New Commenting Features…

Real quick post today.  I’m about to hop on a plane to Gulfport, Mississippi.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve installed a couple of new features on this site:

1) CommentLuv- I feel stupid about this one.  I’ve had this plugin on my site the entire time, but could never get it to work properly.  I kept saying “I’ll do next week”, but when next week rolled around, I found some excuse to put it off.  When I finally decided to fix it today, the entire process took 5 minutes.  Anyway, now when you comment on this site, you’ll get a nice little link to your recent post.

Even better, you can tailor which post you want a link to.  So if there’s a particular post that you want people to see, just click the down arrow and you’ll be able to select from a list of your most recent posts.

2) Top Commentators- On the bottom right side of my sidebar, you’ll notice that I have a list of my top 10 commentators.  These are Do-Follow links  back to your site.  This will be a permanent link for anyone who regularly posts and gets into my top list.

Also, this list will be for “all-time” commentators.  This will reward those who continuously add value to this site.

Well, that’s it for now!

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11 thoughts on “New Commenting Features…”

    • Thanks man…appreciate it. I just feel foolish that I knew I wanted to figure out what was going wrong, but it took me 2 months to do it. Sometimes I’m the worst procrastinator.

  1. Very nice implementation.

    I am facing this issue that CommentLuv is giving me error on every blog. Which says “bad juju just happened, click the red arrow here –>show more” Any idea ?

  2. Steve,

    Short but still informative post. I use Disqus for my comments; I’ve noticed a number of blogs using either Disqus or Commentluv; they both seem popular. Personally I think it’s the better option to use an alternative system to the standard one from WordPress. It gives your blog a more professional look.



      • Steve,

        I had a couple of problems initially but now it’s running fine. I chose it because I came across it before Comment Luv; no other reason. I think both systems work very well and look professional; they make it easy to things other than just comment. For instance, sharing your comment and the post, linking back to your blog or recent post.

        Take a look at my post “The story so far”, you’ve got a mention.


        .-= Paul´s last blog ..The story so far =-.

        • Hmm…thanks for the info on Disqus. I really didn’t know if there was something that was better with CommenLuv. To be honest, I like this plugin, so I plan on sticking with it.

          Also, thanks for the mention…heading over there now.

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