My First Video Interview!

Last week, I did my first video interview…

Traindom Interview with Steve Scott

Peep over at Traindom grilled me for about 20 minutes on different aspects of creating an online business that sustain itself after working pretty hard.  In this video, I talk about a number of things like the importance of researching a niche, attacking an affiliate market and using knowledge in a niche to create an information product.

Anyway, here’s the link to the video –> Steve Scott Interview by Traindom

Watch it to see me wear goofy headphones and learn a little bit about the market that I’m in!

And if you’re looking to create a membership site, then Peep and the rest of the team at Traindom (non-affiliate link) provide a quality solution that looks pretty affordable.  I’m looking to create a membership site by the end of 2011 and I’m definitely going to check out this site!

Well…enjoy the video!

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21 thoughts on “My First Video Interview!”

    • Thanks Robert,

      I had a lot of fun in that interview. Peep was a great interviewer and kept me on track, even though I was a little bit nervous since it was my first real, “live” interview.

      I am glad you found me through them too! Thanks for the comment.

      Have a great weekend!

  1. Hi Steve,

    Thanks so much for sharing that interview with us. You gave so much information that is relevant especially to beginners and you were generous about it too. As for being nervous; I think you did great!

    I’m really intruiged and excited about your take on video marketing and how to use it for promoting a site. I’m quite new to internet marketing which I’m doing on the side while I run a full-time business in the service industry so video marketing is something new to me. I’ve seen a couple of courses advertised where they teach how to do video marketing would you advise something like that or is it ok to just wing it?


    • Gabi, there are a couple of ways to go about it.

      Obviously the easiest is to just get on and talk. That really doesn’t take anything, and the more you do it the more facile you get.

      Doing a video that is really interactive and has a chance to go viral, really takes a lot of skill and practice. Likely something that you should work up to.

      Finally there are the guide videos. The ones that sometimes have an inline picture of the person, but are showing things on the desktop. For those I use a program called Camtasia. It is a little pricey and I think there are cheaper options, but buying a program like that and a “how to use ________ program” guide should help you through that. (or you could wing it)

      Personally I would wing it at first if I were you. Just play around and get a handle on it, then when you have a better idea of the questions you want to know, you can see if there is a product that addresses them all.

      As I said in the vid. I have done all this in the past, but it has been awhile, I will probably be writing more on the subject as I refresh my knowledge and get an idea on how (if at all) things have changed in 2 years since I have done “serious” video marketing.

      Ultimately the very best strategy will be a combination of everything (article/video/social) so don’t think article marketing etc. is dead, perhaps it is just a little wounded! 🙂

  2. Steve, first of all, congratulations on your first real, “live” interview. It is great to see you share some of your secrets that has lead to your online success and some of your future plans.

    There are too many shiny objects in the internet but one has to jump on one thing at a time. Exactly! Sometimes I have to remind myself about not being distracted by this and do what is the most important thing that needs to be done.

    Anyway, the headphone looks pretty cool on ya..

    • Thanks Adam!

      I actually think it came out pretty good. I was a little nervous, but it wasn’t horrible. I really did appreciate Peep. He was a really good interviewer and kept it from being dull or getting sidetracked.

      Certainly gotta watch out for those shiney sparklies……. ooo look over there…

  3. Enjoyed the interview, Steve.

    You dished out quite a few great tips. As you’ve pointed out, the internet has changed and the strategies and tactics of yesteryear are no longer as effective as they once were so we have to discover the new things that work. Video continually comes up as the new frontier so it only makes sense to make this a part of a marketing strategy.

    I think another thing to keep in mind is the multitude of mobile devices in service and the millions that will soon follow. Video content will only become more in demand, in my opinion.

    Good stuff!

    • Thanks Jimi,

      Glad You liked the video! 🙂

      I’m certainly always trying to figure out what works today. I know things that worked like gangbusters to 2-3 years ago that do not work quite as well today. I do believe they are still all valuable and viable means of getting things done. I’m not sure if there are better ways. But it doesn’t have the same incredible and fast the fact that used to have. Likely because so many more people know about it or trying to do the same thing thereby increasing competition a thousandfold.

      Video marketing to me the seem like something is still a little bit open. You make a good point about mobile devices. This could really open things up a lot in the coming years. certainly another reason had that way.

  4. Hi Steve,

    Congratulations on your interview 🙂 It is great to share some tips for everyone who wants to have an e-business online. I haven’t honestly tested with affliate marketing. Instead, I’m just focusing on creating and marketing my own products. I think each has its own benefits. I agree with you that it does take persistence and putting in the time to have a successful e-business. Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks Dia.

      I a lot of fun that interview. Not too embarrassed about how it came out either. not too bad for first real effort I hope.creating and marketing your own products is very powerful but also helps to have been affiliate network hoping the back you up. And one of the best ways to do that is to go out affiliate for others in your niche. In the end I think a lot of tactics for success revolve around utilizing a lot of the different methods together where the sum of the parts are more valuable than the individual parts.

  5. Hey some good tips and I am sure things are definitely going to move towards the whole video marketing. But I suspect as more move to video media they might just start forgetting about the older media types. Which will create less noise on those channels and in turn make those channels easier to market in

    • Brendan,

      I hope you are right. I’m going to make a push for video marketing, and hopefully that will achieve a lot of success, but I actually feel more comfortable in written marketing. I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve success, but if everybody jump ship and goes video I’d be very happy to make a bigger push for securing the written word market.

  6. Nice interview Steve,

    The question were practically where chosen really well, because it’s exactly what you “teach” about and what we want to know.

    I too started to notice that the internet is starting to get more and more crowded and things that worked really easy a few years ago now are hard and you have to jump trough a few hoops to get there. I guess good things always get crowded.

    I hope it doesn’t gets so crowded or I hope we get smart enough to surpass al those that have started to flood in the internet marketing business!

    Great interview again!

  7. Cool Steve,

    The first time hearing your voice across the internet not that I’m waiting to hear it 😛 Very practical questions and tips there Steve. It’s nice to hear from someone with many years of experience going through the changes of making money on the internet.

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