable information.   It would be irresponsible to do otherwise.

Till then, I recommend you check out these four blogs and dive into their excellent content!

Take Action. Get Results.

6 thoughts on “4 Mobile App Developer Blogs You Must Read…TODAY”

    • Happy to include you Thomas! It’s cool to see another person (like me) getting his app business off the ground. I’m sure my readers can find a lot of value seeing what you’re doing and what process you’re implementing.

  1. Steve,
    I have to admire your stones for jumping in headlong on this. 4 apps already? Not small potatoes:) At the end of the day I also believe almost everything will be mobile app driven so I think it’s low risk high reward in the long run. Best of luck with it and love the links you provided, can’t wait to hear more about this adventure.

    • Thanks Tim. Yeah, I figured out a pretty streamlined system for getting apps out fast and have them cost $300 to $500. From there, I’ll see how the market reacts and adjust accordingly.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by again!

  2. Its quite interesting to see awesome mobile apps and great mobile apps developers inspiring me through their works. I hope to learn and become one of the best someday. I hope to learn from you guys…thanks

  3. I’m reading quite a few blogs about mobile app development and getting some inputs on it and I want to learn more about mobile apps. Thanks for sharing this blogs will definitely read this and I know will get more ideas on it.

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